Limitless Sword God Chapter 299

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Limitless Sword God Chapter 299


The large sledgehammer fiercely smashed into Su Yun’s chest, causing his entire being to fly backward, and heavily crash into the ground. He coughed a few times, but he quickly climbed back up.

He’s fine?

Everyone watching outside the domain opened their eyes wide.

“Young master!”

Qing’er who was outside the domain could not hold back anymore, she instantly rushed forth, wanting to enter the domain, but she was stopped by the domain’s barrier. She stood by the protective barrier and shouted anxiously.

“Qing’er, relax, I’m fine.”

Su Yun gasped for breath, with a bit of a struggle, he stood up.

“Thank you.” He spoke out.

Valkyrie’s sledgehammer initially had the strength to smash a mountain, but when she got close, she suddenly held her back on the strike, and when it struck Su Yun’s body, it’s power was already not at it’s peak.

“Thank? What are you thanking me for?” Valkyrie’s face was slightly angered, she asked with a stern tone: “Wu Yun, why did you suddenly hold back with your sword in that moment? You clearly could have relied on it to cut me apart!”

Valkyrie had extraordinary senses for battle, and when Su Yun’s sword appeared and disappeared. Even if the officials were unable to realise it, Valkyrie had sensed it, especially the destructive force contained inside the transient Qi, even now when she thought back to it, it would cause her to shiver.


‘If I had truly made that move, the one who would get cut down will not be you, but me.’ Su Yun thought secretly.

“No, let’s go at it once more!”

Valkyrie spoke earnestly.

To not be able to truly enjoy the battle was truly her greatest dishonor.

“No no, let’s do it another day, you won.” Su Yun no longer had the heart to continue. Furthermore, leaving a bit of strength to leave Qin Creek was even more practical.

“Wu Yun, you promised me to give it your all, if you are unable to fulfill it, how can I do what I promised you?”

“You wish to, after I took on that strike of yours, not to mention that I am already injured, to continue fighting? Isn’t that not being fair to me? Why not we change it to another day?” Su Yun looked at her and asked.


Valkyrie became silent, after a moment, she nodded her head and replied: “Since it’s like that, then fine! We will schedule it another day!”

“That’s settled then!” Su Yun laughed.

But in the next second, Valkyrie spoke out again, with her voice raised.

“I, Xiao Chuo had an unfair advantage in battle, and am fine with not having this victory! Four esteemed seniors, Xiao Chuo admits defeat!”

With that said, Valkyrie immediately jumped out of the domain.

“But I-I want to admit defeat.” Su Yun was immediately stupefied.

“The round is over, the liberty battle challenger has changed to participant Wu Yun, participant Wu Yun is currently ranked 16, any participants who wish to challenge him, can directly enter the domain.” The old lady shouted out loudly.

Just that.

Wu Yun who had displayed his powerful strength, who dared to contend against him? The order badge had already recorded their ranks, and those who were ahead were relatively well, why would they provoke Wu Yun and humiliate themselves? The ones behind him truly wanted to defeat Su Yun and earn a better rank, but they had to consider their own strengths.

Wan Zang Tian raised his head and looked at Su Yun for a moment, but ultimately did not stand up, while Yang Fire Yan Yu seemed to have the intention as well, however, everyone knew that he could only challenge the participants from the selection competition without a problem, but would require some effort fighting against the seeded participants. Although Su Yun was a participant from the selection completion, his strength far exceeded the standards of the selection competition.

“Miss Ming’er, who is that guy?”

Just as Qing’er was observing Su Yun who was inside the absolute domain, a voice filled with hatred sounded out from behind her.

Qing’er was startled, she looked over, only to see Lu Xi Shan walking over with a tensed look, anger clearly clouding his voice.

“He is my family’s young master.” Qing’er sighed and spoke gently.

“Your family’s young master?”

“Yes, before I was accepted into the Snow Jade Palace, Ming’er was just a servant of a family.”

She said without wavering.

Hearing that, Lu Xi Shan frowned, and when he looked at Qing’er, his eyes flashed with loathing and disgust.

He did not care if Qing’er lied to him, he only cared about status and identity. For Ink Blade Pavilion to go to the declining Snow Jade Palace was already a condescending move, and at that time, Qing’er was already highly regarded in the Snow Jade Palace. Although her status was not fit for Lu Xi Shan, but to call it an alliance through dual cultivation companions was not too bad. But for her to say that she used to be a servant, and followed a young master, how could Lu Xi Shan accept it?

“So you were actually a slut!”

Lu Xi Shan bellowed in rage, then left.

