Limitless Sword God Chapter 195

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Empty Hollow Spatial Void

Su Yun thought for a moment, then raised his head and asked: “If I hand over the things to you, are you willing to let go of me?”

The spirit demon woman was indifferent: “Your lowly life is useless to me. I only want the treasures!! If you want to live, give them to me!”

“You say you do not want my lowly life, but whatever your mind thinks, how would I know? The last time I snatched the Sprite’s Shadow which should had belonged to you, you must have already hated me since then right? So you might say whatever you want now, but I will not believe it.”

Su Yun leaned on his sword and laughed weakly.

“Hate?” The spirit demon woman suddenly laughed out loud, disdain smeared all over her face: “Humans, you guys think too much, what are you, to deserve this princess’ hate? You overestimate yourself!”

“Is that so?”

“I will ask you one more time, and this will be your last chance, hand over the treasures, and I will grant you your life, if not, I will kill you right here!!”

“I can give you the other treasures, but the Nine Emperor Prints are not with me, and even if I wanted to, I am unable to give it to you.”

Su Yun said blatantly.

Hearing that, her expression tensed.

“The Nine Emperor Prints were created by nine emperors in the past, after going through many years of wear and tear, the power of the print had already weakened by almost half, but its might is still limitless, if I were to obtain the print, I can sweep the whole world, rewrite history and become glorious, and be invincible! Then I will ask you, where did you hide the Nine Emperor Prints?”

“Profound Sky Sect, have you heard of it before?” Su Yun broke out into a smile.

“Profound Sky Sect?”

The spirit demon woman muttered, then her face darkened: “Which part of Profound Sky Sect did you hide the Nine emperor prints?”

“I remember at that point of time after obtaining the Sprite’s shadow from the desolated mountain at Exuding Fire Sect, I heard that you all said something about sending some people to intrude the Su Family, and investigate on Limitless’ location right? Then your people should know that the Su family and Profound Sky Sect are connected in many ways right? That’s right, I represented the Su Family and went to Profound Sky Sect, and then hid the Nine emperor Prints quietly in the vicinity of Profound Sky Sect. The Emperor Qi released from the Nine Emperor Prints were too heavy, and I was unable to handle the treasure, much less suppress the Qi, and it would attract the attention of many experts. Scared for my life, I quietly hid the Nine Emperor Prints there. The Qi at Profound Sky Sect is strong, and could easily cover the Qi from the Nine Emperor Prints, so no one can find it there! So, to obtain it, you have to head to Profound Sky Sect, and of course, you have to remember that the place is relatively huge, so without me bringing and leading you to it, you will never find it!” Su Yun opened his eyes wide and spoke.

“Profound Sky Sect!”

The spirit demon woman lowered her head and pondered, her green pupils sweeping left and right.


Just then, the gigantic devilish gate activated, and a large amount of dense and bizarre Qi leaked out from the gate.

The Qi that was covering the Sprite’s Shadow in the mountain, and the Qi that came out from the devilish gate was the same, unless, this spell gate was linked to another gate on another side?


A spirit demon who had the head of a bull and body of a man walked out from the gate, his body stout and firm with full armor on. After him, came out a large number of armored bird-like men.

Upon reaching the spirit demon woman, they all kneeled down, lowered their head. The Bull spirit demon greeted her: “My supreme master, Bull Demon King pays homage to you!”

“My lord will forever be immortal!”

All the other spirit demons cried out together.

Su Yun who was at the side heard them, but he did not understand their language. They were speaking in their spirit demon language, while Su Yun only knew the demon language.

“Qing Yu.”

Su Yun thought for a while, then lowered his head and called out.

“Yes?” Qing Yu replied back.

“Do you know what are they saying?”

“That’s the spirit demon language.”

Qing Yu was a sword cultivator with immense power. After travelling extensively, she had seen much more things than Su Yun, and knew of more.

“Translate it for me.”

“They are all paying respects to that woman, seems like she is some princess of some big power of the spirit demons race or something.”

“What else?”

“She asked them why did they cross over from the Spirit Demon Realm, and they told her someone sent them there, who that person is is unclear.”

“Only that?”

“Yes, but she seems impatient, as though she wishes to get rid of you first.”

“Are there no other ways to escape now?”

Su Yun secretly clenched his fists, as his brain soared to think of ways.

“Su Yun, there is one way to survive, but” Ling Qing Yu said, but stopped, as though she was doubtful.

Su Yun was anxious, and asked: “What is it? Qing Yu, just tell me.”

“Although you can live, but it’s the same as dying”

“Same as dying?”

“Yes, actually I just thought of it, you see that big spell gate, is actually a link between the Spirit Demon Realm and Sky Martial Continent. I think they created it, because this kind of teleportation spell gate is extremely complicated, and that woman’s power can barely create one, seems like this spell gate, will last for three days. Once you cross over, you would enter the Spirit Demon Realm!”

“You are saying you want me to enter their realm?” Su Yun smiled bitterly: “Isn’t that dying faster?”

The Spirit Demon Realm was the woman’s territory.

“Of course not to the Spirit Demon Realm!”

Ling QIng Yu shook her head: “There is a process to enter the spirit demon realm. You can take the chance during the process to attempt to flee!”


Ling Qing Yu had not finished talking, when the spirit demon lady walked over.

She ignored the spirit demons, and coldly spoke to Su Yun: “First hand over the Heavenly Crystal, Sprite’s Shadow, Everlasting Stone and Monarch Occult Force to me first!! After that, you will bring me to go find the Nine Emperor Prints. You can choose to trust me, or just wait for your death.”

Seems like the woman was lazy to negotiate with Su Yun.

