Limitless Sword God Chapter 193

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Are You Willing to Wait for me?

At this moment, Pill King and Madame Purple Star’s face were as white as paper.

Su Yun knew that the two of them were of no match for the lady. He himself was currently dried up, and had difficulties depending on the Sprite’s shadow to fight. If the treasures were at their peak state, he could completely fight her, but at the moment he was unable to.

“Qing Er!’

Su Yun turned, and shouted weakly to Qing Er.

“Young master, Qing Er is here.” Qing Er wiped her tears and replied anxiously.

“Currently is the Exquisite Heart Jewel from the Su family still on you?” He asked with one hand on the sword.

Qing Er nodded her head, and took out the treasure from her storage ring, presenting it to Su Yun.

Seeing the beautiful exquisite heart jewel, Su Yun’s eyes finally had a look of relief.

“Qing Er, do you know why, before I left the Su family, I planned to steal this Treasure? Because only with it, can you be safe and sound. When the exquisite heart jewel is used, it can immediately teleport the user to a place that is far away. Moreover, the distance is extremely far. With it, we can leisurely escape from the clutches of the Su family and the Profound Sky Sect. It is your life saving treasure! Activating it is simple, I will hold the jewel, store Qi inside it, and then place it on another person’s chest, and after being activated, the person would teleport away!” Su Yun took the Exquisite Heart Jewel, smiling with his pale face: “Now, I will use this stone and imbue Qi into its northern area, after activating it, it will send you to the Northern Continent. The Profound Sky Sect and the Su family do not have anyone there, so you will live safely.”

Hearing that, Qing Er became stunned.

Her face became white, her lips trembled, her pupils became blur while looking at Su Yun, as tears started to form again.

“Young master, what about you then?”


Su Yun was startled, then he started to laugh coldly: “I’m fine with anything. I only wish for you to live a happier life because you’re my everything.”

This simple words, were like knives that pierced Qing Er’s heart.

She became drunk, stupefied and dumbfounded..

It was the choking feeling that caused the heart to completely stop, an unprecedented complicated feeling.

She did not say it out, but she could feel that, her life had begun to change, begun to change into something that did not belong to her.

She bit her lips, and held the Exquisite Heart Jewel tightly.

“How can it be like that?”

She lowered her head and muttered.

“What?” Su Yun laughed and asked gently.

But in the next second, she had already extended her arms, and grabbed him tightly from behind.

She had just all of her strength to hug him tightly. Despite the fact that her thin hands could not wrap around Su Yun’s waist, but she did her best not to let go, as she was afraid that he would leave the next moment.

Her head rested on his back as a pearl sized tear dropped down.

But she did not cry, but smiled.

“Qing Er will not go, Young Master, Qing Er will not go. Qing Er is Young Master’s everything, can’t young master be Qing Er’s everything? Young Master is willing to die for Qing Er. Qing Er too, is willing to die for young master! Young master, Qing er… Qing Er really liked you. Did you know that? I have always liked you, the really really like kind of like!”

She laughed and laughed, then started crying again.

Maybe this was the only time she dared to confess, as she was afraid there will be no other chance.

This time, it was Su Yun who was stunned.

He thought he heard wrong, and quickly turned around to face the girl behind him. But only to see her head lowered, and her fair face exposed a trace of redness, and tear drops falling down her face.

“Young Master I know, you have always thought I treated you well because of repaying gratitude, but it is not that way, Qing Er, Qing Er truly likes young master, so I…I”

Saying till this point, the girl could hardly continue.

Nearby, Pill King and Madame Purple Star were fighting with the demon lady.

Su Yun took a deep breath, feeling that this life of his brought even more shock than his previous life.

But for some reason, happiness filled his heart.

Was this because of Qing Er’s feelings?

He held Qing Er’s hands even tighter.

“I understand.”

Su Yun exhaled, turned around and faced Qing Er with happiness in his eyes.

He looked at the girl, at her beautiful face for a moment, after that he grabbed her into his embrace, and hugged her tightly.

“Qing Er, thank you. Actually I also like you very much, but I am not the Su Yun from before.”

“Not the Su Yun from before?” Qing Er opened her eyes, and slowly looked at her Young Master.

But she only saw the light smile on Su Yun’s face, and he said: “Qing Er, we will talk about the future, in the future. Now what we have to do, is to resolve this danger.”

“Qing Er will not leave Young Master.” Without waiting for Su Yun to finish speaking, she cut him off, and laughed gently, her dimple laugh filled with determination.

Su Yun was stunned for a while, but then laughed: “I understand, since it is so, then forget it. The reason  they are here to attack Blossom Heart Valley today, it all boils down to me and the treasures on me. Since you are not willing to go, then I will go, after I leave, the people here will lose their target, and maybe this can exchange for your safety.”

Hearing that, Qing Er immediately smiled and nodded, her small face exposing a genuine smile.



Su Yun took the exquisite Heart Jewel and gave it to Qing Er, took a deep breath and said: “You know how to activate it right? I told you before, One person has to imbue the Qi inside to activate it, then paste it on the other person’s chest, and the other person will teleport. Now that you have activated it, paste it on my chest and send me away.”


Qing Er did not ponder, and anxiously sent her Profound Spirit Qi into the jewel.


