Limitless Sword God Chapter 206

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The True Emperor of the Evil Heart

Hua la!

Two shadows sprouted out from the forest and sprinted fast towards the piece of empty land. When they covered ⅓ of the empty land, the two found a huge rock and immediately jumped behind it to lean on it, panting heavily.

The two were covered in mud and leaves. They looked like they were in a sorry state, as though they had been sprinting their way out. After the Dead Lonely Beast died, its stench lured several evil beasts. Along the way, the two of them met with many evil beasts. Although the evil beasts were not interested in them, there were still one or two greedy evil beasts who wanted to devour them.

Su Yun dared not initiate any fights, as that might attract more attention from the evil beasts and that would only mean they could not escape. Finally, there wasn’t any other stronger existence present. They had escaped from the Soulless Forest safely.

Su Yun panted heavily. Earlier on, he had taken on a few attacks from those evil beasts and his Qi was in a mess now. He meditated quickly and once his Qi had stabilised, he opened his eyes.

“This should be safe right?”

“Safe!” Cheng Xie nodded and stood up, pointing afar, he said: “Look!”

Su Yun looked towards the direction he pointed. At the peak of the hill stood a ginormous shrine. After been through so much, the shrine looked dull and slanted. There were cracks on the surface of the shrine, and it was covered in bricks. Bricks from a broken realm. A ruined array mark. The shrine did not collapse completely but the entrance was completely blocked. There was only one hole at the side and lurking within was a great deal of Evil Qi. it looked extremely eerie.

“Is that the Shrine of Evil Spirits?”

Su Yun looked straight ahead with a flat face. The darkening sky cast a shadow on the shrine, it looked terrifying.


Cheng Xie nodded. Then, he sat on the floor and continued: “The Qi within the shrine is super strong. Even the Qi surrounding the shrine is thick and scary. Therefore, you won’t see any evil beasts carrying out activities around here. We’re safe here but if we get any closer, we have to hold up with the Qi. initially, you don’t have any Evil Qi on you. You’d have never been able to get close to such Qi atmosphere. So I need to help you cultivate that Evil Spirit Qi, because only when you know how to use your own Evil Qi can you synthesize this Qi atmosphere and enter the Shrine of Evil Spirits smoothly.”


“Yea, synthesize! Some of the Evil people are very smart. They know how to use the Qi on their own body to synthesize certain treasures or a much stronger Qi atmosphere. Evil beasts are not equipped with such methods. You might not know how to synthesize these Qi, but I know, because I am very familiar with this place.”

Cheng Xie said: “Human, just follow my gestures and chantings to ride off this Evil Spirit Qi. We’ll be setting off soon.”


Su Yun nodded.

Seeing Cheng Xie forming a fist with both hands clasped together, he started brandishing his fingers, relaxing and tensing his fingers alternatively as he chanted a series of awkward sounding mantra proficiently.

Then, the Evil Qi in him started moving around orderly through every inch of his Qi channels. The flow was quick. Finally, it emerged from his body and formed a lustrous, black protective screen around him.

The protective screen circled around him lively as though it would never stop.

Cheng Xie then took a deep breath, looked upon the ruined structure at the peak of the hill and advanced forward.

Seeing that, Su Yun followed up quickly.

The two walked slowly, one at the front and the other at the back.

Then, without half an hour, the two entered a weird Qi atmosphere.

As though they had been dragged into a body of water, when they walked, they could feel an incoming resistance. Their movements were limited and it was extremely fatiguing to move.

“Is it going to be like this inside the Shrine of Evil Spirits?”

Su Yun walked forward with heavy footsteps as he interrogated Cheng Xie.

Cheng Xie was already pale. Pearls of sweat trickled down his face as he panted: “No. the Qi atmosphere is formed by the heavy Qi inside the shrine. Since all the Qi gathered here, it is hard to disperse them. Hence, it is like this. There is no Qi atmosphere inside.”

With that, Su Yun fell silent. He thought: “If that’s the case, with this Qi atmosphere out here, it might put as at a disadvantage when we leave!”

“Disadvantage when we leave?”

“Yeah, the almighty being has profound cultivation. This Qi atmosphere is nothing to him but it is something for us. With this Qi atmosphere stopping us, we might not be able to leave quickly. It would become a hindrance that will kill us.”

“Then, what should we do?”

“Is there any other routes to the shrine?”

“There’s one broken teleportation array.”

“Teleportation array? Where will it teleport us to?”

“The cluster cloud mountain at the south-west region of the Evil Realm!”

“How do you know that teleportation array is broken?”

“There was a catastrophe in the early times. When I tried to leave through the teleportation array, it was destroyed by someone. It was probably done by the almighty being. He must be prepared to cut off the last escaping route.”

“Is there any ways to repair that teleportation array?” Su Yun asked quickly.

“This is a little bit more difficult but there are manuals of array essence kept away in this shrine. It’s just that I don’t know if those were raided by the almighty being.”

“Is the Divine Crown hidden in the storage room?”

“No. The Divine Crown is located right at the center of the shrine.”

Hearing that, Su Yun lowered his head and thought hard. After a while, he spoke: “There is probably still the array essence in the storage room. According to you, it’s not easy to obtain treasures from this shrine. The treasures within the storage room might have been raided but the array essence might remain. We shall go there first, look for the array essence. Wait till the teleportation array is repaired then we make another plan. If the teleportation array can’t be fixed, we would have to give up on this mission!”

