Limitless Sword God Chapter 198

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Shrine of the Evil spirits

Glurp! Glurp! Glurp!

The weird sound came out from the jet black sword body. The Death Sword flickered continuously with a bright light like an oil lamp being blown by the wind, sometimes bright sometimes dim.

Very quickly, the evil being’s bodies became thinner and thinner, like a dried up fish, while the Red light of the Death Sword quickly became stronger, and it flew out by itself, piercing into another evil being’s body, greedily consuming it. Su Yun felt that after its absorption, the chill on it’s surface layer became increasingly rich and powerful.

The Death Sword is a very special sword, it was one sword that defeated around a 100 swords, and became a leader sword that controlled the 100 swords.

It contained intelligence that other swords were incapable of having, but, what was it doing now?

Was it absorbing the Evil Qi of the evil beings? What does it need the Evil Qi for? Was it trying to strengthen itself?

Su Yun’s head was full of suspicions, and walked over to pull the Death Sword out.


Death Sword did not dare be disobedient to Su Yun, since he was the master. It gently came out of the evil being’s body, releasing a large amount of Evil Qi, and floated in the air. Looking at the Death Sword, the blood red death word was even more bewitching, the jet black sword’s body was even colder than before. The large amount of Evil Qi circled around the sword’s body, which hardly dissipated.

Su Yun grabbed the sword, and felt that it became more cool.

He took a deep breath, he gazed at the Death Sword’s body, and suddenly swung it.


A jet black ray rippled out of the Death Sword’s body, flinging out towards the distance. Wherever the big ripple flew, regardless if it was wood or stone, everything crumbled into fine powder, it was extremely terrifying.

Seeing this, Su Yun took in a deep breath: “Never did I think that the Death Sword could absorb Evil Qi to increase its power, no wonder Qing Yu and Sword Elder said that it was an extremely Yin and Evil sword.”

Su Yun’s eyes looked around, after thinking, he walked over to the other evil being bodies and pierced the Death Sword into them, allowing the Death Sword to absorb them.

Very quickly, all the bodies became dried corpses, all their Evil Qi were all sucked up, causing the Death Sword to have a layer of Evil Qi, like a raiment of black flames. After sheathing the Death Sword, Su Yun just continued on his way.

Travelling for around half a day, a black colored forest appeared in Su Yun’s eyes. The forest was huge and covered the entire region in front of him.

Seeing that there was nowhere else he could go, he braced himself and walked into the forest. Light barely got through the dense canopy of the forest, causing the entire forest to be very dark, and occasionally a unique evil bird sound would resonate out.

After going through a large scale war, then having to travel for a long distance, Su Yun was famished, his stomach rumbling with hunger. He had to find some sort of food alternative, if not, not only would he starve to death, if he met any evil beings, he would not even have the strength to fight.

After advancing for a long period of time, a large amount of jet black Qi threads appeared in Su Yun’s eyes.

Su Yun raised his head and followed the snake like threads slithering in the sky, they were all going towards the fruits of a tree.

All the fruits were equally black, but on the surface they had scary looking human faces, it was extremely strange looking. Upon getting closer to the fruits, bone chilling laughters could be heard.

What is this?

He glanced around, but realised it was offbeat. The surroundings of the fruits, actually had the remains of a broken realm and an array wreckage, while the branches of the big trees had blood red writings, seemingly in the language of the Evil Realm people.

Is there someone staying here?

Su Yun thought.

“You don’t look like someone from the Evil Realm!”
Just as Su Yun was investigating his surroundings, a coarse voice came out from behind him.

Su Yun’s entire body was drenched in cold perspiration: When did the other party appeared behind him?

He anxiously turned over, gripping the Death Sword and Thousand Deep Sword and looked towards the origin of the voice. He saw a black skinned huge statured middle aged man standing there, with a cloak draping around him and a broken blade in his hands. The blade was pointed downwards, and his entire body was reeking of Evil Qi.

He did not seem to have any ill intention, allowing Su Yun to relax his tensed state of mind, however, he was still cautious. Staring at the person he asked: “Who are you?”

“Who am I? Keke, then who are you? Why did you run to my territory?”


Su Yun was confused.

“Are you a human?”

The caped middle aged man raised his head, and stared intently at Su Yun, his pupils containing jet black flames.

“Then, do you want to kill me?”

Su Yun raised both swords, and said in a low tone: “If you want to take my life, then you can make your move.”

He secretly activated the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, realising the opponent was just at the tenth stage spirit novice realm, to be able to kill him was easy, just that, was the opponent’s cultivation really that weak? Maybe it was not, for if his cultivation was so weak, how can he appear here?

Just at this time, the person laughed out loud.

