Limitless Sword God Chapter 215

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The Evil Sword Sect disciple led Su Yun out of the Evil Lord You Xie’s cultivation ground, straight through two huge mountains and into an open field.

The Evil Sword Sect disciple was called Hun San. He was new to the Evil Sword Sect with less than 4 years of experience and he had yet to learn much of the Evil Sword Mystical Techniques.

To cultivate his own Evil Sword, he had been gathering ingredients from all over the place. As of today, he had gathered all of the ingredients he needed. All he was left was the Sword Spirit.

The people in the Evil Realm made treasures. To bestow more spirituality in a treasure, they would usually capture a few evil people or beasts and extract all of their spirits and souls to incorporate into the treasures. Such methods were banned from Sky Martial Continent, but in the Evil Realm, it was a norm.

Su Yun was already used to it.

“I wonder why evil friend Su is here to visit sword sect?”

On the journey, Hun San could not help but ask.

When Su Yun heard his question, he cupped his fist and bowed to Hun San and chanted a few words out: “To be honest, the Black Evil Lord wanted me to complete a mission for him in another world, but my lord is still recuperating. Recently he is about to make a breakthrough so it is inconvenient for him to use his skills to send me there. I can only hope that sword sect will provide me with the void exit to send me through to the other world to complete my mission.”

Su Yun lied about the need for the Evil Sword Sect to activate a void exit.

“Void exit? You wanna use the void exit at the Evil Sword Sect?”

Hun San was stunned but he asked back quickly.

Looking at his expression, Su Yun’s heart sank. He sensed something was wrong. Muttering: “Something like that, is it very inconvenient?”

“Inconvenient? Well, not that it is inconvenient but you’ve come at the wrong time! The void exit is ruined.”


“Three months ago, master Xie Wu from the Evil Sword Sect had headed to the outside world to gather some ingredients but just as the void exit was activated, and he was about to leave the Evil Realm, the void exit exploded. Master Xie Wu was injured in this process. He has yet to recover. Everyone in the Evil Sword Sect are investigated, and realised that there was a glitch in the ancient Evil Realm at the top of the void exit. Some of the ingredients had gone missing and so the void exit was unstable. My master had sent people to repair it through the nights but I don’t know how long it would take!”

“Just like this?” Su Yun was taken aback: “Can’t you just set up another void exit?”

“Set up another one? Tsk, evil friend Su, you don’t understand my sect’s void exit! Do you know why there’s only so little void exits in the Evil Realm? Because the void exits are located at places where there are crevices in between the worlds. Only at these crevices can a void exit be built. Do you think we don’t want to build more of them? The conditions don’t match. Every day, the void exit can only hold one person and there are only so many of them. So, only the almighty ones get to pass through the void exit. Most of them know how to use their skills to send them through so they’re merely just saving their energy by using these void exit.”

“I see.”

Su Yun fell silent.

“We’re about to reach Evil Sword Sect. I’ll be seeing the commander in a while and I’ll bring this matter up to him. If he agrees, you just need to wait for the void exit to be repaired.”

“Alright, I have plenty of time for my mission, I can wait for a few days.” Su Yun nodded his head.

“That’s great. Although Evil Sword Sect is not that close to Black Evil Cave Mansion but our lords are fated. I believe that won’t be a huge problem. Also, evil friend, you have helped me to attain the absolute black petal. I’ll definitely help you.”

Hun San said.

The both of them continued talking and very soon, they arrived at Evil Sword Sect.

It was a gigantic black mountain. But right in front of the black mountain sat a tall, enormous statue.

It was a headless statue, but it was dressed in a body of armour. In it’s hand was a huge stone carved sword. It looked solemn and fierce.

“This is the guardian of the Evil Sword Sect, The Headless Sky Devil. It was rumoured that when the sect comes under threat, this Headless Sky Devil will come to life and exterminate any threats that he deem fit. I don’t know its true powers, but it is terrifying enough that no evil person dares to create chaos at Evil Sword Sect.”


Su Yun nodded and looked at the gigantic man.

Through the gigantic man was a rocky mountain road. They walked on it and realised, the Evil Sword Sect was not on the mountain but right inside the middle of the mountain. The mountain surrounded the Evil Sword Sect.

As compared to other almighty beings, the Evil Sword Sect was much more luxurious. Amongst the mountain, there were several pitch dark pavilions that were enveloped by spinning Evil Arrays. Hun San had mentioned that Evil Sword Sect held nearly up to hundreds of thousands of evil people. It had the greatest authority in this region and everyone around them had to bow down to them.

“Hun San, who have you bought along with you? He’s not one of us right?”

When the two walked into the Evil Sword Sect, a couple of evil people who were conversing in a building deep within turned to look at them. When they saw how ugly Su Yun looked under the cape, they turned green. One of the sturdier ones even screamed.

“Hun San pay respects to senior brother Li Guang, senior sister Li Xin” Hun San bowed as he walked towards them. Then, he continued: “This is my evil friend who came from Black Evil Cave Mansion. He is their representative and he has come forth to ask for a favour.”

“A favour?” Li Guang’s evil brows frowned: “What kind of favour?”

Su Yun looked at Hun San. Hun San nodded back at him and so, Su Yun had to repeat the lie he made up.

