Limitless Sword God Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – What Date Is Today? (Part II)

There are a many secrets that are not known to anyone in this world.

The Mutual Destruction of the Five Elements Grounds was one such case!

There were not many people that knew of this special region. Currently, this place was only recorded in the Blossom Heart Valley’s Secret Palace. The forefathers of the Blossom Heart Valley have once used the Mutual Destruction of the Five Elements Grounds to refine secret medicines. Hence, they have studied this peculiar region.

This Mutual Destruction of the Five Elements Grounds of the Entwining Secrets District was discovered seven years later. However, after this Mutual Destruction of the Five Elements Grounds was discovered, people were shocked to find out that this place have already been used as a graveyard by others. Moreover, it had been a graveyard for over eight hundred years. Although the Mutual Destruction of the Five Elements Grounds was merely the center of a district, but it was not a fixed location. Furthermore, it also does not possess a large range. Thus, it was extremely difficult to find its concrete location. As it would usually be underneath the ground, it would usually not affect anyone. Likewise, it would also not be easily utilized by anyone.

Su Yun changed into his pitch black swordsman outfit and wrapped his white gown around Hu Qianmei. Step by step, he proceeded to walk out of the crystal room.

Hu Qianmei did not say anything. Her body was in a fetal position, and she was even slightly trembling.

At this moment, neither one of them could kill the other. Hu Qianmei’s special physique gave Su Yun a large amount of talent and cultivation prowess. Likewise, Hu Qianmei had also profited. Merely, hers was an extremely small amount. After all, Su Yun’s cultivation level was not high.

Hu Qianmei cannot kill Su Yun, and Su Yun was the same. If he were to kill her, then his talents would be damaged and the Spiritual Path would be thwarted.

After coming out from the Mutual Destruction of the Five Elements Grounds, the two people recovered their cultivation prowess.

“I cannot give you the Heavenly Crystal. Let’s separate here.” Su Yun said indifferently.

Hu Qianmei who wore a white gown smiled. Her smile appeared a bit dry. It was not charming and splendid like before.

After she recovered her martial prowess, the slit scar on her body also gradually healed.

She had already thought of how she would kill Su Yun. However, she did not do it. She understood her own body better than anyone else. The man who managed to obtain her body shall be able to enjoy her talent together with her. If she were to kill that man, her talent would definitely be disabled. It would be impossible for her to recover her talent in her lifetime. If that was the case, then her cultivation path would also come to an end.

“This does not represent that the matter is solved! Su Yun! I, Hu Qianmei, would not acknowledge you just like this! Perhaps you were planning to use this to restrict me and continue to exploit me; however, you would not be able to have it your way that easily! The Secret Techniques of the world are boundless. I will find a way to remove the benefits given to you by the Dual Cultivation Physique and remove all association that you have with me. At that time, I will definitely kill you with my own hands! I will destroy you!”

Said Hu Qianmei as she narrowed her eyes. It was impossible for ordinary peopleto see the bone-chilling ice blade like resentment within the depths of her charming eyes.

However, the moment after that, a large hand pinched her tender and soft white little white cheeks.


Reflexively, Hu Qianmei held her hand over the area of her face that was pinched.  Startled, she opened her mouth but felt that she was unable to say anymore words.

Instead, she looked at that man. The man directly walked up toward the stone steps and left.

He actually did not say a single word and left just like that.

Could it be that he wasn’t afraid?

Hu Qianmei continued to stand there and quietly watched him leave.

Kacha kacha kacha…

The dashing sound of the spirit horse was heard underneath the moonlight sky. A man and a stallion was dashing toward the direction of the Outer Su Family.


Su Yun opened the Everlasting Sword Sheath and took out the ‘Limitless Sword Arts’ from it.

“It’s done?”

The Sword Elder coughed a couple times and then said in a deadly earnest tone.


“Truly shameless!”

“You are not qualified to say that!”

“Although this old man had also fooled around during the time of my youth, I have never forced anyone like you!” The Sword Elder laughed. “Does your Su Qing Er knew about how shameless you are?!”


The Everlasting Sword Sheath was closed. The Sword Arts were once again thrown into it.

Su Yun took took a deep breath. He then went on with his journey.

Spirit Novice Disciple, Spirit Intermediate Disciple, Spirit Core Disciple, Spirit Soul Disciple, Spirit Star Disciple, Spirit Master, Sky Spirit Master, Spirit Emperor, Spirit Sage, Spirit Immortal, Spirit God.

These eleven stages, the further one reached, the harder it was to train. The difference in strength between the levels were also extremely wide.

It was said that a level one Spirit Soul Disciple would be capable of ripping apart three level ten Spirit Core Disciples using only his bare hands.

