Limitless Sword God Chapter 205

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Into the Shrine

A black heart the size of a basket, was stabbed deep by Thousand Deep Sword. Su Yun leaped forward to grab hold of the heart.

The Dead Lonely Beast’s heart was reeking of a rotting stench. Su Yun frowned slightly as he looked upon this rotting seed but thinking about its effects, he withstood the unbearable stench and swallowed it.

He swallowed it in a gulp.


Su Yun wiped his mouth as he turned towards Cheng Xie and muttered: “Let’s go. With this dying Dead Lonely Beast, the other Evil Realm beasts will come running here! Let’s leave this place soon.”

“Yea, you also need to find a place to digest the Dead Lonely Beast’s heart and channel all the energy within the heart to become yours.”


Su Yun breathed out and left quickly with Cheng Xie.

The two roamed around the outskirts of Soulless Forest for a period of time before they found an empty piece of land.

This land was flat, and there were no signs of any gigantic Evil Realm beasts roaming around. The Qi in the air was clean too, so there were probably no impending danger.

Without hesitation, Su Yun immediately started meditating to digest the Dead Lonely Beast’s heart. With Cheng Xie at the side serving him honestly.

The Dead Lonely Beast was huge, its entire body was a treasure, but the most precious out of all of them would be its heart, as it contained all of its energy. According to rumours, a Dead Lonely Beast’s spirit essences was not in the Qi channels of the beast, instead, it was all gathered in its heart. This was also the reason why the Dead Lonely Beast’s heart was so huge. Also, it was super strong, giving the Dead Lonely Beast a strong life force.

Su Yun wanted to digest it so badly but the Evil Spirit Qi within the heart was resisting him. He could only attack by using all of his Profound Spirit Qi on him. He activated all of his Spirit Essences, and his Profound Spirit Qi gushed forward towards his digestive system in an attempt to digest the contents of the heart, absorbing all of the energy within it.

Cheng Xie looked upon Su Yun as he meditated. Su Yun looked so focused as a great deal of Evil Qi started seeping out of him. He was turning pale and there were stripes of black tendons forming on his skin. That was a sign of Evil Qi passing through his Qi channels.

After half a day, Su Yun finally opened his eyes. He had stopped what he was doing.

“How are you feeling?”

Cheng Xie ran over hastily as he asked.

Su Yun did not reply him. Instead, he extended his arms and started accumulating Profound Spirit Qi. Then, there was a ray of blackness with a tinge of white, blue, green, red, and purple Qi emerging from him. It was as though a piece of black paper, painted with several different colours. Although it looked beautiful, it was eerie to look at.

“Is this your Profound Spirit Qi?”

Cheng Xie looked at the Qi on his hands in shocked as though his eyes were falling out.


“Why, why do I sense other elements? This isn’t a Pure Evil Qi right? It seems as though there are at least three kinds of Qi within it!”

“It’s not three, but seven.” Su Yun clenched his hand into a fist and dispersed the Qi. looking up, he said decisively: “I must leave this Evil Realm alive. Cheng Xie, I’ll help you obtain your master’s divine crown but I need to tell you something right now! You better not lie to me, or else.”

“You’re going to kill me?”

“No.” Su Yun shook his head: “I’ll destroy your master’s divine crown personally.”

With that, Cheng Xie’s face turned ugly. He gulped his saliva down and did not reply.

“Huh?” suddenly, Su Yun raised his eyes and looked far ahead to see a pair of black, shimmery golden eyes as though they were two rays of fish fading in and out.

“Someone’s coming! It’s quick and the Qi is strong!”

Su Yun’s face congealed as he whispered.

“Is it the almighty being?’

“Amongst these people, there are a few that went back to report to the Evil people. I’m pretty sure that’s them. Seems like they’re going to retrieve the divine crown!”

When cheng Xie heard, he panicked: “Then let’s get moving, we better not let them get it first!”

“This divine crown is seated within the Shrine of Evil Spirits. With our cultivation, it is definitely not enough to get it. In addition, once it lands into their hands, the chances of us getting it would even be lower. So there is only one way to get it now.”

“What is it?”

Cheng xie asked quickly.

“That is, when they are obtaining the divine crown!” Su Yun caressed his chin as he pondered: “Earlier on, that batch of Evil people merely wanted to test waters at the shrine to see what the structure was like on the inside of the shrine and to gather all the dangers within the shrine. Like you said, the almighty being is cautious. Before he starts on anything, he would investigate thoroughly first. So he must be fully prepared now. We might not have a great chance in obtaining it so when we are making a move later, we need to pre-empt two escape routes.”

“How are we going to retreat?”

“Are you not familiar with retreating?”

“Not very. My powers are weak, why would I come here? This place is too dangerous, I cannot handle it.”

“Then at least, you’re familiar with the shrine right?”

“Of course!”

