Limitless Sword God Chapter 197

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The Malevolent Spirit Death Sword

“Adding the Human Realm, the Great Realms have a total of 10 realms, and removing the special Tiny World, the evil realm is the most peculiar!”

“Evil Qi, is the only Qi that stands shoulder to shoulder with the baleful Demonic Qi, although the Evil Qi pales in terms of ruthlessness and coldness, but the Evil Qi is strange, its constant permutation is unfathomable!”

“Every trace of Evil Qi has a consciousness, it is inhuman, but for its spirit, it is as baleful as Demon Qi, like the property that will cause it to expose after touching spirituality, ignoring and sacrificing everything for attack, and will not stop until it dies. But Evil Qi is different in that it is good at attacking weakness, changing into all forms, with many ways to attack. Every Profound Spirit Qi’s properties and characteristics are different, and there are no strongest Profound Spirit QI, or weakest Profound Spirit Qi, it just works depending on the person.”

“Su Yun, you must know you already wield the limitless sword sect most special Pure Divine Spirit Qi, and with the support of the Monarch Occult Force, you can already use all the six types of Profound Spirit Qi. And today, in the Evil realm, with the help of this Monarch Occult Force, you have created an Evil Spirit Essence, which also means from today onwards, you can also use the Evil Spirit Qi! Seven types of power! All of it coming together even I do not dare think about the aftereffects!”

Saying that, Ling Qing Yu was already deeply moved, with surprise in her tone.

Even Su Yun did not believe what was happening, to have something so mystical.

For seven types of energy to converge in one body, what astonishing result would be born from this? What kind of miracle?

“In this situation, only those imposing Qi cultivators can do it, Su Yun, your Qi cultivation is astonishing, and it can also be considered a power, and you can say that, for one person’s body to have two types of Qi is already extremely rare, and you are definitely one of a kind. But you have to remember, cultivation is a long process, by all means you cannot slack off. If people work hard in cultivating, you need to work seven times harder than them. Like that, you won’t waste the seven different types of Profound Spirit Qi. People say learning more is not a bad thing, these seven types of energy, the most important thing is to not let them turn mediocre, but make them even more exquisite! Remember that!”

Ling QIng Yu said weakly.

Hearing her weak voice, Su Yun’s heart was moved, he immediately nodded, and said in a serious tone: “I will remember.”

“Cultivate well, The hopes of Limitless Sword Sect can be brought to light in your hands!”

Ling Qing Yu’s voice gradually drifted off after saying that.

Su Yun sat in the same position for a while, inspecting the bead embedded at his heart, he fiercely swallowed the impure air, and began to continue draw in the weird Qi from the air.

Since entering the Evil realm, there was only one type of energy, so, he had to just accept it, because power was the most fundamental guarantee.

However, what Ling Qing Yu said was not entirely correct either.

Although his body encompassed seven different properties of Profound Spirit Qi, she neglected some things. Factors like Su Yun being in possession of the Everlasting Stone, he also had Hu Qian Mei’s special physique to boot. His current talent was seven times higher than normal people, and his cultivation only needed half the effort.

But he was not satisfied, merely by relying on his talent to increase power was forever insufficient. With regards to some people, they had something that absolutely suppressed Su Yun.

That was time.

Living things that were born later in the world would definitely feel unfair, because the living things that came out earlier, had already become supreme gods. They dominated all the natural resources and took control of everything. Those who were born later, would forever be enslaved by them.

As of now, Su Yun did not have the urgent need to topple Profound Sky Sect and the Su family. Qing Er had already went to the Northern Continent, as he believed that they would not be able to find her that easily, so she was currently safe, but he still had to cultivate faster, and leave the Evil Realm alive.

He sat cross legged to meditate and absorbed Evil Spirit Qi carefully. He did not dare to absorb too much as he was still not used to the Evil Spirit Qi, and needed to slowly get used to its laws, understand its dynamics. After get more familiar with it, then he would gradually increase it.

When the Qi entered the Qi channels, it caused them the turn black. The Qi channels were extremely cold, but very quickly, the black Evil Profound Spirit Qi merged with the magical energy released by the Monarch Occult Force, sticking to the walls of the Qi channels, and transformed into Evil Spirit Essence with veins.

During the process of transformation, Su Yun would always check on the situation of the Monarch Occult Force’s energy, although he had gained its energy, he barely understood his current body’s situation. This kind mystical object that can allow a person’s Profound Spirit Qi to utilize all the five different energies, where did it come from? Where did the Congregate of Treasures Sect obtain such a treasure?

What about the Everlasting Stone? Where did it come from?

Su Yun only knew a bit of both the Heavenly Crystal and Sprite’s shadow. It was said that these two came from a part of a mystical soldier’s body, whose body had accumulated a huge amount of energy.

Su Yun carefully activated the Qi that had been absorbed, merging with the energy of the Monarch Occult Force, transforming into Evil Spirit Essence.

When the Evil Spirit Essence appeared, he had to first familiarize himself with it and know its capabilities. Su Yun did not know why the Monarch Occult Force could not change the Spirit Qi on Sky Martial continent into spirit essence, but here, its use was obviously much stronger.

The Evil Spirit Essence on the Qi wall was extremely weak, compared to the other Spirit Essences in his body.

It was like many small black seeds, while the other Spirit Essences had become big trees. Although the other Spirit Essences had already completed transforming, but they were unable to induce the Evil Profound Spirit Qi.

The Monarch Occult Force was like a hand that could create, putting the Evil Spirit Qi together forming the torso, after that bestowing it a heart, transforming it!

