Limitless Sword God Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: The Surprising Victory

Was it even possible?

An outer sect disciple had actually beaten an inner sect disciple… furthermore he was able to do it so quickly?

If the audience had not personally witnessed it for themselves, nobody would have believed it.

“Contestant 9…co-contestant 998 is the winner!”

The judge was also shocked and had to take a moment before he could announce the result.

After the judge’s announcement, the stunned audience woke up from a trance.

“Tian Yuan, he…he fought a weak brat from the outer sect, yet what happened?  This…this isn’t possible,” A female disciple shouted.

“Did you guys not clearly see what happened? As they were struggling during the fight, suddenly, Su Yun changed his hand movements. He managed to change the direction of his opponent’s spiritual aura output with a mysterious method. “

“What?!? Just by changing his hand movements in this battle followed by a cheap strike to finish his opponent after he had created such an opportunity. Is this man bold or just stupidly daring? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

“You are all just looking down on this person! This disciple isn’t so simple. Although I do not know with what method he use enabling him to overpower Tian Yuan, his strength…I’m afraid might be much stronger than what we currently think he is!”

“A mere eighth stage spirit novice disciple overpowered a first stage intermediate realm disciple…wow, how is this possible?”

“Within the realm of higher stage fighting, it is very difficult to say. The fact that this disciple actually managed to overcome three cultivation stages higher than him…this is truly frightening!”

“I’m just afraid that this battle will remain etched into Tian Yuan’s heart for life.”

Off to the side of the arena, several of the inner sect disciples within the audience sighed and shook their heads. The audience members were still cheering endlessly and it would be awhile before the next match began on the arena*. Su Yun’s injured opponent was taken to the Regional Medical Tent of the Su Family to accept his treatment.

As quickly as the match finished, the news of Su Yun beating an inner sect disciple spread like wildfire, instantly reaching across the entire tournament square.

The contestants immediately became interested by the juicy news.

“What? Su Yun actually beat an inner sect disciple? How is this possible?”

“Don’t screw with me!”

“That trash with only a cultivation of sixth stage spirit novice realm? Do not joke like this, cause it isn’t funny.”

“The rumors this time around are really getting too outrageous.”

At first, many disciples did not believe the news. However, after looking at the competition results, one by one they became all completely petrified in shock.

Within the competition’s border.


Qian Ge exclaimed in shock and then lowered his voice.

“Senior is definitely more powerful than him!”

Beside Qian Ge stood a young juvenile.

“Not necessarily! If it was me, I don’t think I could even accomplish this kind of feat!”

“What, beating that inner sect disciple? Senior most definitely would have the strength!”

“Yes, but I am currently at Spirit intermediate realm cultivation, while he was only eighth stage spirit novice realm! If I have to fight him, I cannot earnestly treat him like he is only an eighth stage novice realm disciple!”

“What can he do to senior?”

“Well, he seems to be sneaky and ruthless.”

After the juvenile heard him, he only shook his head. He simply could not understand senior’s reasoning.

Qian Ge remained calm and explained with a smile, “Before Su Yun ate the other side’s spirit infused punch, he had already set up a trap. Therefore, when his opponent rushed towards him, he purposefully thrusted his palm out in such a way as to disrupt his opponent’s spirit power. It was actually all part of his plan!”

“His plan?”

“Right. It had to be this way, since Su Yun was already aware of his opponent’s strength. When one utilizes spirit power to infuse one’s own strikes, there is excessive strain on the body. In particular the stress on meridians that run through the hand is a quite high. If the spirit power infused is not enough or is too weak, a “spirit explosion” could theoretically take place. Therefore, it seems that Su Yun intended to gamble everything on this singular occurrence. When he suddenly changed his movements, with his fast hand movements, he created a “sword” from the spirit power, infused it into his palm, and clashed with his opponent! That was why his hand was heavily injured.”

“So he cut his opponent’s meridians?”

“Right! There was just a little force in the strike’s spirit power, but it is exceptionally sharp. As it severed the meridians of the palm, the circulating spirit power was thrown into chaos. Therefore, his opponent, was doomed to lose!”

“Eh? So powerful!”

