Limitless Sword God Chapter 202

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Give it Your All

Glurp! Glurp! Glurp!

As usual, Su Yun gulped down the juice of the beast’ skull cleanly. Then he stood back up and headed towards the Evil Spring.

His entire body was brimming with immense Evil Qi, the number of Evil Spirit Essence that he had was more than his normal Spirit Essences and Earth Spirit Essences added together. If not for the constant work of the Monarch Occult Force which constantly equalised the characteristics of his Profound Spirit Qi, most likely Su Yun’s profound Spirit Qi would only be left with one type.

Heavenly Scale Divine Eye covered the Qi around his body, but without a doubt, he was stronger by multiple times than before, even without the help of the Heavenly Crystal or the other treasures, he could control the 100 flying swords, which was totally different than before.

But, that was not enough, just a cultivator at the tenth stage of the Spirit Core realm, was just a normal being in the Sky Martial Continent. Only by being in the Spirit Soul realm would he be considered as someone, but that was still just someone, and that was all.

Su Yun threw the dried up beast away, and wiped the black juice from his mouth, with determination set in his eyes.

If his cultivation was high, what was there to worry about? Profound Sky Sect? Su Family? He would not need to fear them, they certainly would not be able to do anything to him, and he would not even need to fear the Spirit Demon race woman.

(TN: How about calling spirit demons as beasts? So it will be the beast realm, and the original beast realm will be the animal realm…)

Thinking about that, he did not rest, and continued walking to the Evil Spring, submerged his body in it, and continued to absorb the power of the Evil Spring.

After soaking it for a long time, the power of the Evil Spring had gradually become lesser, all of it had been taken by Su Yun. The Evil Spring became more and more dim, and did not have the luster from before.

It seemed that if he immersed in it more, then he would no longer need to use the Evil Spring anymore. With the remaining power left in it, Su Yun began to soak and absorb them, enjoying the surrounding Evil Qi entering his body.

The originally cold and piercing feeling at the start, had completely disappeared, and Su Yun was much more receptive to the cold Qi of the Evil Realm.

Maybe the cause was because his body had already become ice cold.


At this time, an oppressive sound came out, followed by a slight tremble.

Su Yun’s expression tensed, with a jump, he leaped out of the Evil Spring, and took out the Thousand Deep Sword and the Engraved Dragon Blade. He carefully went closer to the source of the sound.

During the time he was training, he was not in a rush to take a new sword, with his cultivation being so strong, taking another sword was only a matter of time.

Of course, he had other thoughts about it. The action of taking more swords was meaningless. He had to take out powerful swords like the Death sword, or the Origin Sword hidden in the palace. Su Yun initially thought it was impossible, but after being given advice by Ling Qing Yu, he understood.

If he obtained the Origin Sword, wouldn’t all the swords that listened to the Origin Sword belong to him?


Just then, the explosive sound came out again.

Cheng Xie who was using the broken blade to support himself was running towards him in panic.

His expression was ugly, his robes were tattered and torn, his entire body was covered in mud, and his expression was of panic.

“Quickly run! Quickly run, they are coming!!”

Cheng Xie shouted towards Su Yun as he ran towards the spring.

Before Su Yun could say anything, a black claw figure appeared from behind, and fiercely slammed Cheng Xie in the back, causing him to immediately fly forward and tumbling heavily onto the ground. He spat out black blood, and wanted to crawl up, but did not have the energy to do so.

Su Yun’s eyes congealed, and flew towards the direction of where the claw figure came out from.

Then he saw a few Evil Realm people walking there. They were the people he met at the Black Evil Cave mansion, the man who humiliated Cheng Xie and wanted him to gift the spirit fruits to him.

The leader of the group was called Wu Zhua Xie, and was very powerful, at the peak of the second stage Spirit Soul realm. It was rumored that he had plenty of interactions with the master of the cave mansion. The people behind him were also powerful, they were all above the ninth stage Spirit Core realm, with the highest at the tenth stage.

