Limitless Sword God Chapter 191

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Poison Doctors Consummate Skill

Poison doctors?

Su Yun frowned, he noticed two needles piercing into him. He did not dodge, and let it penetrate, pricking the shanzhong point at the base of the sternum and at the tianfang point, bringing forth a cool wave through the needles, diffusing throughout the body.

Wang Xiang Ming on the other hand, became sluggish. His Qi became weak, and his expression was extremely ugly. He was under the effects of the poison mist, and had to stop using his mystical technique. He swallowed a Pearl Bead pill and withdrew.

The mist drifted.

“That is poison mist! Everyone hold your breath and use your Spirit Qi to stop it!”

“That is useless! This is some sort of special poison mist! It can permeate through your Profound Spirit Qi and straight into your body!”

“How is that possible? Isn’t the Blossom Heart Valley always benevolent and righteous? Since when did they have such methods?”

“Retreat!! Quickly retreat!!”

The fearful people all started shouting, and they who could not stand the poison mist all started to turn and run one after another. After seeing countless of them directly falling inside the poison mist, their faces became filled with despair, many of them stumbled, all of them forgot to use their mystical techniques to escape. The entire battlefield became a mess.

This poison…

Su Yun was stunned for a while, he lightly inhaled and closed his eyes to think, quickly seeing the light.

Bitterheart Poison Mist, it could easily break into Profound Spirit Qi, and permeate through human skin. It works in the meridians and Qi pathways. After ingesting the poison, the person would faint, unable to use his Profound Spirit Qi, completely losing his ability to fight. The scariest thing was, the Bitterheart Poison Mist works on anyone who are not of the Spirit Star Disciple realm, and that would mean even the powerful Spirit Soul Disciple cannot escape. Maybe the Spirit Soul Disciple experts could control the poison, but if they stayed in it for too long, they too would fall in battle.

This was Blossom Heart Valley’s consummate technique!

Su Yun had heard of the Poison Immortal Valley, just that in his previous world, Blossom Heart Valley did not have the chance to use them, never did he expect that he would meet them here.

Su Yun looked at the figures scuttling in the poison mist, a passionate blaze flashed past his eyes.

Who could have known that, they were just a group of medical practitioners who could not even handle a chicken?

They could save people, and kill people!

Su Yun who was muddleheaded in his previous life, had a weak cultivation, had no money, rode a lone spirit stallion and travelled extensively, finding any experts, hoping to find someone who could resolve the cause of why he could not improve himself. In the end, he was just a small Spirit Novice Disciple, who would bother? Who would even look? After braving through countless storms and cold looks, he experienced hardship. Bringing the last trace of hope, Su Yun reached Blossom Heart Valley. At that time, he was already penniless in poverty, and extremely dejected.

When he just entered the valley, he was admitted by the disciples, fed and clothed. They treated him throughout, not asking for any money, they bestowed him humane touch, and gave him mercy.

From there, Su Yun finally saw hope in the darkness. He automatically pleaded to stay in Blossom Heart Valley to work manual labor, willing to start from the bottom. Whenever he worked, he would hear and see different type of medicinal studies and matters on pills and healing. He joyously realised that medicinal research did not require high cultivation level. He had long thought of joining the Blossom Heart Valley, as all the disciples were kind. Su Yun listened, spoke, asked many questions, yet the disciples did not dislike him, and would patiently teach him everything they knew. In their eyes, Everyone in Blossom Heart Valley were family, how could they be impatient with their own family?

One year later, Blossom Heart Valley had a recruitment in which Su Yun submitted his name to join. The recruitment was a famous event known throughout many regions and cities. Their requirements were not high, did not need any sect to join, did not need a large fee to register, thus allowing anyone to join. To join Blossom Heart Valley, they needed to just complete an assessment, and with the millions of applicants, Blossom Heart Valley only accepted 3000 people. What was worth celebrating, despite Su Yun’s inferior quality in cultivation, was that he finally entered Blossom Heart Valley as a true disciple after a year of immersing himself in studies.

However, his heart was not there. Blossom Heart Valley could only give him medical expertise, and not strength. So he set a resolve in his heart, when his talent recovered, he would search for power, and take revenge for Qing Er.

The kindness the people of Blossom Heart Valley treated him was as huge as a mountain, causing him to feel guilty, but he did not conceal it and told the truth. But the valley people were optimistic and believed in him, and the elders did not care.

The disciples of Blossom Heart Valley were free, and were free to go anywhere by themselves.

Their accepting of disciples was not to expand Blossom Heart Valley, but to nurture more and more spirit doctors, and let them spread throughout Sky Martial Continent, to save the dying and tend the wounded, to practise pharmacy in public.

So, Su Yun prostrated himself in admiration, with endless respect for them, their kindness engraved in his memory.

After entering the valley, he would be grinding on research on his medical knowledge day and night, he concentrated on studying fully, to the point he almost passed Pill King. After being successful in his endeavours in medical field, Su Yun helplessly realised, the medical knowledge of Blossom Heart Valley was also unable to cure him. He had no choice but to leave.

But, as an excellent medical practitioner came by to pay a visit and enquire about an expert, and after offering much conveniences, he was never refused entrance anymore.

Su Yun tore off the swords and retreated. The poison mist had scattered throughout, and even God Treasure King had returned to his rainbow dragonboat. Blossom Heart Valley, Purple Star Academy and the Mu Family finally had a temporary breather.

“Are all of you ok!!”

An old voice that carried anger sounded out.

Su Yun and the rest turned back, only to see Pill King and the other elders from Blossom Heart Valley rushing over.

“Senior brother!!”

“Great Clan Elder!!”

Gui Mo Jue and the rest anxiously ran over.