“Is it really only powerful?” Qian Ge shook his head and continued, “This man was not only extremely cautious and devious, but his knowledge concerning his opponent’s meridians was first class. If he lacked any of these qualities, he would not be able to sever any of the meridians. It is this combination of traits that I’m really afraid of!”

“So it is that.”

“Strength does not rely solely on cultivation, but also intelligence as well. A powerful man is bold and crafty, but is never ignorant.”

“I will remember the teachings of senior,” The long haired tender juvenile seriously promised.

After this round was over, everyone who was left had officially entered the top two hundred in rankings. Now for Su Yun, entering the inner sect was a sure thing.

The two hundred disciples entered the designated rest area. Su Yun was also welcomed and headed to the rest area.

Before he managed to get far, a large crowd of outer sect disciples flooded over.

Eyes of worship and respect were thrown at him.

“We greet the powerful Senior Su Yun. With your power only being eighth stage spirit novice realm,  you managed to defeat a spirit intermediate realm disciple. Please tell us… how did you do it?”

“Too impressive. Senior Su Yun, did you know, a few elders in the inner sect were asking for your name just a few moments ago!”

“Senior Su Yun, can I become your disciple?”

“Senior Su Yun, are you looking for a spirit cultivation partner?”

“Senior Su Yun, I love you!” (EN: Kyaaaaaa >0<)


The people’s constant pestering continued, like a swarm of bees. Su Yun was unable to cope with the attention and quickly got up to avoid the commotion.

After waiting for a short period of time, the match of Xin Yue ended.

This brave girl was covered with a myriad of scars, and her expression was extremely downcast.

After Su Yun asked what happened he was truly able to understand. Originally, Xin Yue had also been paired up against a female inner sect disciple named Xiao Xue. After just a few minutes, the fight ended in Xin Yue’s defeat.

Su Yun could only say a few words in consolation. After all, it was her first time participating in a tournament, so setbacks were to be expected. There would surely be other opportunities in the future.

It was great that Xin Yue’s character was optimistic. After she a while, she completely recovered herself.

After witnessing Su Yun beating an inner sect disciple, Xin Yue was shocked for a long time. Afterwards, Xin Yue dragged Su Yun back to her house, while she went out to the market to buy some good food. She called Xin Yang who was still recuperating and the three of them celebrated.

To beat an inner sect disciple… it was obvious that Su Yun had managed to enter the top two hundred ranks. The siblings Yue and Yang did not expect Su Yun’s strength to be so dominating.

Ever since Su Yun’s rebirth, he had not drunk any wine. Furthermore Xing Yang was still injured. Nonetheless, the three people ate and celebrated happily.

The next day, the tournament resumed.

Su Yun arrived early to the tournament square.

Contrary to everyone’s initial expectations, today’s tournament square was crowded.

The audience was completely filled. Even the amount of inner sect disciples attending could not be called few. Not only that, a few elders even made appearances, such as Shi Long. He had personally come to watch today’s matches.

This was a match of two hundred contestants, and only fifty would pass.

In addition, this was to select the best of the inner sect disciples of the tournament.

For whoever can win this competition, and enter the top fifty, would earn very generous rewards from the inner sect. These people would surely lead a promising and brilliant life.

Therefore, whether it was inner sect or outer sect disciples, everyone took this very seriously.

However, the amount of outer sect disciples in the top two hundred were very scarce. Including Su Yun, it only amounted to sixteen people. He was becoming afraid that those that could enter the top fifty rankings were even scarcer.

The arenas were shrunk to fifty, and the contestant were separated into two batches.

Su Yun was sitting in the resting area for a moment, when his ticket suddenly lit up.

Fifth arena.

Contestant 998 Vs. Contestant 17.

After Su Yun arrived at the fifth arena, he proudly strode towards the stage.

“Su Kuang! Su Kuang!”

“Su Kuang, good luck!”

“Su Kuang! I love you! Good luck, you must win this!”

At this time, a tsunami-like waves of cries rang out.

After Su Yun heard this, his complexion immediately darkened. He gave a sidelong glance and could see a person within the flanking square pavilion seat. Su Dong Fang was smiling and looking at Su Yun.

Finally matched up against Su Kuang?

Su Yun bowed his head in thought. Then, he quietly step onto the stage…