Limitless Sword God Chapter 166

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The Spirit of the Thunderbolts

“What? It’s been seven days and Su Yun can’t even get one electric wood?”

In the main hall, Mu Tian Hao held onto to a cup of tea as he looked at the elite guards in shock.

“Yes, patriarch. Not only that, Su Yun had used up all two million spirit coins worth of supplies.  And he seems to be asking for more. At this rate, I estimate that within a month’s time, he would have used 7 million spirit coins from the Mu Family!”

As the ancient maker of the soul stone, the Mu Family was financially stable. They could earn tons of spirit coins just by making one soul stone. Adding the finances of Mystical Mountain Range… Or maybe even the surrounding ranges, it would be far lesser than what the Mu Family had.

But expenditure as high as seven million spirit coins…

Mu Tian Hao frowned.

Maybe the Mu Family had to rack their brains too.

“Su Yun is using the best supplies, the best pills and arrays. Each of the items are rare items. Now, many of the people in our mansion are running around Mu Chong City helping him to prepare such expensive supplies. Patriarch, I think if we continue like this, we may get nothing in return, and burn a hole in our pocket.”

The elite guard lowered his head and said with his fist cupped.

Mu Tian Hao pondered.

After a long while, he raised his head and asked: “Then when do you think we should give up?”

“We can only do it to such an extent!”

The elite guard replied.

“Then can you heal the young master?”

“This…” The elite guard’s face turned ugly.

Mu Tian Hao saw him and groaned: “Since Su Yun boasted, we should believe in him! There’s no other way left! Moreover, we have already spent so much on him. If I let him come back now, are you telling me to let these efforts go to waste?”

The elite guard lowered his head and stayed quiet.

Mu Tian Hao waved his hand and said blandly: “Satisfy Su Yun’s needs. I don’t care what he’s doing as long as he delivers! I’m only giving him a month’s time. One month later, if he can’t obtain a hundred electric wood or he delayed the healing status of my son, I will ask him to pay for everything!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

“Dismissed!” Mu Tian Hao said in a fatigue tone.

“Subordinate bids farewell.”

The elite guard bowed to him respectfully and retreated.


Leaving Mu Family, the elite guard rode on the purple horned beast and towards the electric wood forest to gather with the other elite guards.

Seeing this informant coming from his family, the elite guards gathered.

“Mu Cao, you’re finally back!”

The captain walked over and asked solemnly: “What did the patriarch say?”

Mu Cao glance at everyone, shook his head and sighed: “The patriarch wants us to wait patiently.”


“Continue to wait? It has been days and this man only knows how to ask me to seek items for him and yet, he had yet to give us anything that we wanted. Is he trying to play a joke on my Mu Family?”

“No one dares to play a joke on the ancient maker of the soul stone family! Unless he wants to have a taste of soul stone!”

The captain’s face congealed and muttered: “Everyone, we’ll stay here and wait for him patiently. Young master Feng has sustained severe injuries. He would not be able to last for long. He has 30 days to complete his mission. If he can’t obtain one piece of electric wood in these 30 days, we’ll capture him right away and bring him back to the Mu Family for interrogation!”


The elite guards nodded in approval.

In the darkness, pairs of eyes looked towards him.


In the electric wood forest.


The shadows of the sword moved. It was as though the lightnings attacking in all directions were being blocked off by a wall of sword. As they got near this man in black, the lightning bolts were crushed. It was hard to penetrate and harm him.

Feels good!!

Su Yun cheered in his heart as he rode on thousand deep and death sword to fend off the lightning bolts coming towards at him. This time, he maneuvered the two swords faster and better.

With his current power, it was not a big problem to maneuver 3 or 4 swords. It was time to reach out for the swords in his sword sheath.

Su Yun thought and a blue lightning came crashing towards him.


This time, an ear piercing explosion resonated.

He looked up to see the pitch black cloud was roiling with a few wisps of blood red lightning!

Red lightning!

Su Yun looked solemn.

As compared to the random lightning around him, the red lightning looked tremendous.


The cloud rang once again. Then a ray of red lightning fell from the sky towards Su Yun.

Like a red dragon, it fell fast and agile. The glorious radiance looked fierce and terrifying. Just by the looks of it, he would feel numb and he shook.

Su Yun clenched his teeth and waved both his hands to gather the thousand deep and death sword around him. Both of the swords faced up and flew towards the incoming lightning!



Both the swords collided with the lightning. A strong explosion rippled out and the thunderbolt spilled in all directions just like a blossoming flower. It was beautiful.

The people outside the electric wood forest looked from afar. Seeing the red lightning entering the forest and hearing the weird explosion sounds

“What is happening?”

“I’m not sure.”

The elite guards were all confused.

In the forest, Su Yun used all his might to defend against this red lightning with his two swords. The profound spirit qi in his body was like a defective water pipe, flushing non-stop towards the sword.

