Limitless Sword God Chapter 164

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He got off the bed, had his death sword and thousand deep sword out and walked towards the door stealthily.

Opening the door, the two female servants were laying on the ground dead, as though they had fainted. It was quiet. Other than the chirping of the birds, there was nothing else.

The atmosphere was extremely weird.

Su Yun did not think any further. Stepping out, he rushed out of the door. It was even more dangerous to stay in the house. It was much more spacious outside the door and so, there was more chance for him to survive.

But just as his body left the door, two pitch black magic techniques came through him from his sides and struck him.

Su Yun moved and the Fallen Leaves Sword technique was used. Both of his swords were like leaves as they floated towards the two mystical techniques.

Dang dang!

The two sword silhouettes flashed past and defended the attacks.

Su Yun rushed forward for about ten metres before he stopped. Looking back, he saw four men covered in black standing on the roof, staring coldly at him.

“Don’t get involve with the Mu Family. Get out of the Mu family or else you shall die!!”

One of the men said coldly.


Su Yun smirked and mocked: “You’re probably the guys behind why Mu Feng is injured right?”

“Take action!” the man bellowed.

“I have taken money to help alleviate one’s troubles. I have taken the Mu family’s soul stone powder and so I’ll cure Mu Feng. This is my principle. How can I give up so easily? Moreover… Just because you want me to get lost, means I have to?”

With that, the thousand deep sword in Su Yun’s hands suddenly dashed out.

With ‘monarch occult force’, the thousand deep sword was enveloped by ‘five elemental Qi’ and ‘Pure Divine Spirit Qi’, the rainbow colored Qi dancing around the swords, it was beyond dazzling, and the might it produced was surprisingly even more dangerous…


The pseudo mountain was crushed and it sent thunderous sounds spiralling through. Very soon, people in the Mu Family heard and panicked.

“What happened? Where did that sound came from?”

“Quick!! Let’s go to the guest room to check it out!!”


The thin and faded screams went on.

The few men in black had their eyes congealed.

“Kill him!”

The four men dared not hesitate anymore. With a move, they ganged up against Su Yun.

On their bodies reeked a destructive and strong Scarlet Star Spirit Qi, and their cultivation is at least Spirit Core Disciple. They were probably at least fifth level and above.

If Su Yun fought alone and only with one of them, then obviously he would not fret. But now, there were four of them, he was obviously at a disadvantage.

He jumped back continuously and waved his hands fiercely. Under the help of ‘monarch occult force’, the Pure Divine Spirit Qi overflowed out of the sword and towards the four men.


One of them was not inferior to Su Yun. He brought up his weapon to fend it off but just as the weapon collided with the Qi, the man flew out. ‘Scarlet Star Spirit Qi’, ‘ True Divine Spirit Qi’, ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’, ‘Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi’ and ‘Spirit Life Qi’ all burst out.

And the strongest, fiercest Pure Divine Spirit Qi was like a blade as it crushed the opponent’s weapon right after it tried to block it and turned it into a crushed metal dust and into the opponent’s chest.


The puncture flesh and blood sounded crisp.

Even though it was not fatal but the man’s chest was blurred by his own flesh and blood. It looked terrifying.

“This Qi… Is so weird!”

The man who was exposed was taken aback. He bellowed: “This is not a simple man. Let’s settle him quickly!”

The others heard and took out a ball like object from their storage ring. It was gleaming in blue light. As it got close to Su Yun, they threw it over.

Su Yun observed and quickly cast out the thousand deep sword and death sword to chop the incoming ball like objects.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ball like objects were all crushed but they instantly exploded the moment they was chopped. A huge deal of yin and gloomy Qi blew towards Su Yun and covered him.

This Qi?

Su Yun’s heart skipped a bit and threw out the two swords in his hands.


The two swords flew in the air and right now, Su Yun was completely engulfed within this gloomy Qi. It was cold and the temperature dropped drastically. It was as though he could not make any movements and was sealed and turned into an ice statue…

He was still in a position of swiveling his swords.


Seeing that Su Yun was frozen, the three looked vicious. Right away, they picked up their weapons and started using their mystical techniques on him. They were merciless.


Just as the three were about to attack, the two swords moved suddenly. The two swords flew in the air and thereafter, pierced towards Su Yun,

Ka dang

The ice was pierced and the man who was frozen recovered.

Eagerly, he caught hold of both the swords and jumped back to avoid any attacks the opponent was pulling on him. Then, as his body was brimming with Qi, he released everything, in an instant the Qi transformed into a rainbow colored thread, surrounding Su Yun’s body.

And then…

Sou Sou Sou…

Thousand deep Sword’s sharp and crazy revolving movements, its powerful sword Qi resonating rhythmically. When did the three assassins ever see such fierce and powerful sword arts? They anxiously retreated, they were actually forced apart by Su Yun!

Hurricane Sword Technique

It was a really strange style, although his Qi was not very strong, it was mixed with a great amount of energy, it was strange and mystical, moreover his style was very peculiar, it was impossible to defend against… Who exactly was he?

Their hearts were in a state of panic, the cold wind blowing behind their back, cold sweat continuously dripping.

But things had already gone so far, how could they turn back? The three of them hardened their hearts, once again striking forward.

“Outrageous sneaky bastards, you dare to cause trouble in my Mu Family? You don’t know what death is?”

Just then, a ruthless shout sounded out, following, a middle aged man in a brown gown rushed forward, he was like a tiger running down the mountain, closing in onto the three people, directly brandishing out three palms.

