Limitless Sword God Chapter 196

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Unexpected Evil Spirit Essence

“Su Yun!!!!!”

A purple figure flew from the sky, like a rainbow piercing through.

Upon landing, the loud scream came out.

The Spirit Demon woman who had turned and was prepared to return to the spirit demon realm, turned her head and looked at Hu Qian Mei who had arrived, and was walking towards her.

“What did you do with Su Yun?”

Hu Qian Mei’s small hands held the demon knife, going closer, she clenched her teeth and asked.

“Su Yun? So his name was Su Yun!”

The Spirit Demon’s ugly expression exposed a cold look, her gaze as sharp as a sword: “I will dismember his body into a thousand pieces, and suck out his soul!”

Seeing her expression darkened, Hu Qian Mei who was originally anxious calmed down. She patted her plump chest, and released a sigh: “Seems like that asshole ran away.”

“But he won’t go far!” The woman said coldly.

Hu Qian Mei was stunned: “What do you mean?”

The woman was graceful, with her hands on her back, her slender fingers locked together, she had a weak look.

“That ant, other than those treasures, what does he have? For him to escape my clutches here, tell me, what other ways does he have?”

“What ways?”

Hu Qian Mei swept the surroundings, after looking in a circle and seeing that the huge desolate mountain was big. She flew up into the air. Looking from above would be easier, there was no way to hide, and if he had to run, it was basically a fantasy story for Su Yun.

Suddenly, Hu Qian Mei’s eyes landed on the distant gigantic spell gate.

It was already activated, causing a huge amount of green light to leak out, the mellow and full light halo was like a vortex spiralling around the door, with the sound of ‘ssii ssii’ coming out from inside. In the middle of the halo, there were many weird and sinister looking faces.

“Is this the Qi of Empty Hollow Spatial Void? Is this the Spatial Void used to travel through realms?” Hu Qian Mei’s face asked.

“We are the Spirit Demon people, naturally we have to rely on that to come into Sky Martial continent. If The Demonic Continent was just beside the Sky Martial Continent, I’m afraid your continent will never have a day of rest.”

The woman said coldly.

“He went into your Spirit Demon realm?”

“If he did, he would had died already.”

Hearing that, Hu Qian Mei’s cold face shivered, but she did not utter a word.

She could feel that something was amiss.

The world was extremely big. Other than the Sky Martial Continent, there were other continents. For example in the north, there was also a continental plate as big as the Demonic Continent and as strong as the Sky Martial Continent. Just that there were very few records on the unknown continent, and not many people cared about it.

Compared to that, people were more concerned about the other realms other than the realm they were in on Sky Martial Continent.

Because other than SKy Martial Continent, there were nine big realms: Spirit Demon Realm, Ghost Realm, Beast Realm, Spirit Realm, Insect Realm, Blood Realm, Ancestral Realm, The Tiny World and the Evil Realm.

The nine big realms were equally mysterious and terrifying, other than the powerhouses who could use techniques like the Empty Hollow Spatial Void, ordinary people were unable to enter any of those realms. So the Sky Martial Continent hardly knew about the Nine Big realms. It was rumoured that the Nine Big Realms had tyrants everywhere, especially in the Tiny World. There were hearsays that many of the absolute experts of the Sky Martial Continent who vanished without a trace, had all headed to the Tiny World to find a place with even more experts and stronger people. All the other realms were all about fighting, where the strong eats the weak, the strong were the rulers and the weak cultivators who went into other realms were simply courting death.

“That Su Yun actually used my devilish gate to escape. Initially, I thought he just wanted to escape to the Spirit Demon Realm to avoid me. But I was wrong, he actually knew the Empty Hollow Spatial Void technique, and in the process of going into the spirit demon realm, he ripped apart another entrance and flew into another realm, now who knows if he is dead or alive!”

The Spirit Demon woman used many materials and a spell to lock onto the location of Sky Martial Continent, to then be able to travel from Spirit Demon realm straight into Sky Martial Continent. For Ling Qing Yu to suddenly use the Empty Hollow Spatial Void, it was something that she could not have anticipated, and no one knew that Su Yun could be able to use it.

But there was no doubt.

He was definitely in one of the nine big realms.

Hu Qian Mei’s face was as white as paper, her petite body retreated a few steps, and her big fox tail was drooping down.

All the nine big realms were extremely terrifying. With his power, how could Su Yun survive in any of the nine realms?

“Although Su Yun is not dead, and those treasures are not with me for now, it is not important. I will find his body eventually. As for you” a glow flashed past The woman’s eyes, and she said indifferently: “Although you have threatened and offended me, I will forgive you. You have the blood of a demon, and therefore belong to my Spirit Demon realm. I can tell that you are strong, if you are willing to kneel down and submit to me by kowtowing, I will not kill you, and give you everything you want.”

“Is that so?”

Hu Qian Mei’s originally pale face suddenly became more comfortable. Her eyes squinted, and a crafty smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, as though she was interested.

“Can you help me destroy Immortal Sword Sect?”



A person dropped from the sky, and fiercely landed on the ground. After a long time did he opened his eyes.

Am I dead?

That was the first thought that came into Su Yun’s mind when he woke up.

Then, a bone chilling cold wind blew onto his face, and caused him to be even more wide awake.

He quickly sat up and surveyed his surroundings, only to see nothing but darkness, and jet black rocks all over the place. There was nothing else. Other than the cold wind, there were no other sounds.

Su Yun took a deep breath, retrieved the sword sheathe, then knocked on it and asked: “Qing Yu, how are you? Are you ok?”