“That’s good. Let’s go!”


“Let’s get ahead and arrive at the shrine before they do, so we can make some preparations.”

“But didn’t you just say? There’s a Dead Lonely Beast, there are probably many Evil beings surrounding it now!”

“The Evil beings will only get close to the Dead Lonely Beast. If we take a detour around them, what danger would there be? As compared to us, a Dead Lonely Beast would be a much greater temptation.”

Cheng Xie hesitated but ultimately, he nodded and agreed with Su Yun.

Since there was no one who was that familiar with the structure of the shrine as compared to Cheng Xue, so Su Yun had to bring Cheng Xie along.

The two went deeper into the Soulless Forest. A thousand miles behind the two of them, a group of black figures were darting through.


With the bright moon shining brightly on the ground, the moon became the only thing that was comforting to look at. But currently, the Su family was creeping in eeriness too.

Ka dang.

The cup fell to the ground, then a table was flung up.

Su Yang Nian held his head low as he knelt on the floor. He allowed Su Li Xiong to vent his anger however he wanted without saying a word.

“Su Yun! It doesn’t matter that Su Yun is dead! I can make do without the treasures! Why! Why can’t I find Qing Er too! You piece of shit! Can’t I have someone capable from the Su Family? Garbage!”

Su Li Xiong was screaming his lungs out as he kicked a chair and send it crashing into pieces as though he was a maniac.

“According to what I know, Qing Er had made use of the Su Family’s Exquisite Heart Jewel and had teleported to god knows where. But I have already contacted the people of Profound Sky Sect and some other sects that are on good terms with the Su Family to keep a lookout for Qing Er! I believe we will get some news.”

“A wanted criminal in the entire continent?” Su Li Xiong moaned repeatedly when he heard: “To put it in good words , yes, but how can we cover the entire continent? How can our people walk the entire continent? Don’t pacify me with words! Su Yang Nian! I made you the Great Clan Elder to complete tasks! If you can’t do it, then you jolly well get off that seat!”

With that, Su Yang Nian exclaimed: “Please give Su Yang Nian another chance, Patriarch!”

“Chance? What chance do you want now. Anyway, the Profound Sky Sect has only given the Su Family three months time. If we still can’t find Qing Er, I can only hand you to them, to give them an answer!”

Su Li Xiong bellowed as he waved to indicate him to leave.

Su Yang Nian kept his cool and bowed again before he got up and left respectfully.

As he was exiting, a pale looking young lad donned in a purple robe entered in.

“Clan elder Yang Nian.”

The young lad walked with a composed stead but greeted Su Yang Nian urgently. But, Su Yang Nian merely shot him a glance. Without saying a word, he turned to leave.

There was a tinge of suspicion in his eyes but he did not asked as he stepped into the hall.

Su Li Xiong had vented a fair share of his anger. Right now, he held his hands behind his back, turning his back against the door as though he was deep in his thoughts. When the young lad walked in, he turned around.

Looking at the incoming young lad, he was Prince Fu Su.

“Son, it was you. Why are you here so late?” Su Li Xiong was looking better now. Although Su Yang Nian was seen as a garbage to the Su Family, as for his son, Su Li Xiong was content with him.

What Su Yun, what Qing Er! Fu Su was essentially priceless. Comparing their talents, Fu Su was the absolute strongest.

When Fu Su heard Su Li Xiong’s words, his black, thin brows trembled. He bowed seriously before he opened his mouth: “Father, I’ve come to resign.”

“Resign?” Su Li Xiong turned solemn: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to look for the Heavenly Dao.”

“Heavenly Dao? Why are you so persistent on something that doesn’t matter? You’ve already become something undefeatable.”

Su Li Xiong muttered.

He had already lost one son. As for this extremely talented son, he had him on the top of his priority. He wanted prince Fu Su to become an extraordinary being.

But, prince Fu Su shook his head continuously: “Are my talents good? No, father, this is the continent. We don’t fight for talents, but power. So what if my talents are good? I’ve only just stepped into the first stage of the Spirit Soul realm, a true expert could kill me easily! So, I need to continue chasing the Heavenly Dao, as my cultivation needs to grow.”

Prince Fu Su looked determined.

Su Li Xiong shook his head and asked: “Then, where do you intend to look for you so-called Heavenly Dao?”

“I’ve already have a location in mind but where it is located, I can’t say it.”

Fu Su smiled slightly and said: “Father, I promise this will be the last time I leave. Once this is over, I’ll be back to bring the Su Family to glory! To control the entire continent.”

“Hahahah, my son is ambitious. I’m relieved to hear that! Good! Good!”

Su Li Xiong laughed but he did not sense a flicker of red light in Fu Su’s eyes.

“Before I head out, I hope father can promise me something!”

“What is that?”

“I need some experts from the main house to follow me, to ensure my safety.” Fu Su smirked.