Su Yun frowned, but did not say anything.

The Heavenly Crystal, Sprite’s Shadow, Everlasting Stone and Monarch Occult Force were the well known treasures of Sky Martial Continent, to cause people to drool over them was very normal.

Just that, if he handed it over, then he would have nothing to rely on, without the support of the treasures, he would get killed by either the Profound Sky sect or the Su Family.

“What are you doubtful for? Why are you still hesitating?”

The woman slowly walked over, as though she was not going to wait any further.

If Su Yun did not tell her he had the Nine Emperor Prints, she would have killed him and taken the treasure from him already.

“Alright, I will give it to you.”

Su Yun lowered his head for awhile, then raised up and spoke.

If he delayed longer, what awaited him would be the sword.

“That’s what I call a smart man!”

The woman nodded her head.

Su Yun then took out a necklace from inside his robes.

Everlasting stone!

A treasure that could amplify a person’s talent, with it, it could make a mediocre person become a genius!!

The woman’s eyes lit up, she anxiously drew closer, wanting to snatch the treasure from him.

But! Just as she went over, Su Yun suddenly tightened his grip, and held onto the everlasting stone with all his might.

She was stunned while staring at it, but Su Yun was staring at her with his ice cold eyes, the pupils exposing his resolution and killing intent!

At that moment, the Everlasting Sword Sheath suddenly blossomed, releasing 10 swords that flew out, straight towards the woman.

She flew into a rage, her killing intent soared. She waved her hand, forming a green luster shield that covered her. The 10 swords crashed into the shield, but to no avail.

“Such a bold ant! You dare to offend the princess!! DIE!!!!”

All the spirit demons flew into rage, all of their green eyes staring straight at Su Yun, all of them brandished their weapons, the evil Qi leaking out, the ground shook as they treaded on it!

WIthout hesitating, Su Yun used all his might and rushed towards the gigantic spell gate.

“Hahahaha, you wish to escape through the Devil Gate? Then just try to run! Once you enter the Spirit Demon Realm, which is my territory, you cannot run away!”

Seeing Su Yun act like that, she laughed maniacally.

But in the next second, from inside the sword sheathe on Su Yun’s back, a bizarre force was released. Following that, a white light seeped out and enveloped Su Yun, forming a peculiar Qi that was similar to the Qi that was leaking out of the devilish gate.

The woman who was laughing froze, and became startled.

“Is that the… The ‘Empty Hollow Spatial Void’ Technique? That’s impossible, this brat cannot definitely know of that mystical technique. But where did he get the ‘Empty Hollow Spatial Void’ technique from??”

The woman clenched her teeth then shouted: “QUICKLY!! GRAB HIM!! NOW!!”

“Yes, princess!!”

All the spirit demons around gathered and rushed towards the Devilish Gate, however, Su Yun was too fast, and was too bold. No one could think that there would be someone as bold as him, to take action in front of so many spirit demons, it was simply unimaginable.

The two spirit demons guarding the gate suddenly moved, with heavy footsteps they walked towards Su Yun.

Giant rock spirit nucleus!

Su Yun’s eyes widened, then urged his Profound Spirit Qi into the treasure inside his eyes, forming a grey light that struck unto the spirit demon’s body, causing it to turn into a statue.


Another spirit demon rushed over. Su Yun dodged in panic, and his lower abdomen got cut, with blood flowing out. Due to the impact, he flew outwards, and rolled on the floor upon landing. Seeing that the devilish gate was right in front of him, and all the spirit demons around him shouting and urging their mystical techniques and rushing to him, without hesitation he pounced into the gate.


When he was nearing the devilish gate, an ear piercing sharp laugh sound came out from the devilish gate.


As though 10000 spirit demons were in his ears, his vision became green, and a bizarre phenomenon appeared.

Su Yun felt his own spirit being pulled by something, and was being stripped away from his physical body. His body was slowly floating, but was moving extremely quickly.

What’s happening?

Su Yun was confused, and felt his consciousness going weaker and weaker.

“Su Yun!! Quickly, activate the Everlasting stone and protect your soul, follow and do what I say! Quickly leave this place!!”

Just then, Ling Qing Yu’s anxious voice spoke out.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s entire body tensed, and anxiously made his move. He had just raised his Qi, and realised he was completely exhausted of Qi, and the sense of helplessness slowly seeped in.

Damn it, the energy from the Heavenly Crystal is depleted, my Qi channels are also empty.

Su Yun’s heart thumped.

But in the next second, a gentle and pure Qi force surged out from the sword sheathe, it was like a small stream, gently trickling down his empty Qi Channels, moisturizing his body.

Su Yun did not stop for a second and immediately activated the Everlasting Stone, and his fainting consciousness immediately awoken.

He immediately understood what was happening.

“Qing Yu, you….”

He was cut short by Ling Qing Yu’s anxious and increasingly weakened voice: “I am only repaying gratitude to the kindness of the Sword ancestor, and since you are his successor, how can I sit by the side and watch idly? Quickly make your move. I have already imbued the ‘Empty Hollow Spatial Void’ chant, and with its completion, the accumulated power is in you. With one swing, you can escape all these people and get thrown into another realm but who cares, no matter what realm you get dropped in, at least you can live your life happily for a while. Su Yun, quickly, if not you will be in the spirit demon realm already.”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s heart darkened, but how could he still dare to hesitate? Raising the Death Sword, he swung out.

Hua la.

The sword tip released a ray of white light, tearing apart a spatial crack in the space in front of him, opening up a jet black hole. He immediately went in, and disappeared.

The spirit demon laughters immediately stopped.

The days of endless night approaches.