Limitless Sword God Chapter 186

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The Gathering of the Elites

The tales of Limitless Sword Lord had long since spread across the entire Southern Continent, with every single tyrant in all the sects hearing about it. The people that Limitless killed were all existence who were at least in the Spirit Soul Disciple realm. People who were in the same level as them, how could they not take note.

Thinking about Shen Hong and the Su Clan elder’s painful death, Xiao Feng, Qi Shan Shi and Xiang Li hesitated.

The person in front of them was not easy to be defeated, if he truly was strong, being pressured to a point, he might just go into a frenzy killing, and kill them all.

Everyone then realised, this person called Su Yun, was the Su Yun from the Su Family, and also the Limitless Sword Lord that struck fear into the hearts of the criminals on the wanted list.

“Hey, what do you two say? Seeing Su Yun’s attitude, it is as though he plans for me to continue waiting, and if I attack first, Blossom Heart Valley will definitely help him, at that time it will definitely become messy, who knows when he will strike us amidst that chaos?”

Xiao Feng said softly to Qi San Shi and Xiang Li.

“What are you scared of? We have so many experts on our side, why be afraid of one small Limitless? He is just using the power of the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force treasures for power, there’s nothing much to him.”

Qi San Shi remained unconvinced.

“Heh, Sect Leader Qi spoke some good words, but you have to know, we have so many experts, but can they compare to the experts of Wu Shuang Jue Peak? On that day, Limitless barged into the Meeting of Heroes, and in front of all the countless experts of the different sects of the Southern Continent, he personally killed Shen Hong and the Su Clan Elder!! If he, under that situation was able to handle two Spirit Soul Disciples, can’t he kill all of us here today?”

Xiao Feng rebutted.

Hearing that, Qi San Shi’s face changed again, and could not say anything more.

“Elder Xiao, please do not speak of words that frighten people. The situation is different, the people in it are also different. I heard that on that day, there were many experts vying and fighting for the Monarch Occult Force. The situation was completely messy, so no one was able to help out the Su Family and Immortal Sword Sect, this gave Limitless the chance to do what he did. And today, we have so many experts facing Limitless one person, are we still going to let him go rampant and arrogant? Everyone please do not overthink it, we will continue after obtaining the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force!”

Xiang Li grumbled at the side.

Hearing the names Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force, The fear in Xiao Feng and Qi San Shi’s eyes instantly disappeared

The rewards was too great, and their courage shot to the heavens.

And things were currently very different.

Even more, the three clan elders that were experts from the three different sects were here, based on the number of experts, they were not weaker than at those at the Meet, why would they be worried?

Seeing the fire in their eyes growing, Su Yun understood that the battle in front of him was inevitable.

Forget it, fighting is good, now the number one thing I need to do is to delay time, and give Pill King and the rest more time to treat Qing Er. When that is done, we would immediately leave Blossom Heart Valley, if not more and more people will come to find trouble, and Blossom Heart Valley will be in more of a turmoil.

“Su Yun!”

Xiang Li shouted out.

“Although you are Limitless Sword Lord, although you have consecutively killed a few Spirit Soul Disciple Realm people, but that proves nothing. Now that people say you are colluding with the Demons, to uncover and clarify the truth, and to protect the justice and peace of Sky Martial Continent, you have to follow us for a trip, this way, you can clear your own name right?”

“Go with you all? To where?”

“To comply with my investigation, to check if you really are colluding with the demons or not, if you are not, we will naturally set you free.”

“You think I am a three year old child?”

“We are doing this for your own good!”

“If there really is a need to check, then let me clarify and clear my name with Blossom Heart Valley, they are righteous people too, why can’t they clear my name?”

“It is not the same, they have a great relation with you, how can they clear you?” Xiang Li immediately said.

After a second, bellows and rage sounded out in their ears: “What is the meaning of that! Three Items Deity Palace! Don’t tell me you think that we are demons too? Good Good! Your Three Items Deity Palace is all so mighty! I will report that to my Valley Master, I will see if she will break off all relations with you!”

