Limitless Sword God Chapter 181

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Back to The Valley

“Based on your strength?”

Second clan elder nodded. He was impressed: “Yan Shan, you’re gifted and have insights, which is also why clan elder Shen Hong is biased towards you. But Su Yun is different now. Although his cultivation is not high, he has the Everlasting Stone and Heavenly Crystal. If I didn’t guess wrongly, the Monarch Occult Force is also in his hands. If you fight with him alone, you can’t win!”

After finishing his sentence, a commotion broke out.

“What? The Monarch Occult Force is in his hands?”

“I still remember Limitless had stolen the Monarch Occult Force at Wu Shuang Jue Peak. If Su Yun is Limitless, then the Monarch Occult Force is in his hands!”

“Jesus, this man has the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force with him. With the Everlasting Stone to improve his cultivation level, how heavenly defying is he! The only thing is that he does not have the time now, but in the long run, he would become a formidable person! If we don’t exterminate him now, there would be endless troubles in the future!”

“This man is too scary! We have to exterminate him!”

Everyone looked worried as they discussed.

“But this man is currently in Blossom Heart Valley. The Blossom Heart Valley isn’t very easy to offend because even though they aren’t considered strong, they have good allies! Even the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect have received help from the Blossom Heart Valley. If we head over now, can we get it?”

Eleventh clan elder, Xiao Zheng Ming voice out.

“How can Blossom Heart Valley turn against us for such a vicious person?” The great disciple of Sheng Hong asked.


Before waiting for other clan elders to explain, Su Yang Nian interrupted.

He scanned through everybody lightly and moved his lips: “From what I know, Su Yun has a good relationship with the Pill King from Blossom Heart Valley. When Su Yun was poisoned, he was personally treated by Pill King. Everyone should know, Pill King has always been chasing after the philosophy of medicine. He was not interested in anything else. For him to treat personally, how important was that person to him? From what I see, if everybody headed over, none of you would succeed.”


Tang Tian looked up and stared at Su Yang Nian for a while before he said: “Then let’s follow Clan Elder Su’s orders. How would you go about handling a bastard like Su Yun?”


Su Yang Nian smirked and chuckled then he refuted: “Doesn’t Su Yun have the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force?”

With that, everyone was enlightened, as though a candle was lit up in the darkness.

Everyone came to see the light.

Tang Tian lowered his head to think about it before he shrugged and muttered: “It isn’t easy to deal with Blossom Heart Valley. We might lose the reputation of Immortal Sword Sect if we do this, but to avenge clan elder Shen Hong, I’ll do whatever it takes! Feng Jian, bring your men and spread the news that Su Yun is Limitless and is currently holding onto the Heavenly Crystal, Everlasting Stone, and Monarch Occult Force. Tell everyone too, that Su Yun is currently at Blossom Heart Valley! As such, countless sects would head forth to Blossom Heart Valley to capture the wanted man. Though Blossom Heart Valley might be able to fight off one or two, they might not be able to do so with three or four sects. We’ll wait till the moment they can no longer hold on and have to hand Su Yun over, then we’ll intercede!”

When Feng Jian heard this plan, his eyes lit up.

“I’ll comply with second clan elder’s orders.”

With that, he was about to arrange everything.

“Wait a minute!”

Promptly, Su Yang Nian shouted once again.

Feng Jian looked at him.

Su Yang Nian then said calmly: “All of the news must be spread to others but there’s one message that you need too. Limitless Qi is Demonic Qi and there is a possibility he’s part of the Demonic Continent. You just have to say this to everyone else, that the Blossom Heart Valley is currently safekeeping a demon. They have sinned badly. They must hand over the demon obediently or else they’re making enemies with the entire Sky Martial Continent!”

With that, Feng Jian understood it all.

Su Yang Nian was merely finding an excuse for all the sects to find trouble with Blossom Heart Valley. With this excuse, anyone and everyone could seek trouble with Blossom Heart Valley. After all, they were on the side of justice.

Feng Jian nodded and left immediately.

“Thanks second clan elder for seeking revenge for master!”

The disciples of Shen Hong bowed to him once again.

“Revenge must be sought but you can’t turn muddle headed for revenge!” Tang Tian said nonchalantly as he stared at Su Yang Nian with a complex look.

It was an extremely long journey back to Blossom Heart Valley, but Su Yun never stopped for one moment. He advanced forward with full force. With the speed of his sword, he finally arrived at Blossom Heart Valley after half a month.

At the mouth of Blossom Heart Valley was a long queue of people who travelled miles to seek treatment, waiting for the people of Blossom Heart Valley to cure them.

Gui Mo Jue patrolled at the mouth of the valley. That was his job daily. He needed to ensure that each and every disciple was focused and alert when they carry out a diagnosis so there was not one mistake made. Once there was a problem, the reputation of blossom heart valley would go down the drain and the patient might risked losing his or her life!

Ka da

Then, a sound echoed. Everyone looked over to see a man in black blademaster clothes, stained with soil and mud. The man behind the mask looked fatigue as he fell from the sky suddenly.

He panted heavily and walked towards the mouth of the valley with his black sword as his walking stick.

“Master Su Yun!”

Looking over, Gui Mo Jue got the shock of his life. Quickly, he ran over.

“Are you alright? Master Su Yun? Quick, get someone to help!”

Gui Mo Jue shouted.

“It’s fine!”

Su Yun took a deep breath and stared at the front and said: “I merely used up too much Profound Spirit Qi in an attempt to rush over. I just need to rest but I don’t have much time now. Quick, prepare a pill room for me! When I recover, I’ll come looking for you again!”

“Ok ok, not a problem at all! Let me first prepare you a room to rest!”

Gui Mo Jue answered and called for two disciples to lead Su Yun to a room to rest, then he ran to inform Pill King and the others.

