Limitless Sword God Chapter 203

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A Dead End

Under the effects of Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, his field of vision was amplified. Su Yun could easily catch anything within the distance of a kilometer. And currently, Wu Zhua Xie and his group had slowed down their pace.

It was no surprise, they were suspicious, because at that moment, they were unable to grasp any Qi in the surrounding. Previously, although they were unable to trace Su Yun’s Qi, they could still follow them based on the Qi that Cheng Xie was releasing, but now, they realised that even Cheng Xie’s Qi had also disappeared.

Su Yun stared intently at the group, carefully watching their every move and action.

Wu Zhua Xie and his men were carefully looking around, releasing their Evil Qi around, feeling for any changes in the air, but could only capture the calmness of the surroundings.”

“Human! What are you doing? Are you planning on fighting with them? That’s impossible! That’s absolutely impossible, you are just a tenth stage Spirit Core Realm cultivator, they are, at worst, the ninth stage of the Spirit Core Realm, and the strongest is even a Spirit Soul Cultivator, with only you, you absolutely cannot fight them! Go! Quickly go!! Don’t be rash!!”

Seeing Su Yun leaning on the tree, seemingly like he was waiting to ambush them, Cheng Xie immediately thought that Su Yun was planning something and anxiously shouted out for him.

“Go? You think I don’t want to?” Su Yun’s expression was firm: “But where can we go now? WIth my current cultivation, if I were to go deeper into the Soulless Forest, it will be suicide. If both ways leads to my death, behind are unknown Evil Realm creatures, while the front are a group of cultivators whom I know, if it was you, which would you choose?”


“Maybe you understand the Soulless Forest more than me, but now, if you are able to find a route to escape, we will leave immediately!”

Cheng Xie was dumbfounded, run now? Other than going deeper into the Soulless Forest, or going towards the shrine, where else could they go?

“There’s no time!”

Wu Zhua Xie and his group of people were getting closer, causing Su Yun to become even more tense. He was already using his strength holding onto his sword sheathe.

His seven types of Qi was being stirred, he was about to go for a sneak attack, but right at this moment, a long boom sounded out from deeper inside the Soulless Forest behind them, followed by the wails of the Evil Realm beasts.

Su Yun was startled.

“Seems there are people coming from the back too.”

Cheng Xie also heard the explosions, and immediately poked out of the cave and shouted to Su Yun.

But in the next second, Su Yun’s face changed slightly, and quickly went back inside the cave.

“If someone wants to enter deeper into the Soulless Forest, they have to go past us. And this whole time other than that group sent by the mighty being in search of the shrine, no one else had come in. But why are there people behind? I fear there is only one possibility, that is the people sent into the shrine had not died, means they found the route, and are going back to inform the mighty being!”

Su Yun said while entering the tree cave.

“They have found the route to the shrine?” Cheng Xie who was looking at Su Yun jumped in fright, and his voice was trembling: “You mean they have found clearly the exact location of the shrine? And are ready to go ask the mighty being to come and retrieve the items?”

“It should be, who knows how many people they have sent before, but it was always quiet, all of them buried in the shrine. But this time it is different, think about it carefully, after taking such a long time, they should have completed it too!”

“Then what should we do? No, we have to take action now, we need to go ahead of them and obtain the Divine Crown!”

Cheng Xie said, he was extremely worried.

“You’re still thinking about that? Think of how to survive now! Currently we have Wu Zhua Xie in front, and the mighty being’s troops behind, both sides full of enemies, whether or not we can survive is the question, and you still want to take the Divine Crown?” Su Yun shook his head and chided.

He admired Cheng Xie’s loyalty to his master, but sometimes, this loyalty were only practical in certain situations, otherwise it would be blind loyalty.

Cheng Xie was not stupid, he swallowed his saliva, and looked towards Su Yun: “Human, what plans do you have?”

“None.” Su Yun shook his head.

“Then what are we waiting here for?”

“You have a way to escape?”


“Your forest cave is good, at least it hides Qi, but truthfully, it cannot hide from Wu Zhua Xie’s instincts, now that they are spreading out their Evil Qi to search the area, as long as they are close, they will feel that there are people inside, and at that time we will not be able to escape.”

“Then… Then what do we do? What do we do? I do not want to die, Master has not been revived, I cannot die!” Cheng Xie was as frightened as a chicken, his whole body shivering, mouth stuttering.

“So we can only resign ourselves to fate!”

“Resign ourselves to fate?”

“Yes, resign ourselves to fate!”

Saying that, he retrieved a shaft of a long wooden sword, and poured Profound Spirit Qi to cover it, then shot it out of the cave entrance, in a blink of an eye, it disappeared.

“What are you doing? Quickly take back that sword! If Wu Zhua Xie and the rest find it, wouldn’t that mean the death of us?”

Cheng Xie shouted in an instant.

Su Yun shook his head: “This is not for Wu Zhua Xie to see! I Controlled the flying sword to go in the other direction, to let the scouts of the mighty being to see!”

“For them to see?”

“Yes, I want to lure them here! As long as they reach here earlier than Wu Zhua Xie, who is using the Evil Qi to track our movements. If he reaches here first, he will snuff us out, and we will be in a worse situation. But if I use the wooden sword to create some disturbance, and bring the other Evil Realm people over, they will bypass us, and if we are lucky they may meet Wu Zhua Xie. At that time, we would most probably be safe!”