“So powerful!”

Su Yun who was looking at the Evil Spirit Essence noticed some profound mystery in it, and immediately exclaimed out.

The moment the number of Evil Spirit Essence that was transformed reached a certain number, they could release an astonishing amount of Evil Spirit Energy.

Maybe in the Sky Martial Continent, the Evil Spirit Qi was a taboo, but no matter how long it had been, rules were set by the strong, and only the powerful people could survive.

Immediately, Su Yun began to greedily transform the Evil Spirit Essence. He wanted all the little seeds in his body to grow into sprouts and grow stronger to enrich himself.

Of course, all of these Spirit Essences that were transformed, could not by recklessly used before getting acquainted with it first, lest an accident happen.

After five days of time, Su Yun used the Monarch Occult Force conversion, creating 60 Evil Spirit Essences, fully recovering his Qi channels and Spirit Essences, and his energy came back.

Upon closer inspection, traces of Evil Qi can be seen leaking out of his body. But the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye could completely cover even the Evil Qi, so Su Yun did not worry.

He opened his eyes, looked around and jumped down the boulder. Holding the sword sheathe, he took out the Death sword and Thousand Deep Sword, and started advancing forward cautiously.

The place was uninhabited and desolated, with not even a single living being. It was not a place to thrive in. Su Yun was currently just at the peak of Spirit Intermediate realm, who did not have even a drip or taste of the Spirit Star realm, still needed to eat to survive. In the past he could rely on refining some pills to be full. But here, he did not know what was edible.

Su Yun continued moving forward, his mental state was maintained at its peak, cautiously looking around. Even when the wind blew or the grass moved, he would withdraw, and was in no way procrastinating.

The sky became dark, the the ground became muddy. The downpour rained black water. After the rain, looking out in the distant place, only bones could be seen, without any signs of life. The sounds of Evil Spirits shouting could be heard in the wind.

Suddenly, the sound of a water source could be heard in the distance, Su Yun was startled, and ran towards the sound. There, he saw a two meter wide black river in front of him.

The river water was jet black with fast currents, with a large amount of flowers sprouting out of the river.

Su Yun felt that it was strange seeing them. He went closer to the river bank for a better look, of course, he also wondered if there were any living things in the water, although it was the Evil Realm, they should be edible too right? If not he would not be able to last here any longer.


Just at this time, a strange thing happened.

The jet black river suddenly became alive, and gradually became clear and clean, and everything inside the river could be seen.

Fleshy fresh fishes, study turtles and a large amount of snails.

These were delicacies to cultivators, and to the weaker cultivators, all these were best ingredients for culinary delicacies.

Su Yun was astonished.

The river has these in it?

He perked out his head to look, only to see his own reflection, causing him to be startled by his pale face.

It was perfectly alright, what happened to the river? Is the Evil Realm like that? Everchanging?

He did not understand, and was puzzled by the place.

Just at this time, the ‘Su Yun’ reflection in the mirror suddenly sneered moved, and a sneer appeared on his face.

Su Yun was shocked, but before he could react, ‘huala’, two sinister hands came out from the river, and directly went for his head!

The two hands grasped Su Yun’s neck and released a crazy amount of strength, wishing to grip him tightly.

“Hahahahaha, food! Food!!!!”

The evil monster released a mournful laugh.

What was surprising was that Su Yun could clearly understand it. It was apparently not a simple sound wave, but it was sent via his spirit.

Without caring too much, Su Yun anxiously raised his Thousand Deep sword and cut towards the evil monster.

Hua la!

Hua la!

Hua la!

The weirdest scene happened. An astonishing power erupted out of the three sections of Thousand Deep Sword. And when he struck towards the evil monster, he was blocked by the clear water which had once again turned black, the top part of the energy was completely gone, and when he managed to cut the evil monster, most of the energy was already gone!

What is this thing?

Su Yun clenched his teeth, feeling annoyed. He urged his Profound Spirit Qi, grabbing the arms of the evil monster, he released energy, attempting to pull it out of the water.

The evil monster’s cultivation was not high, about the third stage Spirit Core Realm. And although Su Yun was taken aback, but his reaction was equally fast, and in the moment the evil monster was dragged out of the water.

“Such strength!! Hahahaha, looks like you will definitely be good to eat, hahahah”

The evil monster was not scared, but released an even more sinister laugh.

The water flowers in the surrounding rivers suddenly released ‘hualala’ sounds, and a large number of jet black evil beings  with a pair of blue eyes coming out of the water. They all wailed out and started to surround Su Yun.

“Oh shit!”

Su Yun cursed, and then released the evil being’s hand, and anxiously grabbed the death sword, releasing a strike.

For some reason, Death Sword unexpectedly released itself from its sheathe.

Hearing the ‘keng qiang’ sound, Death Sword automatically flew out in a strange horizontal curvature and sliced towards the evil beings, the sharp and intense sword tip releasing a jet black crescent, in a moment beheading them.


The evil beings fell one after another. Seeing the lord of these evil beings in front of him die instantly, the jet black hands grabbing his neck also slowly became limp.

The sword cry whistled through the air with its powerful might.



Bone piercing.

Ear numbing.

An unspeakable sword might, a 100 times more ruthless than normal!!

Was that Beheading the Dragon?

Su Yun was surprised.

When was the Death Sword so strong?

After the Death Sword completed a round, it directly pierced into the back of an evil being, halfway through it released Evil Energy. On the sword, a large blood red ‘Death (死)’ word flickered continuously, shining brightly.

It looked like a fierce lion in the middle of a feast!!