Limitless Sword God Chapter 184

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Are You Looking Down On Us?

The Pill King personally arranged the sequence of the pill’s digestion for Qing Er. Once all of the array required to digest the pill was set up behind the mountain, Qing Er went into it. Surrounded by the clan elders, they sent their energy towards the array to strengthen it and made use of the domain to digest the pill.

Su Yun wanted to help badly but, his cultivation was not as strong as theirs, so he could not help much.

Then, just as the clan elders of the Blossom Heart Valley were preparing this big array, a shocking news was passed down.

“What? Are you for real?”

Behind the mountain, the Pill King was preparing the arrays when he heard Gui Mo Jue’s reports and instantly, he looked serious.

“Absolutely true, senior brother. The news have spread all over the place and disciples coming through from Broken Rush City heard the rumours from the spirit cultivators saying that Su Yun is Limitless. He is currently in Blossom Heart Valley and that Limitless currently possesses the Heavenly Crystal, Monarch Occult Force and other strong treasures! If he has them all, then he would have no enemies!! Also, there are people who said”

Once Gui Mo Jue said till this piece, his eyes darted around as though he was hesitating if he should say it.

“What else did others say? Don’t hide it from me!”

The Pill King said frustratingly.

“Yes, senior brother.” Gui Mo Jue took a deep breath and continued: “There are even people who said Master Su Yun is from the Demonic Continent. Initially, many had detected the demonic Qi on him when he was fighting the battle at Purple Star Academy. Even if he wasn’t from Demonic Continent, he would probably have some connections with it. I’m afraid that are countless people coming towards Blossom Heart Valley, trying to accuse us of keeping a demon by our side!”

“Covering up a demon?”

The Pill King moaned: “They’re obviously finding an excuse for me to hand Su Yun over!! So that they can obtain the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force!”

Su Yun, who was eavesdropping from the side remained speechless as though he was thinking of something.

“Young lad!” Then, the Pill King stared at him.

“Senior, what instructions do you have.”

“Are you really Limitless?”

“Yes!” Su Yun did not hide from him.

“Why did you kill Shen Hong and the great clan elder of Su Family?”

“They deserved it!”

“Is Monarch Occult Force, Heavenly Crystal and other items on you.”


“Are you together with the Demonic Continent?”



After an interrogation, the Pill King nodded. There were not much changes to his expression. Pondering, he shrugged his shoulders and stated: “I believe in Su Yun. Since he isn’t part of the demonic continent, then he is part of Sky Martial Continent. I don’t care who has he killed or what kind of treasures he has on hand. I have no right to ask about that, Mo Jue, go and arrange. If anyone wants to look for Su Yun at Blossom Heart Valley, tell them Su Yun is a guest of Blossom Heart Valley. Blossom Heart Valley will not send their guest away! Understand?”

“Yes.” Gui Mo Jue replied.

When Su Yun heard the Pill King’s words, not only was he moved, he was utterly grateful to the Pill King.

However, he was still able to discern the situation clearly.

“Senior, now that this had happened, I think we can put Qing Er’s pill digestion on hold. Please help out. If Master Gui is holding it up all alone, I’m afraid there might be accidents.”

“It’s alright. I believe the people can differentiate between white and black! The digestion of the pill cannot be delayed or else the effects of Triple Yang Universe Pill would decreased by half. This must carry on. Don’t worry about the others, my disciples will settle it.” The Pill King answered.

“Master Su Yun, don’t worry. Gui Mo Jue will settle it clearly!”

Seeing the two so confident, Su Yun did not persuade any further. He took a bow and replied: “If there’s anything you need from Su Yun, please be direct with me.”

Solemn and serene music sounded through the blue sky, as Two divine statues stood side by side.

In front of the statues, ten thousands of shadows filled the ground as they kowtowed to the statue.

The scene was glorious, dignified and holy. Even if it was the holy emperor, he too would be shocked by the scene.

Amongst the ten thousands of people, a gingered hair elderly walked through.

He was in a blood robe and on it’s back was a majestic eagle. He held his head low, afraid to look at the man in between the statues. Walking forward, he looked sincere.

“I pay my respects to the Lord.”

The elderly walked up, threw his walking stick aside and kneeled down.

“Have you found the person?”

“He’s in Blossom Heart Valley.”

“Then let’s raze the grounds of Blossom Heart Valley.” The man between the statues said nonchalantly.

If he lets other people hear his words, how would one feel? There was probably not another one in the southern region who dared to boast such words.

The elderly thought for a moment before he looked up and said humbly: “Sir, I’m afraid that won’t do. If we follow your way, it might disrupt your plan and also will be disadvantage to my sect.”

“What do you suggest then?”

“Let Immortal Sword Sect and the Su Family take action. They have already set up everything with the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force as the bait. I believe countless people would pounce onto Blossom Heart Valley.”

With that, the sky sheltering the heavenly statues fell silent.

The man who had his hands behind his back was speechless. It took quite a while before he said.

“Don’t let me down this time.”

“I won’t.”

The elderly replied quickly.

The man nodded and continued: “I’ve received some news, those men they sent here, seemed to be collecting something. Maybe you can send some to spy on them.”

The elderly smirked: “Do they even have time to come to Sky Martial Continent? Don’t tell me they can handle the situation there?”