“Why most probably?”

“Because I do not know if they will fight with Wu Zhua Xie, or maybe they do not want trouble and avoid Wu Zhua Xie, if that happens then we will still be in danger.”

Cheng Xie listened and understood, and kept quiet.

The wooden sword flew fast, and very quickly left Su Yun’s perimeter of control, causing it to slowly sway. Su Yun exhaled, and then controlled the sword to pierce into a large tree.


The strong big tree instantly broke into two, and the dense Sword Qi and Evil Spirit Qi resonated out. The wooden sword fell to the ground, Su Yun had completely lost control of it.

The group of scouts that were advancing heard the noise, and were instantly startled.

The few of them looked around, and immediately two of them splitted up, and went into flanks, following that they rushed over, towards the source of the sound.

“This Qi is created by a tenth stage Spirit Core cultivator! I think we have some ants up ahead!”

One of the scouts traced the power of the Qi, and immediately informed the leader.

“Ants?” A trace of craftiness flashed across the leader’s eyes, and his rosy tongue licked his black lips, the black flame in his eyes filled with a longing.

“We did not die and came out of the shrine, and had not tasted fresh spirit for a long time! Let’s go, treat this as my treat! Tenth stage Spirit Core Realm must taste good!”

With that said, the scouts all brought their happy smiles and went forward.

Their weakest was the first stage Spirit Soul realm, and the highest was the fourth stage Spirit Soul realm, Wu Zhua Xie and his men were definitely not their opponents, and what’s more, they lost in numbers, the scouts had seven people!

Su Yun’s held his breath, and carefully felt for movements above. The Evil Realm people were floating towards them, and did not make any sound, the only way of feeling their existence was their low and evil like breathing sounds.

“They are here!”

Su Yun muttered, and then stopped breathing. He did not move an inch, for fear of making any sound. Cheng Xie stayed deep inside the cave, shivering endlessly.

He used to be a strong cultivator, and all existence of the Spirit Soul realm were just ants to him, but now, he was the ant, and maybe the self confidence also dispersed, and crushed himself.

Seeing Cheng Xie’s situation, Su Yun sighed: This world, power was too important.

The breathing got closer and closer, closer and closer, then it gradually became softer, softer and further. Su Yun and Cheng Xie knew, that the group of scouts had already passed the cave beneath the tree, and were advancing forward.

Just at this time, the breathing suddenly stopped.

The scouts had stopped moving.

Su Yun was startled.

Then he heard another coarse voice.

“Who are you?”

That voice came from Wu Zhua Xie!

They really met.

Su Yun was ecstatic, he anxiously perked his ears up and tried to listen to what they were speaking.

“Was that Sword Qi and Evil Qi sent by you? Gagagaga, as expected, it’s a group of good fellows! I believe you guys will be extremely delicious!”

The scouts all laughed sinisterly, after that the all scattered, and surrounded Wu Zhua Xie and his men.

Wu Zhua Xue and his group knew that the opponents were strong, and they knew they were not strong enough, but they were not afraid. Wu Zhua Xie then walked out brazenly, and stared at the scouts, and with a proudful voice he said: “You want to swallow me? Ke, you’re not afraid your soul will disintegrate?”

“Brat, you think you can fight us?”

The leader of the scouts licked his lips and smirked.

“I can’t win you all, but I am not so easily defeated, do you know who my master is? He is the master of the Black Evil Cave Mansion! You dare to aggravate me! You must die without a burial!”

Who knew, after he said that, the scouts all started laughing out loud.


“What broken cave master? Hahaha!”

“In front of OUR master, your master is nothing! You dare to use him to scare us?”

The scout leader did not want to waste time, he sneered, then immediately took action. His hand formed a claw, and struck towards Wu Zhua Xie’s heart, as though he wanted to instantly shed first blood!

Wu Zhua Xie’s face changed, he immediately retreated and used his mystical technique, then started fighting.

Very quickly, both of them were showing their teeth, but Wu Zhua Xie was weaker, his group was smaller, and they were not able to contend against the scouts who just came out of the shrine, and very quickly they were on the verge of defeat.

Su Yun secretly spied with one eye, staring intently at the battle ahead, his expression was solemn, and beads of perspiration trickled down his face.

“Are you very nervous?” Cheng Xie asked: “If they are killing each other, they should ignore us!”

“It may be so, but if they use too strong mystical techniques, we won’t be able to hide any longer, anyway the tree cave is too weak, it can be broken with just a bit of Evil Qi!”

Su Yun clenched his teeth, he started thinking, and finally, he made his decision.

“This tree cave is too close to them fighting! We need to leave! Sooner or later they will destroy the surroundings, and if we don’t leave, we will get caught!”

“Leave? How to leave? There are no routes here!”

“Who said there isn’t any?”

Su Yun Clenched his teeth, he raised his hand to grab the supporting trunk and climbed out of the cave.

“There is only one way to walk, although it will be a narrow escape, at least it’s better than dying!”

“Are you saying to go deeper into the Soulless Forest?”