Limitless Sword God Chapter 177

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The Contracted Sword That Secures Victory (Part II)

The capital of Sky Blue Nation changed its name to Phoenix City once they captured the Indigo Phoenix. Fifty years ago, the Su Family set their eyes on this place and set up several shops within the Phoenix City as a foothold. Now, Su Yun had become a wanted man, everyone in the Su family was tasked to capture him. If Su Yun came here without changing his appearance, he would be exposed and there would be endless of troubles for him.

He took off the mask and looked for the black hat. He put the sword sheath into his storage ring, but didn’t do so for the death sword just in case there were any accidents. Then he followed the crowd heading into Phoenix city.

As the Aqua Meteorite’s auction was about the begin, it was extremely crowded in Phoenix City. Other than the few sects that the king of Sky Blue Nation had invited, several other smaller sects came as well. Afterall, this auction sold other items other than the Aqua Meteorite.

Su Yun lowered his head and headed towards the palace. His eyes darted right and left. There were obviously more guards put in place within Phoenix City. Before, when he came into the city to purchase some ingredients, there were only a few soldiers walking around. But today, he had already passed by two rows of elite armoured soldiers. There were even royal spirit cultivators guarding the protector realm and arrays at different areas in the Phoenix City. once there was any accident, the entire protector realm and all of the arrays for the Phoenix city would be activated.

Although the Sky Blue Nation was not as rich as the Great Empress Nation, just purely relying on Aqua Meteorite, the king of Sky Blue Nation had earned quite a lot in the recent years. The defense around the city, realm and arrays had gotten a revamp. There was literally nothing to pick on their strength of defense.

Where should I leave from later?

Su Yun looked to the left then to the right to the guards and estimated the direction the realm would extend to.

There was already a plan in his mind, all he needed to do was to map out Phoenix City in his head. He was unfamiliar with the current defense, and time was running out.

“Hey hey hey!”

Right then, a hand suddenly slapped on Su Yun’s shoulders.

Su Yun trembled as he turned to look at the person.

He saw a sturdy, well-built man in jaded armour studying him with a disgusted look. He had a moustache and solid muscles. He was tanned.

“Young lad, where are your eyes when you’re walking? Don’t you know the road you’re walking on is reserved for master Cheng Bao!! It belongs to our master and he’s coming in a carriage right away. Before that, you’re going to be like them, fuck off to one side alright!! Wait till our master has passed through, then you’ll be allowed to walk! Understand?”

The sturdy man said fiercely as he pushed Su Yun continuously.

It was just that, his cultivation level was not on par with Su Yun’s. Even when he was pushing with all his might, he could not move Su Yun at all. This angered the sturdy man.

“Who’s your master?”

Su Yun looked up. Under the black hat, his pale face looked extremely eerie.

“Would someone little like you be fit to know who our master is? Fuck off!”

The sturdy man moaned. He knew Su Yun was a pain in the ass so he raised his hands to call a few men dressed in the same green armour as him over. Slowly, they walked over here arrogantly.

Su Yun stared at the sturdy man and pondered for a moment. Then, he turned and walked to the side.

“Hehe, that’s more like it. Or else, I’ll make you crawl there!”

The sturdy man then spat at Su Yun and laughed at him before he continued to clear the coast.

The people stood at the side and watched as the road was being cleared. The crowd stood together. It was practically impossible to advance forward. They could only wait for the barbarous master to pass through first in that carriage of his.

“Damn it! Where do these people come from? Why are they so arrogant?”

“Don’t you know? I’ll tell you! They’re from Jaded Heart Palace! Do you dare to offend them?”

“Who? Who are you talking about?”

“Jaded Heart Palace!”

“Jaded Heart Palace?”

Everyone was shocked.

“Why will Jaded Heart Palace be here? Aren’t they the sect of the Northern Continent? Why would they come here?”

“Who knows, probably for Aqua Meteorite! You can’t find such high ranked ingredients in the entire continent. The northern side don’t produce them and so, they can only get it from this place!”

“That’s right. I just wanted to beat them up but I thought I should tolerate them first. Who knew, these rascals are actually from Jaded Heart Palace!”

“Tsk, you’re from cobblestone stalk sect yeah? If such a small sect like cobblestone stalk sect gets into a conflict with Jaded Heart Palace, then that is truly seeking death! It’s so easy for them if they want to destroy you!”

“You have to remember how their badge around their waist looks like. It looks just like a leaf, that is unique to Jaded Heart Palace.”

“I will remember it.”

Everyone around was in a heated discussion. From their discussion, Su Yun understood their identities.

He never thought that these rascals were from the renowned ‘god-like’ Jaded Heart Palace.

Jaded Heart Palace was a strong and famous sect in the northern region. Even the powerful Divine Sword Sect was no match to them. As for Su Family, they were miles apart. Only the Long Ao Nation, Profound Sky Sect and Swallowing Heavens sect were on equal grounds to speak to them.

Su Yun did not know who the master the sturdy man was talking about but he was probably the heir of the disciples.

Although he was just a disciple, but there was a completely different meaning to it. The people from Jaded Heart Palace had huge fists that could make a grand entrance. They were arrogant and proud. Why should the strong ones be humble? The weaker ones should looked up to the strong. One would not understand unless they had attained that level.

Very quickly, a carriage being pulled by seven Qilin beasts came over.

The carriage was unusually extravagant. It was embellished with all sorts of arrays and jewels. On the sides of the carriage, there were several stage one Spirit Core Disciples from Jaded Heart Palace. Each of them clad in a jaded green armour. They looked prideful as they marched their way down just like a proud chicken.

Jaded Heart Palace indeed was strong and powerful. They had left their trails all around the world and they also had the highest number of experts in their sect so they would not acknowledge the existence of all the other puny sects. In their eyes, even the king of Sky Blue Nation should talk to them politely. The Jaded Heart Palace was not someone Sky Blue Nation could offend.