The Exquisite Heart Jewel activated, and released a multi colored luster, and the rich Profound Spirit Qi released out.

Qing Er anxiously placed the Exquisite Heart Jewel near Su Yun’s heart. Both her hands were trembling, as she was being careful and anxious.

She raised her small face and looked at Su Yun, seemingly trying to memorise his face, when suddenly, a frail smile appeared in her face.

He extended out his hand, held Qing Er’s hands which was on his chest, then pushed her hand onto him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then he bent down and kissed Qing Er lightly on her lips.

Qing Er was dumbfounded, quietly watching his face. At this time, she heard a strange sentence.

“If I am still alive, are you willing to wait for me?”

He asked gently.


Qing Er’s eyes went large.

Suddenly, she thought of something, and hurriedly looked at the jewel in her hands, only to see the Exquisite Heart Jewel releasing large amounts of bizarre Qi, that was forming a layer of protection, in a flash enveloping her body.

This Qi this Qi…

“Young master you lied to me, you lied to me?” Qing Er finally understood, nearly collapsing, she hurriedly tried to throw the exquisite heart jewel away, but, the jewel seemed to be stuck onto her, and could not be thrown away or separated from her. It became more violent, and the light aura became brighter

“I don’t want this!!!!”

Qing Er’s heart was being ripped apart as she screamed, she pounced over and grabbed tightly onto Su Yun, tear drops flowing down her face, her shoulders throbbing.

“Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me? Young Master, why did you lie to Qing Er? Please don’t leave me, please don’t be so cruel”

The girl was broken hearted, frantically screaming. She suddenly thought of something, and urgently stirred her Profound Spirit Qi, in hopes to disrupt her Qi from activating the Exquisite Heart Jewel, but, she painfully realised, her Young Master was sending in his own Profound Spirit Qi into her body to prevent her from halting the treasure.

So from the start, Young Master had planned it all, he knew I would not leave, he already knew everything.

“If I am still alive, wait for me.”

He said gently, and it was the final things he had on his mind.

Qing Er raised her head, and looked at the pale face that smiled, as she clenched her fists tightly

“Young master no matter what happens, I will find you! Don’t think of leaving me behind.”

The girl cried and shouted firmly and persistently.

It was extremely painful.

She became hysterical.

She was harsh on herself, scolding herself silly, that she did not even know how to stop the teleportation.

As though she still had something to say, she looked up. But just at this moment, the exquisite heart jewel had completed with its activation.

Light auras floated out from the light aura, covering her entire body, transforming her into a golden ray of light that flew into the sky, and gradually disappeared

“Wait for me.”

A voice came out from the skies.

Su Yun raised his head, watched the gold light disappear, and his face became extremely relaxed.

At this moment, Qing Er had completely escape the control of the Su Family, and the threat of Profound Sky Sect.

She had truly earned her freedom.

And I, have also earned true freedom.

He relaxed the hand on his chest, turned to look at Pill King and Madame Purple Star still engaged in the fight.

The two of them were having difficulty supporting themselves, Pill King’s face was extremely ugly. His body had multiple wounds, and obviously had taken some injuries. Although his medical knowledge was hailed to be the peak, but his fighting methods were lacking, and Madame Purple Star could be considered stronger than him.

“Old man, you can’t take it anymore?”

The lady sneered, she suddenly waved her hand, causing light and shadow vines to appear on the ground around Pill King, which wrapped towards Pill King.


Pill King’s face turned white, he anxiously tried to retreat, but the light and shadow vines were too fast, adding on his weapons were needles, no matter what techniques he had, the needles could not defend, and very quickly the vines had caught his body.

“I’ll send you on your way!”

THe lady snorted, and waved her hands again.


A ray of green Qi wave attacked Pill King.

“Be careful!”

Madame Purple Star shouted, and rushed over.


The wave of Qi pushed Madame Purple Star back, but because of that her whole body trembled, she had taken damage.

How strong is this lady exactly? How is she so powerful? Is she someone of the Spirit Star realm already?

Kacha kacha

Just then, Pill King managed to struggle free from the vines. Seeing that Madame Purple Star had blood at her mouth, and seemingly in pain, Pill King became enraged.

He stared at the lady, his old eyes spewing fire, he took out a pill from his storage ring and ingested it.

Instantly, the Qi around Pill King’s body changed!

He originally had the Spirit Life Qi in him, but after the pill was ingested, his Qi surprisingly became the terrifying Scarlet Star Spirit Qi!

Change of attribute!

Using a pill to change the attribute of profound spirit qi, allowed the non suitable Spirit Life Qi to transform into Scarlet Star Spirit Qi!

Pill King’s actions were obvious that either he or the spirit demon woman had to die!

Just at this time, the spirit demon woman opened her mouth, and spat out a ball of poison mist towards Pill King, the poison mist diffused out, and enveloped Pill King’s body.

“Ah!!!”Pill King screamed out in pain, he had not completed the change of Qi, and his body instantly fell to the floor, the skin on his body ripping apart.

“Senior Pill King!!!!!”

Su Yun’s heart trembled, seeing Pill King’s state, his heart was thoroughly enraged, and his eyes glowed red hot anger.

He grabbed onto Death sword, using the Heavenly Crystal which was not fully depleted, he sucked in a deep breath, murderous aura soared, and he rushed in.