Limitless Sword God Chapter 175

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I am that Man of Justice

“Let go? Why should I??”

Seeing how helpless Hu Qian Mei had become, Su Yun was full of energy.

Previously, at the Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds, he also grabbed hold of this vixen’s tail. Instantly, she would lose all her energy and ability to defend. This seemed to be her weak point! Maybe it was something that not many people know of.

“You’re not letting it go?”

Hu Qian Mei panted heavily as she blushed. Her eyes looked as though she was lost in a distant memory. Even her words slurred as though she was about to cry.

But, Su Yun turned a deaf ear on her words.

“How dare you assault me?”

Su Yun groaned as he raised his palm and slapped Hu Qian Mei’s perky butt.


A crisp, and clear voice rang out.

A soft yet bouncy sensation filled his palm.


Hu Qian Mei parted her lips slightly to shout. Tears were streaming down as she grabbed onto the sides of the bed. She kept struggling.

“Bastard!! Rascal, what are you doing?”

The sword lady in the sword sheath could no longer take it.

But Su Yun could not care less right now. He tugged Hu Qian Mei’s tail onto the bed as though he wanted to increase his punishment to teach this little vixen a lesson.

But Hu Qian Mei was really frustrated.

“You still want to humiliate me?”

Hu Qian Mei shook.

She lost her cultivation at the Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds. With Su Yun holding on her tail, she lost all her energy, but right now, the situation was different. Even though she could not make use of much strength, the Profound Spirit Qi was full within her and her cultivation was still there. Why would she be afraid of Su Yun who only had the cultivation of Spirit Intermediate Disciple?

Right away, she transmitted all of the Profound Spirit Qi towards the tail. The tail then started shaking vigorously with a tremendous strength as if it wanted to cast Su Yun out.

However, Su Yun garnered his strength. It was as though he could see through Hu Qian Mei’s intention. Instantly, he bent over and pounced on top of her.


Hu Qian Mei was at her weakest now, it was totally impossible for her to defend herself as she melted to the ground.

Just like that, the man on top and the woman on the bottom.

Two pairs of eyes looked at one another.

Hu Qian Mei was completely taken aback as she looked at this man in a daze. She was flushing red. Her sultry eyes were just like two pieces of black obsidian, bright and full of charm, especially her petite body which was pressed on by Su Yun. She emitted a sweet, intoxicating aroma that melted men into her petite, blazing body.

“Cunning, shameless, bastard! What are you doing? You, don’t ruin my vision, quickly stop!”

The sword lady could not take it as she shouted.

Su Yun trembled as he never thought it would turn out like this.

When Hu Qian Mei came back to reality and saw how this man was treating her, how could she still have mercy for him? Previously, Su Yun was weak and she only planned to teach him a lesson. She did not put her force on him and so, she was taken advantage of. She never thought this man was this cunning.

Hu Qian Mei clenched her teeth and instigated the Profound Spirit Qi as she swept Su Yun off his feet.

But right at this moment

Hua lala

A gust of wind blew from the outside and then, gradually, there was a series of footsteps heard.

Someone was coming!

The two of them were shocked.

“Quick, hide away. You have the treasure to hide your Qi, you just need to hide your body! Quick!”

Hu Qian Mei pushed Su Yun away quickly and whispered to him.


Su Yun was stunned. He looked to the left then to the right: “Where do I hide?”


Hu Qian Mei pointed beneath the bed.

“Below the bed?” Su Yun turned green and he shooked his head fiercely: “I’ll never hide under a woman’s bed!”

“You.” Hu Qian Mei trembled as she raged. This man was so stubborn. Pondering, she could not care much. She took out a piece of amulet from her storage ring directly and pasted it on his chest.

Ba dong

The amulet rang and a ball of smoke emerged. Then, Su Yun turned transparent.

“High level invisibility amulet? You still have such a gem?”

Su Yun was surprised.

This was a good item. One that could not be bought with money.

“This invisible amulet can make you stay completely transparent for an hour. Together with your treasure that hides your Qi, this is perfect. Ordinary people would never sense your existence. Just stay here and don’t make a sound, understand?”

Hu Qian Mei suppressed the anger in her heart and glared at Su Yun. Then, she stood up, tidied her dress and took a deep breath in. With that Qi, the blush on her face faded rapidly.

“May I know if Protector Qian is there? Liu Xin Dong would like to meet you!”

Protector Zuo, Liu Xin Dong’s voice emerged.

The moment he landed, there was a gloomy and eerie stench. The two knew right away who was that or else Hu Qian Mei would never let Su Yun hide in such a hurry. If it was others, they could open the door right away.

“Oh, it’s Protector Liu!”

Seated in the house, Hu Qian Mei calmed herself down and appease her anger. She said blandly: “It’s dark now. May I know what Protector Liu is doing here?”

With that, Liu Xin Dong fell silent.

Suddenly, there was a series of hastened footsteps coming from the outside. Then, they just barged into the room. Liu Xin Dong stepped in with a smile on his face and outside the room, there were eight men.

Hu Qian Mei roared: “Liu Xin Dong! What are you doing? Don’t you know the rules? How dare you barge into my room! Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you?”

“Protector You, please don’t be angry!”

Liu xin dong smiled and said: “I just thought it was inconvenient to speak with a door in between us. Protector You isn’t inviting me, so I can only invite myself. If I offended you, please forgive me!”

“You….” Hu Qian Mei was full of anger and hatred but she could not do anything.

