Limitless Sword God Chapter 201

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Trust and Faith

“Every month they will come once, and their aim is to take the Divine Crown. Although each time their entire army would be wiped out, they have still not given up. The first time I did not have time to prepare for defence, and had one bone on my leg broken by them, so I can only use my broken blade to act as a walking stick to walk, after that I became clever, and dug this cave beneath this tree, and deployed an enchantment here, a shield of Qi, so every time they came here, I would sense it earlier, and come here to hide.”

Cheng Xie spoke with a  terrified voice.

Su Yun carefully looked out of the tree cave, and carefully sized up the Evil Realm people heading towards them. They were dressed in brown armor, their bodies were shrouded in what seemed to be black smoke spirits, all of them had sneers on their faces, legs of about a metre long, gently floating over.

There was no sound at all.

“Is this place safe?”

Su Yun asked.

“It was definitely safe in the past, but now I am not so sure. But they know of my existence, they are not in a hurry to kill me, but would capture me so they could torture me, for that is what Evil Realm people love to do.”

Cheng Xie said.

“I noticed that they are just at the tenth stage of Spirit Core cultivation, and are a step away from the Spirit Soul realm. They have a total of 12 people. Can this group enter the Shrine to search for treasures?”

“Although they are here in name of the treasure, actually, in truth, they are only here to find the route.”

“Finding the route? They’re surveying and obtaining information for the route to the shrine?”

“That’s right! The shrine is my Master’s land, and have many mechanisms in it, full of enchantments, not to mention cultivators of the Spirit Core realm, even cultivators of the Spirit Soul realm may not get the Divine Crown. I reckon that at least cultivators of the Spirit Star realm can go in, or only after they survey the topography, then can the mighty being make his move.”

“If they die inside the shrine, how do they send the information out?”

“Simple, they have lense imprints in them, so the mighty being can see what they see, and he is an expert in sneak attacks, so before every movement, he will have ample preparations against the enemy. He is always so cautious, that is why my master could not defeat him.”

“I am like that too.”

Su Yun shamelessly said.


Just then, a sound came out from beside the big tree.

Su Yun and Cheng Xie immediately stopped their breath, both of them dare not release any sound, perspiring in cold sweat and listening to movements in their surroundings.

The Evil Realm people flew forward, not making any sounds, so Su Yun and Cheng Xie were unable to make out the distance between them, and could only hear if they were extremely close, like listening for the weird breathing of the Evil Realm people.

Slowly, the breathing sounds went further and further. The two of them continued waiting in the tree cave for half an hour, before carefully coming out.

“They should not be coming back right?”

Su Yun looked down the road from the cave and asked.

“They will be buried in the shrine, and with the influence of the turbid Qi of the shrine, they will become creatures of the shrine, forever lingering inside.”

Cheng Xie climbed out of the tree cave, using the broken blade as a support, he replied with a trembling voice.

Hearing that, Su Yun thought for a while, then said: “Since it is like that, when you want me to retrieve the Divine Crown, Maybe we can make use of them!”

Hearing that, Cheng Xie nodded his head anxiously: “Human, you are right, at that time you can just follow them into the shrine, and retrieve the crown.”

“But as of now, I am just a second stage Spirit Core Disciple, how can I mix with a group of people at the tenth stage of the Spirit Core realm, isn’t that just seeking death? For now, I will train first, and talk about it later.”

Saying that, Su Yun left.

Cheng Xie did not say anything, and followed Su Yun back to the same forest area. He anxiously ran over, to a big tree filled with human faced fruits.

Just then, the big tree released a red glow, and sounds of wailing resonated out.

Cheng Xie ran over, and looked up, his face immediately turned black, with his eyes full of rage.

Around every fruit on the tree, was a huge amount of blood light blades, all these blades were less than an inch long, yet they surrounded the spirit fruits and revolved extremely fast, and was continuously cutting into them.