Qing’er did not seem to care, from the start, Lu Xi Shan was always sticking to her, now that he left, Qing’er was extremely happy.

“Are there no more challengers?”

Seeing that no one was planning to enter the Liberty Battles, the old lady spoke out.

But no one uttered a word after a long time.

“Since no one is coming up to challenge him, according to the competition rules, the first rank of Mountain River List will be given to participant Wu Yun, and the current ranking positions will also shift accordingly”

“Someone wants to challenge.”

Just then, a voice sounded out.

Everyone was startled, they turned to look and saw that the speaker was actually Bai Feng Ye.

“Bai Feng Ye finally wants to come out to fight?”

“The top ranker of the previous Mountain River List! Hehe, there’s a good show to watch now!”

“Who knows how many of Bai Feng Ye’s strikes Wu Yun can take!”

The light in everyone’s eyes all started to blaze while staring at Bai Feng Ye.

Then, Bai Feng Ye actually waved his hand and spoke out: “I have no interesting in fighting, I am here purely to join in the crowd, I said that there is someone willing to challenge, however, it isn’t me, but my sister, Bai Yan Shan who is challenging him!”

With that said, everyone’s attention shifted to the Immortal Sword Sect’s representative, Bai Yan Shan.

Bai Yan Shan took a deep breath, she had some doubts in her mind, but she quickly got rid of them. In truth, her gaze was always on Su Yun, there was an indescribable feeling, but to say that she did not wish to fight with Su Yun was definitely untrue.

She thirsted to battle with strong cultivators. Although she was not as renowned as Valkyrie, still, she had a heart that wasn’t inferior to Valkyrie, and she was excited to be able to fight against every expert in the Mountain River List.

After Bai Yan Shan had fought a few rounds before, everyone had a whole new respect for her sword techniques. Although it was unlike Wu Yun’s earth shattering and vast might, she was not weak either, Bai Yan Shan’s Imperial Sword techniques were agile and ever changing, her sword was not like a sword but a human instead.

“Yan Shan, go up!” Bai Feng Ye laughed and said.

Bai Yan Shan nodded her head, with a stern expression she walked out of the group towards the absolute domain.

“Oh well!”

Su Yun nodded his head, he initially wanted to stop fighting, but seeing that it was Bai Yan Shan, along with the agreement with Long Xian Li, he had to fight Yan Shan, if not, wouldn’t he need to go and kowtow towards Shen Hong’s tomb? Shen Hong had killed Sword Elder, so even if he had to break his legs, he would definitely not kowtow to her.

“Su Yun, I lost to you before at Wu Shuang Jue Peak, having not met after so many years, I wonder how much have you improved.”

Bai Yan Shan took down the sword on her back and pointed it straight at Su Yun, speaking with a firm voice.

“I have an agreement with your sect elder Long Xian Li. If I am victorious against you, she have to fulfill the promise she had with me, and if I lose to you, I have to do something for her, which includes dying for what I did, so Miss Bai, if you are thinking of seeking revenge for your master Shen Hong, then please give it all you’ve got.”

Su Yun unsheathed the Death Sword, thus releasing 100 swords from the sword sheath, revolving around him.

In that moment, he looked like a Sword Sovereign King.

“Agreement?” Bai Yan Shan was startled, then thinking about how Elder Long Had been for the past few years, and her recent change, Bai Yan Shan vaguely had a sense of what it was.

“Brother-in-law, be light with your hands! In any case, she is the wife, even if you have not married!”

Just then, Bai Feng Ye who was watching shouted.

Su Yun who had a stern expression almost fell to the ground, with everyone looking at Bai Feng Ye in shock.

Bai Yan Shan’s face flushed red, she turned and stared at Bai Feng Ye: “Big brother, what nonsense are you talking about? We have already rescinded the engagement already.”

“I was just joking. I wanted to ease the tense situation between the two of you.” Bai Feng Ye laughed.

“Please abstain from speaking nonsense.”

Bai Yan Shan snorted, then turned back and stared at Su Yun: “Let’s begin, Limitless!”

Su Yun nodded, he readjusted his mind, and was ready.

Seeing the two in position, the old lady shouted loudly : “You may begin.”

The moment she finished, Bai Yan Shan immediately took action.

It was the exact same Imperial Sword Technique, one of them controlling one flying sword, the other controlling a 100, in terms of numbers, Su Yun held the advantage, but ability did not merely account numbers.

The two of them were frantically crossing swords inside the domain, the swords in the air continued to strike, just that, although Bai Yan Shan was also a definite genius, but facing against the evildoer Su Yun, the evildoer who had been through so much in the Evil Realm.

