Limitless Sword God Chapter 165

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The Sword amongst the Lightning

On the second afternoon.

Su Yun stored all the things that the Mu Family had prepared for him in his storage ring, then with Mu Tian Hao sending him off, he rode out of Mu Chong City on his Purple horned beast towards the Electric Wood Forest.

To ensure that it was safe for his travelling, Mu Tian Hao had ordered twenty of his elites guards to follow him.

Su Yun did not know who Mu Tian Hao was taking precaution against but he understood that this complications of the Mu Family was far deeper than he imagined. It was best if he left after clearing the electric wood forest once he was done. It was best if he did not get involved in this.

When he got close to electric wood forest, he could feel a thunderbolt coming towards him. His hair stood and felt numb. It was weird.

Everyone started instigating their Profound Spirit Qi and covered themselves with it to guard against this thunderbolt.

Past this piece of bushy fields, was the gigantic electric wood forest.

Though this electric wood forest was the smallest in the southern region but it was much bigger than Martial Bone Mountain. If not for the thunderbolt, most of the people who entered the forest would probably be lost.

As they got close to the plain fields, the elite guards stopped their footsteps.

“Young Master Su, the electric wood forest is just right in front. I will be waiting for you here. I wish you all the best!”

The captain of the elite guards cupped his fist and said to him.

“I’ll definitely return for sure but it’ll take some time to obtain so many of these electric woods. It might take up to a month long. If my supplies die out, please do help me prepare more!”

Once he said his piece, Su Yun rode on the purple horned beast on his way towards the electric wood forest.

Towering over the electric wood forest was a long and huge pitch black cloud. Each tree was glistening with blue radiance. The currents danced around the trees like snakes. The entire forest just looked like it was filled with webs. It was super dense and it looked terrifying. Sometimes, the black clouds would rain crude, and huge red currents and would cause an explosion. If anyone got in contact with this thunderbolt, and if they had low cultivation and had no way of defending it, they would be electrified in a split second. They would be lucky if they had preserved their entire body, the worst that could happened was… They might not even have any ash left behind.

Leaving less than ten metres from the electric wood forest, the Purple horned beast dared not move forward anymore. It circled around the area no matter how Su Yun tried to maneuver it into the forest, but it would not budge one inch.

Su Yun came down from the Purple horned beast and took out the thousand deep sword. Then, he took out the death sword from his storage ring and walked into the electric wood forest in solitude.

After several battles, the death sword was acknowledging him slowly. It was not difficult to pull it out nowadays. Of course, it would be willing to get out of its sheath when there was a battle. If he tried to pull it out on a normal day, it was extremely difficult. There must be bloodshed if the death sword were to be unsheathed.

Nearing the electric wood forest, he heard an explosion. Several currents collided towards Su Yun like vicious snakes.

Frantically, Su Yun swerved his thousand deep sword and dashed up.

With the help from ‘Monarch Occult Force’ and the five elemental pure divine spirit qi, he rushed up and attacked the incoming current to crush it.

The Monarch occult force was surely a mystical item, it was super useful.

All the Qi engendered with one another, Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi subduing Scarlet Star Spirit Qi, Scarlet Star Spirit Qi subduing Spirit Life Qi, Spirit Life Qi subduing Swift Wind Spirit Qi, Swift Wind Spirit Qi subduing True Divine Spirit Qi and True Divine Spirit Qi subduing Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi. Yet, the five elemental Qi was combined by monarch occult force such that they all stood out together. No matter what enemy Su Yun met, no matter what element he belonged to, there was not one in which monarch occult force could not subdue.

Though monarch occult force was bestowed with the five elemental Pure Divine Spirit Qi, there was some flaws to it. It used up a lot of energy.

Now, Su Yun was instigating Pure Divine Spirit Qi and he was using it twice as much as he usually would. Like Stormy Wind Sword Technique, it could only be used three times. The first technique of the Limitless Sword Manual flying swords would last shorter than usual.

Standing within the electric wood forest, he stared at the moving currents and took out all the items prepared earlier from his storage ring.

Electrical parting necklace was a purple ranked treasure. In it, was a partition array activated by Profound Spirit Qi. with this activation, this small array could be expanded into a big one, forming a realm around himself. This necklace was mostly used against people who used lightning mystical techniques. Afterall, lightning type mystical techniques was not as hard to defend against others like Profound Spirit Qi. But once he got struck, his body would instantly turn numb or become paralysed and be in extreme danger.

Once the electrical parting necklace was activated, the electrical currents around him decreased drastically but it merely managed to fend off weak electrical currents. If he met a stronger electrical attack, he would not be able to defend himself against it.

Then, Su Yun took out a huge piece of leather from his storage ring and quickly laid it on the ground.

The leather was designed specially for the Mu Family. It was called resurrecting array. This array was made using the finest ingredients. Once in the array, the body’s wounds and injuries would recover rapidly. All the blood lost would also be recovered. It was similar to the ones the sects had prepared earlier on at Wu Shuang Jue peak but he only had three of these.

After the array had been set, Su Yun stood in the array and scanned his surroundings.

This was only the outside of the electric wood forest, the electrical currents were not fierce. He could only find the rare objects in the deeper parts of the forest.

