Limitless Sword God Chapter 173

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Ka cha.

Stepping on a green rock, Su Yun stepped into the temple.

The temple was very eerie. With the dullness, this place looked exactly like a Yin residence. The atmosphere was very weird.

Liu Xin Dong wanted item was within the hall of the temple. He said: kowtow to the buddha thrice to activate the switch. The item is inside there. Upon retrieving the item, leave the same way you entered, and it’ll be over.

But, Su Yun felt that this task was not that simple.

Wu Huang Flower was such an expensive gift, why would Liu Xin Dong simply give it to him?

Was it really just as he said? No matter how he thought, he felt that something was wrong.

It seemed like he knew how important the Wu Huang flower was, so he gave it to him as an excuse to lure him into it.

Su Yun advanced forward as he pondered.

After taking two steps, he stopped all of a sudden.

At the side of the temple, there was a pile of whitish powdery substance.

Glancing at the powder, he tensed up but he did not make any sound. Instead, he moved forward and towards the temple.

“Rascal, you’re really going in? Once you’re in it, you’re dead. This temple is super eerie! There is a terrifying death Qi inside and other than that, there is another Qi that I can’t identify. I think it’s better if you don’t enter!” The sword lady said as she emerged

“I don’t know what Liu Xin Dong’s motive is, but my goal is this Wu Huang Flower. Now that it is in my hands, I should leave but Liu Xin Dong and his gang are all standing outside. If I go to them empty handed, I might lose this flower and my life too!”

Su Yun muttered.

“Then, what do you plan to do? Get the thing he wanted? Are you sure that when you hand the thing to him, he’d still let you go with Wu Huang Flower?”

“Of course not, but so what? I have no choice. He had to find excuses to lure me into this! Our powers are super different but with the Wu Huang Flower, I have a chance now!”

Su Yun took a deep breath and walked forward.

Very soon, he stepped into the temple’s gate.

A gloomy and eerie Qi welcomed him. In a blink of an eye, he was surrounded by it.

There were shrill screams and cries coming from the temple. They were all very soft but once they entered his ears, it was as though the ghosts were screaming.

He wasn’t even close to where the buddha was, yet he could already see the green light flowing out from the hall. It was extremely odd.

Standing outside the hall, he looked inside and saw a gigantic headless buddha statue. On the statue, there were several cracks and it was covered in dust. Right in front of the buddha, there was a green mat. That must be the button that Liu Xin Dong was referring to.

“Why is it in such a weird place?”

“Why was this place not destroyed by the just and honoured sects? Don’t they like to do such things and announce it to the whole world?”

Su Yun started circling around the hall.

“Do you want to find another way out?”

After seeing Su Yun peeping around, the sword lady mocked: “Save that for now. He had already given you the Wu Huang Flower, he knew you can’t escape. Other than the entrance blocked by them, you have no other way out!”

After checking, he noticed this area seemed to be covered by a realm. If the realm was attacked, it might attract all the corpses buried under. By then, Liu Xin Dong would have realised and he would be in danger.

Su Yun pondered. Looking back to the entrance, he saw silhouettes moving.

“Rascal, if you die, you better hide the sword sheath first. I don’t want to leave this treasure to that dude.” The sword lady complained.

Su Yun could not be bothered. The innocent and cute girl that he remembers was gone, now he found her annoying.

He stepped into the hall and roamed around. Finally, he set his gaze on the headless buddha.

Walking over, he felt his surroundings getting colder. His subconscious seemed to be hypnotised by something and slowly, everything was falling out of his control. He seemed to be falling deeper.

Was this what Liu Xin Dong described earlier?

But, this did not seemed like grievance but demonic Qi.

Seemed like Liu Xin Dong was cheating me.

Su Yun realised and his face turned sly as he reached out for the sword sheath.

Ka dang.

A long sword flew out and he chopped fiercely towards the buddha.


The ferocious sword Qi sliced the buddha statue like a powerful hand.

Instantly, the buddha statue cracked into several pieces. Countless spirits flew out from within and collided aimlessly. Then, underneath the temple, shrill screams could be heard.


It was as though there were innumerable people suffering!

The entire temple shook. The ground cracked. Su Yun’s sword seemed to have struck the core of this temple.

The entire peacefulness of the temple was disrupted!

“Is this a demon?”

Seeing those sly spirits running from the buddha statue, Su Yun’s face changed.

“Demons? Could it be the praying mat?” The sword lady shivered. Lecturing, she shouted: “The demonic spirit are hidden within the buddha statue and the demonic Qi coming from the mat is definitely linked to the buddha statue. He wanted you to take an item, he had to lure you to activate the button of the buddha statue to allow the spirits possess your body and seal your consciousness! So sly! So vicious!”

Su Yun drew the Thousand Deep Sword out from the sheath and swung it against all of the demons pouncing onto him, activating Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, rushing towards the main hall at the back.

Luckily the demons were not very strong and were only at the fifth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple, but they would result in severe damage on human mental strength and consciousness.