Su Yun looked at the carriage as it got further away. His eyes turned as though he was thinking about something.

As the carriage passed through, it quickly disappeared at the other end towards the palace. The people on both sides regained its order and they each walked their own paths.

The people from Jaded Heart Palace simply did not fear if they had offended other sects. They could resolve a conflict with a word ‘misunderstanding’. Afterall, it was a small matter. No one was willing to create sour relationship with a big sect like Jaded Heart Palace.

Su Yun held his head low as he thought. Seeing a medicinal shop at the side, he went in immediately.

“Boss, give me a few bottles of powder!’

“What kind of powder?”

“Phosphorus straw powder, flora fauna powder, fish maw powder and coral powder.”

“A total of nine thousand, eight hundred and seventy seven spirit coins!”

“Please lend me your pill room, this is ten thousand spirit spirit coins. There’s no need for change. Use it as your rental fee!”

“Hehe, customer, the pill room is at the back. Turn left and you’ll reach it!”

“Got it!”

Su Yun nodded and went behind the shop.

Half a day later.

Su Yun carried a bag of multi-coloured powdery substance out of the pill shop.

The sun set.

And the moon was hanging high.

There were lights all around Phoenix City as all sorts of crystal stones were being instigated. They glowed and glistened in the dark. Far away from the Phoenix City, the colours looked vibrant and colorful.

It was midnight! Another half an hour and it would be the time to collect the tears of the Indigo Phoenix, the time to produce Aqua Meteorite.

The auction would be carried out the next day. Today was the pre-show. The king of the Sky Blue Nation would invite all of the sect representatives to head outside of the palace where the altar was placed to view the Indigo Phoenix and witnessed the entire process of obtaining the Aqua Meteorite. At the same time, many commoners and anonymous spirit cultivators would come in to take a look, hoping to get a glimpse of this legendary spirit animal.

Su Yun, with a black hat squeezed through the crowd and went with the flow, he went to the palace where the altar was placed.

Nearing the altar, he saw rows of people standing in a line to form a human wall to block off the rushing crowd that was gushing in to watch Indigo Phoenix. There was a faded white defense around the altar like a copper steel wall, not a single mosquito could get in.


The sound of the horn resonated throughout the palace. Then, there was a din from a group of people. Everyone who got invited to watch the Indigo Phoenix started coming in.

The rows of men who formed a wall, dispersed automatically to open the defense. At the front of the altar, tables with tea and apples had been placed properly for the higher ups to enjoy.

It was almost time. Probably in just another half an hour, the Indigo Phoenix would be transported out of the palace by the soldiers in Sky Blue Nation and into the altar. The would wait till the king and queen arrived, then the worshipping of the tears would begin!

If the worship began, then there would not be a chance.

Su Yun turned and squeezed his way through the crowd towards the street.

The sects who got invited entered and this time, the sect that was entering was Jaded Heart Palace.

The master of Jaded Heart Palace was still barbarous. The disciples of the Jaded Heart Palace were still clearing the road and pushing people to the sides to form a road in the middle. The carriage pulled by seven Qilin beasts then entered, heading towards the altar.

Su Yun stood in the middle of the crowd and stared at the carriage as it got closer. Lowering his head, he thought. Then, he raised his head suddenly, pinched onto the bag of powder as he walked towards these men.

The carriage was reaching the sides of the altar but then, Su Yun had went over.

“Hey hey! What are you doing? Get off before you interrupt my master’s carriage. Be careful, or you’ll die a horrible death!”

The leader was enraged as he bellowed, wanting to cast Su Yun away so the carriage could continue moving forward.

This sturdy man was the one who pushed Su Yun earlier on. When he got closer, he noticed Su Yun was familiar but he did not give much thought and shouted directly.

But in the next second, the man in the black hat moved suddenly as he kicked his leg towards the sturdy man. Together, his Pure Divine Spirit Qi and the five elements made this kick formidable!

The sturdy man could not react in time. His abdomen sunk in as he flew out!


He fell at the side of the carriage. Spasming, he vomited blood before he passed out.


Everyone was enraged as chaos broke out.

How dare this man touch Jaded Heart Palace. Did he not want to live?

They could not tell Su Yun’s cultivation level. On the contrary, Su Yun used his eighth stage Spirit Intermediate cultivation level to knock out a first stage Spirit Core cultivation level disciple. That was enough for many to feel inferior to.

The people around the carriage were infuriated as they ran over one by one to surround Su Yun.

“What audacity you have, take him down!!”

One of the man yelled.

They were just about to make a move.


Right then, a prideful voice emerged from within the carriage with seven Qilin beasts.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over to see the curtain being lifted up. A master donned in jaded green robe, and a fan in his hand walked out with a green coloured hair.

He did not get out of the carriage. Instead, he stared at Su Yun from the carriage and smirked.

“Do you know who we are?” the master asked.

Su Yun nodded.

“So why you you still dare to rebel in front of me?”

“Can’t I?”

He refuted.

“Of course not!” The man in green robe flung his fan and fanned himself: “I don’t care with sect you’re from. Since you dare to block my carriage, then you better be prepared to accept the consequences! I’m in a good mood today. If you kneel down and kowtow to me right now, I won’t mind what you have done! How is that for you?”


Su Yun actually agreed to that.

With that, everyone was stunned.

Su Yun then suddenly walked up a few steps towards the seven Qilin beasts. With a move of his hand, he threw the red coloured powder bag towards the seven Qilin beasts.


The bag with the powder seemed to be sealed with small explosives array. When they got close to the seven Qilin beasts, it exploded as the red powdered scattered all over the bodies of the beasts.