Limitless Sword God Chapter 172

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The Demonic Temple

Su Yun did not stay in the Great Empress Nation for long before he was led away by this man who had black needles hanging around his waist. As a group, they galloped out of Great Empress Nation and headed North.

Out of Su Yun’s expectation, this pale looking man whose waist was covered with black needles was actually the famous protector of Ming Ying School, Liu Xin Dong. he was known for his vicious methods. His cultivation level was high as he cultivated secret techniques. No one could be on par with him. He never thought that this man was him.

Wasn’t Hu Qian Mei also the protector of Ming Ying School?

Su Yun started panicking.

He had to avoid Hu Qian Mei. She had seen him before and knew that he was Limitless. She also knew that he had the Heavenly Crystal on him. If she saw him, things would take a turn for the worst.

However, Su Yun was not worried about Liu Xin Dong. He was sure that Liu Xin Dong did not know that the Heavenly Crystal was on him because Hu Qian Mei would divulge that information. After all, if she did so, Liu Xin Dong would attack him. If Su Yun died, Hu Qian Mei’s life would also be in danger, why would she act recklessly?

“This is the direction to Ming Ying School? Why? Is Protector Liu bringing me to Ming Ying School?”

Su Yun looked up and started asking.

“We’re not going to Ming Ying School but to a rather unique place. Just follow me.”

Liu Xin Dong laughed as he hastened their pace.

Su Yun did not speak but he was extremely cautious.

Liu Xin Dong’s cultivation level was incredible. He was most probably at the peak of Spirit Soul Disciple. All the names on the wanted list he had killed was nothing compared to this existence. If he does not use the Heavenly Crystal, Su Yun would not be able to defeat him. If he only relied on Sprite’s Shadow, it would still be tough on him.

Looking at the situation, if this man was acting odd, he had to leave as soon as possible.

Su Yun took a deep breath slowly. If not for the Wu Huang Flower, he would never do such a thing.

“Young man, you better be careful. This man is not simple!”

Just as Su Yun was deep in his thoughts, a gentle voice rang in his head.

“Crazy girl, is that you?”

“You, do you want to die?? I have a high cultivation in the sword, okay! How dare you be so rude to me? Wait till the contract ends and for the sword to disappear, I’ll regain my cultivation and teach you a lesson!”

Obviously, the sword girl’s Qi was not swift as she roared.

Su Yun shut his eyes and turned a deaf ear.

After a moment of silence, she opened her mouth.

“Young man, I’m warning you, you better not take my good intentions as garbage!”

“Thanks, I know he’s not simple!” Su Yun replied.

“Then, why are you following him? Aren’t you afraid he’ll betray you?”

“I need the Wu Huang Flower to save a person. Time’s running out, I need to get the Wu Huang Flower no matter how dangerous it gets!”

“What kind of person is so important to you?”

“My kin!”

“Ah, I never thought I’d see that soft side of yours. I thought you’re a cold, heartless bastard. Not bad, at least I have something to admire you about. Let me remind you one more time, the eight of them following behind him seems to be suppressed by some magical mystical technique. These eight men are no longer human beings, they’re probably just zombies!”

“Zombies?” Su Yun was taken aback.

“Can you see the row of needles around his waist?”

“You can see it?”

“I can see them through the sword sheath!”

“What’s wrong with the needles?”

“It’s moving!”

Once the sword lady said it, Su Yun stared at the waist of Liu Xin Dong.

Then, Su Yun’s face turned ugly.

The needles had always been moving but they were not moving because of the tremors from the purple horned beast but because of the rhythm. When they collided with one another, they emitted a soft clinks like how a ripple would dispersed in all directions. This sound had no effect on an ordinary person. Or even, people would not mind but to those eight men behind, it had a special effect.

They seemed to receive orders when the needles collided with one another!

“You mean these black needles are a treasure, and that is what controls the eight men?”

Su Yun muttered to himself.

“It should be. It’s vicious enough to use human beings as treasures!”

“So you do think like that, luckily, I haven’t used you yet!”

“Get lost!”

The sword girl moaned.

Half a day passed, and the sun was setting. When the night falls, Su Yun had no idea where he was. He could only see Liu Xin Dong leading them to the front of a gigantic temple.

This temple was ruined and old. It seemed to be abandoned for a long time. There was not a single monk in the temple. Even the surroundings of the temple was barren, with nothing to be seen.

“What’s this place?”

Su Yun peeped at the temple and asked.

“A temple built by a demon.”

Liu Xin Dong came down from his purple horned beast and walked over.

“Below this temple are 8 thousand 8 hundred and 18 monk corpses. The demon refined and turned them into a ten thousand bone treasure. But before he could succeed, he was destroyed by justice. The grievance in this temple is too great, and hard to destroy, so it was kept. Rascal, I want you to get something for me. Because this temple is very special, once someone with a high cultivation enters, all of his cultivation would be engulfed and it would activate all 8 thousand 8 hundred and 18 corpses, giving them an opportunity to be alive temporarily. If that happens, it would mean big trouble, so I need your help. Only a person like you with a low cultivation level can enter safely!”

Liu Xin Dong laughed.

“There are so many Spirit Intermediate Disciple on the streets. Why did you pick me?”

Su Yun turned to ask.

“That’s where you’re wrong rascal. For a Spirit Intermediate Disciple like you, they’re all over the streets but for you, you have a set of talent which cannot be found!”