The majority of his road of slaughter came from Evil Realm’s people, and was never restricted by rules. As long as he caught on to a weakness and flaw, he will swoop in for the kill, without any fixed path of attacks. Initially, Bai Yan Shan who could keep up with him eventually started to lose out more and more.

“So strong, we have not met for the few years, but his control over his flying swords has become even more powerful, his strength has also soared so much.” Bai Yan Shan thought in her mind.

After the battle at Wu Shuang Jue Peak, she had immersed herself in long trainings, other than periodically resting, almost all of her time had been spent training and working hard to improve herself. Even though she was not able to win against Su Yun, she wanted to at least be able to compare against him, but she never thought that after so many years, she was still not his opponent.

Everyone watched intensely, the intent of the battle was far from normal. If Bai Yan Shan lost, it was not only her that would lose, but even Immortal Sword Sect’s renowned Imperial Sword Technique.


A sword cry rang out. The Death Sword had ferociously slashed onto Bai Yan Shan’s sword, the brute force caused her to retreat in shock, churning the blood in her body.

She anxiously stopped and stabilized herself, supporting her full chest, her bright eyes stared straight at Su Yun.

“I never thought you’d be so strong!”

“Are you regretting it now?”

Su Yun suddenly laughed.

“Regret what?”

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to find a talented and strong cultivator as your cultivation partner, I wonder if the current me is able to match up to you?”

Bai Yan Shan’s face changed, but she did not lie to herself, exhaling the impure Qi, she nodded her head: “If you were like this at that point of time, I would most probably not rescind the marriage agreement. Su Yun, I do not have any emotions for anyone, including you, if you’re talking about regret, yes, I do regret it, but everything that I do is for the sake of pursuing an even higher strength, to reach a higher cultivation dao!”

“I understand.”

Su Yun nodded his head: “So, I too do not care about you rescinding the agreement, if you want to, I agree to it too! Because no matter how good looking you get, no one will like you, because to me, you’re no different from a block of wood. Compared to Qing’er, you cannot even compare to her little finger.”

When Su Yun said those words, he launched his attacked.

But the moment he said those words, it was as though he had touched on Bai Yan Shan’s Achilles’ tendon, her face was immediately flushed white, in shock she just stood in her Original position.

Seeing that, Su Yun stopped himself.

“You’re saying that I’m like a block of wood?” Her lips were slightly dry as she spoke, her eyes staring straight at him.

“Are you not? Everything you do is for your strength. Chasing the cultivation dao, even if you achieve a power like no other, even if you reach the apex of the dao, then what? So what? Everything that you do is without a purpose, if you’re not a block of wood, then what are you?”

It was hard to imagine that there would be a person like Bai Yan Shan, who was a naive fool simply for cultivation.

Even Valkyrie could not match up to her in terms of that.


Just then, a loud and clear sound came out.

Bai Yan Shan had relaxed her hand, the sword dropping straight onto the floor, she lowered her head, seemingly thinking of something, but her face was covered with a perplexed look and consideration.

Yes, Su Yun is right, what am I chasing all these for? To seek revenge for master? But why do I not feel even an ounce of hatred? Could this just be an excuse? Aren’t I exactly like a block of wood?

Connecting with what Bai Feng Ye had said previously, Bai Yan Shan suddenly seemed to be enlightened.

When she heard that Bai Feng Ye had obtained the first rank in the previous Mountain River List, she did not feel even a tad bit of happiness, and even with the chance of meeting her brother whom she had not met for 20 years, she only felt a bit of excitement, and had no other emotion.

She could get angry, sad, happy, and would even cry, but, all these would only be as a last sentiment.

And it could not shake her state of mind for long.

She knew, she was doing it on purpose, her goal was that she hoped to be able to maintain a clear and calm heart.

“I never thought that this brat Su Yun will be much. Better than what I had imagined.” Bai Feng Ye who was at the side kept on nodding in appreciation, without losing the smile on his face.

Bai Yan Shan did not speak further, she also did not have any intention to attack. She took a deep breath, picked up her sword and turned, leaving the absolute domain.

Seeing that, Su Yun was quite surprised.

But to him, it was still considered good.

“Announcing the result of the competition round, participant Wu Yun’s victory.”

Bai Yan Shan’s actions had announced that she had given up, and thus the old lady had immediately announced the outcome.

Following that the battle with Yan Shan was over, Su Yun was determined to give up the competition and leave.


“Is it time? You Rong!”

Just then, the lady in green at the corner raised her head and asked the lady in the mask beside her.

“The time has just arrived.”

Hearing that, the lady in green looked at the large quantity of circle arrays behind the four officials, and said indifferently: “Then go, proceed with the plan.”