Limitless Sword God Chapter 189

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Difference Between Demons and Them?

Xiang Li had died horribly, even his bones were gone. The heavily damaged area only had a piece of roasted meat, and no one could tell that the roasted meat was actually from the famous Sect Leader Xiang Li from the Three Items Deity Palace!!

The disciples from the Three Items Deity Palace were stuck in a daze.

All of their gazes were upon that very spot, and many of them took a long time before regaining their senses. One after the other, their eyes were as huge as a cow, many of them had their mouths wide open. As though they were petrified, many of them lost their minds, ignoring the attacks from their enemies, thus taking heavy damage to their bodies or died.

A short duration of silence appeared on the intense battlefield, like pouring a bucket of cold water on a raging fire, although it did not extinguish, but the intensity of the fire had definitely lessened.

Only after a long time did the people regain their senses. However, at this point, those people who wanted to capture Su Yun, were trembling with fear, cold sweat dripping down their bodies.

A Spirit Soul Cultivator had died just like that.

It was a Spirit Soul Cultivator, and not a cultivator of the Spirit Intermediate or Spirit Core realm!!

“God! How is that possible?”

“Merely relying on the Heavenly Crystal, Su Yun… Su Yun killed Sect Leader Xiang Li? That… That is not possible!! Is the power of the heavenly Crystal so outrageous? Impossible!!”

People were murmuring.

The people from Three Items Deity Palace were trembling even in their shoes, grieving and fear occupying a huge place in their minds.

Their sect leader had died just like that, how would Su Yun treat the Three Items Deity Palace from henceforth?

“I said it already! Limitless is not so simple! You guys just won’t listen!! He can relaxingly kill Xiang Li, how can I contend against him? These methods of his! He must be at the Spirit Star Realm!! He must definitely be at the Spirit Star realm!!”

Qi San Shi’s roared in exhaustion. He knew that in his current state, he would definitely be destroyed by Su Yun in one move!!

That was the intimidation! The power of intimidation!

“What are you panicking for??”

Xiao Feng used his treasure to retreat, and endured the fear in his heart, clenching his teeth as he stared at Madame Purple star, he roared: “As of now, we cannot retreat anymore! Everyone listen, use all your power to kill Su Yun! For justice, we need to destroy the evil!!”


The elites of Smokey Wind Valley shouted in unison, and all rushed to kill Su Yun.

“If you want to touch Master Sword Lord! You have to ask me first!”

Madame Purple Star shouted, with one hand, her treasure was released, causing a purple star to fly into the air, and striking Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng anxiously used her treasure to block, although she was an expert of the Spirit Soul realm, but facing Madame Purple Star she was too weak. It was absolutely difficult for her to hold her own, as the explosion rippled out, the compass she used immediately broke apart, and the numerous purple stars crashed onto Xiao Feng’s body, causing her oversized body to tremble, falling to the ground, she spat out blood. She had suffered severe injuries.

The fight had just started and they were already injured or dying, merely relying on the remnants of the Relentless Heart Pavilion’s help, how could they take down Su Yun? Also, the Congregate of Treasures Sect and Exuding Fire Sect were all spectating by the side, as if they had no intention to join the fight.

“Elder Yang Gu! God Treasure King!! What are you all doing? Quickly come and help us, or you guys just want to watch this demon go rampant?”

Many people who could not take it all shouted loudly.

“If the two of you do not do anything, my Blossom Heart Valley will continue seeing you two as our friends, but if you two were to take action, then my Blossom Heart Valley will sever all relations, please do consider deeply, there are many doubtful points regarding Su Yun! And there is still a need for investigation! Please reconsider!!”

Guo Mo Jue shouted at this point in time.

Yang Yu was initially getting restless, but hearing what Gui Mo Jue said, he calmed himself down.

Seeing this, Su Yun knew what Yang Gu was planning. After Smokey Wind Valley, Three Items Deity Place and the rest fought among themselves, then he would come out and snatch the treasures. But now that the sects are not doing well, he was thinking if he should take action!

Yang Gu’s thoughts and foresight was much higher than the other sects, and since he was already on site, why would he worry about being slower?