Right now, several silhouettes pounced towards him and a part of it, rushed towards the demons that were colliding against one another aimlessly while the other part rushed towards the grounds where there were cracks and killed those corpses that were escaping. There was only one person heading towards Su Yun.

“Rascal, so you’re really dishonest aren’t you? Tsk, it’s okay though, wait till I capture you! I’m going to stuff you with demons, engulf your mentality, erase all of your consciousness and make you my zombie! Just for my use! Hahaha!”

This voice belonged to Liu Xin Dong.

Once Su Yun heard him, he broke into a cold sweat.

Zombies? The eight men that were following Liu Xin Dong?

No wonder they looked so dead without any signs of life. They were already being possessed by demons and turned into zombies. Liu Xin Dong probably knew he had great gifts and so, he lured Su Yun with Wu Huang Flower?

Su Yun escaped hastily and rushed forward, his heart turning cold.


The temple was blocked off by high, thick walls and there was also the realm boundary. It would be hard for him to escape.

This realm was probably created by Liu Xin Dong. this place was Liu Xin Dong’s shelter.

Su Yun stopped himself suddenly. Stressed, he set his resolve and turned all of a sudden, his sword moving to strike towards Liu Xin Dong.

Liu Xin dong did not mind. Moving both his hands, two rays of icy cold rays burst out. They were two sharp blades. The blades danced in his hand like two crescent moons.


The thousand deep sword bounced off as it spun in the air.

But in the next second, a salient black sword in a sword sheath flew over.

“Hey you, Spirit Intermediate Disciple, how dare you challenge me? You sure are ballsy! Not bad! My foresight is good for wanting you to be my zombie!”

Liu Xin Dong was not angry, instead he was elated. His eyes were blazing with passion as he looked at Su Yun.

He did not mind the black sword. Waving his hands, he moved to capture Su Yun.

But right after, Su Yun took a leap abruptly. Instead of escaping, he welcomed Liu Xin Dong and attacked him.

Ba da.

He caught hold of the black swords’ sheath that was hit by the Liu Xin Dong and pushed with his strength.

Ka dang!

A ray of carbon black radiance flowed out from the sword sheath. A word reeking with the stench of blood passed by Liu Xin Dong’s eyes.


Buzz buzz

It was mind boggling, and it caused people’s souls to tremble. Then, the whole sky was filled with sword shadows. A hundred swords emerged as though they were devouring Liu Xin Dong with their steel mouth!!

“Flying swords?? You’re Limitless Sword God??”

Liu Xin Dong got a shock of his life and retreated quickly.

After killing two Spirit Soul Disciple, Limitless had already become the most wanted man of Su Family and Divine Sword sect!! How would he dare to compete against him?

But he never expected this man was Limitless!

“Rascal! You actually have the death sword!! Amazing! Amazing! Do you know the history of this sword? How do you dare you use it??”

The sword lady was shocked, as she gasped continuously.

But Su Yun could not be bothered with her. Several swords attacked through. Limitless Sword God’s identity had been exposed. He could not care for so much, he had to keep himself alive.

Limitless Sword God’s identity shocked Liu Xin Dong. Su Yun made used of this opportunity and ran for the entrance.

The buddha statue was broken earlier and that resulted in a great deal of demons and corpses appearing. The entire temple was chaotic. Liu Xin Dong wanted to destroy the hundred swords, he realised that these hundred swords were strong, but their strength did not seem like Spirit Soul Qi. It was then that he realised.”

“The Qi is still Spirit Intermediate Disciple! Tsk, you’re a pseudo Limitless! Don’t leave!”

Liu Xin Dong forced his way through the demons and corpses and chased after Su Yun.

Su Yun activated the manual hastily and countless swords flew to his back and pierced towards Liu Xin Dong. But facing a Spirit Soul Disciple like Liu Xin Dong, he simply could not resist. Even if he had activated Heavenly Crystal and Sprite’s shadow, he probably could not do much.

It was rumoured that Liu Xin Dong was about to attain Spirit Star Disciple. He did not know for sure if that was true or not.


A gloomy and barbarous Qi unfolded.

Liu Xin Dong was about to catch up!

That was fast!

Su Yun was stunned. He dared not slow down a bit, raising his right hand and fingers, the black ring on his finger glistened.


A lightning flashed past the sky, following that, clouds started spinning and started forming thick, strong, barbarous, sharp Qi towards him.

It was as though they had locked down on a target as though something was being aimed.


Liu Xin Dong stopped his footsteps and looked towards the sky.

He saw the cloud getting stronger and spinning faster.


A ginormous dragon headed sword emerged from the clouds and cleaved towards him.

“Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon!”

Liu Xin Dong’s face sunk.


A thunderous sound emerged from behind.

The floor shook, and the sky trembled. The destructive power of this sword was unpredictable.

Su Yun who had forcefully activated the Sprite’s Shadow was now being sucked dry of his Profound Spirit Qi. He did not have an ounce of energy left. He ran with all his might but he staggered terribly. Finally, he could no longer take it and dropped to the ground.