“Give up?” Cheng Xie froze as he turned to look at Su Yun in shock.

“Yes, give up!” Su Yun nodded: “I won’t risk my life because of this mission of yours. Without the teleportation array, we don’t have an escape route. Even if we got the divine crown, we’d be dead!”

“This” Cheng Xie was obviously unhappy but he had no other choice. Taking a deep breath in, he nodded.

“If we stay alive, then we might still have a chance. Even if the divine crown was taken from the almighty being, we will have other opportunities to take it back. But once we’re dead, then we would have no other chances. Sometimes, it is much more worth it to live an ignorant life than to sacrifice for honour!”

Su Yun patted Cheng Xie’s shoulders and continued forward.

Cheng Xie was slightly stunned as he looked upon the silhouette. His eyes in a daze.

“Live an ignorant life? After all these years, haven’t I been living a life without purpose?” Cheng Xie muttered.

Through the Qi atmosphere, the two was finally near the peak of the hill and the broken, majestic shrine.

The place was extremely chilly. All the droplets of water had turned into ice. Anyone who stayed here would had been frozen to death. Su Yun’s cultivation was high, so naturally, he was fine. But Cheng Xie was different. His cultivation level was low. Going through the Qi atmosphere had taken a toll on him. Now, he had to take on this extreme cold weather. He could no longer take it as he shivered hard.

When Su Yun saw, he delivered some of his Evil Spirit Qi into Cheng Xie’s body, which made Cheng Xie feel better.


Heaving a sigh, he turned towards the gigantic shrine. There was a tinge of alluring emotions lurking from behind the Spirit Essence.

“Master, master, I’m back”

He whispered, sounding sad. The glorious days were gone, his accompaniments had left him. No one remembered the glorious days of the Shrine of Evil Spirits. All they cared about were the treasures.

Su Yun pulled out the Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade. With the death sword left behind him, he stepped into the Shrine of Evil Spirits.

Cheng Xie came back to reality and followed behind him.

“Human, be careful. There are many dead warriors who had turned into the evil beings within this shrine. There are also many beings who lust after the shrine’s treasures and were controlled by the Evil Qi. their powers are super strong. You have to be careful!”

Cheng Xie exclaimed.

“I understand. You better stay close to me. You are much more familiar with this place than me. Which way do I go to the storage room?” Su Yun held onto both swords as he asked.

“Through the right side, you’ll pass by the evil garden, and through the grievance pond. Then, you’ll arrive at the storage room.”

“The almighty being is already on his way here. I believe not long later, they would arrive here. Time is running out. Bring me there quickly!”


Cheng Xie nodded and ran up front taking Su Yun with him.

But, just as he had taken a few steps, suddenly a shriek broke the silence.

Su Yun’s ears perked up. He got a shock as he brandished both of his swords in a second.


The Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade flew out as they circled around Cheng Xie.

There were countless amounts of arrows shooting from the right side, towards Cheng Xie but when the two swords flew over, it formed a circular sword barrier and protected Cheng Xie. The attacks of the arrows were instantly crushed. Cheng Xie was safe and sound.

He was shocked. But quickly, he looked towards the direction the arrows were coming from and screamed: “It’s an evil being!”

Four evil looking shadows emerged from the right with quivers strapped over their backs. Wearing light grey armor, their skin looked pitch black. Reeking of Evil Qi, they held onto a bow each and looked evil. When they shot the arrows out and were met with a resistance, they had no reaction. Instead, they continued shooting out arrows.

“They are master’s Evil Cyclone team!”

Seeing their faces clearly, Cheng Xie kneeled to the ground and cried: “Are they all evil beings?”

“Seems like it.”

Su Yun took a deep breath and muttered. Swaying both his arms, he instigated his Profound Spirit Qi. The Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade encircling Cheng Xie suddenly charged towards the members of Evil Cyclone team.

These evil people had no conscious mind. All they thought all day was killing people. Their cultivations were not considered high, they were probably just at the fifth stage of the Spirit Core realm. In addition to the fact that they only knew how to shoot arrows, they had just met Su Yun who knew how to maneuver swords. There was nothing that was too difficult for him. Just a few movements of his swords, and everyone was killed.

Cheng Xie took a deep breath in. He was speechless. He did not hate Su Yun. He understood he had to do what he had to do.

Once the members of the Evil Cyclone team died, Cheng Xie grieved. Throughout the journey to the storage room, he was silent.

But, before they even stepped into the Evil Garden, suddenly, the entire shrine started shaking. Then, a shrill sound soared through the sky.


The sound resonated as though an ancient beast had cried out. When Cheng Xie heard, his face changed.

“This is bad.”

“What is happening?”

“Seems like, seem likes the strong evil beings are agitated!”

“The evil beings are agitated?” Su Yun suddenly realised what he was saying: “Are you saying the almighty being is here?”

There was only one possibility the strong evil beings would be agitated, and that would be when danger was lurking near them. Someone like Su Yun was not a threat to them! So, only the almighty being would cause a scene like this.

“Go! Quick! Run there!”

Su Yun gasped.

If the almighty sensed the two of them, the two would be dead.

Cheng Xie dared not delay any further and ran for the Evil Garden instantly.

But just as they stepped outside of the Evil Garden, several evil beings jumped out.

As swift as the wind, Su Yun pulled his swords and fought with them. The two swords flew around frantically.