Limitless Sword God Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: At Wit’s End (Part I)

The blushing Hu Qian Mei raised her head to face Su Yun as she struggled to stop her panting.

She tried her best to free her tail from Su Yun’s large, hardened hands. However, her body didn’t have the slightest ounce of strength, so she could only continue lying on the ground while taking deep breaths. With a pitifully weak voice, she asked, “Senior….are you….are you going to kill me?”

“What do you think?” Su Yun coldly responded.

“If senior lets me go, I, Hu Qian Mei will never demand the Heavenly Crystal anymore. I will vow never to trouble senior ever again? Is….is that okay?” Hu Qian Mei nervously asked.

After Su Yun heard this, he seemed to ponder a moment.

Seeing this, Hu Qian Mei hastily continued, “Not only that, I can also get you all kinds of rare cultivation medicine….and precious armaments. Not matter how many armaments senior brother wants, I can get for you! Right, right….if senior brother desires splendor and wealth, I can also obtain those for you! Senior brother, directly entering Ming Ying School is also possible! As long as I give my recommendation, there will not be a single problem for you to enter the school. The conditions will be ten thousand times better than the Su Family!”

“Really….is it really that good?” Su Yun seemed a little surprised.

As Hu Qian Mei saw this, she suddenly became ecstatic. Then she immediately responded, “Yes, I swear.”

“You swear?” Su Yun broke into laughter, “This pathetic promise, who would believe you! The moment I let you go, you will kill me, right?!”

“Hu Qian Mei will not!” Hu Qian Mei responded as streams of tears poured down her face. Her childish face seemed extremely cute and pitiful, which would make any normal person melt.

But, right at the next second, Su Yun took action.

He took out “Limitless Sword Arts” from his spatial ring and opened the scroll.

“Wait wait! Kid, what are you doing?” Sword elder thought something was not right, so he called out.

“Elder, I will have to temporarily cause you some grief!” Su Yun said.

“Grief? What grief? Hey, hey, hey, don’t throw me away! Hey!” The Sword Elder shouted.

He didn’t really know why this Sword Elder did not want to go inside the Everlasting Sword Sheath.

Nonetheless, Su Yun directly sent him into the sheath.

After the Limitless Sword Arts entered the sheathe, the Sword Elder’s cries immediately disappeared without a trace.

Right after, Su Yun placed the Everlasting Sword Sheath inside his spatial ring.

He took a deep breath as his eyes filled with resolve after making his decision.


This decision would make him unworthy for Qing Er.

However, if this will allow Qing Er to flee from the Su Family, then it would be worth it!

Su Yun quietly clenched his fists.

When Su Mo Sha died, it was as if a needle pierced through Su Yun’s heart.

However, Su Mo Sha was only a small figure in the main house that could do as he wished. In the main house, how many more people could bully or humiliate Qing Er?

They must leave the Su Family! They must!

Su Yun kept clenching his fists as he gazed down at Hu Qian Mei lying on the floor in front of him.

She felt a peculiar feeling from Su Yun. Hu Qian Mei became frightened. She raised her head to directly face Su Yun’s cold and detached pair of eyes.

She was terrified. She did not know what Su Yun really wanted to do.

Did he want to kill her? How can that be?

Maybe? He wants….he wants me for himself?

Hu Qian Mei instantly became even more terrified. She had never been more terrified than right now, even before death.

However, in Su Yun’s eyes, she could not see the least bit of lust….


The man took action. He turned Hu Qian Mei around and used his large hand to grasp at her chest. Then he pulled a piece off.


The chest area of the battle dress was ripped off and her delicate skin was exposed to the air.

Hu Qian Mei was shocked.

In an instant, her lovely appearance disappeared without a trace, and her disguise completely dissipated. Her expression now only contained surprise and anger.

“Su Yun! What are you doing?” Hu Qian Mei struggled to shake Su Yun off with her small hands.

However, in the Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds, how much strength could her little body have?