Gui Mo Jue shouted out in rage.

Hearing that, Xiang Li’s face changed, he looked at Su Yun, and immediately knew that he was following Su Yun’s flow.

“Gui Mo Jue, Xiang Li does not suspect the Valley! Please do not be mistaken!”

“You yourself said those vile words, did I hear wrong?”


Snatching the treasures was one thing, but the relation between sects could not be broken, Xiang Li himself could not promise that they might need Blossom Heart Valley’s help in the future.

“Gui Mo Jue, Su Yun, please do not diverge from the question! From now, I will only say one more time: Su Yun! Are you coming with us?” Qi San Shi growled.

“Not following!”

Su Yun did not bother speaking any further, picked up the two swords of his, and said indifferently.

His attitude was firm.

“You want to die!!”

QI San Shi shouted, and immediately jumped out to take action.

All of the Colored Rock Sect  also became restless, and started going forward.

A big fight was about to explode.



Just at that moment, an urgent voice shouted out.

Xiang Li and the rest looked up, only to see numerous figures quickly flying over, and landed in between the two sides.

These people had surprising strong Qi, all of them were Spirit Soul Disciple, in total there were 3 of them, one old woman, and two middle aged men.

The old woman was dressed in purple robes, in her hand was a walking stick, with wrinkled skin and messy hair. When she appeared, many people on site immediately recognized her.

Madame Purple Star!

“Mystical Mountain Range Purple Star Academy Principal, highly experienced scholar in the field of Spirit Cultivation, a strong person on the verge of stepping into the realm of the Spirit Star Disciple stage.”

Qi San Shi, Xiao Feng and Xiang Li could not help but tremble in fear.

Although this person was still in the realms of Spirit Soul Disciple, but the three of them were just at the fifth stage of cultivation, how could they dare contend against an expert at the tenth stage?

And the other two were not simple characters, on their waist hung similar stone plates, on the plate carved a big “Mu (木)” word, the profound power of the Soul Stone surging out from their bodies.

“Mu Family! The Soul Stone aristocratic people from Mystical Mountain Range is here!”

Someone else shouted out.

Hua la!!

At this time, a huge wave comprising of Purple Star Academy experts and Mu Family people, around a 1000 people were seen rushing forward. Upon reaching, they crowded along the sides of Madame Purple Star and the two Soul Spirit Disciple experts, and a young man riding on a purple horned beasts rushed forward.

It was Mu Feng.

“Why are they here?”

Su Yun was startled.

People from the Purple Star Academy and the Mu Family all rushed in, stopping in front, standing opposite of the Colored Stone Sect, Three Items Deity Palace and Smokey Wind Valley.

The situation immediately took a huge change.

With everyone looking, Madame Purple Star walked forward together with Mu Feng who got off the beast.

The two of them had hatred in their eyes and their expression sullen as they stared at Xiao Feng, Qi San Shi and Xiang Li.

“All of your apparent famous upright families, how are you different from the demons? You sanctimonious people, are obviously coveting the treasures on Limitless Sword Lord’s body, and are using this nonsensical excuse of demons to create trouble!! Hmph, Today I Madame Purple Star will leave some words! Whoever opposes Limitless Sword Lord, will be opposing my Purple Star Academy!”

Madame Purple Star stomped her walking stick fierce on the ground and bellowed out.

“I am Mu Feng, from the Mu Family of Mystical Mountain Range, I am here representing the Mu Family to announce that, whoever causes trouble for Master Limitless, is making an enemy out of my Mu Family! In that case, if he dies, my Mu Family will die together!”

Mu Feng shouted at the top of his lungs.

The two of them stood there unwavering, upon saying those words, the entire situation changed on the spot.

The three people did not say anything.

Gui Mo Jue was inwardly joyous, and anxiously rushed to greet the two of them.