But there was no reply.

She had already exhausted majority of her strength when letting Su Yun use The Contracted Victory Sword, and after releasing the Empty Hollow Spatial Void, how could she still have any strength left? Now she was sleeping and regaining her energy.

Su Yun stood up and starting walking forward.

If this place is not the Sky Martial Continent, then, where is this?

How did I escape?

Su Yun’s mind was in a mess, and feeling extremely faint.

After walking around, finding that his surroundings ware desolate and quiet, he helplessly chose a clean black rock and sat cross legged on it to recover his Qi.

The Heavenly Crystal was fully used, the aftereffects of Sprite’s shadow had caused the Qi in his body to be extremely weak. If not for the Everlasting Stone and Monarch Occult Force which provided a boost to his body, he would had been ripped apart by the weird Profound Spirit Qi in the gate, and would have died.

Just when he sat down, Su Yun felt that something was wrong.

In the Sky Martial Continent, Spirit cultivators could absorb the Spirit Qi in the air to fill their Qi channels, by instigating their spirit essence to change it to Profound Spirit Qi. But here, it felt extremely weird.

Here, the Spirit Qi was extremely thin, but there was another Spirit Qi that filled the air.

What is this Qi?

Su Yun did not understand anything. But everything that had happened was without a choice. If he could not absorb the Qi and recover his own, he would not recover his strength, so how could he survive here? How could he go back to Sky Martial Continent?

He made his choice, without hesitating, he started absorbing the Qi. he planned to understand the characteristics of the Qi, which started to sprinkle in his Qi channels.

But, upon entering his Qi Channels, they started to change.

The Qi that entered his Qi channels immediately turned black in color. Other than that, upon the appearance of the black Qi, Su Yun’s mind suddenly felt another change, as his mind became ruthlessly powerful and frantic.

He perspired in cold sweat, and anxiously stopped his hands from trembling, closed his Spirit Essence, preventing the Qi from entering it.

But when the Spirit Essence closed, all the Qi that was absorbed in the body starting going crazy, and began to scatter all around the place.




The Qi punched out like fists, hitting different parts of his Qi channels, his veins and arteries, causing all the blood in his body to start boiling, causing him great pain.

What nonsense is this?

His body started curling inwards as he laid on the floor, clenching his teeth tight.

No, I need to force this thing out! This weird Qi! I absorbed too much! Otherwise, would it break my body in order to come out?

Su Yun endured the pain and sat up. Revolving the remaining Profound Spirit Qi in his body in the hopes of pushing the black Qi out. But he was already very weak, with his Spirit Qi energy recovering merely by a bit, how could he possibly push out the weird Qi out of his body?

It really was easier to invite the devil in than send him away.

Just as he was at his wit’s end, the Monarch Occult Force at his chest area suddenly activated, as wave after wave of warm current surged out, quickly going to every part of his body, his Qi channels and Spirit Essence.

Su Yun was startled, but seeing that the warm flow of the Monarch Occult Force was like a big hall, quickly enveloping the jet black Qi, pushing them together, then tightly slamming it onto the walls of the Qi channels.

After that, the warm flow started to synthesize the jet black Qi, and began to reverse and grind it.

The pain in his body suddenly disappeared without a trace, and a cool and refreshing feeling entered his mind.

“What’s happening?”

Su Yun was stunned.

“Spirit Essence Transformation.”

Just as he was confused, Ling Qing Yu’s voice came out.

Su Yun was startled, and immediately asked: “Qing Yu, you’re ok?”

“I’m just exhausted.” Ling Qing Yu’s voice was still weak: “I was actually resting, but feeling that you had some sort of problem, I came out to take a look. But who knew you had such luck.”

“Luck? What luck?”

“The thing imbedded at your chest should be the Monarch Occult Force Right? It really is something. I wonder how was it born.”

“Monarch Occult Force?”

“I felt the accumulated energy inside it which is very powerful, which can almost be used like Profound Spirit Qi. Now, it has released the energy, and aided you to form a new spirit essence.”

“New Spirit Essence? This is Spirit Essence?”

“Yes, that is the Evil spirit essence.”

“Evil spirit essence?  Don’t tell me this is the Evil realm?” Su Yun was surprised.

“That’s right.”

Ling Qing Yu sighed: “Never did I think that the Empty Hollow Spatial Void would bring you to the most troublesome place, the Evil Realm. I fear it will not be easy leaving this place.”

“Can’t you use it one more time, and help us return back to Sky Martial Continent?”

“I can… I can, but you have to wait for me to recover, and you have to find a large amount of materials to create some sort of a gateway, if not, and we randomly used it, we would cause a problem in the Nine Big Realms, as nobody knows where the Empty Hollow Spatial Void will bring us,”

“Is that so?” Su Yun was lost for a moment, then sat down and inspected his Qi channels.

He saw that the bizarre Qi in his Qi channels had disappeared, and even the Monarch Occult Force had calmed down. What was left was a date sized pitch black mark, and black Qi that came out from it.

This black Qi, was demonic, cruel, ruthless, cold. It was entirely different from the five types of Qi and the Pure Divine Spirit Qi.

“This is Evil Qi?”

“It is not entirely Evil Qi. It has no fixed name, but it is the source of Qi for the cultivators in the Evil Realm to thrive on, like the Spirit Qi on Sky Martial Continent. It can only be absorbed by the cultivators of Evil Realm, but you have the Monarch Occult Force! You can absorb it too, Su Yun, do you know what that means?”

Saying that last sentence, Ling Qing Yu’s tone was extremely solemn.