Limitless Sword God Chapter 211

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The Battle at Cluster Cloud Mountain

Si si si.

Like a viper’s spit, the Evil Qi surged everywhere, the restless and unstable Qi was on the verge of exploding, and was uncontrollable. The surging power flowed out, enveloping his entire body.

Qi Channels.


Veins and Arteries.

The internal organs.

He was bestowed with an astonishing amount of strength and power in all aspects.

The Divine Crown was corroded with time, after being damaged, the power in it was gradually diminishing, and was unable to sustain anymore, but, even with it’s current power, to Su Yun, it was already extremely powerful.

By relying on this gain in power, the Spirit Essences in Su Yun’s body seemed to be more refined, as circles after circles of traces started to appear around the Spirit Essences, releasing a mystical power, providing the power to the Spirit Essences, stabilizing the Qi that they produced.

The Spirit Essences in his body had grown stronger.

Su Yun straightened his body, his entire body releasing a white beam that soared into the sky shooting straight through the clouds.

Spirit Soul Realm!

The power of the Divine Crown instantly brought him over the last hurdle and entered the new realm.

Su Yun opened up both of his hands, and could feel the new strength bestowed unto him, causing him to feel free and bright, it was as if he experienced rebirth. The number of Spirit Essence did not increase, but each of them had become extremely big, robust and strong, shocking him.

He raised his hand and gently clenched, only to see a large amount of restless Profound Spirit Qi dancing on his palm.

Even with the draining of the surging force, even with the gradually weakening Heavenly Crystal, he did not feel weaker.

“The remaining power of the Divine Crown has been transferred to you, but that cannot be compared to Master gifting his talent and all of his remaining power to your body. You have forever gained Master’s talent, and you can temporary use his power, to block the incoming Evil Lord Tang Lang!”

(TN: Decided to change the almighty being’s name, greedy wolf sounds too lame.)

Cheng Xie weakly looked at Su Yun, and then he kneeled down, and kowtowed to Su Yun.

“Human, please represent my Master and behead Evil Lord Tang Lang!!! Cheng Xie begs you!!”

Su Yun looked at Cheng Xie, his eyes was blazing with a dark fire. He kept Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade, solely wielding the Death Sword. At that moment, he could feel the Death Sword stirring restlessly and glowing.

It had finished evolving, and couldn’t wait to test its power?

Su Yun stared at the sword that was not out of its sheath, and killing intent soared from his heart.

Hua la!

Just at that time, the shuttling bridge suddenly had a black light. The black light swept past, causing the bridge to immediately disappear. When it completely disappeared, a dark mist silhouette landed in front of them.

The cold jungle Qi was like a large cage the locked down the entire cluster cloud mountain, where the entire place was covered in ice. The temperature in the air was below freezing point, when the person appeared, it was like the entire cluster cloud mountain became his territory.

It was Evil Lord Tang Lang, and, when he saw Su Yun’s forehead with the black evil print, he lost it for a moment, following that he was full of rage: “Divine Crown! You actually consumed the Divine Crown? No!! NO!! THE Divine Crown had a much stronger usage, how could it be used by you!!”

“As long as it’s in your hands, no matter how big it’s usage is, it would still be useless.”

Su Yun stepped forward, the step surging with killing intent, his voice was ice cold, his Sword Qi strong.

Rage was burning in Evil Lord Tang Lang’s eyes, but after a while, he suddenly changed, and spoke: “You think that after you have obtained the legacy of Evil Emperor Xin Wu, you think you can fight me? Ke, Evil Emperor Xin Wu was beaten by me to the point where he was left with a single strand of his soul, and was powerless, how much can he bestow onto you? He only gave you a slight increase in Profound Spirit Qi, and gave you a stronger fleshly body. Today, not only you, even if he personally came and stood here, he is still but an ant to me! Stupid human, if I were you, I would immediately kneel down, and kowtow to me 9 times, and submit to me. That way, at least you can preserve your life.”

“Submit to you? I have never even thought of that phrase before, stop talking, and just fight!”