“For the two of you to be able to come in time to support us, I, Gui Mo Jue, am beyond thankful!”

“Grandmaster Gui you are welcome! Sword Lord saved my life, and upon hearing worrying news about Sword Lord, we quickly flew over from Mystical Mountain range, in the hopes of helping Sword Lord, it was luck and chance for us to arrive in the nick of time, and not late!”

Mu Feng smiled.

“Thank you!”

This time, it was Su Yun who spoke out.

Madame Purple Star and Mu Feng both looked towards Su Yun and gave a bow, but did not make any sound.

With Purple Star Academy and Mu Family being present, along with Blossom Heart Valley’s words, Colored Stone Sect, Smokey Wind Valley and Three Items Deity Palace were hesitant.

Although the three sect were not massive, it was not difficult with the three of them pressuring Blossom Heart Valley, but it was totally different with the appearance of Purple Star Academy and the Mu Family. The two were the top two powerhouses of Mystical Mountain Range, and they could not afford to offend either one of them.

Xiao Feng, Qi San Shi and Xiang Li’s face were very ugly, looking at the people who were bent on protecting Su Yun, the three of them started exchanging glances.

“What do we do now? Sect leaders, now that Su Yun is so heavily protected, even if I try to force things through it would definitely not be possible!”

Xiao Feng asked.

“We should have rushed in earlier, why did you hesitate so much and even listen to Su Yun talk rubbish. Now look, we have no chance anymore!”

Xiang Li snorted.


QI San Shi did not know what to say, and heavily sighed, but did not express any opinion.

“So do we go back like this? If we leave just like this, won’t we be ridiculed by others from this day on?”

“Ridiculed? If you do not leave now, do you want to fight them? Purple star Academy is powerful, which of you dare to contend against that old woman Madame Purple Star?”


“Continuing like this would not produce any result, we should just withdraw, at least we can still save the relationship with Blossom Heart Valley, if we continue, I’m afraid that we will not even be able to obtain the treasures, we would also have ruptured our relationship with Blossom Heart Valley!”

The few of them discussed, all of them showing a serious look on their face.

“Limitless! You are found to be colluding with the demons! You are a disaster to Sky Martial! Everyone must punish him! Today is the day you die!!”

Just then, a long sentence rippled out, following that, a few figures flew over.

The three of them who were still wavering looked up, and immediately became stunned.

“Relentless heart pavilion’s second pavilion master Wang Xian Ming!!”

“Relentless heart pavilion is here!!”

Everyone was surprised.

“Limitless Lord, although you have people protecting you, but rumours say you are colluding with the Demonic Continent, so, I wish that you can give us an explanation!”

Wind sounds came out, and a group of people landed down, a vast number of several hundred people, all of them wearing fire red clothes, all of them emitting Scarlet Star Spirit Qi.

“People from Exuding Fire Sect!”

“Isn’t that the great clan elder Yang Gu? I heard his Scarlet Star Spirit Qi is extremely profound and can melt steel, his power is extremely terrifying!!”

“Never did we expect that even people from those two sects would come!”

The experts from the Three great sects all commented.

Xiao Feng, Xiang Li and Qi San Shi’s eyes lit up.

“Even those two sects had arrived? Maybe, we can join forces with them!!”

Xiao Feng quickly told the two beside him.

Hearing that, Qi San Shi panicked: “Then who will take the treasures?”

“First we take the treasures from Su Yun, the method of splitting, we will discuss it another day!”


Everyone nodded.

Over at Blossom Heart Valley’s side, it was entirely different.

Gui Mo Jue who had just relaxed and released his breath, was once again tensed.

He did not think that two more sects would come, who knew how many more sects would appear from time to come.

What do we do now??

Gui Mo Jue became worried.

Rumbling sounds.

Just then, an oppressive sound suddenly came out from the sky.

All of the people present raised their heads and looked up.