Limitless Sword God Chapter 168

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Obsidian Moonstone

Leaving from the main hall, this servant sneaked out carefully.

Taking a few turns, he went through several long corridors before he came to the last exquisite pavilion.

Right in front of the pavilion, the servant kneeled down and shouted: “I’m Zhang Chang Shun, reporting to second master!”

Gu zhi.

The wooden door opened and a middle aged man in a brown clothes walked out.

He looked serious, and had deep set eyes. Walking out of the pavilion, he yelled at Zhang Chang Shun: “Is everything done?”

Zhang Chang Shun raised his head and replied: “Yes, second master. Mu Tian Hao had taken majority of the experts to aid Su Yun. Now, the Mu Mansion should be very weak. It’s a good time to attack now!”


A flicker of light shone through Second Master’s eyes. He shouted: “I’ve waited for this chance for a long long time. Finally, the time is ripe… Now, call everyone to gather in front of the forbidden grounds of Mu Family! Quick!”

“Yes, Second Master!”

Zhang Chang Shun replied swiftly before he left.

Second Master Mu’s face sank and stepped towards the forbidden grounds of the Mu Family. Very quickly, a group of guards donning exquisite armour, were armed with weapons, followed him behind.

A total of a hundred people marched ferociously towards the forbidden grounds of the Mu Family.

The forbidden grounds of the Mu Family is where they stored all of the failed soul stones. It was also the place where all the ancestors were buried. Other than Mu Tian Hao, no one could enter this place.

The forbidden grounds were guarded by Mu Tian Hao’s hand picked guards. There were six of them who were all loyal to the Mu Family.

But with just this six people, they would most definitely not be able to block Second Master Mu.

The forbidden grounds were situated behind the Mu Family estate. It was empty there. If anyone got close, the guards could easily sense it.

Second Master Mu led the army of guards to that place. Without a word, he killed his way through.

The guards could not block off enemies with their bare hands. Soon enough, they died in the hands of Second Master Mu.

“Get in! Get the God Soul Stone for me!”

Second Master Mu roared. Taking the lead, he barged into the forbidden grounds.

Roaming around were the failed Soul Stones. They scurried away when they were frightened by this group of intruders. This was like the hell of Asura where all the fierce beast’s souls wandered. They were the failures, whom could not attack or their spiritual powers were weak and were not suited for battle. The Mu Family kept them here. After all, when a soul stone was left to run freely, they would mess up the balance of life and bring troubles to the Mu Family. Keeping them here was the best method. If the Soul Stone could not tolerate the loneliness, they could suicide.

The forbidden grounds also kept abandoned Soul Stones, and amongst those kept there, they also kept the fiercest ones. The ones that could not be controlled.

Amongst them was the God Soul Stone.

The Mu Family was the ancient maker of the Soul Stone. The Soul Stone technique had been passed down for generations, and in the long history of the Soul Stone, there was a heartless, vicious patriarch.

He took his father’s soul and cultivated it with the Soul Stone technique to make a special Soul Stone known as the God Soul Stone. The God amongst the Soul Stones.

Using human souls to make Soul Stones was forbidden for a Soul Stone master. It was also forbidden in the Sky Martial Continent. Once that was done, what was the difference between human beings and demons? And so, this vicious patriarch was condemned and suppressed by the public. But, this God Soul Stone he cultivated had become the strongest one in the history of Mu Family, which was admired by several Soul Stone Masters.

“Mu Tian Hao’s cultivation is so much higher than mine. To take over his place and become the Mu Family Patriarch, I can only rely on the God Soul Stone. With it, I can take sovereignty over the world and be formidable. The status of the Mu Family will also be on the rise!”

Second Master Mu led the group of people into the forbidden grounds quickly. This was just like a man-made cave. The walls were carved with patterns that emitted blue light and in the center, was a golden fountain on a golden stage. On top of the stage was a piece of pantone colored stone the size of a fist. On top of the stone, there was a seal of a human being.

And around this stone, the abandoned Soul Stones dared not go near.

“God Soul Stone!!”

When Second Master Mu saw it, he was agitated. His eyes were burning with passion.

He walked over quickly towards it.


The moment Second Master Mu picked up the piece of pantone coloured stone, he tried to inculcate Profound Spirit Qi into it with the means of forming a rapport with it to own it.


Just as the Profound Spirit Qi inculcated into the pantone stone, it suddenly cracked and a string of mist emerged from it…

Second Master Mu face instantly changed: “It’s fake?”

The ones that were following Second Master Mu were all taken aback.

“That’s right, it’s a fake!”

Just at this moment, a crisp sound emerged.

Second Master Mu turned quickly to a group of people blocking the entrance of the forbidden grounds.

These people were the administrator clan elder of the Mu family, the experts and just right at the front of the group of people was the supposedly unconscious Mu Feng!!

“This is not possible!!”

Second Master Mu muttered, stared in shock at Mu Feng and asked: “You… Didn’t you… Uh… fail in your Soul Stone technique and was engulfed by it? How… How are you alive?”

“Engulfed by a Soul Stone?” Mu Feng shook his head and let out a bitter laugh: “Uncle, why are you deceiving yourself? You left the Soul Stone in my body, don’t tell me you still don’t know?”

Second Master Mu’s face changed instantly.

“Uncle, many of the people in the Mu Family knew your intention. Needless to say, my father and myself knew it all too well. You wanted to steal the patriarch position but this position is bestowed to my father by grandfather. Other than him, no one should lust for it! You… Why did you have such malicious intentions?”