Su Yun growled, his entire body shifted, rushing towards Evil Lord Tan Lang.

In a moment, his body released graceful and gentle grey light, the grey light covered his entire body, filling him with incomparable power.

That was Evil Emperor Xin Wu’s last bit of power, maybe he could not hold on for long, but it was the last attack to his enemy!

Su Yun made his move.

The Death Sword immediately unsheathed, and without hesitation, thrusted over. It was like an evil dragon swallowing everything in it’s wake.

The sword tip released a brilliant light that shot out towards Evil Lord Tan Lang and cut the trees and rocks behind him, while the evil mist around Evil Lord Tan Lang’s body was used up, exposing his true form.

“Seeking death!!”

Evil Lord Tan Lang was thoroughly enraged.

The ant got lucky and dared to offend him, how could he not be pissed off? His palms changed to claws, and clawed in front of him, forming out two gigantic Qi Claws in the air that pounced towards Su Yun.

Su Yun reacted and dodged, the evil claws clawed the ground, causing the mountain top to tear apart.

He was not panicky, as he steadily walked forward, then suddenly rushed forward, sweeping the sword, causing a jet black sword image to slash towards Evil Lord Tan Lang.


The sword image suddenly stopped, one look, and Evil Lord Tan Lang actually withstood the Sword Qi and the sharp tip aura, locking the sword body in place.

“Ants will simply be ants, The power that Evil Emperor Xin Wu gave you is simply not strong enough to match me!”

With that, the Evil Lord released a palm that went straight towards Su Yun’s head, the sound of the palm erupted causing a ripple that soared out, causing the surrounding air to vibrate, as though the place was boiling.

Weng weng weng weng.

Just then, boundless pressure came out from the Death Sword, and in a moment it was inflicted on the Evil Lord’s body, causing him to shiver uncontrollably, and even the palm he released could no longer be used!

A trace of Evil Qi was released, the Death Sword had shown it’s might.

The Sword Qi was like a minute black needle, it pierced into the Evil Lord’s body, then frantically sucked the Evil Profound Spirit Qi in his body!


The Evil Lord was surprised.

The Death Sword was able to absorb the power of the Spirit Star Realm! Was that the might it had obtained after evolving from absorbing Li Chong Tian’s power?

After entering and absorbing, the black needle like substance interrupted and removed the Evil Lord’s flow of Qi, causing his insides to be in a mess, and unable to release any mystical techniques.

In the next second, Su Yun’s fist came out.

The Evil Lord immediately raised his hands to block, and the fist landed in his palms.


The Evil Lord retreated a few steps, the dense brute force actually caused him to be unable to stand properly.

Su Yun was currently in the Spirit Soul Realm, and after adding on the last power of Evil Emperor Xin Wu, it was unknown how much of an increase his power had grown, especially his body strength, it was inconceivable.

“Seems like you have a few ways to do things.”

Evil Lord Tan Lang had consecutively taken a few hits, and knew that he could not look down on Su Yun, so he hardened himself, and prepared for an all out battle.

Su Yun rushed out again in a forceful manner, after the Death Sword came out from it’s sheath, it could no longer fly, but it’s dense Sword Qi and killing Qi was so strong that it caused people have difficulty breathing.

“You overestimate yourself! This dirty ant!”

Evil Lord Tan Lang shouted agitatedly, both of his hands swaying, causing a mysterious seal  spiral to form between his claws, and then aimed it towards Su Yun.

The Evil Seal flew over, forming into a sinister and terrifying head, biting at Su Yun.

Su Yun raised his sword and sliced down, but as the sword tip slashed, it actually went through the head, it was actually an ethereal form.

His eyes congealed, and anxiously dodged. The head clashed onto the boulder behind him, and actually could instantly cause the entire boulder to melt into blood.

“Hahahahaha, that was just a fraction of my power! This time you will be unable to run!!”

Evil Lord Tan Lang laughed out thrice, his palms coming together again, this time, more Evil Seals came out, covering the skies, numerous and condensed.

