Limitless Sword God Chapter 174

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I won’t kill you, I’ll beat you

“Hey, rascal, are you alright? Hey! Hey! If you’re going to die, at least throw the sword sheath away. Don’t let anyone get it!!”

The sword lady shouted anxiously when she saw Su Yun panting on the floor.

“I’ll give the sword sheath to Liu Xin Dong now, then I’ll tell him there’s a very powerful sword in it and the sword is a human sword.”

Su Yun muttered then used all his might to stand up.

Sword lady: “……………….”

Seeing Su Yun walking with difficulties, she came to his side and supported him. Frustrated, she said: “Why did you activate that treasure. That treasure is not something you’re capable of using yet. You used that treasure to stop that man temporarily, but now you’re all out of strength! You can’t run far.”

“If I didn’t delay, I’d be dead by now!”

Su Yun panted.

I need to make more Vanishing Spirit Pill and Ten Thousand Grief Pill to save my life. Now I have nothing left. If I meet someone like Liu Xin Dong, I cannot hold him down. All the treasures on me are considered rare, so if I am exposed, I would not be able to keep them either.

Su Yun kept his thousand deep sword and death sword. He wanted to use them to leave this place but right now, it was extremely difficult to put these two swords in the air, why did he even think about flying?


Then, a sonorous sound rang, only to see the gigantic Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon had already disappeared. That presence was strong and fierce but to use it to eliminate Liu Xin Dong it was obviously just a fantasy.

“He’s coming, rascal. Move it!”

The sword lady was getting anxious.

Su Yun forced a breath out and stood up to step forward.

But he had not run far, and his Qi was exhausted. His heart skipped a beat and slowed down. His pair of eyes turned black and he soon lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

He was completely exhausted.

“Rascal! Rascal!”

The sword lady shouted anxiously but Su Yun had fainted. He could not have heard her shouts.

The Sprite’s Shadow was too exquisite. With his cultivation level, it was hard to activate it. Forcibly activating it was obviously going to suck all of his energy away.

Just as this moment, light footsteps were heard.

The sword lady looked over apprehensively to see a red silhouette standing right in front of Su Yun.

“Who is she?” The sword lady asked in doubt.

This silhouette was nice to look at. She did not look old, probably just about 21 years old. She wore a red dress with white roses embellishing her hair. On her waist, there was a pure white belt and on it, were 20 sparkly crystals. It looked extravagant and elegant. Her luscious black hair had streaks of red in it. With glistening eyes, her fair face looked great. Her eyebrows were nicely arched and she had a natural blush. What was most eye catching was that on her head, there were two furry fox ears and a tail behind her. One would grab hold onto it helplessly to calm it down.

“Take him away!”

The girl in the sword dress said to the people behind her.

“Yes, protector!”

The two girls in black answered promptly.

Very quickly, the unconscious Su Yun was taken away.

The sword lady saw and dared not utter a word. She returned to the sword sheath hastily.

Hua la

Liu Xin Dong ran over, panting heavily as he had just destroyed Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon. When he saw the girl, he was taken aback.

“Master protector, you!”

Liu Xin Dong dodged and landed right in front of Hu Qian Mei. studying her, he smiled: “Why are you in a place like this? Did you see anyone running away?”

“I’m bored. Since I’ve got nothing to do, I wandered around. As to what you’re asking, I did see someone running in that direction!”

Hu Qian Mei said: “But I don’t know who that person was so I didn’t stop him!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Liu Xin Dong looked far ahead after hearing what she said: “The person had strong treasures on him and he could hide his own Qi and tracks. If he isn’t in my field of vision, it’d be hard to find him. But there’s nothing to be afraid of now, this place is near Ming Ying School. Looking at the direction, he is probably running to Ming Ying School. Since it’s in the territory of Ming Ying School, there won’t be someone I need there! Protector You, I’ll bid my farewell first, I’ll go and take a look!”

After that, Liu Xin Dong vanished into thin air.

Hu Qian Mei paused before she headed towards Ming Ying School.

The night blinded her, Ming Ying School looked extremely odd between the mountains.

A wolf howled and echoed through the mountains.

Several shadows appeared from the mountains and quickly, flashed themselves into Ming Ying School.

Inside the bright and spacious hut.

There was a pink curtain hanging around a bed. A young, pale man laid on top of it.

And on the side of the bed, there was a barefooted girl who looked petite and long, silvered hair.

The girl glowed slightly. She looked stunning. At the point, she reached out with her long, jaded hands to grab hold of the man’s sleeve and shook it vigorously.

“Rascal!! Rascal!! Wake up! Wake up!! Rascal! Rascal! Wake up!”

The girl shouted anxiously.

But in the next second, a huge hand caressed her soft, and petite face.


“Stop shaking. I’m so tired. I’m falling apart!”

A faint voice emerged as Su Yun’s eyes opened slowly.

The sword lady pushed Su Yun’s hands away angrily and bellowed: “Son of a bitch, you took my good intentions as garbage! I’m doing it for you yet you humiliated me several times. Wait till the contract is over and I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Okay, okay, you’re going to teach me a lesson!”

Su Yun smiled and stood up with difficulties.

He looked around.

This seemed like a room.

The room was elegant and decorated exquisitely. It was kept clean and on the right side, there was a dressing table made from jade. On his left was a cabinet which was used to keep clothes. Between the cracks of the cabinet, there was radiance bursting out. In the air, there was an intoxicating aroma. Su Yun could not help but take a deep breath and asked: “What’s this? What’s happening? Am I captured?”

“I don’t know but you have not been captured by Liu Xin Dong. seems like you’ve been captured by a lady!”

