Limitless Sword God Chapter 178

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The Contracted Sword that Secures Victory (part III)


The red powder scattered all over the seven Qilin beasts, turning them blood red.

Everyone who witnessed this was shocked but soon enough, the master reacted. Seeing his beloved Qilins stained with the powdery substance, he frowned tightly.

“What is this filthy thing of yours? Bitch, this master here gave you a chance yet you’re still rebelling against me. This is intolerable! Capture him!”


The people of Jaded Heart Palace shouted in unison as they gathered around Su Yun.

But right then, Su Yun threw out a long sword towards the people around him. A barbaric sword Qi rippled through.

He had tremendous strength for an eighth stage Spirit Intermediate Disciple. The Profound Spirit Qi he released was thick and full, and with the Monarch Occult force’s help, there was a tinge of True Divine energy mixed inside, so when it attacked, it attacked in full force!


A few lower leveled people from Jaded Heart Palace retreated quickly from the aftermath of that attack and almost fell to the ground.

Using this chance, Su Yun ran into the crowd and escaped out.

“Hehe, you’re escaping now?”

The master from Jaded Heart Palace chuckled. Shrugging his hands: “Chase after him!”

“Yes, master!”

“Also, inform the king of Sky Blue Nation to order the entire city to hunt down the man in black hat. No matter who he is, when they catch him this time, I want to skin him alive!”


The disciples of the Jaded Heart Palace quickly rushed forward.

But then.


An angered roar broke out.

The master of Jaded Heart Palace was frightened. Looking over, the seven Qilin beasts suddenly turned aggressive.

It roared continuously with red substance fuming out from its nostrils. Then, their bodies started twisting as though it was very painful.



The seven Qilin beasts completely erupted as they opened their sly mouths and spewed blazing flames to the houses at the side. Then, it started running around in a crazy manner in its attempt to get rid of the ropes tying them down.

This scared everybody else.

“Shit!! The seven Qilin beasts are losing control!”

Someone screamed.

Losing sanity! Why would they lose control out of a sudden?

The master of Jaded Heart Palace was taken aback. Looking back again, he saw the red powder that covered the seven Qilin beasts had turned into liquid and had started penetrating into their bodies.

The master from the Jaded Heart Palace realised and bellowed: “Bloody hell!! That man spiked the seven Qilin beasts and caused them to lose control!”

“Spiked them?”

“This medicine does not look like that medicine!”

“Which medicine? What medicine??”

One man from the Jaded Heart Palace seemed to be able to recognize this medicine and so, he shouted: “What medicine? Quick, what can I do to make my Qilin beasts stop? Quick!”

“There is no cure!”

The man muttered and backed off.

“This is aphrodisiac medicine that is mainly used for beasts!”

“Aphrodisiac” the master of the Jaded Heart Palace could not bring up the word. He almost fainted.

How dare the person spike his Qilin beasts with an aphrodisiac?


Then, the seven Qilin beast beasts finally escaped from the ropes and flipped the carriage over.

The master of Jaded Heart Palace slid down and almost fell. He took a leap quickly and floated in mid air to see the seven Qilin beasts running around in chaos. They stared at the altar in a daze and roared as they charged forward. The guards at the altar saw the Qilin beasts. All of them were shocked as they dodged them quickly!

But, they were Spirit Soul realm spirit beasts. When they went crazy, their powers would be astonishing.

The entire altar fell into chaos.

The phoenix city was in a mess as several armoured people rushed to the crowd. Many of the experts from the palace ran out in attempt to salvage this situation.

During the chaos, the man who spiked the Qilin beasts took this opportunity and snuck into the palace.


Su Yun had no intention of being merciful. Right away, he took the hat off and changed into the costume of Limitless Sword Lord. With the death sword thrown into the air, it pierced towards the metal cage that the Indigo Phoenix was in.

The worship of the tears was about to begin. The Indigo Phoenix was kept in a metal cage which had been transported to the altar. Stepping onto his flying sword, Su Yun saw where the metal cage was.

The metal cage was about 5 metres tall, and seven metres wide. It was being transported by a metal handcart. Underneath the handcart was a seal that was glowing. This array was continuously in used to reduce the weight of the metal cage so that the people pushing the handcart could do so effortlessly.

Hua la.

Right then, the wind blew, lifting the canvas covering the metal cage. A speck of blue radiance emerged from within!

Indigo Phoenix!

Su Yun eyes tensed. Without delaying it any longer, he maneuvered the death sword and rushed over!

Like a black meteor star crashing its way down.

The guards transporting the Indigo Phoenix sensed something was coming.

“There’s an enemy!”

“Who is it! How dare you barge into the palace!”

The guards yelled as they took out their weapons and rushed towards Su Yun.

But he was obviously not willing to exchange hands with them. When he got near to the cage, he pulled out the Death Sword and swiftly cast the hundred flying swords out. The sharp and terrifying sword Qi rose as the hundred swords spread open like wings.

The guards had never seen such a person before? All of them froze as they were completely shocked.

Seizing this chance, Su Yun maneuvered the Death Sword, pulled out the Thousand Deep Sword. Together with the hundred swords, he chopped towards the metal cage.

Dang danga dang!

The hundred swords collided with the cage, creating clatters just like how a blacksmith would continuously hit the metal again and again. The metal cage shook as fireworks flew. The ginormous sword Qi crashed into the cage like a gigantic hand.

“Who has such audacity! How dare he create havoc in the Phoenix Palace?? Surrender now or you shall perish!”