If that technique came down, there most likely wouldn’t be any chance to escape.

“Crown Dominates the land!”

But Su Yun suddenly shouted out, and the Evil Seal on his forehead lit up, following that, a jet black Evil Qi surged out, completely covering him and forming a cocoon.

Seeing that, Evil Lord Tan Lang frowned, and started to aim the seals towards Su Yun.


The few gigantic Evil Seal heads all clashed onto the jet black cocoon, but they were unable to break the cocoon in half!

“Is that the power of the Divine Crown?” Evil Lord Tan Lang was surprised, but his face became even more sinister.

“That should had been mine!” He growled, he leaped over, then releasing 9981 palms, each and every palm was dense and powerful.

The jet black cocoon was struck by the evil palms constantly, causing the entire cluster cloud mountain to quake.

“Fallen Leaves Sword technique!”

During the time while Evil Lord Tan Lang was releasing his palms, Su Yun suddenly cut out of the cocoon by himself, holding the Death Sword and slashing forward, a huge burst of Evil Qi criss crossed, striking Tan Lang.

“Such a low grade Sword Technique, and you still dare to use it on this lord! You’re simply seeking death!”

Tan Lang pointed with his finger, and a black light shot out towards Su Yun. Whatever the black light passed through, there would be eruptions.

Su Yun saw the evil aura appearing, and even with facing such a technique, he did not dodge, but danced along with his sword technique and went forward.


The black light struck his body, but he did not have any feeling. He directly went straight to Tan Lang, then suddenly releasing the Evil Qi, as rays after rays of Qi shot out.

“Oh no!”

Evil Lord Tan Lang’s face changed, and he anxiously retreated.

Although his technique was strong, Tan Lang released it in the air, and had a large open weak spot. He thought Su Yun would defend, and never thought that he would take the chance and seize the flaw to attack.


Large amounts of Qi penetrated through Tan Lang’s body, after that, a pitch black sword frantically spun.


Tan Lang cried out, he did not know what technique was it, but upon contact, he had slowed down by more than half.

Storm Sword Technique.

Xiu Xiu xiu xiu xiu.

The Death Sword used boundless, dense Evil Qi and travelled back and forth, like a gigantic evil dragon going through Tan Lang’s body. He wanted to dodge but was not in time, and his waist had a huge hole from the sword. His blood scattered everywhere, his current situation was extremely ugly.

Tan Lang retreated, his eyes were filled with frantic and hate, and stared ferociously at Su Yun.

“No one had ever forced me to this state.”

He endured the pain in his body, and clenched his teeth to shout.

Su Yun stopped moving, waving his hand, he grabbed hold of the Death Sword that flew back to him. The sword tip pointed straight at Tan Lang, as he walked over.

Each step was filled with the intention to kill.

On that day, one person had to die between the two.

“Fine! Fine! The games will stop here, I should use my true abilities now!”

Tan Lang gasped for breath, his voice sinister, his body suddenly fell, both hands supporting himself on the ground, the Evil Qi on his body started leaking, and his entire being started to transform.


The wolf howl resonated out into the air, following that, Tan Lang’s entire body had transformed into the size of a small mountain, with Evil Qi surrounding his entire body. When it dissipated, a gigantic wolf had appeared!

Tan Lang’s body was extremely strong, his entire body had sharp hair, with evil red eyes, the Qi on his body was extremely astonishing.

The wolf power rippled out, causing all life on cluster cloud mountain to cover their heads and cower in fear, shivering with cold!


Su Yun squinted his eyes, ignoring the might of the wolf, he directly jumped in to attack, with one sword leveled with his eye, he rushed over.


The gigantic Tan Lang released an ear piercing laughter, following that it’s gigantic wolf claws slashed past, so fast that it could not be seen, in a moment reaching near Su Yun’s head.

The black light on Su Yun’s finger flashed.


The entire place was in shambles due to the fight.


Cheng Xie looked up, and was dumbfounded.

He’s dead?