“Talents? You can ‘see’ my talents?”

“I have a treasure that can analyse a person’s talents. From the profound spirit qi they emit, it will proceed with an analysis. I never thought you actually your talents are four times greater? Or five times? Hehe, you’re an absolute genius. A person like you don’t just appear everywhere on the street. The special thing about this temple is that if a person with a low cultivation level enters, they can easily be hypnotised by the grievance. They will become very unstable, but with your gifts, and such great mental strength, you definitely won’t be affected. Naturally, you can succeed in taking the gem that I want!”

Liu Xin Dong said.

“That’s logical! But how am I supposed to believe you? I’m not familiar with this temple at all. I can’t be sure that I can leave this temple alive, and what if I did manage to get the item you want, and yet you refuse to hand me the Wu Huang Flower. What should I do then?” Su Yun fixed his gaze on Liu Xing Dong and then, he scanned the people standing behind him.

“Haha, don’t worry. I’m the protector Ming Ying School, a just and honoured sect. Why should I lie and cheat a small rascal like you?”

“Anyone can say something nice but this will not settle me in. Hand me the Wu Huang Flower first. Let me have a piece of mind then I’ll enter the temple to get the item for you! How’s that?”

Liu Xin Dong pondered, nodded and smile: “Alright. There must be trust in between us. Since you’ve said that, let me hand you Wu Huang Flower. Wait till you get the things I want, this Wu Huang Flower is yours!”

After which, Liu Xin Dong took out the embroidered box and handed it over to Su Yun.

Su Yun reached out and opened it. The flower seemed to be delicate, looking like a crystal flower carved to perfection as it sat quietly in the box.

Indeed, it was Wu Huang Flower.

Su Yun was ecstatic. Quickly, he kept the flower.

“Are you satisfied now?” Liu Xin Dong chuckled.


Su Yun nodded, turned to leave.

Looking at the ruined temple, he took a deep breath in.

“I’ll be waiting patiently here!”

Liu Xin Dong hugged his chest.

Su Yun did not reply him. Instead, he walked straight towards the temple.

He walked further and further.

“Come back soon with, you with talents four times stronger than anyone. I’ll train you to be my strongest soldier!”

Liu Xin Dong looked at him as he walked away. He muttered to himself and tilted his face to look at the eight guys behind him. Smirking, he said: “Very soon, there’ll be a new member. Are you happy?”

Then, these eight men remained silent as they stared towards the front.

At the Su Family.

In the hall of the main house, the leftover Excellency clan elders gathered as Su Li Xiong sat at the highest with his face as black as a pot.

“Patriarch, Su Tai and Su Shi Long have escaped from the Jue Lian District. I have already sent someone to track them down. Looking at their trails, they seem to be fleeing towards the Long Ao Nation. But don’t you worry, within ten days, the elites of the Su Family will bring these two traitors back!”

From the inner sect, the finance minister who got promoted to the Excellency, Su Ming He walked up and said to Su Li Xiong.

“Capture the two of them. We have to slice them up!”

“Su Family has treated them well but I never expect these two to betray us!”

“They’re truly shameless. They’re unforgivable! Capture these traitors!”

The clan elders of the Su Family and other high ups shouted in anger.

“Enough!” Su Li Xiong bellowed. He looked like he was having a headache

The hall fell silent immediately.

“Naturally, Su Tai and Su Shi Long has to be taken back but I’m more worried about Qing Er’s whereabouts!”

Su Li Xiong scanned the audience fiercely.

The admin sector, Su Da stood up and said: “We have been tracking them but looking at their directions, it seem to be towards Great Cyan District. Maybe, they have already entered Great Cyan District!”

“Great Cyan District?”

Su Li Xiong thought and moaned: “Why Great Cyan District? It’s obvious they have escaped into the borders of Jue Lian District and Great Cyan District, to the Blossom Heart Valley!”

“Blossom Heart Valley?”

“Oh, I remember now. Su Yun seems to have an intimate relationship with Pill King from Blossom Heart Valley. Qing Er and Su Yun grew up together. The two must have escaped to Blossom Heart Valley!”

“If it truly is Blossom Heart Valley, then it would be troublesome. Although there aren’t many experts in Blossom Heart Valley but they do good by saving people through their medicine. They’ve since helped several sects to cure the wounded people and have all sorts of relationships with the sects. If they’re in Blossom Heart Valley, then it might be a bit difficult to get them!”

Su Ming Hao expressed.

“Yeah, yeah!” The others agreed in unison.

Su Li Xiong did not care though. He waved to the elderly seated right at the front, who was the third clan elder, Su Yang Nian.

“Can you contact the Profound Sky Sect?”

Su Li Xiong muttered.

“The inner sect of Profound Sky Sect has been waiting.”

“They’re coming?” Su Li Xiong frowned: “They’re fast!”

“Miss has escaped and this infuriated the Profound Sky Sect. They asked us for full cooperation till we find Miss!”

“Tsk! Profound Sky Sect? What are they. If it wasn’t for us, would they be so arrogant? Go to the inner sect and tell them, let them send more experts to help us. If they don’t move, we shan’t go. It’s time we make a trip down to Blossom Heart Valley!”


Su Yang Nian nodded and backed off.

“Disperse, all of you!” Su Li Xiong waved his hands and continued to press onto his head with his hands to curb the headache.