Limitless Sword God Chapter 167

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An Obscure Smile

This time, after he got in, the elite guards never saw Su Yun walking out of the horrifying electric wood forest.

After several days, there were no traces of him.

On the contrary, the cloud hovering over the electric wood forest was shooting red bolts of lightning into the forest. The forest looked just as though it was a pot of boiling water. The currents flowed messily, as though they were dragon snakes dancing around. It was spectacular.

“Fall back, don’t get struck by these currents!”

The captain shouted and ordered for the group to retreat.

They all set their gaze on this magical forest, their faces looked at it in awe.

“Captain, will that rascal die in there?”

One of the elite guards turned and asked.

“Don’t make wild guesses!”

The captain thought for a while and said: “After all, he dared to obtain the electric wood. That meant that he has some capabilities. Don’t make wild guesses here! Oh, yes, how many days has he been in there?”

“Do we count from the first day we’re here? That rascal has been here for a total of 31 days!!”

“Oh? That’s to say it’s been more than a month?” the captain said blandly: “The patriarch only gave him a month’s time. Young master’s injuries are severe and we must not delay any longer. Wait till he’s out. If he still comes out empty handed, we shall spare him no words and bring him back to the patriarch!”

“Yes, captain!”

All the elite guards shouted in unison.

“Captain, what if he died inside? We wouldn’t know for sure. We can’t just wait here right?” another elite guard asked this time.

“Died in there?”

The captain frowned. If he really died in there, then things would be hard to settle.

Dong Dong Dong Dong!!

Right at this time, explosions rang. Everyone turned to look to see the lightnings in the electric wood forest bursting out with blinding rays. Then, another series of explosions rang. The electric currents rippled through like a blossoming flower. No one knew what was happening to the man.

“We shall wait for another ten days. If ten days had passed and that man had yet to exit from the forest, we will report back to the patriarch and let him decide what to do to save Young Master Feng! We can wait but the Young Master can’t!”

The captain did not hesitate anymore. Looking at the explosives going off, he said: “Instead of putting hopes in this man, why don’t we try too!! Maybe the young master Feng might be saved!”


“Then, let’s wait for a tad longer!”


Everyone nodded in agreement.

But at this point in time, a person exclaimed.

“Captain, look! It looks like someone is coming out!”


The captain tensed up as he looked towards the electric wood forest quickly to see a man carrying black swords and a sheath walking towards them. Beside him, there seemed to be another silhouette…

The captain was stunned.

“Was there anyone else inside the electric wood forest besides him?” he asked frustrated.

“What are you saying, captain? There are electric currents everywhere, how can any living thing survive? What kind of rascal can tolerate such strong electric currents?” someone said.

But quickly, everyone saw that silhouette.

“What kind of monster is that?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

To see the man kneeling down, petting the spirit head a few times, as it let out a shrilling scream, then he rushed back into the electric wood forest and disappeared.

“This… What happened?”

The captain muttered.

The one walking out of the electric wood forest. Everyone stared: it was Su Yun.

“Master Su!!”

The captain ran over hurriedly and cupped his fist.

“You’ve waited long!”

Su Yun smiled slightly.

The captain studied Su Yun’s body seriously, but saw no injuries inflicted on him. Instantly, he was shocked and stunned.

No injuries sustained from the electric wood forest?

“May I ask Master Su, what cultivation level are you at?”

Because of Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, all these Spirit Soul Disciple elite guards could not determine Su Yun’s level and so, they asked straightforwardly.

“I’m merely a Spirit Core Disciple!” Su Yun laughed.


The captain exclaimed: “If your cultivation is not high, how is it that you’re able to come back alive??”

The guards looked at him in disbelief.

This was him being humble! He was just feigning it.

No one would believe him.

Su Yun just remained silent.

Actually, to obtain the electric wood, the key laid in the thunderbolt spirit. It had nothing to do with cultivation level.

The thunderbolt spirit was the owner of the electric wood forest. People came here for the electric wood, but first, they had to lure it out. The reason Su Yun practiced his sword was mainly to increase his cultivation level but also to lure it out. Then, he would capture the thunderbolt spirit and make it open up a route into the deepest area of the electric wood forest to obtain the electric wood. With the help from thunderbolt spirit, the lightning bolts in the deepest area would be split. He did not have to worry about being struck by the lightning. It would be an easy feat for him to obtain the electric wood.

The reason many thought it was a dangerous place was because they did not understand electric wood forest and also, did not know the existence of thunderbolt spirit.

“Maser Su, did you manage to get the electric wood??”

At this time, one of the elite guards asked him quickly.