The rage seeped out of Su Yun’s eyes, the desire to kill Qi San Shi, intimidate God Treasure King and Yang Gu, to let them know the difficulties of getting to him and knowing to retreat.

But just at this time, a huge profound mystical technique came from afar, they were like arrows bombarding fiercely towards the battlefield, to baptise the entire place.

The color on Su Yun’s face changed immediately, he urged the remaining flying swords to form a row formation in the sky, to block the incoming mystical techniques.

But, the sword formation’s coverage was not big and was unable to shield off all the attacks, and still countless of the mystical techniques fell to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The colorful mystical techniques bombarded the area, as the destructive force tore the area apart, ripping the people in the vicinity.

“What’s going on?”

“Not good!! Quickly, defend!!”

All the shoutings and yellings came out, everyone had stopped the fighting, all of them had instead urged their mystical techniques and treasures to defend.

Even the Congregate of Treasures Sect and Exuding Fire Sect were not spared. Everyone was under attack, and Blossom Heart Valley instantly became a purgatory, with many of the people suffering from severe injuries, the floors were full of potholes, the terrifying scene, left everything in complete disorder.

Seeing his people dying and getting injured, Relentless Heart Pavilion’s second pavilion master Wang Xian Ming felt pained, and immediately shouted: “Who is backstabbing us! Quickly come out!”

“Master Wang please do not be angry! This is just to show our strength to Blossom Heart Valley and Su Yun! Su Yang Nian is here!!”

A large number of purple horned beasts and iron horned bulls rode towards them frantically.

The ground was trembling non stop due to the stampede, and waves after waves of Qi blew towards them.

Everyone looked up, and saw the Su Family who were rushing over all draped in overflowing light red bizarre Qi, this Qi was extremely weird, for some reason, it caused all the Su Family members to become extremely violent, their strengths all the more powerful.

“What sorcery is that? Is that the result of some array formation?”

Seeing this, Su Yun pondered in his mind.

Maybe those Su Family had been hiding near the Blossom Heart Valley and waited for the battle to hit the climax, then with the support of some array formation, they rushed over.

Sou sou sou.

At the same time, there were countless of sounds arising from the sky, as a large number of figures pierced through the air flying on their swords dressed in blademaster clothe.

They were all flying close together, forming some kind of Blue Dragon soaring in the sky.

“Immortal Sword Sect Fourth Clan Elder Feng Jian is here to kill Su Yun!!!!”

From the air, Feng Jian’s voice sounded out. A figure suddenly rushed out from the blue dragon which was made up of the Immortal Sword Sect disciples, and the figure flew in to assault.

Su Yun’s face congealed, and he used the death sword to chop towards Feng Jian.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh, All the flying swords which were hovering in the air rushed forward.

“Focused Sword Heart!”

Fourth clan elder Feng Jian roared in a low voice, a huge number of sword images circling around his body exploded out towards Su Yun.

Although Su Yun’s swords were real, but it was lesser in numbers. After over 40 swords of his were badly damaged by Xiang Li, they were required to recover in the sword sheathe for a period of time before being able to be summoned again. He was thus unsure if the 50 plus swords could defend against Feng Jian’s hundred sword images.

However, Su Yun’s methods did not stop there.

Su Yun soared into the air, dodging the attacks from the opponent, he turned and went closer to Feng Jian, moving his finger at the same time his gaze tensed, a grey light shot out.

Heaven Splitting Sword Technique!

The Huge Rock spirit nucleus!

A mystical technique and a magic treasure were both activated at the same time.

Heaven Splitting Sword Technique expanded out, immediately conjuring out 60 sword images that rushed forward. At the same time, the Huge Rock spirit nucleus was stirred, adding the support of heavenly Crystal, the might of the treasure was increased multiple folds. The surface layer of Feng Jian’s skin bore a layer of stone, his movements became more sluggish, speed decreasing by a huge margin.

It was clear that Su Yun wanted to kill Feng Jian as soon as possible!


Feng Jian was the fourth clan elder of the Immortal Sword Sect, a figure who could be said to have reached perfection in Wind style Sword Techniques.

Just as Su Yun was about to slash forward, he suddenly saw Feng Jian’s figure becoming hazy, and then he instantly disappeared.