This was not the Heaven Tribulation Lightning, but was a test for Su Yun.

He gritted his teeth as his qi channels swelled up. Tensing up all the blood vessels, tendons and ligaments in his body, his blademaster clothes were tight, as though it was going to burst anytime soon.


Su Yun held a breath, brandished his arms and loosen his teeth. Bellowing, all the pure divine spirit Qi in him flowed out and towards the swords.

The swords shook and buzzed. Finally, with a bang, it crushed the red lightning and diverted it away from him, crashing into the two trees beside him.


The trees that got struck by the lightning fell to the ground.

But in that instant, a long silhouette emerged from one of the big tree behind and started circling Su Yun.

Su Yun looked.

It looked just like a kitten but it was as big as a cattle. It was fully covered in blue fur and was enveloped within electric currents. Both of its eyes are deep blue and it’s limbs were long, especially it’s tail. It was like a lightning. It looked magical.

Thunderbolt spirit!

It had to be a thunderbolt spirit!

Su Yun was overjoyed. He ran up towards the thunderbolt spirit!

The reason that lightning bolts in the electric wood forest would attack human beings was because there was an attraction between lightning and humans, but when Su Yun was attacking these lightnings, he realised that the frequency of the attacks got higher. This was not because of sheer attraction but because of this thunderbolt spirit.

According to rumours, there was a unique spiritual beast in the electric wood forest, and that was the thunderbolt spirit. The thunderbolt spirit could control the lightning in the entire electric wood forest. Most of the time, when people entered the forest, they would get struck by the lightnings due to the attacks from thunderbolt spirit. They controlled the lightnings and attacked the people who trespassed their territories mercilessly. The attacks would start to get more frequent. The start was just a warning which then got fatal as time went by.

Of course, the thunderbolt spirit was the key to obtain the electric wood and it was the way humans seeked for in looking for a route. Without its help, no one could survive in this ocean of lightnings.


The thunderbolt spirit screamed at Su Yun as though it was warning him of something.

“Little rascal!”

Su Yun smiled and suddenly started sprinting towards it.


The screams from the thunderbolt spirit got fiercer. When Su Yun got nearer, it started to move around Su Yun like lightning but with the words ‘ boom boom’ sounding from both sides, the trees started shaking as though they were blown by the winds. They would not stop. The trees seemed to be pulled by the lightning as they came for Su Yun.

From all four directions, it was all lightning, dense and packed. There was no way he could doge!

Su Yun’s eyes tensed. Inciting all the qi in his body, he waved his hand.


The five elemental Pure Divine Spirit Qi dispersed in all directions. Then, with thousand deep and the death sword attacking, the tracks set up by pure divine spirit qi was activated.

Hua la…

The swords spun crazily and surrounded Su Yun like a raging storm. All of the lightning bolts attacking Su Yun were broken apart! None touched his body.

When the thunderbolt spirit saw this, it retreated a few steps.

In this period of time, with his training, his speed and precision had resulted in the improvement of the Stormy Wind Sword Technique. At the same time, he could maneuver the two swords with the tracks he set in place. His power has definitely increased.

Of course, the difficulty had gone up a bar. Afterall, he had to ensure the two swords would not touch each other. This basically put his eyes to the test. Because of this, Su Yun still dared not use the Stormy Wind Sword Technique but under such situations, he could not care less.

Once the lightnings had disappeared, Su Yun quickly drove his swords and pierced towards the thunderbolt spirit.

Seeing that the lightning bolts had no effect on Su Yun, the thunderbolt spirit’s hair stood and it escaped frantically.


The swords chased tightly behind it and chopped off a great deal of trees, creating a road of fragments.


The lightnings attacked once again.

Su Yun leaned and dodged, but had yet to loosened his drive on the swords.

Without the protection of the swords, he had to end this battle soon or else his body would not be able to tolerate the blows of the lightning bolts.

The thunderbolt spirit knew how powerful Su Yun was, and so, it ran deeper into the forest.

In the deeper areas of the forest, the lightnings were much more stronger. Since thunderbolt spirit could control the lightning, once it lured Su Yun into the deeper regions, Su Yun would never have a chance to win.

He took a deep breath in and aimed accurately at the thunderbolt spirit who was running away. Waving both his hands suddenly, he parted his hands and soon enough, the pure divine spirit qi parted from the sword and turned into the sword Qi.

Heaven Splitting Sword Technique!

Hua la!

The four swords flew and pierced rapidly towards thunderbolt spirit. The four swords ambushed the thunderbolt spirit and sealed it completely.

Thunderbolt spirit was shaking terribly with its hair standing. It curled its body up and dared not escape.

Seeing this, Su Yun breathed a sigh of relief. Quickly, he ran over…