“Mmhmm, I’ve taken them all, a total of hundred electric woods!”

Su Yun smiled.

“Really?” the elite guards hesitated then bowed to him solemnly: “Please show us these rare items, Master Su. Let us take a look at it.”

This was to ensure Su Yun was not lying.

Then, Su Yun shook his head: “I can’t take it out now. Wait till we’re at the Mu Family, you’ll see them naturally! Alright guys, let’s head back!!”

After which, Su Yun left immediately.

All the elite guards looked at one another in a daze.

“Let’s head back first. If he was just boasting, and lying to us, he would suffer for it.”

The captain shot a look to them and whispered before he followed through.

On the way back, they rode on their purple horned beasts back to the Mu Family.

And deep within, the pair of eyes that was observing them left quickly too.


On the way, Su Yun was quiet. He kept eating the pills and continuously used his Qi to recuperate as though he was preparing for something.

The captain tilted his head and peeped at him. He looked as though he wanted to say something.

Until everyone arrived at a hill not far from Mu Chong City…

It would not take a long time to reach Mu Chong City. The sun was about to set and it was quiet. The hill was steep and it was slightly cold.


Su Yun stopped his purple horned beast and shouted all of a sudden.

All the elite guards brought their beasts to a halt.

“Master Su, what happened?” the captain asked.

Su Yun looked serious, his eyes were studying his surroundings then he muttered: “Be ready to fight!”


The guards were confused.

But the captain did not bother bullshitting. He knew there was a chance for such situation. Immediately, he shouted: “Bring out your weapons and prepare to fight!!”


The guards had their weapons out and ready

Just as they had their weapons out, suddenly, there were ripples forming at the peak of the hill and then, emerging was about fifty masked men.

Once they appeared they rushed towards them!

The killing aura they had been hiding burst out!

“This is an invisible technique! This is bad! We’re being ambushed!”

The captain roared.

“Protect Master Su!! They must be here for the electric wood!!’

The guards split up and each of them took out their treasures to put their mystical techniques to use. With Su Yun as the center, they formed an array pattern.

No doubt about it, these guys were truly the elite guards of the Mu family. They adapted to changes very well. In a blink of an eye, Su Yun was sealed from the front and back. No matter where the opponent was trying to attack, they would not be able to touch Su Yun.


On the top of the hill, a man in a hat carried a hatchet high in the air and bellowed.

Everyone rushed over with all their might.


Bursting out from the elite guards were translucent beast souls, fighting with those incoming intruders.

Soul stone technique!

These people came from the Mu Family, so how could they not know this wonderful technique, right?

Suddenly, the soul stones rushed over, as though they were beasts in strong waters. Quickly, they captured them and tore them apart as though they were true ferocious beasts.

Facing so many soul stones, the men in masks never feared. Since they were here to stop the elite guards of the Mu Family, they were well prepared.

These men took out all of their fire elemental treasures and spewed out flames to burn the soul stones.

The soul stones feared electric currents the most. This was just fire. There were not many electric series treasures sold on the market. To collect these would be extremely difficult and the prices were high, so the fire series treasures would be the second best choice.

But the elite guards were not weak either.  As the soul stones disappeared, they ran up and fought with these men.

On the purple horned beast, Su Yun looked at them. His eyes gleaming as though he was thinking of something.

Meanwhile, in the mansion of the Mu family within Mu Chong City, one servant ran frantically towards the main hall.

“Old master! Old master! Bad news!! Bad news!!”

The servant rolled and crawled into the hall, screaming. Looking at his expression, one would think the sky had collapsed.

Sipping onto his tea, Mu Tian hao frowned as he looked at the incoming servant: “What happened?”

As the servant bowed, he shouted anxiously: “Old master, Master Su had obtained the electric wood successfully. But… But just as they had arrived outside of the city, they were ambushed!! The Mu Family elite guards suffered a great loss. Master Su will not be able to hold them long!!”

Ka dang!

The cup in Mu Tian Hao’s hands fell to the ground, breaking into several pieces.

Suddenly, he stood up and stared at him in bewilderment: “Is what you’re saying… True?”

“Absolutely, Old Master! Please, take some measures, or else if Master Su is killed and the electric wood is stolen, it would be the end for Young Master Feng!” that servant pleaded.

“Quick!” Mu Tian Hao shouted: “Get the administrator to gather all of our guards. Inform the administrator clan elder and follow me to the outside of the city to aid them. Quick!”

“Yes, yes, Old Master!!”

The servant replied quickly. With that, he lowered his body and exited.

But just as he retreated from the big door, he revealed an obscure smile….