So fast!

Su Yun was surprised, but he regained his composure. He could feel the killing intent and the Sword Qi behind him.

So he actually went straight behind me?

How was he doing that?

Su Yun clenched his teeth, turning his body he used the momentum to swing his sword over.

But! Just as the sword tip spun over, the figure behind him disappeared again.

Qiang! (sound of swords clashing)

A cold sword sound rang out from above, followed by Feng Jian dropping down like a meteor from the sky, straight towards Su Yun’s top of the head.

It was expected for Feng Jian, to be as fast as the wind.

In the martial arts world, solely being fast was not enough. But in Spirit cultivation, being fast held an absolute advantage; a fast sword could kill without being seen.

Just that.

Feng Jian’s speed, was not at his peak yet.

He could be even faster!

Su Yun stood there quietly and did not dodge Feng Jian who was like a beam of ray from above.


Feng Jian who was in the midst of falling was startled, but he had already released his skill and was not able to retract it back, so he pushed on with a sinister face, gripping his sword tighter.

The long cold sword was like the autumn water, bone piercing cold and could cause people’s soul to shiver extensively.

Just at this moment, Su Yun extended his hand out, and waved.

Hua la.

A large amounts of white Qi threads spurt out from his body, rotating around him, forming layer and layers of intertwining coils. While in Feng Jian’s hands, in the instant that his sword entered the coils, Death Sword and Thousand Deep Sword were like a spring trap that immediately flew out in a very fast speed, following the Qi trajectories and frantically exploding in circles!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The speed of the swords was so fast that it was impossible to view with the naked eyes. In that moment, Su Yun’s body had become an isolated zone, Feng Jian’s sword was instantly blown away, being affected by it, he was knocked out of his fall!

Stormy Wind Sword Technique!!


Feng Jian’s eyes widened, his back overflowing with sweat, seeing his anxious look, he tiptoed and stepped into the sky, as though he was walking up an invisible flight of stairs. A surging dark blue ripple appeared behind him as he jumped, escaping from the area of effect of the Stormy Wind Sword Technique, landing further away, he watched the technique in astonishment.

Immortal Sword Sect’s Fourth Clan Elder Feng Jian was actually forced to retreat!

What kind of bizarre sword technique was that?

“Su Yun, you must have had some good fortune, but do not go overboard! What kind of power do you have, that the Su Family actually do not know about?”

A voice landed, as a few experts rushed over, surrounding Su Yun.


At the same time, A few bright shining translucent lions rushed out of Blossom Heart Valley. With one leap, they welcomed the experts from the Su Family.

They were stuck in a stalemate.

Seeing this, Su Yang Nian appeared to be unwilling to endure any further. He looked around at his surroundings, then soured up, and used his loud voice to shout: “Everyone do not be afraid! Do not panic. Today, Blossom Heart Valley, Purple Star Academy and the Mu Family had been bewitched by Su Yun, and cannot distinguish between right from wrong. For that I cannot be lenient! Now, everyone please follow me up and kill Su Yun! For Justice and for peace, and save the experts from Blossom Heart Valley!!”

His voice spreaded out far and wide.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s hatred for Su Yang Nian grew more and more.

With such a few words, he had condemned Su Yun as a demon! Even the chance of explaining was not given!

With his command, all of the Su Family and Immortal Sword Sect did not hold back, and all rushed towards Su Yun.

At the same time, Relentless heart pavilion, Smokey Wind Valley, Three Items Deity Palace, Colored Rock Sect all made their moves, all directly towards Su Yun.

To protect Su Yun, and to return his favor, Purple Star Academy and the Mu Family did not cower, and welcomed the fight. But no matter how strong they were, they were heavily outmatched!

This time, the outskirts of Blossom Heart Valley had been reduced to the battlefield of all the various sects frantically killing. It was a complete bloodbath in a short time, the confusion of war begun.

In the influence of the benefits, all these sects who claimed to be friends were completely ripping each other apart.

Su Yun withdrew from the front and at the same time watched the entire scene unfold.

Suddenly, everyone woke up.

“Tell me, what’s the difference between demons and them?”