In the middle of the quiet Blossom Heart Valley sat a few elegant cubicles. Qing Er sat at the side of lotus pool quietly and looked upon the koi fishes swimming in the pool. She looked lifeless and frail.

Two silhouettes appeared in the small alley, a man and a woman. They were donned in white, plain clothes which were clean and pure. The man was tall and handsome. He was slightly tanned whereas the girl was small and petite. She looked cheerful and bubbly. The two whispered something as they walked over. Looking at the person at the lotus pond, they were stunned as they fell silent.

Su Xin Yue was speechless as she walked over.

“Miss Qing Er, are you thinking about Big Bro Yun? Don’t worry, Big Bro Yun is coming back soon. If you’re so depressed, you might hurt your body instead. When Big Bro Yun comes back, he would be worried sick.”

It was just.

Su Xin Yue did not pull Qing Er back to reality. She sat and stared quietly into the lotus pond without saying a word as though she did not hear a single word from Su Xin Yue.

“Miss Qing Er!”

A mindless Su Xing Yang came over and shouted for her.

His voice was loud as though he was a thunder. With that, he scared off all the koi fishes in the pond. Qing Er was also brought back from her deep thoughts. She looked to the left and to the right with eyes big and asked: “What, what happened?”

“Bro! What are you doing?”

Su Xin Yue kicked Su Xing Yang’s leg and shouted before she smiled at Qing Er: “Miss Qing Er, don’t worry. Big Bro Yun will be back soon.”

“Oh, it’s the both of you.” Qing Er reacted but when she heard Su Xin Yue’s words, she did not say anything. She merely feigned a smile as her eyes sunk back.

Looking at Qing Er, the two did not know what to say.

Da da da

Then, a series of running steps rang from the small alley. The siblings looked forth to see Gui Mo Jue’s great disciple, Li Song running towards them.

Seeing them standing by the side of the lotus pond, he cupped his fist and said respectfully to the three of them. Smiling, he announced: “Miss Qing Er, Miss Xin Yue, Mister Xing Yang, Master had sent me to inform all of you that Master Su Yun is back!”


As though something was prickling in the ear, her ears stood as she turned and ran over in sick state. She asked anxiously: “Bro Li, what are you saying? Young Master is back in the valley?”

She was a completely different person. The Yu and Yang siblings were shocked.

“Yup, he’s currently resting now!” Li Xiong smiled.

Qing Er stepped forward and started running.

“Aye, Miss Qing Er!”

The siblings chased after her.

In the resting room.

A huge recuperating Qi array was in action. The patterns and items used for this array were all high grade ingredients. Emerging from the array were beams of rainbow mixed with an abundance of gentle Profound Spirit Qi which was not of any elements. They penetrated into Su Yun’s body as though they were little goblins. Once they were in his Qi channels, they nourished his spirit essence and Qi channels

Su Yun swallowed a few other pills to facilitate his recovery process. Very quickly, the Profound Spirit Qi within him formed and he was instantly much more energetic.

“Indeed, the Blossom Heart Valley earned its reputation. It merely took them half a day of work and his Profound Spirit Qi has recovered mostly. This array was amazing. If it was other sects, they would most definitely not be able to achieve this in a day!”

Su Yun opened his eyes and looked at the array beneath him. Taking a deep breath, he got up and walked out of the house.


The wooden door opened. The moment Su Yun stepped out, he saw a person seated next to the house.

This person looked pale. With brows arched nicely, she looked elegant and graceful. Donned in a dress of green, she leaned against the pole with her eyes shut as though she was taking a rest. But she looked exhausted and her eyes were red as though she had not been resting well for the past few days.

“Qing Er?”

Su Yun was shocked as he kneeled down to shake this girl awake.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar face right in front of her. She could not longer take it as she went straight into his arms.

“Young Master!!”

She hugged him tightly, as though she was afraid that Su Yun would vanish in the next second.

“Big Bro Yun, you were resting so Miss Qing Er dared not disturb you, so she waited outside! For the past days, she had been thinking about you all day and night. Big Bro, now that you’re back, everything is fine.”

Su Xin Yue and Xu Xing Yang said as they came over.

Hearing that, Su Yun smiled as he caressed her pale, icy face. His heart ached for her: “Such a dummy!”

Not long after he left the resting room, Gui Mo Jue and the Pill King came over too.

During this time when Su Yun was not at the valley, the Pill King did not forget to accumulate all the hard diagnoses he had encountered and insisted on Su Yun helping him to find a cure. Su Yun did not reject, instead he asked Gui Mo Jue for help to arrange a pill cultivating room as he went to the medicinal hall to study the medicine.

But after he had solved all the queries and doubts the Pill King had, Su Yun did not leave in a haste.

In the medicinal hall, Su Yun took out all the items he had retrieved and placed them on the table meticulously.

Yin Yang Soul Stone Powder, Obsidian Moonstone, Wu Huang Flower, and Aqua Meteorite.

Once everything was out, the Pill King was instantly attracted to them.

His sense for ingredients were astounding and even Su Yun was intimidated by it. In the entire region, there was probably no one that could be on par with the Pill King.

This old man was practically living for medicine.

The Pill King stopped what he was doing, came over and looked at all the ingredients on the table.

“I know this. It’s called Aqua Meteorite, a special production of the Sky Blue Nation!”

The Pill King picked up the indigo diamond and studied it.

“As for the others, young lad, tell me, what are they?”

“Senior Pill King, do you want to know?” Su Yun asked.

“Of course!!” Pill King was impatient as he tugged on Su Yun and asked: “Quickly, what are you cultivating now?”

“Detoxifying pill!”

Su Yun replied: “But, this process is extremely complicated, and I hope Senior Pill King can help me on this.”