The spirit fruits were frantically swaying, all the faces on the fruits were ugly, as though they were in pain.

“That is the spirit blade, it can harm the spirit and soul, but will not be fatal, but they are experiencing the pain of being chopped up into mincemeat.”

Cheng Xie kneeled on the ground, and screamed in pain, as though he himself was the one suffering from the cuts.

The once splendid team of followers, was left with only himself. All of his companions had fallen, but he could only watch and not do anything, that feeling of helplessness was the most painful.

Su Yun looked at Cheng Xie, he did not make any sound, quietly sighed, and turned to leave.

On the second day, the spirit blades had disappeared, and the spirit fruits had calmed down, but Cheng Xie spoke even less.

He was as tired as before, walking with his tofu like leg to find food, using the spirit fruits to change for a large bulk of medicines to give Su Yun, while Su Yun took them all happily.

After the Evil Realm people had passed through that part of the forest, they never turned back. Su Yun regained his calm life of training.

With the passing of time, the number of spirit fruits on the tree became lesser and lesser, while Su Yun’s cultivation became stronger and stronger.

Half a year later.

Su Yun who was wholeheartedly training had stepped into the tenth stage of the Spirit Core realm.

With the Everlasting Stone’s strength, Hu Qian Mei’s additional strength, adding the strong ingredients of the Evil Realm and the help of the Evil Spring, his cultivation had soared.

Everything starts out difficult, and the most difficult part of a cultivator’s training was two of the levels.

To start training.

And after the Spirit Soul Realm.

In between these two, that was the easiest to train, where talented people will continuously rise without obstruction, that was the reason why Qing Er could quickly rise to the Spirit Core realm after entering the Su Family, Her talent was good, and with good conditions, how could she not improve frantically by training?

Now that he was at the tenth stage of cultivation, to step into the Spirit Soul realm, he could not bitterly train for it or use medicine, but needed a moment of enlightenment, or it would take a very long time.

Su Yun was not in a rush, the Profound Spirit Qi around his entire body was extremely dense. Because of the Monarch Occult Force, the Evil Spring and the special Qi of the Evil Realm’s influence, the Evil Spirit Essences in Su Yun’s body had grown to an astonishing number of 9000, close to breaking through to 10000. The Profound Spirit Qi around him was no longer Pure Divine Spirit Qi as the base, instead, it was the Evil Profound Spirit Qi that took lead.

With his body full of Evil Qi, his face had become even paler, and traces of Evil Qi would leak out from his pores.

Not only that, with the effects of the strong Evil Profound Spirit Qi, the number of swords he could control was even higher. Previously he could only control 100 swords, but with his increase in power, he could control up to 499 wooden swords to strike and defend.

With that, he was close to entering the second sword of the Four Swords Master Stage of the Limitless Sword Art.

The mighty being was sending out his scouts to move towards the shrine.

Su Yun had been in the Evil Realm for almost a year, and the Evil Realm people who came to investigate the shrine came in groups after groups, while Su Yun and Cheng Xie had gotten clear on when they would arrive. Every time they came, the two of them would not hide in the tree cave anymore, but chose to hide in the Black Evil Cave Mansion.

There was still no exception, Cheng Xie and Su Yun both donned on the black cape, and walked towards Black Evil Cave Mansion.

Before leaving, Cheng Xie went inside the forest, to the spirit fruits and kowtowed 10 times, before taking one and putting into his bag. He was going to exchange it to change for some treasures to support Su Yun’s training.

He only had 7 left, that meant that the Master only had 7 of the guards left.

Seeing Cheng Xie’s solemn expression, Su Yun took a deep breath, and asked: “You’re not afraid that I will reject your request after I train, and not go to the shrine to take your Divine Crown?”

Cheng Xie kept quiet for a while, then he suddenly laughed out.

“Afraid! Ha ha of course I am afraid, human, if it was like that, then I would had lost everything, including my faith!”

“Then why do you trust me?”