“My father’s cultivation is high and powerful. He has been holding his guard up against you. You have no chance, and so you want to make use of the God Soul Stone to increase your cultivation  and force my father to give way with absolute power. It’s just that my father has been sitting in the Mu Family’s mansion all the time. If you barge into the forbidden grounds, you definitely have no chance at all. Therefore, you had to sneak your way through and play dirty. You hurt me intentionally and forced my father to set out of the city to seek electric wood. The electric wood forest is a dangerous place, so other than my father, who can enter and leave the electric wood forest safe and sound, the others can’t. I am my father’s only son, and he can’t just sit around and watch me die. You too guessed that if no one in the Mu Mansion can cure me, he would definitely set off to electric wood forest and this is your chance.”

“But you never thought that, at the key point, Su Yun would come. Not only did he come, he wanted to help the Mu Family obtain the electric wood! This was completely out of your expectations. Su Yun had the protection of the elite guards, and in a short period of time, you can’t kill him. Out of frustration, you sent a few people to spy on him. Once he had obtained the electric wood, you’ll attack.”

“When Su Yun gathered all the electric wood and was heading back to the Mu family, you knew that it was the chance you had been waiting for! First, you sent someone to notify my father, then you sent people to ambush Su Yun. Under such an intense situation, you forced my father out of the mansion to save Su Yun. Since this was an opportunity for you, you used it to steal the object with the intention to take over his place! But, aye… Uncle, in fact, my father and I, and even Master Su Yun saw through your plans. Don’t you know that?”

“Actually, Master Su Yun had returned to the Mu Family one day ago and removed the injures on my body with the electric wood. Then, to beat you at your plan, when he returned back to Mu Family, he had hidden more Mu Family experts causing the ones that you sent to intercept him, to all die!”

“Also, after my father received the emergency report from Zhang Chang Shun, he did not bring anyone to aid Su Yun. Uncle, you saw it too, everyone’s here! You… Should submit into this.”

Mu Feng muttered, his voice sounded slightly hoarse.

Second Master Mu was shocked. He started at them with his big eyes, and at the people behind Mu Feng…

After a long time, he lowered his head and asked: “Where’s big brother?”

“Father has gone to the ancestor hall to kowtow.”

When Second Master Mu heard, he raised his head, looking fierce: “He wants to kill me?”

“My father won’t kill you. You’re his only brother. He can’t bear to. The only method… Is to cripple your cultivation and imprison you.”

“Hahahhaha… If that’s the case, then why don’t you kill me!!”

Second Master Mu looked as if he wanted to fight. Obviously, he would not give in so easily,

“Before that, can I ask you one question?”

“What else does Uncle want to say?”

“Uh, nothing much.” He threw those crushed stone into the floor, looking unsatisfied and asked in a low voice: “Where’s the real God Soul Stone…?”

“The real God Soul Stone has long been destroyed!” Mu Feng said blandly: “That piece of God Soul Stone is the ancestor of the Mu Family. How can it exist? If we don’t bury it in peace, then it would be unfilial of the Mu Family. Father has always been looking for a soul expert to disperse all these ancestors. Now, the God Soul Stone is gone like the crushed stones you just threw away.”

The moment Second Master Mu heard, colours drained from his face.

“This is impossible… Impossible…”

He muttered and finally, this news drove him crazy.

That was his only hope. The one hope that could surpassed his own brother. Now that his dreams were dashed, how could it be?

Immediately, he screamed and ran over towards Mu Feng.

“Give me the God Soul Stone!”

Though Second Master Mu’s cultivation was not as high as Mu Tian Hao, his cultivation was still high. This attack seemed like a huge wave engulfing them.

But the experts from the Mu Family were not inferior either. They all pulled out their attacks to defend against Second Master Mu.

Both sides started to fight.

However, ultimately, Second Master Mu was alone. He could never fight against all of them. Within half an hour, he had lost his arms and his cultivation level. He laid on the ground.

“Put him behind bars for now, wait for my father’s orders.”

Mu Feng said.

“Yes, master!”

Everyone cupped their fists

Second Master Mu was carried away.

The Mu Family reclaimed its peacefulness.

Su Yun, who had been standing to one side, turned and was ready to leave.

This matter had been settled. He had also gotten the ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone’ powder. It was time for him to leave.

“Master Su Yun!!”

This time, Mu Feng chased after him.

“Young Master Mu, is there anything else?” Su Yun asked and smiled.

“This time, it was all thanks to you.” Mu Feng bowed 90 degrees respectfully to Su Yun.

“Young Master Mu, you’re too kind. I’ve taken your money to help relieve your burdens. I’m doing this because I need the ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone’ powder.”

“My Mu Family first gave the Soul Stone Powder to Master Su Yun, yet you didn’t take the item. Instead, you stayed behind to help. From this, I can see Master is very grounded, and you’re definitely someone worth making a friend with, but this ‘Yin Yang Soul Stone’ powder is precious, yet mainly used for cultivating. Why? Is Master Su Yun preparing to cultivate some pills?”


“Hehe, if that’s the case, Mu Feng still has a type of ingredient Master Su Yun might use!” he said smiling as he took out two crushed stones from his storage ring and handed it to Su Yun.

The two crushed stones were shining gold. Under the sun, it had a rainbow tinge to it. It looked magical.

Seeing that, Su Yun was shocked. Suddenly, he looked overjoy: “Are these Obsidian Moonstones?”

“Yeah. This is the main ingredient to make God Soul Stone. Now that the God Soul Stone is dead, this, I gift it to you as a form of gratitude…” Mu Feng said.