Su Yun did not seem to take notice of her struggles. With one hand, he detained Hu Qian Mei by grabbing her wrist and pushed her down onto the floor. In addition, his other hand was ripping her red battle dress.

“Bastard! Let me go….let me go….you fucking bastard, I hope you die….” Hu Qian Mei eyes bubbled with tears as she angrily shouted.

Although Hu Qian Mei specialized in charm, she did not have any actual experience with this kind of thing. Before, if she was going too far when she played around, at least her body was strong enough to keep her safe, but today was different!

Maybe one day she would find a partner to become her cultivating companion, but she was unable to accept that she was becoming a partner with this person.

He was only a spirit intermediate level cultivator!

“I don’t want it….I don’t want it….I don’t want it….let me go….” Hu Qian Mei screamed again and again.

However, it was useless.

Soon after.

The battle dress was pulled off.

Two pairs of pure white thighs were exposed.

Although they were not slender, the proportions were just right, not too long and not too short.

Hu Qian Mei’s feets were constantly kicking Su Yun, but her little assault was like cotton attacks, so Su Yun simply ignored her.

Suddenly, her chest felt hot as a large hand came over her chest.

Hu Qian Mei’s entire body was trembling now. She stared at her precious place being desecrated with eyes of disbelief.

However, it was still not over.

Su Yun did not intend to do any foreplay or attempt to enjoy her exquisite body. After kneading her breasts a bit, he directly used his hands to pull apart both of the tightly closed legs. He quickly took off his own clothe and was preparing to thrust into her!

“I don’t want this! Su Yun! You cannot do this! Anything you want, I promise that I will get it for you! I beg you to just let me go!” Hu Qian Mei was basically screaming her lungs out as tears overflowed down her desperate white face.

He was breathing heavily, but then his action slowed down right at this moment.

He gazed at the face beneath him. Fear, despair, helplessness, and a nervous little girl was before him. A sharp pain abruptly appeared in his heart.

“What am I doing?” He asked himself.

“Su Yun….just let me go, alright….” The girl said with a clear, but fearful voice.

This time, Hu Qian Mei was no longer pretending. Her heart was in a state of panic.

The terrified feeling had nothing to do with her strength of a cultivator, but it was simply the sincere feeling deep within an innocent girl’s heart.

“Maybe I was wrong.” Su Yun whispered.

Hu Qian Mei’s pupils faintly enlarged as she gazed at his sharp face with eyes that seemed to blankly stare in the abyss.

“You can hate me!”

“Or maybe….you can kill me!”

“But….it will have to be after I finish my objective….”

“In order to protect the people important to me, I have made a lot of mistakes. However, for all the evil deeds that I completed….I do not regret any of them!”

“I can be unworthy to live in this world, or this world may be unworthy of me, but I cannot fail to live up to my expectations as a man! As long as my companions live happily, apart from that matter, this doesn’t matter!”

Hu Qian Mei just remained completely stunned.

Just then, Su Yun’s hips thrusted forward and a searing pain came from here lower body as something ripped apart.


Hu Qian Mei clenched her teeth as her delicate body violently shuddered.

Her tears silently fell.

She did not cry or beg for mercy. Only her eyes widened as she painfully gazed at Su Yun in front of her.

Slowly, his eyes began to fill with lust and Su Yun began to slowly lose his bearings.

The two people’s spirit qi began to collide with each other, bursting forth with a unique, exotic energy.



It was very quiet at the Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds.

No one would be able to find this place underneath a deserted pool, hidden within a hidden area.

Here, the gusts of winds were even quiet.

All except the exotic cries, which finally began to quiet down.

After it rained.

Su Yun was breathing very heavily.

The naked Hu Qian Mei was silently lying on his chest.

The little girl’s body was curled as her huge tail covered the love markings around her body, which riddled throughout each area of her pure white skin. It was especially serious in her lower body, which was swelling from unbearable pain. Her virgin flower had been broken.