“Do I have a choice?”

Cheng Xie patted his weak leg, and laughed: “ A powerless yet unwilling to cower in defeat by his enemies, how long can I last in this Evil Realm? If I don’t trust you then who should I trust?”

Su Yun turned his head, he had nothing to say.

Very quickly, the both of them reached to Black Evil Cave Mansion.

The cave mansion’s surrounding was filled with many Evil Realm people exchanging and selling products. Under the master’s intimidation, it was the only place where people felt safe, of course, people have to be humble as well.

Cheng Xie walked along the road with his head down, he did not dare to look up, afraid that he would find trouble.

Inside the Black Evil Cave mansion, Cheng Xie would be the weakest. But luckily the cave Master threatened the others with his power, and thus no one dared to cause a ruckus.

But there were times, when the threat was not absolute.

In the front, a group of Evil Realm people were walking over. A total of six people, when they walked over, although the surrounding people did not do what they did by prostrating to the Thousand Eyed Evil Senior when he appeared, they all still lowered their heads, and stopped talking, for fear of offending them.

“Why is it these guys?”

Cheng Xie’s face turned, he anxiously lowered his head, and pulled Su Yun to his side.

Su Yun’s face congealed, but he knew that Cheng Xie would not hurt him, so he followed what he did, and immediately stood at the side with the rest.

The six guys looked left and looked right, their faces were extremely proud. The pride of strong cultivators, they controlled the lives of the weaker cultivators, and that was worth being proud of.

“Cheng Xie?”

Suddenly, the group of people saw someone, the leading man was slightly startled, and called out.

Su Yun could clearly feel Cheng Xie’s entire body shivering slightly, but he kept his cape on, and bowed respectfully to the man incoming, and his words were full of respect: “Cheng Xie Greets the Few Masters.”

“What few masters? I am the only master!”

The leading man kicked Cheng Xie in his abdomen, causing Cheng Xie to fall, and then after that he kicked onto his boneless leg.

Cheng Xie cried out in pain, but he did not dare resist, so much that even a sentence of curse or rage did not come out.

If he resisted, it would cause a lot of trouble, but no one will help Cheng Xie, and the one who was at the disadvantage was always him.

“The matter that I have instructed you the last time, have you completed it for me?”

The leader sneered, and said: “Do you remember me telling you to take all the spirit fruits and gift them to me? After all these years that I have left the Black Evil Cave Mansion, I have never met you, and I coincidentally meet you upon coming back, so, where are the fruits? Have you brought them?”

“Master master master the fruits… Fruits are still on the tree, Cheng Xie.. Cheng Xie did not see Master so I dare not pluck the fruits, if you do not consume the fruit within an hour, the cultivation will not work, so so…. Cheng Xie planned to meet master first, then… Then gift the fruits.”

Cheng Xie had cold sweat trickling down his back, shouting while trembling.

Hearing that, the leader released his leg, and exposed a smile: “So it was like that. I order you to bring all the spirit fruits to me the next time you come, if not I will break your other leg!”

Finished, he waved his hand and left with his group.

Su Yun walked over and picked Cheng Xie up.

Cheng Xie’s face did not have any anger, only the fright that did not disperse. But very quickly, he regained his composure, it seemed like he was used to being humiliated and bullied.

Su Yun had seen clearly that when the person kicked him, he had contracted and protected the bag that had the spirit fruit inside.

The two of them continued going, until Cheng Xie reached onto a concave wall, and spoke to one of the Evil Realm person, after that he retrieved out the spirit fruit he protected and gave it to the other man, which in turn was exchanged for the ingredients for Su Yun.

Obtaining the ingredients, he immediately left, as though he was afraid of seeing the Evil Realm man swallowing the spirit fruit.

After exchanging the foods, the group of Evil Realm people were nowhere to be seen, Su Yun and Cheng Xie quickly went out of Black Evil Cave Mansion, and headed back to the forest.