Limitless Sword God Chapter 169

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The Mysterious Girl

Obsidian Moonstones were the key ingredient in concocting the ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’. It formed the base of the pill. The constitution of any ingredients, changes or refinement would be completed only with it. Without it, these ingredients could not be processed.

The Obsidian Moonstone would usually appear during new moon. It was very rare. Su Yun worried about collecting the ingredients to make obsidian moonstone because without it, nothing could be done. There was nothing recorded in his memories. He could only try his luck and depend on the information he gathered. Such ingredients were rare, they were also hard to find on the market.

Now however, Mu Feng had gifted him two pieces of Obsidian Moonstone. It was definitely timely assistance, because now that he has them, Su Yun could spend his time better.

Of course, Mu Feng did this with an intention, but most of all, he was being polite.

“Thank you.” Su Yun took the Obsidian Moonstone and studied it to ensure there were no flaws before he placed it carefully into his storage ring.

“The one that should be saying thank you should be my Mu Family!”

Mu Feng laughed as he said: “Master Su had helped the Mu Family several times. We’re indebted to you. If Master Su did not lend a helping hand this time round, the Mu Family would definitely land in danger. I have been harmed by my uncle, my father knew it clearly but he was his brother after all. Even if he knew, he could not bear to move against him. Unless in extreme situations, he would never make a move against him, but uncle could no longer wait patiently. When father was in a difficult situation, and had to set off the obtain the electric wood, the Mu Family would be put in grave danger. But if he did not, I would die. It was a tough choice to make. Luckily for us, you appeared and saved all of us!”

After hearing Mu Feng’s words, he seemed to know Su Yun was Limitless Sword God.

“I was just lending a helping hand. The reason I’m here is because I wanted these Soul Stone powder.”

Mu Feng bowed to Su Yun once again and said: “May I ask, what pill Master is making? Are there any ingredients that you still need? Maybe Mu Feng can help.”

After hearing that, his eyes lit up. The Mu Family had great finances and maybe they could help him out.

“This pill is very rare, it’s called the ‘Triple Yang Universe Pill’. Maybe young master Mu has never heard of it. It is mainly made up of four ingredients. As of now, I’m still missing the ‘Aqua Meteorite’ and ‘Wu Huang Flower’ to create the pill.”

“Aqua Meteorite? Wu Huang Flower?”

Mu Feng muttered as he felt unfamiliar with these two items. Finally, he reluctantly shook his head: “I’m sorry, Master Su. Mu Feng doesn’t know much and it’s true. I have never heard of these two items, but Mu Feng will try his best and help Master obtain these two items.”

Su Yun was not disappointed to hear that. Instead, he replied: “Young Master Mu, you’re too kind. It has already been a great help that you gave me the obsidian moonstone. Great, it’s getting late. I still have to find these two ingredients. I shan’t stay for long. Goodbye!”

“I’ll send someone to send you off, master!”

“No thanks.”

Su Yun waved and walked off, riding on his purple horned beast, he left.

Mu Feng stood at the door looking at the fading silhouette, breathing out hard.

“Young Master, is that Su Yun? Who is he? Have we met him before?”

The servant who followed Mu Feng around asked curiously.

“We’ve met. Not just met, he had saved my life!” Mu Feng shot him a look and said: “Send out my orders. In the future, Master Su Yun shall be an honoured guest of our Mu Family. No one can stop him if he wants to enter or leave the Mu Family. It’s the same for Limitless Master.”

“Uh… Yes, Master!”



After leaving the Mu Family, Su Yun had been heading west. Out of the Mystical Mountain Range to the west side towards Savage Range.

Jue Lian District was located in the northern side of the main route. In the entire land of the northern side, there were a total of ten over regions. The main regions were Jue Lian District, Mystical Mountain Range, Great Cyan District, Savage Range and Yellow Speck Range, and last, the one that required qualifications to enter, Eternal Jade Range.

Other than those, the rest belonged to Long Ao Nation. Long Ao Nation is situated just above the northern side. It occupied a huge space on the map as it opened more territories. It was the greatest and most powerful country in the north.

The Savage Region main sects were Three Items Deity Palace and Smokey Wind Valley. But Su Yun was not here for them, he was there for a small country called ‘Great Empress Nation’.

The Great Empress Nation was not big. It was probably not even one tenth the size of Ao Long nation, but the Great Empress Nation’s grounds were built on soil that was rich in nutrients. The Great Empress Nation had the biggest flat lands and mines in the northern region. They were the main source producer for all the ingredients to cultivate pills and treasures.

Mu Feng had never heard of Wu Huang Flower but he had received news that the king of Great Empress Nation had one. Maybe, the Aqua Meteorite could be found here as well.

Su Yun pondered and hastened his pace.

Not knowing how long he had walked for, the purple horned beast passed by an obsolete mountain.

He looked around and felt somehow familiar. Looking carefully, he realised this was the ‘Heavenly Dog Mountain’ that was not far from the savage range.