“Human!! I am just a tenth stage spirit novice evil being! You have a much higher cultivation than me, do you think I can kill you? Hahahah”


Su Yun’s eyes darkened, he did not say anymore, looking around him, he turned to leave.

“Human, are you leaving?”

“What is there to stay here for?”

“Kek, even though I am weak, I will tell you a fact. Although the Evil Realm possesses weaker races, even with your power, if you continue walking down there, your soul will get taken, your body will be possessed, becoming an evil being, and your consciousness will disappear forever!”

The caped middle aged man pointed deeper into the woods, and laughed: “Do you know where this is? This is Evil Realm’s most famous Soulless Forest!”

“Soulless Forest?”

“Correct! It snatches your soul and takes your body, soulless and formless!” Saying until here, the man stopped, then continued: “Of course, if you are seeking your own death, then you can continue going, after going through the Soulless Forest, you will reach the place people yearn to go to, the Shrine of Evil Spirits, hehe, unless you are another one of those who lusts for the treasure of the Shrine of Evil Spirits? You truly are an ant trying to shake a tree, and overestimate your own abilities! With your cultivation, if you go near the Shrine, you will get swallowed whole by the baleful Qi of the shrine.”

Shrine of Evil Spirits? What’s that?

Su Yun did not understand everything the man said completely, he thought for awhile, then said: “So the Shrine is so terrifying, I give up, I won’t go. But I am lost, and do not know the way back, can senior please give me some pointers, on how to leave this place?”

“Heh, I have met a few people in search of the Shrine, but they are all buried in the Evil Realm already, if you do not return to your human realm, you will only be food for the evil beings here.”

Su Yun was quiet.

“Haha, seems like you truly do not know your way back, then you have to just wait for your death young man, but don’t despair, if you really want to leave, I can help.”

“Help me?” Su Yun frowned: “You are also an evil being right? If you are an evil being, why are you helping me for no reason?”

“Your cautiousness is good, and that is the reason why I am helping you!” The middle aged man laughed: “Young man, if you are willing to help me with something, I will tell you how to leave this place!”

“Help you? What do you need?” Su Yun asked.

Although he did not trust the evil realm person, but with things as it was, he had to grab any chance he had to go back to Sky Martial Continent.

“You have to help me retrieve the treasure of the Shrine! For the reward, I will in turn tell you the method to go back to your human realm, how about that?”

“You just told me not to go near the Shrine!”

“Of course, with your current cultivation, you definitely cannot go near the shrine. But with my method, you will have a very high chance of obtaining the treasure. Although you will spend some time, but if you are willing, not only will you be able to leave the Evil Realm, but your cultivation will soar, and power will explode!”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s mind raced to think.

Without question, this person speaks of a dangerous task, if I follow what he says, I might lose my life, if I do not, how do I go back to Sky Martial Continent?

Do I do what Ling Qing Yu said? She also said it, I need to find the materials for the array that leads to Sky Martial Continent to be able to use the ‘Empty Hollow Spatial Void’ secret technique and go back. To find these, I still have to roam the Evil Realm, which is even more dangerous. What if I meet a strong evil being, then I won’t even have to chance to escape.

I have nowhere to go, nothing I can do, I will just listen to him. He is weak, if it gets too dangerous, I will instantly give up, he can’t do anything about it.

Su Yun thought for a while, then nodded: “Deal! I will help you retrieve what you want, and you help me leave the Evil Realm!”

“You will not regret the decision you made today.”

The middle aged man laughed.

“Follow me, human, follow me to enter the Black Evil Cave Mansion, I will measure you to create a material suitable to temper yourself.”


“Yes, only people with dense Evil Qi can enter. I want to temper your Profound Spirit Qi to have a strong Evil Energy.”

“Why don’t you find an Evil Realm person to help you?”

“Hahahaha Evil Realm people? No no no! Tides of Evil Realm people come to the Soulless Forest. But I do not dare to interact with one. I only dare to interact with existence from other realms, because comparing all of you, the Evil Realm people are the scariest.”

“Then what is the Black Evil Cave Mansion? Where is that? Are there any Evil Realm people there?”

“That is an almighty’s cave mansion. It houses many Evil Realm people, but none of them dares to do anything there. So no need to worry, what we have to do now, is to exchange a few things from those Evil Realm people there.”

Finished, the middle aged man took down the jet black fruits with human faces on the weird trees, his smiley face suddenly becoming solemn. After plucking them, he carefully placed them on the ground, then kneeled down, and respectfully kowtowed to the fruits Nine times. After that he carefully picked them up, and chanted in the Evil Realm language.

It looked like some sort of ceremony.

After he finished, he carefully placed the fruits into the bag on his back, then holding on to the broken blade, he smiled at Su Yun: “Come.”


Su Yun nodded.

The two of them left the place, and headed towards a large mountain towards south.