Limitless Sword God Chapter 192

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Unable to Leave

“Who are you guys?”

Seeing the huge number of weird figures rushing out of the pillar, Gui Mo Jue shouted out.

But the other party did not stop to answer. Instead, they continued rushing up, and instantly brandishing out their dark green blades and pounced towards the people of Blossom Heart Valley.

“A group of demons dare to make a ruckus in my Blossom Heart Valley! You all will come, but not leave!”

Pill King was angry, he instantly made a move, in his palm came out a huge silver light, that flew straight to the woman who hailed herself as Princess.

“You are overestimating yourself, old man!”

The lady looked at Pill King, waved her white arms, showing her long fingernails which spun in circles producing circles of green light, all of them flew and struck the needles that the Pill King threw.

Clang Clang Clang

All the needles were blocked.

Pill King’s eyes congealed, but that did not stop him. He once again showed his palm, producing two beams of Poison mist with powerful Qi, in which both beams soared out.

This time however, the lady’s mouth exposed a smile.

“Is that poison? What can be stronger than demon poison? We live in demon poison our whole lives, why would we be afraid of a poison that was created by a tiny individual?”

The lady took the poison mist head on, and directly took a step out, her profound power and weird methods were startling!

“Damn it, The only dangerous thing we have is poison, if it cannot even damage them, I am afraid it will be difficult fighting them!”


The large number of soul stones rushed over, rushing towards the demons, but no matter how strong the soul stones were, they were lesser in numbers, and after rushing in to kill a demon, they themselves were torn apart into pieces.

“We need support!”

Blossom Heart Valley Second clan elder Chen Mu Yun looked at the disciples who were fighting bitterly, and shouted out loudly.

“Release the poison mist, and let the other sects in to help!”

“No! If the poison mist is released, they will only go find Su Yun! Their goal is to find Su Yun, whatever they said about upholding justice and peace, are all excuses! You want their help? That is impossible.”

Pill King bellowed out, his old eyes staring at the woman walking towards them.

“Since it is so, then let us retreat, back to the valley!”

Madame Purple star rushed over, and stood in front of Pill King.

Pill King had a complicated look while looking at her, his face exposing astonishment.

“Purple Star, what are you doing?”

“All of you retreat, I will take care of that woman, since she is a Spirit Demon Person, your poisons are useless against her, me defeating her is more probable.”

“No way!”

Pill King clenched his teeth, his expression resolute: “How can I let a lady protect me? No, all of you retreat to the valley, let me handle this!”

“You old man, haven’t changed after so long? Quickly leave!”

“The one who should be leaving is you!”

The two of them started quarreling.

The woman walking over became impatient.

“I think if the two of you came it would be better.” With that, a jade colored clothed body rushed over. Both of her hands waved out, releasing two rays of blade Qi, attacking towards the two of them.

Madame Purple Star And Pill King’s face darkened, they clenched their teeth and both attacked out.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun who was behind frowned.

This woman again…

She wanted the Heavenly Crystal and the Sprite’s shadow, so she rushed over. If I continue staying here, Pill King and the rest will be in grave danger, I cannot delay any further and have to leave quickly.

Su Yun thought, and after setting his heart to it, he rushed into the valley.

“Not good, Su Yun is escaping!”

Su Yang Nian looked across from the mist, and upon seeing everything, he anxiously shouted out: “The mist is already weakened, do not hesitate, rush in to kill Su Yun, and take back the items that belong to my Su Family!!”

“Yes sir!”

The Su Family experts all moved out.

“All of you stop being distracted! Some of you follow Elder Feng back to the sect, the rest follow me, we will kill Su Yun, and take revenge for Elder Shen Hong!!”

The elder of immortal sword sect shouted.

“We cannot let Su Yun escape!!”

“All the demons must be Su Yun’s partners! Everyone attack!”

Su Yun’s departure stirred the people opposite of the poison mist. They had planned to wait until everyone was exhausted before attacking, but seeing the sudden appearance of the demons and the fighting that broke out, followed by Su Yun’s departure, they could hold no longer.

God Treasure King and Exuding Fire Sect Clan Elder Yang Gu was the same, after seeing Su Yun going into the valley, they all brought their experts out and gave chase.

“We must capture Su Yun! Do not let them escape!!”

Su Yang Nian’s face darkened, his heart was cold, he looked towards the Su vanguard troops, but saw a blue robed stranger who just stood there. He was added in a few days ago, although he did not say much, and never fought battles, but Su Yang Nian knew, that everything he had done for Su Li Xiong, was to add this guy into his power.

But there were too many variables at play, there were too many people conspiring for the treasures, so he could not change his plans, and could only do his best.

The lady fighting with Pill King and Madame Purple Star felt that Su YUn was escaping, and immediately screamed out some words. No one knew what demon language she was speaking, but suddenly four large monsters the size of small hills came out from four different directions.

The four monsters had two heads, with horns growing on them, four thick and solid developed legs. They wore human skin skirts, their body was moss green, with evil look in their eyes, they carried massive axes.

They crashed into the hordes of people, rushing towards Su Yun’s direction. The four of them were 3-4 m tall, and were moving at an extremely fast pace, quickly closing in on Su Yun.


Four gigantic axes wrapped with dense Demonic power smashed over.

Su Yun anxiously dodged, the axe had cut the floor, but the demonic power that erupted, directly smashed into his body, and his entire being flew out a few metres.

Su Yun’s face changed.

Not good, the power of the Heavenly Crystal was slowly depleting.