“Despicable Cheng Xie, Your Master, I, had given you another chance, why did you not learn to cherish it? Why must you lie to me? Humiliate me? You dirty fellow! Just go and die.”

Wu Zhua Xie spoke with his coarse voice, his expression fierce, and walked step by step towards Cheng Xie who was lying on the ground.

Cheng Xie’s eyes were wide open with fear shrouding over them. He used all of his might to try and get up to leave his original position, but how far could he run?

He knew he could not run, so he looked at the man coming closer to him, and shouted; “Master’s loyal guards are only left with the seven of us. No matter what, I cannot give their spirits to you to absorb, No! I absolutely cannot do that.”

“SInce it is so, then leaving you alive is useless, I will not allow people who are disobedient to me to continue living on this world!”

Wu Zhua Xie’s blazing and long eyes narrowed, he raised his hand, wanting to end Cheng Xie.

“Hold up!”

Just at this time, Su Yun spoke up.

“Are you with him?”

Wu Zhua Xie stopped, and stared at Su Yun.

Just at this time, Cheng Xie immediately shouted: “I do not know him, Master! Just kill me! I have no relations with him!!”

“Really?” Wu Zhua Xie’s eyes exposed some fanaticism.

But after awhile, Su Yun shook his head: “No, I know him, and am with him.”

“Idiot, you…” Cheng Xie raged out, and shouted: “You idiot, you cannot die! If you die, who will help me take the master’s divine crown? You have to live, you have to.”

“So, you hope that I can escape?”

Su Yun asked.

“Go! I will hold them back!” It was as though Cheng Xie had made some sort of decision, and with one hand on his broken blade, he wanted to stand up. But how could he have any more strength? The attack just now did not kill him, was already Wu Zhua Xie giving mercy.

The words by Cheng Xie caused Wu Zhua Xie and his men to laugh out loud, the sounds of mockery resonating out.

Su Yun was curious, Cheng Xie’s cultivation and talent was destroyed, was his brain destroyed as well? To be able to say those words, he did not know how stupid Cheng Xie must be.

Su Yun swallowed some air, then pierced Thousand Deep Sword in the ground.

“My power can’t compare to yours, and cannot beat you all, and even if it is so, are you willing to let the two of us go?”

“Let you two go?”

Wu Zhua Xie sneered: “I guess it will be quite fun, if you two are willing to kneel before me, and kowtow to me and swear to be my slave, maybe I will consider not killing you two.”

“Pui! You are not worthy to be my master.” Cheng Xie was enraged, although his cultivation was weak, and cherished life and feared death, but he could not put down the loyalty he had to his master, because if he did not have the loyalty, he was yet just another man.

Su Yun thought for awhile, then asked: “Other than that, are there no other ways?”

“You two puny ants, are not fit to negotiate with me, either you kneel, or, I devour your souls, hahahaha”

Su Yun stared at the Thousand Deep Sword in front of him, looking at the sword body, he said: “Although my cultivation is not as high as yours, but on a certain aspect, you guys are unable to compare with me.”

These words caused Wu Zhua Xie and his men to be startled: “Oh, you still have some powerful things that you have not shown?”


Su Yun nodded, and in the next second, a trace of powerful aura flashed cross his eyes, his arms suddenly moved, the Evil Qi suddenly erupted out of his body, grabbing the Thousand Deep Sword in front of him, he pulled it out, and rushed towards Wu Zhua Xie.

The sword tip was aiming right for his neck.

Hua la!

In that moment, Sword Qi gushed in like a tide.



A jet black claw suddenly materialized and blocked Su Yun who was rushing towards Wu Zhua Xie with the Thousand Deep Sword.

It was obviously Wu Zhua Xie’s claw.

He steadily grabbed onto the cold sword tip, his boney yet deadly claws locking the sword body, no matter how Su Yun tried to urge with his energy, he was unable to shake the sword, much less break free. It was as though the entire sword was in Wu Zhua XIe’s control.

“Just a puny ant, you dare to attack me? You don’t even know how to gauge yourself? And dare to sneak an attack on me?”

Wu Zhua Xie squinted his eyes again, dense killing intent soaring from his body, he was obviously enraged.

