Limitless Sword God Chapter 179

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The Contracted Sword that Secures Victory (Part IV)

Ling Qing Yu exclaimed and caught Su Yun’s attention. The magical and odd sword seal shook continuously on her soft, white hands it was as though there was something leading it. It was magical.

Su Yun’s heart skipped a beat. Looking at the feathers attacking him from behind, he set his heart to it. Bending down, he grabbed hold onto death sword and flung it.


Hundreds of swords rushed out from the sword sheath and gathered behind Su Yun, forming a gigantic shield.

The feather spikes struck.

Clatters rang densely like raindrops falling onto the roof of a house.

The Indigo Phoenix was ultimately a Spirit Soul realm existence, how powerful would that attack be? After only a few breaths, Su Yun could no longer hold on. He was turning pale and panting hard. The shield that was fending off the feather spikes started trembling as though it was about to collapse.

“Su Yun, come over quickly.”

It seemed like Ling Qing Yu might not be able to withstand this situation. She was looking slightly bad as her thin, fair hands shook uncontrollably. Pearls of sweat formed on her forehead and streaked down her face.

Seeing that, Su Yun dared not hesitate. He rushed over and towards Ling Qing Yu’s hands.

He could sense it.

He could sense a strong sword intent in the sword seal.

That crazy, astonishing, powerful sword intention.

At this moment, that boundless sword intent was waiting for someone to claim it.


Su Yun’s hand was completely submerged within Ling Qing Yu’s palm and into the black sword seal.

Although he could not see clearly, Su Yun could sense that he had grabbed hold of a sword.

That warm, nourishing sensation would never go wrong!

A beam of radiance flickered across Su Yun’s eyes. Looking at Ling Qing Yu whose body was trembling and gritting onto her teeth, she retreated back and retracted her hand.

In an instant, Su Yun retracted his hands too and a radiant, white sword was being pulled out.


In that moment, it was as though a sun had been birthed as the luminous radiance shot in all directions as thick as gushing waters. With the appearance of this sword, it engulfed everything with light. The god like radiance radiated out like the vastness of an ocean. The sword intent soared up into the sky. In this moment, it was as though all the swords on this earth dimmed a little.

Su Yun stared at this luminous white sword in his hands. It was about 5 to 6 metres long. It was just as long as a rope but on the edge of it was an extremely strong and fierce icy cold Qi.

He did not know what cultivation was Ling Qing Yu at but this sword’s Qi was terrifying.


The Indigo Phoenix released another ear piercing and thunderous cry, for the aqua feather, it did not retreat, and valiantly rushed forward.

Su Yun grabbed onto The Contracted Victory Sword. He gazed at the Indigo Phoenix and swung his arm, stopping with the tip of the sword pointed at it.


The soft, long sword produced a whistle that solely belonged to the gold element which resonated.

The Contracted Victory Sword was made from all of Ling Qing Yu’s cultivation. The destructive power that the sword contained was not something Su Yun could compare to. This was Ling Qing Yu’s sword. This was Ling Qing Yu’s power.

(Tn: Decided to change her sword name to sound more Apt)

Suddenly, a blue dome was drawn in the vastness of the sky by the white sword just as though a white dragon was prancing around.

Once it flew over, the soft sword restrained the Indigo Phoenix.

The Indigo Phoenix flapped its wings frantically as it struggled. Through the The Contracted Victory Sword, the thick Qi started to tug at Su Yun’s body.

Su Yun gritted his teeth as he pulled back with both of his hands in attempt to pull the The Contracted Victory Sword with all his might as it pulled the gigantic Indigo Phoenix.

“Do it! Quick!”

Su Yun shouted towards Ling Qing Yu.

The slightly pale Ling Qing Yu nodded seriously. Without any delay, she rushed towards the two big arrays that Su Yun had set up and activated it.


Once the bait array had been activated, the arrays glowed with a purple tint. These rays surged as it crossed and flowed rapidly. Within a few moments, a humongous glowing palm rushed into the sky and towards the Indigo Phoenix, dragging it back into the array.

The Indigo Phoenix struggled hard as it flapped its wings, blowing gusts of winds to resist the pulling from the humongous hand.

Su Yun was retreating due to the huge winds but seeing that Indigo Phoenix had given up on attack and was struggling to break free, it did not seem to plan on taking aqua feather, but wanted to escape instead.

“Stay on!”

Su Yun shouted as he continued to tie the Indigo Phoenix down. Together with the bait array pulling the Indigo Phoenix, the power was maximized. It was impossible for the huge Indigo Phoenix to resist. Falling from the sky, it collided towards the palm.

Ling Yu Qing backed off hurriedly.


The floor shook and dust flew. Whining, the Indigo Phoenix fell onto the ground hard.


Once the tear-provoking array was activated, a surge of energy creating hallucinations burst forth, surrounding the Indigo Phoenix.

The tear-provoking array did not release any sorts of chemicals that would irritate the tear ducts. Instead, it used hallucinations to induce a psychological effect for it to tear. Such arrays were definitely much more effective for high and almighty spiritual beasts like the Indigo Phoenix.

With the tear-provoking array, the Indigo Phoenix was much more calmer. Obviously, that meant the tear-provoking array was showing some effects as the dust around them fell back to the ground.

“All we have to do is wait. Slowly, the tear-provoking array will feed on the Indigo Phoenix’s thinking, and make it emotional. Then, it’ll be moved to tears. But the Indigo Phoenix is ultimately still a Spirit Soul realm beast. It won’t be easy to make it cry. This entire process will take at least half an hour or longer.”

“Half an hour?”