“That’s unfortunate.” Li Guang shook his head continuously: “The void exit was broken a few months ago. The people from Evil Sword Sect are repairing it now. If you want to use it, I’m afraid you have to wait for a while.”

“The noble sword sect is willing to let me use, I’m already very grateful. There’s nothing to lose if I wait for a few days.” Su Yun smiled. He thought it was better to put it in good words when he talked to the people from Evil Sword Sect.

“Alright then.”

Li Guang nodded and said to Hun San: “Let the commander know. Once he agreed, then we’ll lend it to this evil friend from Black Evil Cave Mansion. We’ll also arrange for him to stay till the void exit is fully repaired.”

“Yes!” Hun San cupped his fist and replied: “I’ll go and prepare now.”

With that, he led Su Yun away.

Very quickly, Su Yun was brought to the western corner of the Evil Sword Sect. It was serene and calm. There was an Evil Array at the top of his ceiling. Once he entered, Hun San activated the array and gusts of Evil Qi flowed down from the ceiling and nourished the evil people. Though Su Yun was equipped with Evil Qi, he did not find it a good feeling.

After settling Su Yun down, Hun San went to report to the commander. Indeed, there was not much of an issue from the commander side. He came back to Su Yun and was about to leave.

Half a day later, Hun San brought news about the void exit to the small hut.

“Evil friend Su Yun.”

“Evil friend Hun San. It’s been hard on you. Is there any updates from the void exit?”

“Yes.” Hun San nodded: “I’ve enquired the duration of repair works from the seniors. They have told me it would take up to a month.”

“A month?” Su Yun’s eyes battered.

“It isn’t considered too long nor is it short. Why don’t you stay here and wait. It is easy to leave the Evil Sword Sect but it’s not easy to enter. I’ve helped you to enter but in future, if you come in alone, it might not be so easy!”

Su Yun listened and nodded: “Ok.”

“Let’s go, evil friend Su Yun. I’ll bring you to some of the places where you can access. Remember, other than these places, don’t wander around elsewhere or else you might be killed by accident, so I hope the Black Evil Cave Mansion won’t blame us for that.”

Get killed by accident?

Su Yun broke into a cold sweat. In the context of Sky Martial Continent, he would most probably get a lecture or punishment.

Leading Su Yun, they went to places they could admire the scenery. The only unique place was the plaza. It was the place where the people of Evil Sword Sect got to rest. Several evil people chatted as they caught up with their rest. Other than these few places, there was no place he could go.

Su Yun understood Hun San’s method but it was probably not Hun San’s intention. It was most likely the commander’s decision.

Not that it bothered him. Rather than roaming around, Su Yun would rather stay in the small hut and cultivate.

His Evil Spirit Essence had grown in numbers and power. He needed to continue cultivating the Earth Spirit Essence and other Spirit Essences or else the Spirit Essences in his body would not be able to find balance, and his true strength would be dominated by the Evil Spirit Essence. Even if he used the Monarch Occult Force, he might not be able to stabilise himself.

After the touring was over, Hun San left.

Su Yun went back to the small hut on his own.

First, he entered the hut and took off one of the ingredients attached to the ceiling where the Evil Array was to stop the Array. Then, he meditated within the hut and activated his Spirit Essence. Of course, this time, his merely activated the normal Spirit Essence and the Earth Spirit Essence. Not once did he touch the Evil Spirit Essence.

His Qi started to flow gently and smoothly in all parts of his Qi channels. He was very careful with his movements as he was afraid to expose himself. That would spell trouble.

“With a clear conscience, Qi floating like clouds, an upright character and loyalty, I’ll roam the earth and between the skies, I’ll be everywhere.”

Just as Su Yun was meditating, there was a soothing voice coming out from the sword sheath.

It was Ling Qing Yu.

He was shocked. But it was as though the chants were like a technique manual, he immediately chanted like Ling Qing Yu.

Following the chantings, he maneuvered his Qi. In an instant, the Qi started to turn messy but then, it calmed down quickly. There was no procedures to it but it followed the posture of the meditation.

In that moment, Su Yun felt there a faint trace of refinement of his Qi that was increasingly getting more profound.

He felt good, as he floated around carefully. The Evil Spirit Essence was completely shut off. In that moment, he could not sense an inch of the Evil Spirit Essence.

It was as though he was back to being human and had nothing to do with demons.

Keeping this state of mind, Su Yun kept meditating for another half a day before he stopped. Right now, it was as if his Qi channels were made of jade as they glistened and glowed. He was super energetic and there were colours in his face.

“Thanks.” he heaved a sigh and smiled to the sword sheath.

Ling Qing Yu did not reply as though she was too lazy to do so.

Su Yun just chuckled. He did not mind.

Then, it went on like this for the next few days.

Ten days later.

His Qi had reached a breakthrough. Su Yun realised he could completely chant the technique manual and increase his Spirit Essences and attain the status of second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator.

Just then, he was about to continue cultivating, he heard a din outside his hut that had always been serene for the past 10 days.

“Quick! Go to the plaza. Senior brother Tu and senior brother Ji are about to spar! Go and take a look!”

“Evil Sword competition? Goodness, these two are the geniuses of Evil Sword Sect. Why would they spar?”

“If you’re going to stand there and think, you might lose a chance of witnessing something great!”

The clatters continued. They sounded anxious. The words travelled to Su Yun’s ears. He was surprised to hear that.

“Evil Sword competition?”