Just that!

It had not ended yet!

Just at this moment, ‘su su su su’ strange sounds from all around them came out, and following that, a large quantity of wooden swords flew from all directions, all of them wrapped in a strange and dense Qi, all the wooden swords with different colors, were extremely sharp!

“What weird technique is this?”

All of the Evil Realm people were shocked, without thinking, the swords were all aiming at them.

The sword tips surrounded all of them, covering the sky and trapping the ground, it was like a tide of swords, fiercely approaching.

Although they were just wooden swords, they were still wrapped in such complete Profound Spirit Qi. They were full of luster like mystical swords.

“Such a strong Qi, be careful!”

Wu Zhua Xie anxiously retreated, waving both his claws, he released over 10000 claw images, blocking the wooden swords.

Su Yun seized the chance and retrieved Thousand Deep Sword, and released its sword tip again.


A ray of thunder sounded out across the sky, following that, grey clouds started gathering, as the clouds started to form some vortex of some kind, as though a gigantic dragon was circling the entire world.

Su Yun immediately put down his sword, with one hand he grabbed Cheng Xie who was half dead, and immediately rushed deeper into the forest.

“Crafty ant! When I get you, I will seal your spirit, and torture you forever!!!”

Wu Zhua Xie bellowed out in rage, he screamed crazily, and started swiping down on the wooden swords, wanting to give chase.

But, without waiting for him to chase, the gigantic vortex of clouds suddenly released a gigantic black sword, like Mt. Tai falling down, the sword body was extremely strong, the entire sword was like a dragon head, bringing forth a destructive dense Qi aura, fiercely striking down towards them!

Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon!

“So powerful! Such a powerful Qi! Is that the ant’s mystical technique, no, it must be some kind of treasure!!”

Wu Zhua Xie’s heart jumped, and shouted loudly. HIs group all started to activate their treasures, but they were too late, the 100 swords were suppressing them, and the true real killing move ‘Cleaving the heavens, Beheading the Dragon’ had dropped down.


When the sword touched down, it even caused the entire Black Evil Cave mansion to tremble. Countless Evil Realm people opened their eyes, they were woken up by shock, including the mighty beings who were in deep slumber.

It had been so many years since there was such a huge movement in Black Evil Cave Mansion!

Su Yun who was rushing deeper into the woods,after hearing the loud noise, immediately went to find the cave that Cheng Xie had dug, and jumped in.

“Human! It seems like it is better if you leave me behind, I am after all a burden, by bringing me along, both of us cannot run! Go, the further you go the better. I just hope that after you leave, you will complete the task I have pleaded you to do, and head towards the shrine, and retrieve the divine crown. After reviving the Master, in that way, the loyal guards and me can finally rest in piece.”

Cheng Xie said in sorrow, he did not resist, and wanted Su Yun to kill him.

But, Su Yun ignored him. After bringing Cheng Xie into the cave, he retreated and went to hide behind the big tree.

After staying for almost a year, Su Yun knew the surroundings well, and continued running into the forest. It was seeking death, with the powerful evil beasts roaming inside the forests. Other than that, there was only the Shrine of Evil Spirits, and continuing would mean suicide.

SInce he was unable to escape, he might as well fight.

He had activated Sprite’s Shadow previously, but Su Yun was not weak like before, and the Evil Spirit Essences in his body was already quickly replenishing the Evil Profound Spirit Qi in his body, filling his Qi channels. With his current power, he could use the Sprite’s Shadow two or three times without any problem.

That was the good thing about having power.

“Although my cultivation is not comparable to yours, my treasures are unbeatable.”

Su Yun held his sword tightly, and stared in the distance, the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye had covered the Qi around his body, and he had hidden himself well.

Hua la.

Very quickly, sounds of ripping of air sounded out on the small road. The few Evil Realm people were soaring up, and quickly arriving at their location.

“They’re here! They’re here!” Cheng Xie’s frightened voice came out from the tree cave.

Su Yun’s expression congealed, and all of the Spirit Essences in his body was activated.