Liu Xin Dong did not bother about Hu Qian Mei’s emotions. He roamed about the room twice with hands behind his back. The smile on his face faded as he said: “Where’s Hu Ming and Hu Xiang?”

“Why are you asking about them?”

“Nothing. It’s just that, when I came here at night, someone told me Hu Ming and Hu Xiang carried a man into Ming Ying School. I want to know who that person is!”

He turned and set his gaze on the petite Hu Qian Mei. Those deep set eyes looked like a mouth, a big ocean with an abyss. Once eyed on, there was a pressure growing.

Hu Qian Mei did not look at him. Instead, she lowered her head as she darted her sultry eyes around and said calmly: “A man? What are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Elder Hu, why are you acting dumb with me? He’s the man I was chasing after tonight! He ran in the direction of Ming Ying School. I’ve searched the entire Ming Ying School yet I still can’t find him. Also, why did you appear there tonight? Why did Hu Xiang and Hu Ming carry a man back for no reason? Are all these a coincidence? Say it, who is that man. I hope you can be honest with me! Or else”

“Tsk, or else what?? You think you can still go to the sect leaders to report me?”

Hu Qian Mei slapped onto the table with her hands and snorted sarcastically: “Let me be frank with you. I did take down that man but so what? What did that man do to Ming Ying School? Nothing, he was just a prey in your eyes! Don’t tell me Ming Ying School will punish me for that??”

“Hahahah, of course not, of course not! You’re one of the pillars of Ming Ying school, clan elder Hu! For a nobody, I will not fall out with you!”

Liu Xin Dong laughed but in his eyes, it was blazing with passion.

He caressed his chin and studied Hu Qian Mei then he smiled slightly: “Since clan elder Hu is interested in that man then, I shall give that man to you. The reason I’m chasing him is not just because his gifts are good but also he has Wu Huang Flower in his hands. But since he’s in the hands of Protector You, then I shall gift it to you. Anyway, I originally had plans to give him to you already.”

Hu Qian Mei heard and was shocked. She turned and asked: “For me?”

“Yeah.” Liu Xin Dong laughed: “The Wu Huang Flower is actually for me to use as a betrothal gift. I wanted to ask for your hands but since it’s already in your hands, I shan’t ask for it!”

With that, Liu Xin Dong turned and walked out.

“I shall bid farewell now, Clan elder Hu. Maybe sometime later, I’ll be walking through this door. Maybe it won’t be like tonight again hahahahah”

He laughed out loud.

As he faded into the darkness.

Hu Qian Mei lowered her head as she clenched her fist tightly till all her fingernails turned pale.

In the darkness, Su Yun looked at Hu Qian Mei quietly. Looking at her in pain, he frowned

“Idiot! How could he be such a bastard! This little vixen too, her cultivation level is not any inferior to him, why does she fear him? Rascal, quick, go kill that bastard. He’s a pain in the ass!”

The sword lady shouted in anger in the sword sheath.

“Go to one side!”


The sword sheath fell silent.

Su Yun stood in the darkness for about half an hour while Hu Qian Mei just sat there. The two did not speak nor make a move.

“He should be gone.”

Right then, Hu Qian Mei said.

Although her voice was still as gentle and soothing but in that voice, it was filled with fatigue and exhaustion as though it was contagious.

Su Yun walked out from the darkness.

“This invisible technique with your treasure is enough for you to walk out of Ming Ying School easily. Don’t come in contact with the realm, or get reflected by light. Don’t fall for any traps. Alright, leave quickly.”

Hu Qian Mei stated.


“Don’t thank me!” Hu Qian Mei turned over and said: “Saving you only means saving me. Once I cut the connection between us, I’ll look for you for revenge.”

“I don’t like to owe anyone anything. Wait till I settle my stuff, I’ll remove the connection between us!”

“Keke, are you taking the initiative? That’s great. Wait till you’ve removed the connection! I’ll kill you!” Hu Qian Mei smirked.

“Kill? Maybe you won’t be that relaxed.”

Su Yun muttered. Then he turned and walked out of the door.

Hu Qian Mei sat in that room still as she stared quietly outside. Even though there was nobody, she could sense the opponent was walking further and further.


A soft sigh emerged.

With this high level invisible amulet, Su Yun left Ming Ying School easily.

Thanks to Hu Qian Mei’s help. Without her help, Su Yun would have died.

But, Hu Qian Mei fell out with Liu Xin Dong for Su Yun, had somehow affected him.

She shared gifts with him. What If Liu Xin Dong was against Hu Qian Mei and did something her? Or, hurt or killed her then he would be done for. If her cultivation level decreased greatly because of him, then how was he going to fight against Su Family and Profound Sky Sect?

“I have to kill Liu Xin Dong!”

Su Yun muttered to himself.

“Kill Liu Xin Dong? Rascal, just you alone?? Don’t seek death!! Although this place looks peaceful but there are so many experts! Just bear with it!’

The sword lady appeared again.

“Then why did you ask me to kill him earlier on?”

“I was just kidding.”

Su Yun lifted his head and continued walking.

“I can’t kill now but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it in future! It won’t be for long. I shall keep him alive for now. I will not allow anyone who is a threat to me to be alive in this word!”

His voice was deep and hoarse.

The sword lady heard. Somehow, she had goosebumps all over her body. Through the sword sheath, she looked at the gloomy, pale face. She felt odd.

She took a deep breath and ask: “The Limitless Sword Sheath will only be passed to a man of justice. Why is it in your hands? How did you get this sword sheath?”

“Naturally, it’s passed down to me.” Su Yun smiled devilishly: “I am that man of justice!”