Limitless Sword God Chapter 190

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The Vicious Sword

“18 Swords of Wind and Cloud!”

Feng Jian bellowed, his quick and confident figure spun, the sword dancing up and down, the sword images around him became like a tornado as he spun towards Su Yun.

The dense Sword Qi gurgled, it was so fast it didn’t even leave a shadow.

Su Yun continued to retreat, holding both Thousand Deep Sword and Death Sword, he moved high up in the air, the surrounding flying swords spinning around him immediately shot forward, instead of defending, they began to attack.

The sounds of bells permeated the air endlessly, as many sparks released from Feng Jian’s Swift Wind Spirit Qi.

If Xiang Li was known for his brute force, then Feng Jian was hailed as the prodigy of speed techniques. Every stroke of his sword was swift, like a whirlwind. Every move of his, was exquisite and outstanding. That was a true power user, with cultivation that was profound. While fighting enemies, Feng Jian could rely entirely on his exquisite body movement and speed and wait for Su Yun to be exhausted. Waiting for the Heavenly Crystal’s might to scatter before making his move for the kill. This way, Su Yun was unable to fight back.

But the current situation was different, Feng Jian could not drag the fight, he had to use his fastest speed to take care of Su Yun. To prevent people from harboring thoughts, there were countless people around who wanted to take Su Yun’s life.

From the start, many people were suspicious. Why would Blossom Heart Valley only send Gui Mo Jue, just this one person? Where were all the other elders?

Who cares!!

Feng Jian’s eyes congealed, his body suddenly erupted with a huge amount of blue light. A lustrous and glossy figure almost instantly appeared beside Su Yun, chopping towards his neck.

He had an doppelganger come kill me?

Su Yun’s heart tensed up, and immediately used his sword to block the attack.


The doppelganger was strong, although not as strong as the real body, it was still terrifying enough.

Su Yun raised his arm strength, clashing with the doppelganger’s sword. After that, he used The Thousand Deep Sword to activate ‘three swords’ which struck down.




Every power of the sword was a multiple of the previous, and with the three swords, he forced Feng Jian back.

“Su Yun! Taste my blade!!”

Just then, a shout sounded out from the side, Wang Xian Ming was rushing over, his Qi surging up.

Su Yun’s face changed slightly, he suddenly retreated, dodging the tip of the sword.

Although he was using the Heavenly Crystal, before killing Xiang Li, he actually used the Sprite’s shadow, and therefore exhausted majority of his strength. Facing Feng Jian, you could say that he was barely holding up on his own, if he had to fight with Wang Xian Ming, it would be too difficult for him.

The experts from Purple Star Academy and Mu Family were surrounded by a large number of people from the other sects, and could barely handle it by themselves. Disciples of the Blossom Heart Valley were also fighting, and Gui Mo Jue was not a good fighter, so he could only watch from the back.

Su Yun retreated, no one could come and support him. Blossom Heart valley was ultimately outnumbered, all of them were suffering from injuries and wearing their bodies out. If it continued, it was obvious they could not hold on.

“Brat, what are you still doing? Hurry and escape!”

An intense ripple of Qi scared him, as Ling Qing Yu’s voice suddenly came out from the sword sheathe.

“If I wanted to escape I would have done so long ago, but Qing Er is still inside the valley, if I leave, she would be in danger!”

“But you cannot handle so many experts! If this continues, you will get killed!” Ling Qing Yu’s anxiously said.

“If I can hold on then I can hold on, so many people are fighting for me, why should I give up on them and ignore everything?”

Su Yun clenched his teeth and waved his sword, blocking the attack from Wang Xiang Ming.

“You really are a fool!” Ling Qing Yu scolded, and stopped talking.

Wang Xiang Ming unleashed his Profound Spirit Qi. His Profound Spirit Qi was the extremely rare Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi, which could be used to disrupt the opponent’s Profound Spirit Qi, making it hard for them to release their mystical techniques. It could even reduce the power of mystical techniques that had already been unleashed, causing enemy’s power to drop drastically.

With the help of Wang Xiang Ming, Feng Jian became more relaxed. He summoned back his doppelganger, then flying directly to the flying swords, he rushed in and attempted to kill Su Yun!