Adding to that, the four terrifying existences were of the Spirit Soul Disciple realm.

Who exactly is that woman, to be able to deploy such experts?

Su Yun clenched his teeth, pulled out the death sword, and threw it towards the four humongous bodies, then swiftly turned and rushed towards the back of the mountain of Blossom Heart Valley.

Nearing the back of the mountain, he saw someone welcoming him.

Su Yun focused his vision, the beautiful image of a woman, with her elegant body dressed in plain clothes, her complexion void of makeup but still extremely beautiful and dainty, wasn’t that Qing Er?

“Young master!”

Seeing Su Yun drenched in blood rushing over, Qing Er was startled, her eyes filling up with tears, she anxiously ran over, and wailed: “Are you ok, how are you? Are you injured? Young Master”

“I’m fine! Qing Er, don’t worry, let us quickly leave, leave Blossom Heart Valley right now!”

Su Yun anxiously said.


At this time, the four giant spirit demon figures filled with Demonic Qi were closing in.

“Was it those strong demonic Qi things that injured young master?”

Qing Er’s face tensed up, and anger filled her eyes.

Her heart was filled with hate, while the enemy’s surprising Qi was not of a low cultivation, she was not afraid of fighting.

But just as she was still thinking of her decision, her small hand was pulled by a warm big hand, and then she was pulled along.

“Stop hesitating already!”

Su Yun held onto Qing Er’s small hands, and softly yelled: “Go! Let’s go. Only by fleeing can we be safe!”

Hearing Su Yun’s words, Qing Er nodded her head and ran along with him.

“You guys cannot run away!!”

“Bone of the Dead’s Demon Thrust!!!!”


One of the giant took the axe in his hand and smashed it towards them.


The axe smashed into the ground causing it to split, filling the earth with demonic power. Suddenly the ground in front of Su Yun rose up, followed by the giant who smashed the axe to arrive behind them, trapping the two of them.

Su Yun’s face congealed, he drew and swung the Death Sword.

His sword aura swept across.


The bones all crumbled to pieces.

But because of the temporary halt from the bones, the four Spirit Soul Disciple realm experts caught up.

“Demon Blood Prison!”

One of the two headed giant shouted together, the loud voice swept towards them.

All around the moist green screen condensed again, locking Su Yun and Qing Er inside. The few giants then rushed over.

“I will cut you into pieces! I will take your spirit to be my food!”

The two heads of the spirit demon giants swayed, two of them trying to snatch Su Yun, while the others tried to snatch Qing Er.

A killing aura swept past Su Yun’s eyes, upon seeing the big hand that was extending towards him, he suddenly propelled himself forward, brandishing out his sword, the flying swords suddenly flying out of the sword sheathe and flew towards the giant.

Sou sou sou sou

The sword blades scattered, Sword Qi raging out as 10 of the swords formed a formation and attacked together. The giants could not block it, and in the next moment their hands were chopped off, and greenish blood spurted out.


Su Yun’s mind was overflowing with anger. Seeing all these dirty existence, his killing intent soared. With one hand wrapped around Qing Er’s slender waist, he retreated backwards, jumping back and soaring up into the sky, he lifted up one hand, with the death sword tip facing the four Spirit Soul realm spirit demon giants, he muttered a few phrases very quickly.

Qing Er who was still startled and in shock had difficulty coming back to her senses only heard a few words that came out of Su Yun’s mouth.

“Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon.”


A sudden clap of thunder came out, following that, the entire blue sky turned dark, as countless grey clouds gathered. They gathered together, forming to something like an endless vortex, as though something was coming out of the vortex.

Gradually, everything cleared up.

It was a gigantic mythical sword shaped like a dragon.

It looked like a sword that Gods would use, the length so long that the tip could not be seen. It was extremely thick and broad and imposing. Coming out of the dark clouds, it flew directly towards them, as all the sword pressure akin to a mountain crashed downwards onto the giants.


The four spirit demon experts all screamed out in pain, as their bodies were too big, they could not escape. The force exerted by the pressure made them unable to take a step, and could only watch as the big sword landed down on them!


The dragon sword landed, causing the entire earth to shake. Crevices and cracks appeared. The sky and ground trembled, and the entire Blossom Heart Valley was thrown into an uproar because of the sword.

The giants could not block it, as the closest two immediately got crushed. The remaining two managed to react in time and tried to dodged, but they were bombarded with it’s might, and got flung out, landing onto the ground, their skins ripped apart, causing demon blood to flow.

As the great clan elder of Immortal Sword Sect, Shen Hong was already at the peak of the Spirit Soul Realm, if even she was unable to block the move, how could all the other first stage Spirit Soul realm existence escape this move?

Keng qiang!

Su Yun dropped death sword on the floor, his entire body almost fell. His current face was as pale as a ghost, and all the Qi in his body were almost exhausted.

“Young master!!”


Just at this time, two anxious voices sounded out from inside him and away from him. The difference was one came from Qing Er and the other from Ling Qing Yu.

Qing Er anxiously held onto the wavering Su Yun, tears flowing down her fair face down to the chin, her heart ached badly.

“I’m fine let’s go!”

Su Yun panted while replying.

“You can’t run away.”

A clear cold voice sounded out, and then he saw a demonic wind flying over.

It was that woman again.

Su Yun’s eyes widened, the anger in his eyes was surging.

“Demonic woman, don’t think of leaving!!”

Pill King’s voice came out from behind, only to see Madame Purple Star and Pill King chasing from behind, attacking the demonic wind.