“Heavenly Dog Mountain… Heavenly Dog Mountain. If this is the Heavenly Dog mountain, then he was not far from that spiritual cave?”

As if he thought of something suddenly, he got off the purple horned beast and ran towards the mountain.

The Heavenly Dog Mountain was an abandoned mountain. There was not much vegetation growing, needless to say, there were not many animals or beasts living there. But there was a natural cave mansion in Heavenly Dog Mountain. In the cave mansion, the spirit Qi filled the mansion. Anyone who entered it to cultivate could quickly raise their profound spirit Qi by about ten percent. No one knew for sure why the cave mansion had such a power. Not many people even knew the existence of this cave. Someone once said, one of the almighty beings had recuperated in this place before. His blood stained the cave mansion and therefore bestowed a miraculous spiritual power in this cave mansion. Someone also said this heavenly dog mountain was actually a gigantic dog and this cave manion was a spiritual eye of the dog and hence, would have such powers. Everyone had their own story, nobody knew who was right or wrong.

“This is great, I can head over to the cave mansion to obtain the sword!”

Su Yun said to himself and ran towards the road according to his memory told him.

Soon after, he got near to the side of a cave. It was the cave that has been passed down for many years in the southern region, the heavenly dog cave mansion, appeared before him.

Su Yun got onto his purple horned beast and rode in. Just as he got into the mansion, he was surrounded by strong Profound Spirit Qi. All the Qi channels in his body and his spiritual essence seemed to be caressed by a young lady. He felt awesome. When his spirit essence opened, all the Qi channels relaxed. This sensation was intoxicating.

Even the purple horn beast between his crotch let out a satisfying moan as it laid its body on the ground, not willing to move.

Su Yun got off its body and walked towards the cave mansion to find that no one lived there. It was empty. Taking the ingredients out of his storage ring, he set up a precaution array at the entrance of the cave and made the purple horned beast on a lookout as he entered deep into the cave to find an empty land before he took out the Limitless Sword Sheath and activated it…

Hua la!

The long, black sword sheath let out a series of eye-catching radiances and formed a light door as tall as a man.

Su Yun took a deep breath. As he stared into the light door, his heart started thumping fast.

This time, he had to rely on himself without sword elder.

Taking out the sword stone from the storage ring, he threw it in and followed through.


The radiance from the light door grew and stung his eyes. It took a while before the light died down.

When Su Yun opened his eyes again, he realised he was no longer at the comfort of the heavenly dog’s cave mansion. Instead, he was in the fairyland within the Limitless Sword Sheath.


When he looked down.

“Where is this place?”

Su Yun hesitated.

This was not the place he took out the death sword, Engraved Dragon Blade, nor the thousand deep sword. Instead, it was another long staircase!

The staircase led to somewhere far away. It totaled up to millions of steps and it extended up all the way. At the other end of the stairs was a beautiful, splendid fairy palace that was floating in the air. That was the place where the mother of sword was hidden.

And on the steps, there were countless swords embedded.

Some of them were glorious while some were dull. Some looked sad while others looked magical. There were all sorts of heavenly swords.

Just that.. Each of them were not easy to get.

Was this his saddest moment in life? There were so many great swords yet he could only look at them but not touch them. Not only was he lusting for them, it was driving him insane.

Never mind, he had to take them out one by one. When his cultivation was high enough, he would take the mother of sword. These had to be in his hands!

Su Yun’s greed was growing, but he would not lose his senses because of his greed.

He calmed himself down and looked at the long flaming red sword up ahead and stepped towards it immediately.

“What are you doing?”

Right at this moment, a gentle voice emerged just like a breeze. It was so soothing to hear.

Su Yun’s heart skipped a beat just like a bird who got frightened. Quickly, he turned and darted his eyes around: “Who’s that?”

Then, it was just empty as before, there was no one else there.

Could it be… Just an illusion?

Su Yun doubted as he turned around and muttered to himself, but just as he turned his head, a delicate, small face appeared right in front of him.

Two faces were only an inch apart, so each of them could sense the other person’s breath.



Su Yun stared in bewilderment.

But very quickly, he retreated back as he stared in shock at this lady who appeared out of nowhere!!

The girl had an almost perfect oval-shaped face. She had long, luscious locks that extended all the way to her ankles. Yet, her hair was snow white just like a waterfall and as the wind blew, her hair danced in the air. Her skin especially, was snow white. There was not a flaw on her. Her hair and her skin complemented each other. Her eyes was glistening like the water as she had a gentle smile on her. It was just so ever intoxicating and pure. Her lips were plump and glossy, her fingers were long and she looked just so perfect.

She was just wearing a white skirt, without any accessories, she stood there almost naked, without treasures, nor make up or even a pair of shoes.

Su Yun stared at the girl to see her rising chest and her perky breasts…

Was she not wearing any lingerie?

Su Yun was shocked.

“Who… Are you?”

He opened his mouth.

The two stood still and looked at each other…

There was not a sound around them.