Despite it being Hu Qian Mei’s first time, he did not even know how many times they did it. He only remembered that, after she was entered, he felt that he reached the summit. Not only did he not feel the slightest amount of exhaustion, on the contrary, his mind became more and more alert. After sharing the energy that resided in the lower body, he felt like he became a small sun that was emitting rays of light. Every place of his sweaty body including his spirit essence had improved. This feeling made him feel inexplicable joy!

Wait wait!

Suddenly, Su Yun became aware that something was wrong.

Within his body, his spirit essence was scattered at every place….the amount increased a little bit, but….but why were some spirit essence that were only the size of a grain of rice?


Su Yun nervously analyzed the grain sized spirit essence that was residing with other normal spirit essence. Only seventeen spirit essence were that size, but they were emitting extremely astonishing spirit qi. Evidently, they were more than ten times better than normal essence.

Earth Spirit Essence!

Su Yun became ecstatic.

Only those at the fourth stage of spirit intermediate realm would give birth to such high level spirit essence!

Is that not to say that….I have already reached spirit intermediate fourth stage?

In just a short span of time, I had managed to raise my strength by two levels!

Furthermore, his talent was improved. His spirit meridians, spirit essence and spirit qi properties were even more formidable than before. His mind was full of vitality and his heart was alert. Were these the benefits of sharing the talent? Su Yun whispered to himself.

“Are you happy?” Just then, a low voice came out.

Su Yun’s joyous mood calmed down as he lowered his head to see that the girl in his embrace, Hu Qian Mei, had already woken up.

She blankly stared at Su Yun with dull eyes. There were still some tears left….

“Your cultivation rose, talent rose alot? Aren’t you so happy?” Hu Qian Mei indifferently said.

“I require power!”


“Heavenly Crystal is fine! It is the same as your strength, if only I can obtain power and amplify my strength will I be able to strive for my goals! I just don’t have much time.” After Su Yun said this, he became silent.

After a long time, he spoke again.

“Do you hate me?”

“Hate you?” Hu Qian Mei’s flushed red face gazed with a pale expression at Su Yun. Afterwards, she started to laugh.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….”

Her laugh was very loud, but accompanied by her sweet sound of laughter was something of indescribably pain.

Her tears began to overflow again. The tears fell down her face, which had still not dried up from her tear stains.

“I am merely a lowly hybrid, why would there be anything for me to hate?” Hu Qian Mei wiped her tears from her eyes. Then with an indifferent voice, she continued, “I am merely the result of a beastman raping a human, which then gave birth to a hybrid. My mother abandoned me. It was my master that raised me up to be entered into the cultivating sects, but from when I was little to right now, I did not know how much bitterness I experienced, how much bullying I experienced, how much hate? I hate thousands upon thousands of people, but is there any use? This hate, is just some unnecessary feelings!” After Hu Qian Mei finished, she laughed at herself again. However, her laughter sounded bleak.

She had already understood that she could not have any killing intent towards Su Yun! Unless she wanted to personally ruin herself, she understood, she could do nothing ill towards this person anymore!

“I painstaking cultivated, all for the sake of protecting myself from bullying. I just did not think God would do this to me. I thought my objective was completed and I had practically no more opponents. I didn’t expect that my final encounter with a small spirit intermediate cultivator would lead to defeat….ah, how ironic….”

Su Yun did not say a word.

Hu Qian Mei stopped laughing. She wanted to get down from Su Yun’s body to fetch the torn up battle dress, but her body was still extremely sore.

The Mutual Destruction of Five Elements Grounds did not just weaken her strength, it sapped the energy from her body.

Hu Qian Mei’s pair of eyes dimmed and her body ceased to move. It seemed as if she had given up.

But right at this moment, a pair of large hands suddenly wrapped around her.

Afterwards, a pure white battle dress covered her delicate body.

Hu Qian Mei was startled as she turned around….