An ear-splitting bellow fell from the sky.

Like a clock ringing in the middle of the night, it resonated in all directions.

The higher ups from the palace was here.

Su Yun face tightened as he brought up the Thousand Deep Sword and maximised the Monarch Occult Force. All of his Profound Spirit Qi flowed into the sword like a gushing river as he chopped forward.


The cage collapsed as a huge amount of Profound Spirit Qi burst out.


At the same time, a blue radiance came crashing down from the sky. Looking carefully, it was a lively blue cheetah. The blue cheetah flew in the air with its target locked onto Su Yun. The cheetah attacked him. The attack was covered with a terrifying destructive Qi.

What an amazing mystical technique!

Su Yun’s face congealed. Thinking fast, he turned his back and ran away without hesitating.

The blue cheetah landed on the floor with a bang as the houses on its side collapsed into bits and pieces, sending all the soldiers transporting the Indigo Phoenix into air.

“Don’t even think about leaving!”

The higher up of the palace shouted.

But, Su Yun turned back once again suddenly. Moving his hands quick, he gestured quite a number of sword manuals gestures and all the hundred swords split themselves into two, one on the left the other on the right as they attacked towards the cage that had collapsed. As they got near the cage, the hundred swords gathered and pierced through the cage again.

The swords were like rain. In a breath’s time, the collapsed cage was being rained upon.


Ka dang

The cage cracked!!

The soldiers gasped.

An anonymous presence held its attention.

The spirit being imprisoned was set free!


Two huge and indigo coloured wings spread opened from the crushed cage. It was about 30 metres long. The proud phoenix who had retreated back in the cage for so long was finally resurrected!


The higher up from the palace was shocked. Looking at the crushed cage, his face turned ugly.

Once the phoenix was out of the cage, it did not act weirdly. Instead, it spread its wings opened and soar to the sky!

The gigantic body glowed with indigo radiance. It was a splendid view in the night sky.

But, no one could enjoy this view.

“Quick! Inform the king! The Indigo Phoenix has escaped! Get someone to stop it! Quick!”

The higher up from the palace exclaimed.

“What happened!!”

Then, there were a few specks of light coming from afar. Each of their Qi was thick and unusual. They were all Spirit Soul Disciples and were terrifying.

“Prime minister! General! Why did you just come? Someone crushed the cage of the Indigo Phoenix! And let the phoenix escaped!”

The higher up screamed.

“What? How could such a thing happen?!”

“Earlier on, right in front of the altar, a commotion broke out where the seven Qilin beasts were transporting the master from Jaded Heart Palace. They were like maniacs as they wrecked havoc everywhere. We had to suppress the seven Qilin beasts! How is it possible that in such a short period of time someone managed to sneak into this place and crushed the cage? Is this all coincidental?”

“Coincidence? Tsk, I’m afraid not? That person probably had something to do with Jaded Heart Palace!!
“Everybody, don’t say so much! Quick, follow me to pursue the Indigo Phoenix! Quick!”


Several experts chased after the Indigo Phoenix without delaying any further.


Hundred of swords entered the sheath as Su Yun advanced forward stepping on the Death Sword.

He loosened his fist as he looked at the radiant indigo feather in his hands and sighed a breath of relief.

This was the aqua feather of Indigo Phoenix. It grew on the phoenix’s back like the reverse scale of the dragon, upon a touch it would aggravate the beast.

Just earlier on, when Su Yun crushed the cage, he made death sword made a detour to slice off Indigo Phoenix’s aqua feather.

With the aqua feather, the Indigo Phoenix would be enraged and would never let Su Yun go. This chase would result in the death of one.

As such, he had succeeded in luring the Indigo Phoenix!


Then, from behind, Su Yun heard shrill howls and soon, he sensed all the spirit cultivators floating towards him.

Su Yun felt dizzy and uncomfortable. The Everlasting Stone was activated automatically to protect his mental state.

Without the Everlasting Stone, he would have fainted from this blow. After all, the Indigo Phoenix had the cultivation of Spirit Soul Realm.

Su Yun panted heavily as he focused advancing forward

Very soon, he left Phoenix City and towards the green mountain.

Then, at the peak of the bushy green mountain, the snow white figure already noticed Su Yun flying towards her.

“Qing Yu!!”

Su Yun used all his might to shout for her.

His voice echoed.

The person at the peak of the green mountain heard his calls. Would she dare to delay? Quickly, she placed the two stones in her hands into the array essence to link up the two arrays and then hastily, she stood at the edge of the cliff. Both of her hands hugged her chest as she changed with her eyes closed. Her eyelashes flutter ever so slightly. As she parted her pink lips, a series of gentle and soothing chants began.


Right then, the Indigo Phoenix opened its wings fiercely shooting out indigo feathers. The feathers were like razor sharp swords. When it came piercing through, it rippled and he only felt the hair on his back stood.

Su Yun’s heart skipped a beat. He was just about to lower himself to dodge the attacks.

But, Ling Qing Yu suddenly screamed.

“Su Yun! Quick, take the sword!”

Su Yun was shocked. Looking over, Ling Qing Yu already had one of her hands raised high up.

Her right eye had completely turned magenta with the sword seal on her chest glowing with radiance. What was shocking was her palm, there was actually a black sword seal.

Just a bit, the sword would emerged from the sword seal

Su Yun’s heart was thumping hard: “This is?”

“The period where the contract turns the cultivation into the sword, the Contracted Sword that obtains victory!”