Although he had the support of the Heavenly Crystal and his own cultivation was exceptionally deep, comparing the fighting style and techniques, Su Yun was undoubtedly unable to fight with Feng Jian. Feng Jian’s sword techniques were strange and weird, moreover his sword was sharp and nimble. Even with wielding two swords, Su Yun was unable to match his rhythm. After a few moves, Su Yun had suffered three cuts, and was at a huge disadvantage.

Fresh blood oozed out and caused his robes to by dyed in red.

He was not afraid, staring coldly at Feng Jian and Wang Xiang Ming, tightening his grip on his swords.

“Su Yun, your awareness and determination is respected, with the help of the Heavenly Crystal, your cultivation had gained a boost. But there are some things that treasures cannot give you, and that is techniques! You are just a person stepping on a giant’s shoulders, you and I are different, I am the real giant!”

Feng Jian bellowed, his body moved again, making yet another move.


Su Yun was startled, but very quickly, he sneered.

Not resigned to it! Refusal to accept it! Not willing to! Not Satisfied!

Was he mocking me?

“I know that I do not have sufficient techniques, but you cannot deny my hard work! And you cannot ignore my sword techniques!”

He continued to step lightly and retreating backwards, his expression was the same, but his eyes spoke a different story.

He did not practise many different sword techniques!

But he did learn it! And was personally taught by someone!

And that was the sword elder!

Feng Jian snorted in disdain, he stepped forward and blinked forward to attack. He was so fast that he did not leave any afterimage, so fast that his position was hard to catch. He was truly like the wind, invisible, uncatchable!

“You think you have the qualifications to speak about sword techniques in front of me? Watch my Consummate skill!”

Feng Jian bellowed, his sword suddenly came up.

In a moment, ten million swords pierced towards Su Yun, covering the sky and earth, the number of swords filling up everybody’s vision. Other than the swords, no one could see anything.

Su Yun clenched his teeth when he saw the sword images. His steadfast expression, not moving or dodging, as though he had made some sort of decision!

He suddenly raised his death sword, and fiercely went to the wall of sword images. He had already released the Thousand Deep Sword on his other hand, and leading the flying swords with his finger, releasing the defence, they all rushed straight to Feng Jian.

In that moment, Su Yun had given up on all of his defence, completely disregarding his life, he would actually fight with Feng Jian to the death!!

Feng Jian was stunned, who would actually trade their lives? Immediately withdrawing his skill, he attacked the incoming swords.

He thought that killing Su Yun was not difficult, why would he die together with him?

But Su Yun had already figured that Feng Jian would not trade his life to win, so he flew directly to Feng Jian, the Death Sword rippled with energy, matching with Thousand Deep Sword and the other swords, he began his pincer attack on Feng Jian.

Seeing this, Wang Xiang Ming gathered up his Qi, a huge amount of Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi came out, and he used his mouth to blow.


The ice cold aura flew out, hitting Su Yun’s body, quickly forming into ice and trapping him within it.

Luckily Su Yun had the Heavenly Crystal, so his body was emitting an immense amount of Profound Spirit Qi. Although Wang Xiang Ming was an expert, it was still difficult to freeze the Spirit Qi, causing Su Yun’s body to slowly thaw. His movements might have been hindered, but that did not stop his resolution from killing Feng Jian.

The 100 swords were flying randomly. Su Yun had given up on using a large number of sword techniques, and directly went to randomly cut, ignoring everything else.

He did not need defence, did not need techniques, he was like a crazy man on the loose.

Comparing on sword techniques, all the attacks were unsuccessful on Feng Jian. There was only one move that could take him down!

And that was the previously used Stormy Wind Sword Technique!

Su Yun stared at Feng Jian, the Death sword cutting at random, leaving many loopholes.

The 100 swords were purely attacking, but it was unpredictable. On speed, Feng Jian held the upper hand. But the 100 swords were not relying on numbers or speed, if not all the swords would not be able to get near to Feng Jian.

“Have you given up?”

Feng Jian stared at Su Yun randomly chopping down and exposing many weaknesses, disdain in his eyes, he suddenly made his move and released his sword.

A plain sword, there was no whirlwind, no Qi. There was only an bone penetrating ice cold trace in the sword.

One sword to kill!

He thrusted in that sword.


The moment Feng Jian released that sword, Su Yun suddenly moved.

He released Death sword, turned around with his back facing Feng Jian, and used his broad back to press down on Feng Jian’s sword tip!


The sword entered his body, in a flash it had penetrated through.