“Maybe they can’t so they’re here seeking a solution.”

The elderly kept quiet.

“Also, other than bringing her in, bring that mutated person here too. I’m curious how a nobody could suddenly change into someone incredibly strong, the center of attraction. Maybe he has something we’re interested in.”

“Don’t worry, sir, I’ll settle everything for you.”


The man nodded: “Off you go. Get me news quick. There isn’t much time left.”

“Yes my lord.”

The elderly kowtowed once again before he got up. He retreated back bowing and left the place of Heavenly Statues.

The Pill King led the clan elders of Blossom Heart Valley behind the mountain to start the technique to aid Qing Er’s digestion of the pill. Not knowing how long this process would last, Su Yun and Gui Mo Jue observed from the side. But Su Yun was still worried about the news.

He, himself was Limitless. And he had the Monarch Occult Force and Heaven Crystal etcetera. Why did the news spread so suddenly? Why would these treasures be made known to the public? Shouldn’t it be hidden well? After all, the more people who knew about it, the stronger the competition. The chances of getting the treasures would be slimmer.

Probably someone had let this news out intentionally.

It was most probably the Su Family. After all, they would not dare lay their fingers on Blossom Heart Valley.

It was not a long term plan to stay in Blossom Heart Valley. Su Li Xiong had wide connections and was even connected to Profound Sky Sect. If the Su Family dare not offend Blossom Heart Valley, couldn’t the Profound Sky Sect do so?

After Qing Er’s poison is completely removed, we had better leave this place quickly so we don’t bring the people of Blossom Heart Valley too much trouble.

Su Yun lowered his head and thought.

“Master! Master! Bad news!”

Just then, a Blossom Heart Valley disciple ran over hastily.

Su Yun and Gui Mo Jue turned to look at him.

“What happened? Why do you look so anxious?” Gui Mo Jue frowned tightly.

“The people from Colored Rock Sect of Smokey Wind Valley, and Three Items Deity Palace are all gathered at the mouth of the valley, wanting to meet the sect leader.”

The disciple sounded nervous.

“To see the sect leader?” Gui Mo Jue raged the moment he heard him: “Why are the three sects looking for the sect leader all of a sudden? I’m afraid they’re coming for Master Su Yun’s treasures? Tell me, who have the three sects sent? Are they qualified to meet the sect leader?”

“Three Items Deity Palace have sent their sect leader, Xiang Li. the Smokey Wind Valley’s great clan elder Xiao Feng and the Colored Rock Sect’s sect leader, San Shi are all at the mouth of the valley. Other than the three of them, the elites and the clan elders from their sects are all present.”

The disciple trembled.

“All these sects are too greedy!” Gui Mo Jue moaned: “Previously, Blossom Heart Valley had helped to heal them but we don’t see them coming to send their regards. Now that there are treasures here, they are all here!”

“Master, what, what shall we do now?”

Disciple asked.

“What can we do?” Gui Mo Jue snorted: “Tell Li Shang not to let them in. I’ll be out in a while!”


The disciple ran out immediately.

“Master Gui, I’ll come with you.”

“It’s fine. Stay here with Miss Qing Er. this is just a trivial matter that I can handle.”

Gui Mo Jue left right away after he finished his piece.

Su Yun hesitated but he still did not make a move.

After leaving the mountain, Gui Mo Jue stomped his way back to the mouth of the valley.

Along the way, the disciples and the elites of Blossom Heart Valley were making their way back too. Of course, Poison Immortal Valley had yet to make a move. Without the Pill King or the lord of the valley’s orders, they would only charge at the most intense situation.

Then, at the mouth of the Blossom Heart Valley.

Dense silhouettes stood still.

Many commoners who saw such strong sects were all frightened. They were all gathered together and shivering.

It was a huge difference between people with cultivation and those without. There was no difference for a spirit cultivator to kill an ordinary being like just how they would pinch an ant to its death. Although these sects were just and honorable, such that they would not kill without reason, it was however, normal to develop fear for the strong and mighty.

All the sicklings were invited into Blossom Heart Valley whereas countless of elites blocked off the entrance of the valley.

At the opposite stood several strong Qi people. Two men and one woman, namely the sect leaders, Xiang Li from Three Items Deity Palace, Xiao Feng from the Smokey Wind Valley’s and Qi San Shi from Colored Rock Sect.

The three all looked in their 30s as they were dressed solemnly and had embellishments of their own sect.

Xiang Li, the assistant sect leader frowned as she stared at the entrance of the valley.

“Li Song, have you informed your clan elders? Let us into the valley soon, and let us meet with your clan elder!”

Xiang Li shouted.

“Reporting to Sect Leader Xiang Li, the lord of valley had closed his doors to rest and now is a bad time to see him! Li Song has already sent disciples in to inform Master Gui Mo Jue. I believe he is on his way here to meet with you sect leader, and all clan elders.”

“Gui Mo Jue?”

Xiang Li’s face sunk and she yelled: “The sect leader and clan elders of three great clans have come down personally. Not only is Blossom Heart Valley not letting us in but instead, you’re merely sending a puny character like Gui Mo Jue to welcome us? Are you too proud of yourselves? Are you just looking down on us?”