But if he were to enter deep into the forest, with only Su Yun’s cultivation level, even with the help he got from the ‘Monarch Occult Force’ and ‘Heavenly Crystal’, he would still die for sure. Even Spirit Soul Disciples found it hard to go deep into the forest.

Moreover, if he followed the method he heard initially, he would be dead the moment he entered.

He calmed himself down and focused observing on everything around him.



A ray of current crushed towards him and chased after his head!!

Su Yun tensed up and twisted his body, striking his sword forward.


The ferocious sword Qi rippled through and crushed through the lightning.


Another lightning strike came through.

The death sword escaped from his hands and awoken the limitless sword manual. The sword flew around his body.


Su Yun quickly clenched onto the manual and used his Pure Divine Spirit Qi to control the death sword to fend off the lightning bolts coming right at him.

After fending off the lightning, it only got stronger and denser. Su Yun never hesitate and threw out thousand deep and maneuvered two swords to defend against the sword.

After half an hour, Su Yun was panting hard. His gaze was tight as he looked around.

“It was getting more frequent. Seems like the rumours is true.”

Su Yun took a deep breath and continued maneuvering his sword. His qi channels were boiling but it could move in any instant. Some who were not strong enough might suffer some blows and injured the body.

He stood within the array quickly to heal himself and continued to defend against the lightning attacks

At this moment, be it the lightnings or the two swords, neither could calm down. They attacked continuously and large amount of currents rippled through as the sharp swords broke up the lightning.


Seven hours later, his Qi channels were dried up. Su Yun had to retreat from the electric wood forest.

“Look, he’s out!”

The Mu Family’s elite guards ran to him.

“Master, did you get the electric woods?” the captain bowed and asked politely.

“It hasn’t been a day yet, how would it be possible that I could obtain the electric wood? Is it that easy to obtain them?”

Su Yun took out a pill from his bag as he panted heavily as he replied to the guards: “This electric wood forest is much stronger than I expected. The supplies is not enough. Return to the Mu Family and prepare plenty of medicine and arrays for me. Get as many as you possibly can!”


The elite guards turned pale.

Su Yun looked and shot a glance: “What? You don’t want to save the young master?”

“Of course … Of course we do. We’ll do as you say…”

The elite guards dared not delay one second. 7 guards riding on their purple horned beasts splitted up and rushed towards Mu Chong City right away.

On the other hand, Su Yun recuperated outside.

One hour later, he carried his sword and entered the forest.

The reason he came to help the Mu Family to retrieve this electric wood, was because..

He wanted to practice using his swords.

In Su Yun’s memories, in the northern region of Sky Martial Continent, there was a fierce ape. But this ape was only the size of a puppy yet he was fast and agile. He moved like the winds and it was hard to catch him.

But because it moved at an astonishing speed, its powers were not bad. Many spirit cultivators in Swift Wind Spirit Qi challenged it and cultivated with Profound Spirit Qi to refine their reaction speed and precision.

To consult fast things to train even faster styles, was a very primitive type of practice.

But, no matter how fast the swift ape was, could it dodge lightning bolts?

With the ‘Everlasting Stone’ and the fundamentals of the Limitless Sword Manual, why not make use of this chance to practice in this dense electric wood forest?

With the resources from Mu Family, he could save up a lot on practicing. Usually, it would take a years for people to learn, but he could possibly learn it within a month’s time.

With stronger powers, he could obtain ingredients easily in future.

Looking at Su Yun’s silhouette as he entered the electric wood forest, the elite guards waited outside.


One day later, Su Yun exited with his face covered in dust.

“Master, Su Yun, did you manage to get the electric wood?”

The captain asked anxiously.


Su Yun replied with a word and continued to meditate. Once he started recuperating, he did not say much.

The elite guards were taken aback, their hearts were filled with suspicion.

It had been two days, and yet, he could not obtain one electric wood. Was this person even trying to get the electric wood? Or… Did he not have the ability to?

One hour later, Su Yun stood up again and ran in.

The guards saw and waited outside patiently.

This time, it was much longer than the previous attempts. He came out only half a day later but still, he exhausted his Profound Spirit Qi and suffered quite a few blows…

“Master Su Yun, did you manage to get the electric wood?’


Su Yun replied with a word again before he shut his eyes for recuperation.


When he was almost recovered, Su Yun stood up and ran back in.

The elite guards looked at each other and finally landed their gaze on the captain.

“Let’s wait for a tad longer.” the elite guards sighed.

Everyone was speechless.

This time, Su Yun lasted for two whole days!! Before he exited from the forest.


But, the injuries on his body was getting lesser and he was no longer that tired. Looking at him panting, it seemed as though he had finished using all his Profound Spirit Qi and had to exit the forest..

“Master Su Yun…”


Before the captain finished his sentence, Su Yun blurted out.

The elite guards: “……..”

Su Yun did not even look at them. He reached out into his storage ring to take out a pill but after ransacking for half a day, the pills had finished

“Where are the supplies I asked you to prepare?”

“They’re here!” One of the elite guard walked over and took out the things from the storage ring.

“Good, but these ain’t enough. Continue to get some here. I estimate we still need four more!”

Su Yun kept the supplies, swallowed the pill to recover.

Once he was fully recovered, he climbed up and went into the electric wood forest.

“Send someone to report this situation to the patriarch! It’s not going to work out this way…”

The captain sighed and said.

“Yes, captain!”