Ling Qing Yu was shocked: “All the experts from Sky Blue Nation are all coming over. Won’t we be surrounded by them if we have to hold it up for half an hour?”

“Don’t worry!”

Su Yun’s face was calm: “I’ll fend them off!”

This was the last ingredient to make Triple Yang Universe Pill. With it, Qing Er’s poison would be eliminated and he could take her away anytime. They could look for Sacred Sky Mountain, revive the Sword Elder and start a new beginning somewhere else. Or, they could seek shelter in Immortal Sword Sect Sword Sect and live their lives.

What ‘ruling the world, taking territories, to reach the peak or immortality.’

He did not care. He just wanted to live peacefully on his own, with his loved ones.

What else could be more important than that?

Maneuvering the sword, Su Yun flew over. Looking at his back view, Ling Qing Yu was confused. Did she not cultivate her entire life for her parents?

Flying over the green mountain, Su Yun stood in between the blue dome of heaven. From afar, he could see specks of black dots. Counting, there was a total of seven of them.

Were they from Sky Blue Nation? They are fast.

Su Yun stared at the Contracted Victory Sword. He could only rely on it for now.

The experts were flying over at an astonishing speed. Analyzing their Qi, each of them were at least Spirit Soul Disciple or higher.

Seven Spirit Soul Disciple experts?

Even if he activated the Heavenly Crystal, he probably could not hold them!

He just needed to delay them.

Su Yun clenched onto his teeth, wrapped his fingers around The Contracted Victory Sword and roared as he charged towards them.


The soft, and gentle sword turned hard all of a sudden and started lengthening to a surprising length of at least 10 feet as it cut through the sky like a giant guillotine breaking the heavens.

The seven experts quickly instigated all the defense treasures to defend against the blow


The Contracted Victory Sword struck all seven of them, resulting in a surge of energy as they flew out.

The strength bestowed onto this sword was not only Su Yun’s. It also had the support from monarch occult force and Ling Qing Yu’s power. How powerful could it be strong?

The seven experts flew over a thousand metres before they stabilized themselves. Looking at the glowing white sword, not one of them were not surprised.

“This man can maneuver swords, he must be Immortal Sword Sect.”

“No! He isn’t! He’s Limitless! He’s the Limitless Sword Master! This man can maneuver swords to kill and can maneuver countless swords. He must be the one that created chaos at Wu Shuang Jue peak! It’s him!” One of the men shouted.

“If the Limitless Sword Master is alive, then it’d be hard to settle this!”

“What are you afraid of? So what if he’s Limitless Sword Master? He merely killed a Spirit Soul Disciple that day. Today, we have seven Spirit Soul Disciple experts. Can he hold up to that?”

“The Indigo Phoenix was lured out by him, he probably wanted the aqua meteor! Don’t delay any longer, guys. We need to exterminate this man as soon as possible and capture the Indigo Phoenix!”


Everyone shouted in unison. Holding onto their breath, they charged over again

Su Yun moaned as he stepped onto thousand deep sword. Pulling out death sword and once again, instigated the hundred swords, he charged towards the seven men. At the same time, he started moving his other hand to brandish The Contracted Victory Sword. The sword enlarged rapidly like the boundless ocean.

One of the Spirit Soul Disciple experts could not dodge in time and was chopped into half by The Contracted Victory Sword. He fell to the ground and whether he was dead or alive, it was not known.

What terrifying destructive power it had!

Needless to say, even Su Yun was shocked.

Was this the power of The Contracted Victory Sword?


The general of Sky Blue Nation charged towards him with a long spear like a meteorite. Surging with Scarlet Star Spirit Qi, he was like the proud and prideful sun in the night sky as he rushed towards with a strong presence.

“I just want the aqua meteor. Anyone who stops me shall die!”

Now, Su Yun would not be merciful. Once he makes a move, it would be a killing technique. The power of The Contracted Victory Sword was already been instigated to its peak and once again, he brandished it towards them.

The general of sky blue nation noted this. His heart skipped a beat. Initially, he wanted to fight till one died but now, he had to retreat. The attacking diameter this sword was too huge. Without even getting near to him, anyone would be chopped by this sword. At wit’s ends, the general had to turn to defense.


At this time, countless mystical techniques emerged. Like light balls, these mystical techniques flew towards Su Yun. When they got near him, the light balls exploded and turned into ferocious beasts as they pounced on him!

Dong dong dong

Su Yun had no time to guard against this and suffered a blow. He retreated back quickly as he vomited blood out.

Indeed, it was impossible to fight against these seven Spirit Soul Disciple by relying merely on The Contracted Victory Sword!

But this did not mean he should give up!

Hang on for a little more, and he would be victorious!

Su Yun pressed on.

These spirit soul disciples obviously were not as simple as Su Yun thought. Other than the man who had been chopped, the 6 dispersed and gathered around Su Yun. Their actions and swift chantings started to produce an extensive mystical techniques.


Su Yun’s face changed as he retreated quickly. Once again, he brandished the sword to avoid the people attacking him.

But at this time, The Contracted Victory Sword power was fading.

What was happening?

Seeing that The Contracted Victory Sword fading, he was shocked. If there was a problem with The Contracted Victory Sword now, he would definitely not able to fend off these men. Without a breath, he would be killed by them.



Right at this moment, the Indigo Phoenix over at the green mountain let out a shrilling scream.

Then, the entire mountain shook as its screams echoed.

Shit! Someone was behind him?

Su Yun’s heart dropped as he turned around quickly.

When the spirit soul disciples experts saw, they chased after him.

“Don’t think of leaving, Limitless!”

They shouted continuously.