“We are all ok, luckily Senior Pill King arrived in the nick of time, if not, I think we would have had difficult time holding them back!”

Mu Feng heaved a sigh of relief, and even Madame Purple Star walked over.

Pill King turned to look, ignoring Mu Feng, his old eyes landed on Madame Purple Star.

“Purple Star? You’re here too?”

Pill King was surprised.

“Please do not misunderstand, I am not here for your Blossom Heart Valley, but for Master Sword Lord! I know of emotions, and that Master Sword Lord had saved my Purple Star Academy, and thus my benefactor! The matters of today, is purely me paying back a kindness!”

Madame Purple Star walked with her walking stick and said.

“I understand.” Pill King nodded his head, and did not say further.

Seeing this, Su Yun noted in his heart, that there might’ve been some backstory between Pill King and Madame Purple Star.


Just then, Pill King turned, he spoke to Su Yun: “The demonic poison is cleared, Qing Er is waiting for you behind the mountain, quickly go and find her. Leave this place to us. It’s better that way.”

“The poison in Qing Er’s body is completely cleared?” Su Yun was ecstatic.

Pill King nodded his head.

Su Yun anxiously prostrated himself in front of Pill King, took a deep breath and said in a serious tone: “Senior’s grace and kindness, I will always remember and will return it to you. Everything that happened today is because of Qing Er and me, I will now bring Qing Er out of the valley!”

“Out of the valley?” Pill King was startled: “Lad, are you seeking death? There are so many ravenous wolves outside now!! If you leave the valley, are you not afraid they will find and kill you?”

Su Yun shook his head: “Senior, I have already troubled all the senior sisters and brothers of the valley too much, too much. Many people are injured because of me, so much that some are dead. I cannot continue like this. They are framing me to be a demon, but in truth they want the Heavenly Crystal and Monarch Occult Force, if I continue staying in the valley, Blossom Heart Valley will not know peace. Only if I leave, will Blossom Heart Valley regain its peace! So, I should leave.”


“Senior, you just stay here temporarily, and after I leave from the mountain with Qing Er, wait after a stick of incense time then you let them in, and tell them I have already left the valley. They will come and look for me, they might give up, but no matter what, at least there will be peace.”

“There are so many experts here, so many sects, are you sure you can run away?”

Pill King was startled, and asked.

“I resign myself to fate.”

Su Yun did not waste anymore time speaking, turned and left heading towards the mountain.

Just at this time, from the distant horizon, a gigantic light like a meteor flew towards them.

The light beam was completely green and strange, it slanted downwards, directly landing in the air above Blossom Heart Valley, and then exploded out like fireworks.

Hua la!!!!!

The exploded light formed a gigantic circle light ripple that continuously revolved, as a large and dense amount of Demonic Qi scattered out. The big formation was some kind of weird door. From the inside, countless rotten bones and bodies, some human, some beasts could be seen with blood on them.

They all dropped from the skies, upon touching the poison mist, the mist became red.

“What is going on?”

Regardless of whether it was the people of Blossom Heart Valley or the retreating sects that were being infected, everyone was all shocked by the bizarre scene.

“Was that part of our plan?”

Su Yang Nian walked quickly towards Feng Jian who was in a carriage arranged by Immortal Sword Sect people, and rushed in to ask the injured Jian Feng.

Of course, Jian Feng did not reply to him.

“Great clan elder, what do we do now? Su Yun is still inside, Su Qing Er is definitely hiding inside Blossom Heart Valley, if we do not attack, then this operation will be a failure, and we have no way to explain this to the Patriarch.”

An advisor from the Su Family by the side said softly.

Su Yang Nian’s face darkened, he looked at the people around him. The various people from the sects had not retreated, so he said: “Watch for changes amongst the crowd, all of these people are not leaving yet. They have not given up! We still have a chance! Immediately send some people to stand guard at the different exits of Blossom Heart Valley, I’m worried Su Yun has plans to escape!”


The advisor nodded, and immediately brought a few experts out.

Following that, everyone’s attention all landed on the bizarre array that was raining blood and dropping the disgusting corpses.

“Demonic Qi! That’s Demonic Qi!”

Suddenly, the God Treasure King on the rainbow dragon boat shouted.

“Demonic Qi? Is that a demonic array?”

Pill King was stunned.

The demonic array in the sky had stopped raining blood, the bodies have completely stopped. The ground was filled with blood and pieces of meat and corpses. They were like an artwork, piled up in disorder together. The large amount of blood followed along the pieces of meat that formed channels and began to flow.

Madame Purple Star’s congealed gaze landed on those corpses, and suddenly thought of something, her face immediately went pale white, and shouted in panic: “Quickly! Break that thing! That is also a demonic array, there must be a connection between the two demonic arrays! Disaster is approaching! Quickly destroy that demonic array!!”

She used all her might to scream.

Not only was she shouting for her side to hear, she wanted the greedy people from the other sects to hear it as well.

The Pill King and the people from Blossom Heart Valley were the first to reach the scene, followed by the people from the Mu Family who instantly rushed out.

They were however, one step too late, as the big array in the sky suddenly released a ray of red light, shining onto the corpses and blood. A light beam rocketed up and appeared, and in the next moment, a huge number of demonic bodies appeared out of the pillar!

This was obviously a transportation array.

Su Yun’s eyes grew big, as he clutched his sword and watched everything that was happening.

“Sprite’s shadow, Heavenly Crystal, Monarch Occult Force, Everlasting Stone! Take these treasures for me! Tiny individuals! This princess orders you to surrender!”

Inside the pillar, a powerful female voice sounded out, followed by a large number of monsters which had human bodies with beast heads that rushed out towards Blossom Heart Valley!