Feng Jian was stunned, he did not believe Su Yun would do such an outrageous move! But at this moment he could not afford to care too much, he immediately urged the sword tip, injecting large amounts of Swift Wind Spirit Qi. When the sword released the Qi, Su Yun would immediately explode into pieces.

But, under the influence of Monarch Occult Force and the Heavenly Crystal, it bestowed him a vast amount of Spirit cultivation force, and the sword that was pierced in Su Yun’s body was greatly pressured and controlled.

Following that…


Rays of white Qi shot out from Su Yun’s body, twisting like vines and trapping Feng Jian, running through all the weaknesses around his body.

Every vital point on his body were all clearly pointed out with precision and penetrated through!!


Feng Jian felt something was wrong, his expression became shocked, and anxiously tried to pull his sword back.

But, when he used his force to pull his sword back, he found out that he could not do it!

Looking again, he saw Su Yun unexpectedly gripping onto the sword tip with his bare hands, disabling Feng Jian from breaking away!

He held on tight, even ignoring his hands that were bleeding profusely!

Just when Feng Jian turned sluggish, Stormy Wind Sword Technique was released!

Sou sou sou sou


Feng Jian roared in pain, he let go of his sword and retreated, trying to dodge the sword technique.

But, in the end he was one step too slow, the sharp sword had already flown over, in a moment penetrating his entire body, causing many holes that had a huge amount of blood flowing out. He instantly fell, due to his fast speed, he had managed to avoid the vital points, but he was on the verge of death.

“Elder Feng Jian!!”

The Immortal Sword Sect’s people all shouted out.

Color was drained from Su Yun’s face as he pulled out this razor sharp sword pierced through his back, and flew towards the bloody Feng Jian who had collapsed not far away.

He was brimming with an intention to kill. He looked as sly as ever.

Nobody expected Su Yun to be this terrifying! He would risk anything, and would even use himself as a bait for Feng Jian and activated his horrifying killing technique as he attacked towards him!

Feng Jian’s failure was justifiable! Although Su Yun’s techniques were not as good as his, Su Yun was much more vicious than him!

“What’s this technique?”

Feng Jian pulled himself together and asked feebly as his mouth was covered in blood.

“Stormy Wind Sword Technique!” Su Yun replied.

“Stormy Wind Sword Technique? That’s really fast!!”

Feng Jian exposed a pale smile: “To be able to witness such a fast sword! I’d die with no regrets now! If I have a chance, I’ll want to learn it!”

“I hope you have this chance in your next life!”

Su Yun replied blandly before he raised his sword and attacked.


Just then, an explosion of ice occurred beneath Su Yun’s feet. Then, two gigantic hands emerged from the ice and reached for Su Yun

Su Yun retracted his sword hastily.

Kang Dang!

The ice hands were crushed as Su Yun retreated.

It was Wang Xiang Ming.

He raised his hands again as his hands rippled with Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi and started shooting out burst of water like bullets, covering hundreds and thousands of land.

Su Yun wanted to dodge but the area was too big. He could only gather all his swords in front of him and turned himself into a sword to avoid this attack.

Dang dang.

The burst of water crashed over, the wall of swords trembled as though it could no longer hold on for a second longer.

Su Yun gritted his teeth. He wanted so badly to use a bit of his Profound Spirit Qi to maneuver his sword to disrupt Wang XIang Ming to stop him.

In his current state, he was at a disadvantage. He was covered in sword injuries and he had exhausted half of his Profound Spirit Qi. To confront Wang XIang Ming again, he would probably lose.

“You so-called just and honoured sects!! How dare you rebel at Blossom Heart Valley! Are you thinking we’re easy to bully? Where are the poison doctors??” Suddenly, a roar emerged.

“We are here!”

“Banish them!”


With that, a huge amount of green misty substance emerged from within blossom heart valley and out it blew towards the war like agile silhouettes.

Their speed was fast and they looked agile. Glowing with a lime green aura, they looked mystical.

The others raised both their hands as they ran for their lives and pointed aimlessly. Seemingly, a tinge of silver light glistened in between. Looking closely, those was actually needles!

These needles pierced through Blossom Heart Valley and onto Purple Star Academy and the people of the Mu family. Coincidentally, it pierced through their acupuncture points. Everyone was amused but those who were pierced felt a dizzy spell and winced. All of their faces twisted as though they were in extreme pain!

“Poison doctor?”

Gui Mo Jue was shocked.