The sword lady said.

Su Yun turned to look at her and asked curiously: “A lady? Who?? Also, how did you come out?”

“You’re in such dire state, can I just sit around and wait for death? I just peeped outside. There isn’t anyone guarding this room. Hurry up, we better leave this place!”

“I don’t even know where this place is, how should I know where to run to?”

Su Yun took a deep breath and cruised along the bed side: “Besides, I don’t have much energy now, I might not be able to run far for now!”

“Don’t tell me you’re giving up?”

“This isn’t giving up. It’s just that danger isn’t any where near us!” Su Yun said nonchalantly: “The opponent has brought me to this room to recuperate and not imprison me. This is enough to see that this person will not abuse me, or even torture me. Needless to say, this person will not kill me! So, don’t be anxious about escaping! You have the sword sheath to hide into, while I don’t. If I’m not anxious, why are you anxious for?”

“You! You sure don’t know how to spell death!”

The sword lady was at the verge of exploding.

Then, there were faint, footsteps and it got closer.

Someone was coming!

Su Yun and the sword lady was shocked. The sword lady then took a leap and turned into a ray of light as she disappeared into the sword sheath.

Su Yun came down of the bed hurriedly and stared at the door.

Ka cha.

The door opened lightly.

A petite, cute voice came through.

Red dress, petite body, and a tail. She was Hu Qian Mei!

“It’s you?”

Su Yun opened his eyes and his heart skipped a beat.

It was her. That meant, this was Ming Ying School.

“What? Are you that surprised?”

Hu Qian Mei turned and stared coldly at him with her sultry eyes. On top of her cute, innocent face, there was a layer of icy coldness to it.

“Yeah, I am surprised.”

Huffing, Su Yun said: “Did you save me?”

“Just what did you think happened?”

Hu Qian Mei snorted: “Your power is so low yet you’re running around. This time, you’re being eyed by Liu Xin Dong! Lucky for you I could sense your position, or else, you’d have become his zombie! Then, I probably would have to die with you!!”

Could it be due to her unique physique, they had telepathy? But why can’t I sense Hu Qian Mei’s position?

Su Yun was confused.

“Thanks.” He huffed and said seriously.

“Thanks?” Hu Qian Mei stared at him and said: “I saved you to save myself. Once you’ve recovered, fuck off! Don’t give me any trouble! Before I find an antidote for you and I, you better try and keep yourself alive!”

“You still wanna kill me?”

Su Yun asked indifferently.

Hu Qian Mei face turned cold and clenched her teeth: “You humiliated my purity. I can’t wait to slice you up into thousands of pieces!!”

“Then you better get this clear, who offended me!” Su Yun said: “If you didn’t want to kill me, and snatch the heavenly crystal from me, would that have happened?”


Hu Qian Mei was infuriated. With a wave, she pulled out the demonic blood blade from the scabbard and chopped towards Su Yun.

This weird, demonic blade tip was permeated with the cold QI from the Splitting Broken Jade.

Yet, Su Yun face did not twitched, nor did he try to dodge.

He knew, Hu Qian Mei would not bear to kill him.

Indeed, it was so.

The edge of the blade stopped right in front of Su Yun.

Looking at Su Yun’s calm face, Hu Qian Mei was even more angry. She withdrew her blade into the sheath looking all sly and eerie.

But very soon, she smiled.

Her red lips parted slightly and at the corner of the lips, she grinned from eye to eye just like a crescent moon.

Looking at this classic fox’s smile, Su Yun’s heart skipped a beat.

“What are you smiling at?”

Su Yun frowned as he asked.

“Nothing? Hehe, you think I can’t kill you so I can’t do anything to you? Heh, I can’t kill you but that doesn’t mean I can’t beat you up right?”

Hu Qian Mei walked over. In her eyes, she felt prideful and a sense of satisfaction was on the rise.

“You can kill anyone with a Spirit Soul Disciple but you had to rely on Heavenly Crystal and other treasures. I just checked your treasures and realised you still can’t instigate the Heavenly Crystal. Seems like you’ve run out of methods. With such low cultivation level and frail body, I can do anything to you! Isn’t that so?”

She stuck her tongue out and licked her soft, petite mouth. She got a cheshire smile on her face.

Su Yun broke into a cold sweat. He was speechless as he retreated back continuously and fell back onto the bed as she looked at the vixen in fear.

“Did… did you check what’s inside the storage ring? Why didn’t you take the Heavenly Crystal?”

“Your powers are so weak. With the Heavenly Crystal as protection, you won’t die so easily! If you die, I won’t have a good ending either. But right now, let me teach you a lesson and appease the fire in me first! Hehe!”

After that, Hu Qian Mei was going to pounce on him as her petite fist crashed towards Su Yun’s face.

“Don’t you dare!”

Su Yun exclaimed as he scurried away from that petite fist.

“How dare you dodge it?” Hu Qian Mei was slightly frustrated. She crashed her arm onto Su Yun’s neck.

Su Yun fell flat on the bed.


Looking at the sorry state Su Yun was in, Hu Qian Mei laughed merrily as her full breasts shook.

When Su Yun saw this, he was infuriated, but looking her at tail that was dancing behind, he seemed to have an idea. Without a word, he reached out his big, sturdy hands to grab hold of the tail.

With the tail in his hands, he only felt a sense of softness.

But Hu Qian Mei was different. She shook her petite body a few times as she looked at Su Yun in bewilderment. Before she could react, she fell flat on the bed side, flushing red as she glared at Su Yun.

“Let go!”

Hu Qian Mei gritted her teeth as she shouted.