Limitless Sword God Chapter 170

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I am the Sword

“Who am I?”

The sweet lady placed her jaded fingers on her peachy lips as she looked at Su Yun in doubt. Then she continued to ask: “Who are you?”

“Who am I?” Su Yun’s eyes opened wide as he looked at her, feeling every ounce of Qi on her, only to find that there was not a tinge of her profound spirit Qi’s wave.

It did not look like she was hiding it on purpose?

Su Yun sniffed hard to only smell a whiff of aroma, it was unusually fresh, just as though he had just awaken from his dream.

The girl looked at him with her shiny eyes. She looked confused.

“What are you doing here?”

The girl asked gently and imitated Su Yun sniffing around.

Then, Su Yun backed off in alarm as he started at her with a precarious gaze.

“Do you know what this place is?”

The girl shook her head.

“Then why are you here?”

The lady shook her head still.

“Who are you?”

The girl shook her head once again.

“You should at least remember how you got here, right?”


The girl just shook her head with her silvered hair.

“I… I don’t know anything… Can’t remember anything… Do you know that? What about you?” She asked lightly as she landed her gaze on Su Yun. Her curiosity was growing.

She looked just like a confused baby.

After hearing all these, Su Yun’s face congealed.

Why would a girl suddenly appeared here?

Why was she in the sword sheath? Who was she?

Su Yun was lost without Sword Elder. There was no one he could even talk to.

But, he must be cautious! He must not be soft hearted.

Su Yun thought, and in his eyes, there was an intention to kill.

“You say you don’t know anything?” he interrogated.

“I’m not sure who I am, I don’t know what this place is, neither do I know who you are… But it’s so boring here. Do you want to take me away?” she asked as she looked at Su Yun with her innocent face.

“Mmhmm, I’ll take you away!’

As he replied, he reached out to his storage ring.

He was not sure if she was a safe person.

Since he could not make sure of that, then he was in danger. Any danger must be eliminated no matter how beautiful, how graceful she was….

Walking towards the girl, he took out thousand deep sword. Emerging from the sword was a gloomy, icy cold intention. As he got closer to the girl, the sword’s intention gradually clouded over.

The girl looked at him oddly. She did not make any move, nor did she put up any resistance. Even her beautiful eyes had no fear at all… Nor any precautions…

Was she faking it?

Su Yun suddenly looked sly. Walking over, he chopped towards the girl’s head.

The whistles of thousand deep sword burst with its sword intention as it charged towards her fiercely.

He had no intention of showing mercy. He was giving all out no matter whether this girl was kind or evil, it did not matter.

He needed to eliminate all threats.

Even if it was committing a sin!


Just as the thousand deep was about to split open the girl’s head, the aura on thousand deep sword faded suddenly. All the energy on the surface disappeared into thin air. The sword fell onto her head like a cotton ball…


A soft clatter was heard.


The girl caressed her head with both her hands and knelt down. She teared innocently.

“What are you doing?” She exclaimed.

But, Su Yun did not bother about her. Instead, he looked at the thousand deep sword on his hand in faze.

Thousand deep sword looked faded and dull. There was not an ounce of energy in it, it had all been sucked away!

Right now, thousand deep sword was just like a frail person. It did not had any destructive powers.

What exactly happened?

Su Yun retreated back in shocked.

Was it because of this girl?

Suddenly, a faded radiance entered Su Yun’s eyes.

It was coming from the girl’s neck. A ray of snow bright sword seal, covered with patterns. This seal was probably just the size of a thumb, but it was as bright as the sun.

“I’ve never seen this tattoo before. Why is it there now?”

Su Yun placed his gaze back onto the thousand deep sword in his hand.

“Unless… It was because of thousand deep sword?”

And this sword seal was emitting a magical… Qi? It did not seem like Profound Spirit Qi. What could it be?

Suddenly, his eyes darted and walked over.

“You had a mosquito on your head earlier on, so I did that. I’m so sorry!”

Su Yun played with his words.

“Is that so?” the girl looked at him innocently.

“Of course!”

Su Yun said seriously. Looking at the white coloured sword seal on her neck, he thought and asked: “That, what’s that?”


The girl looked towards where Su Yun was pointing but she could not see anything. In panic, she started blushing.

Seeing this girl, she was completely muddle-headed.

Su Yun shook his head silently as though he had thought too much. He could not care any less and so, he reached out and caressed the sword seal.


Just as Su Yun’s finger came in contact with that bright sword seal, the sword seal burst out with a great deal of energy. This energy was like a whirlpool, tugging onto Su Yun’s fingers. In a second, it sucked out all of the energy within his body and instantly, his body became weak, his vision turned dark and he fell unconscious. It was the same for the girl as well. The two laid on the ground as the sword sheath regained its peacefulness.



Not knowing how long had passed, the energy in their bodies recovered gradually. They also regained their consciousness.

Su Yun opened his eyes slowly to feel weak. He could only lie in front of the stairs and stared at the sky…

After half an hour later, he finally had the energy to bring himself up.