Seeing the man approaching them, the three of them exposed a stunned look, they had no way of dodging, all three being hit by the palm, immediately dying on the spot.

Seeing this, Su Yun’s heart sunk.

To kill a fifth stage Spirit Core Disciple with one palm, that required a power of at least a fifth stage Spirit Soul Disciple! And he had to have high attainments in the Scarlet Star Spirit Qi or Swift Wind Spirit Qi kind of killing Profound Spirit Qi, otherwise, it would be impossible.

The three of them fell to the ground, their chests had a palm imprint pressed into them, their entire meridian system and body organs were shattered. They died without any remaining grievances, it was miserable.

Su Yun shifted his line of sight, looked at the incoming person, only to see someone whom he had never met before, but before he could say anything, behind came a huge group of Mu Family guards, even Mu Tian Hao and the other higher ups of the Mu Family came running.


The intimidating roar sounded out, it came from two dark green creatures appearing to be Qilins high up in the night sky, seemingly in ethereal form, with their entire body dark green in color, legs emitting green fire, they looked formidable. Upon closer inspection, they were actually the two beast statues standing outside the Mu Family gates.

He never expected that the two statues would actually come to life.

Su Yun was surprised.

The Mu family’s movements were very fast.

“What happened?”

Mu Tian Hao brought a few people along, seeing the three dead bodies, his face darkened, and bellowed: “Mu Zuo!!”

“Patriarch, Mu Zuo is here!!”

The administrator elder Mu Zuo immediately ran out from the crowd.

“What exactly happened here? Who are these people? Why are they in the noble guest’s room? And to even attack my guest?”

“This..  This…” Mu Zuo’s face was in a panic, he did not know how to explain.

“Quickly resolve this issue! And give me an explanation! Other than that, I will punish you to guard the tomb for Master Tai for ten days! Go!” Mu Tian Hao said indifferently.

“Mu… Mu Zuo obeys.”

Mu Zuo lowered his head, softly said, and left.

“Mu You!”

“Patriarch.” Mu You stood out and cupped his fists.

“You are responsible for investigating the identities of these three mysterious people, you must definitely make sure the truth comes to light.”

“I obey!”

Mu You replied, and ordered a few people to take care of the three bodies.

Mu Tan Hao took a deep breath, rushed to Su Yun and cupped his fists: “Young Master Su, are you in good health?”

“Luckily this expert came in time, I am alright, Su Yun here, wish to thank this expert!” Su Yun rushed to the brown gown man and cupped his fist.

Mu Tian Hao gazed at that person and frowned: “Second brother, the night is late, why are you here?”

Second brother? So this brown robed person is actually Mu Tian Hao’s younger brother!

“Big brother, I was just passing through and heard some fighting noises, so I came to take a look, only to see those three sneaky bastards making a ruckus in my Mu family, so I came to help! Luckily the guest did not suffer any injury, that is a pleasant thing.” The brown robed person exhaled, and wiped his perspiration.

“Is that so?”

Mu Tian Hao’s expression was calm, he looked at the brown robed middle aged man for a while, where he lowered his head, did not say anything, after a while, Mu Tian Hao waved his hand, and said: “Spread the message, tonight while our guest is resting please gather some guard for protection, let’s drop this for now, wait until Mu You has found clarity in this matter, then I will make a decision!”

With that, Mu Tian Hao left.

“Wait a moment, big brother!” Just then, the brown robed man suddenly said.

“What is it second brother?” Mu Tian Hao turned back and looked at him.

“Big brother, I heard that the guest wants to go to the Electric Wood forest to find the lifesaving Electric Wood, what is that for? If there was such a thing, as Feng’er’s second uncle… I wish to help him out, and follow the guest to Electric Wood forest, I hope big brother agrees to it!” The brown robed man cupped his fist and said.

Mu Tian Hao’s eyes was glistening as he stared at him, his lips mumbling for a short while, then said: “There is not a need to, second brother, the Electric Wood forest is too dangerous, the guest has special ways to handle the Electric Wood, if you go I will not be at ease, it is better that you stay here!”

Finished, he did not bother with the brown robed man, and turned to  leave.

Su Yun swept up and down at the brown robed man, lowered his head and thought about something.

The disturbance ended like that.

The three assassins were dead, and dead men tell no tales. Mu You could not find anything out from them, only that they were paid assassins. Other than that, there were no other clues.

After Su Yun returned to his room, Mu Tian Hao’s guards arrived, there were twenty tenth stage Spirit Core experts, equipped luxuriously, their bodies fully equipped with treasures. They were considered the Mu Family’s core power.

With these guards, Su Yun could sleep peacefully and continued to train in the house.

After being in the house for a little while, the Profound Spirit Qi in his body started to stir restlessly.

Su Yun knew, he was going to breakthrough, and held his his breath attentively on the spot, concentrating on his Qi meridians in every single part of his body.

Apparently the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ had a fixed growth amplification for cultivating, as Su Yun could feel that as compared to before, his Spirit Essence and Qi meridians had had a huge change.

His Qi meridians were even tougher and more durable, his spirit essence was even more insatiable.

Sou Sou Sou Sou…

Bursts of Qi flowed out from his Spirit Essence, as the Qi began to flow to every part of his meridians, the Monarch Occult Force on his heart and chest began to blossom with radiance, as a ray of white light Qi shot out of the roof, charging into the skies.

One after another the guards in the surrounding area all turned, looking towards the house in the center….