It was hard for him to get up. Looking around, everything was as per normal. The only thing different was the odd girl was laying on the ground not far from him.

And, the sword seal on her chest had expanded ten fold. It had covered half of her chest. The sword seal was glimmering. It was amusing.

What was this exactly?

Su Yun pressed onto his throbbing head and muttered to himself.


Right at this moment, she cried out. Then, the silver haired girl opened her eyes slowly to get up,

Her frail body looked like a stem of a flower being blown in the wind. It looked thin and pathetic. Especially her translucent clothes. It was hard to cover her figure. A pair of long legs drove him crazy.

As she got up, she sat on the floor and pressed onto her forehead as she sighed lightly.

“It’s so painful!”

She exclaimed. Lifting up her water like eyes, she looked towards Su Yun suspiciously: “Hey, rascal. Why are you here in the Limitless Sword Sheath?”

Her voice was still crisp and soothing but it no longer contained much tenderness in it. Instead, now it sounded somewhat mature, lazy, containing a hint of disdain… And slightly tinged with caution.

Also… What did that mean?

Suddenly, why was she like a changed person?

Su Yun was stunned.


Suddenly, a shrilling scream pierced through the air.

Su Yun covered his ears quickly and backed off as he looked at the girl carefully to see that her head was lowered and her eyes big as she stared at her chest in shock.

The sword seal was still glimmering but very quickly, the sword seal started to spin and shrink. Not for long, it returned back to the size of a thumb and the radiance was fading.

Looking at it, the girl suddenly raised her head, her eyes were fuming as she rushed over angrily.

“You son of a bitch!”

Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped towards Su Yun.


Her fist didn’t have an ounce of Profound Spirit Qi nor did it contain much strength. When it landed on Su Yun’s chest, it was soft as ever. It did not harm him nor cause him any pain.

Su Yun looked at this weird scene in a daze. He was lost and confused.

He regained back his senses and pressed onto the girl’s forehead, pushing her away. He asked in doubt: “Who the hell are you? Why are you so different from just now?”

The girl was not as strong as Su Yun. Moaning, she gave up and hugged her perky breasts. Arrogantly, she replied: “Young lad, I’m a sword!”

“You’re a slut?”

(TN: Sword and slut in chinese sounds the same, with the pronunciation of Jian (4))

“I’m a sword!!” The girl was flushing red.

“Oh…” Su Yun nodded. But very quickly, he looked shocked: “What did you just say? You’re the sword?”


The girl moaned as her silver hair moved slightly like a curtain.

“I’m a sword in the Limitless Sword Sheath, but I’m not any ordinary sword. I was once a cultivator but because I wanted to repay my benefactor, I turned myself into a sword to help him!”

“Where’s that benefactor of yours?”

“I’m not sure.”

The girl groaned: “It’s been a long time ever since I can sense his existence. Maybe, this sword sheath is lost.”

“Or, maybe he’s dead.”

Su Yun said.

The girl glared at Su Yun: “If he’s dead, I’ll return back to a human being and regain my freedom!”

“Then leave.”

Su Yun did not mind.

The girl’s chest rose up and down as she stared at him with killer eyes.

“But I won’t leave for now!”


“I’m being owned by you!”

“Am I that charming?” Su Yun caressed his face.

“Oh, please!” the girl snorted. She pointed to the sword seal on her neck and asked: “Do you know what this is?”


“This is my contract!” the lady clenched her teeth: “You should know that all the swords in the sword sheath needs to be subdued first before you can use it right?”

“Yes, but…”

“You only need to touch my contract and you can subdue me. Also, you can control me temporarily.”

“I’ve heard the stronger the sword is, the harder it is to subdue. Why is yours so simple?”

Su Yun teased.

“You… You dirty fellow!” the girl was flustered: “That’s because the benefactor and the sword sheath had lost contact for a long time so, I entered into a snooze mode. All my consciousness, memory, talents, cultivations etcetera are all sealed away! Which is why you can get it so easily! Normally, who can subdue me?”

She had never thought of someone entering the sword sheath anyway.

“Oh? Why did you have to seal away your memories?”

“To repay my benefactor. I promised him I’d keep watch over the swords for five thousand years. If I don’t do that, how am I going to live for such a long time?”

Ultimately, she would feel so lonely.

“Don’t you know the sword sheath would be passed on to others?”

“I know, but I never expected it so soon…”

“Soon?” Su Yun was slightly confused but seeing the sword seal on her neck, he was stunned: “With a touch, the contract is sealed. Wouldn’t that mean…”

“You’re thinking too much.”

The girl’s eyes faded and shook her head: “Rascal! I’ve written this contract on my own. It’s been there since a long time ago. But… The benefactor did not seal the contract with me.”

No wonder this girl was so angry with a touch.

Su Yun started to understand all of these.

The benefactor saved this lady’s life. To repay him, she turned into a sword and used herself as a contract. Then, her benefactor rejected, but she was stubborn and so, she forced her way into the sword sheath, hoping one day she could help her benefactor out. But just like that, she waited for thousands of years.