Su Yun’s current level was a level four Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

He possessed a thousand nine hundred and seventy two Spirit Essences. Compared to ordinary Spirit Intermediate Disciples, he had over eight hundred more Spirit Essences. Not only that, he also possessed seventeen Earth Spirit Essences. Ordinary Spirit Intermediate Disciples only possessed three Earth Spirit Essences.

Furthermore, his Spirit Energy has also been amplified through the Crescent Moon Fruit, Divine Five Life Beads, and other medicines. Thus, his Spirit Energy was much more dense than that of ordinary people. This led to having his recovery speed of Spirit Energy be much faster than ordinary people. When he doesn’t use the Heavenly Crystal, even if Su Yun was to encounter a level five Spirit Intermediate Disciple, he would still be able to fight against them. However, if he were to encounter a level six Spirit Intermediate Disciple, then he would likely have to find a way to flee.

As the Everlasting Stone only increased the cultivation speed and not one’s strength, thus, Su Yun’s only trump card was the Heavenly Crystal. The Heavenly Crystal was the only method for Su Yun to save his life if he were to encounter an expert.

In the Sky Martial Continent, a level four Spirit Intermediate Disciple could only be considered as a person of ordinary martial prowess. If one wanted to wander the world, the very minimum requirement was a martial prowess of level eight or higher Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

However, then again, the amount of magical weapons that Su Yun possessed was truly sparse. Other than the Engraved Dragon Sword and the Heavenly Crystal, Su Yun have nothing else. The might of one’s magical weapons was also a part of one’s strength. Sometimes, those weapons could bring about an unexpected effect.

Su Yun had his hand on his chin and thought for a moment. Suddenly, he thought of a pretty decent treasure.

The Heavenly Crystal is a most valuable treasure, and possessed a boundless amount of power. Countless people sought for the Heavenly Crystal.

However, the Heavenly Crystal was not an unequalled existence. There’s actually another valuable treasure that could rival the Heavenly Crystal!

Sprite’s Shadow!

Back then, when people were persistently searching for the Heavenly Crystal in the Crescent Valley, the news of the birth of the Divine Artifact ‘Sprite’s Shadow’ was transmitted outward from the numerous great districts in succession. It was said that the Sprite’s Shadow possessed a power not inferior to the Heavenly Crystal.

“According to the information that I know from back then, one must be at the very least possess the martial prowess of a level five Spirit Intermediate Disciple to search for the Sprite’s Shadow. I’m currently a level lacking. I shall concentrate fully and train for a while.”

Su Yun thought in his heart.

Although he was already able to set off to search for the Sprite’s Shadow with his current martial prowess, in certain sectors, the level five Spirit Intermediate Disciple’s strength would provide much more security than the level four Spirit Intermediate Disciple.

As he only had a single life, it is best to try be have more safety measurements. Unless he had no alternative but to do it, Su Yun would not risk his life.

Soon, Su Yun returned to the Outer Sect.

Hu Qianmei had not followed him. Since she did not managed to obtain the Heavenly Crystal, she didn’t dare to kill Su Yun. As it was meaningless for her to tang along with Su Yun, it was likely that she was already enroute to return to the Ming Ying School right now.

After returning to the outer sect, the surveillance from the family have not decreased. However, Su Yun did not mind about it. Minding his own business, he proceeded to go and train. Of course, Su Yun did not dare to train in the ‘Limitless Sword Arts’ under the surveillance. He would only start training when those people monitoring him grew bored and proceeded to go drink and be lazy.

Other than the ‘Limitless Sword Arts,’ he also decided that he shouldn’t stop training the ‘Heaven Splitting Sword Technique.’ Among the battle techniques, the Heaven Splitting Sword Technique was a relatively practical skill.

After training in the outer sect for several tens of days, Su Yun’s Spirit Lord Aura’s control became more stable. He also managed to have some slight progress in his Heaven Splitting Sword Technique. Currently, he was capable of creating a single sword silhouette. However, this sword silhouette only had an attack range of a meter. That was to say, if his enemy was to be outside of the range of one meter, then Su Yun would not be able to utilize his sword silhouette to attack them.

However, this was already sufficient.

In merely several tens of days, he have managed to learn the basics of a profound skill. This was the cultivation speed of someone who possessed a Divine Level Talent. For ordinary people, it would require them at the very least an entire year to learn a profound skill. The reason why Su Yun was capable of achieving such amazing speed was not only because the restrictions on his talent have been removed. It was also because of the Everlasting Stone and Hu Qianmei’s talent. At the very least, fifty percent of Hu Qianmei’s talent was shared with him. Su Yun did a basic assessment of his current talent.

At the very least, it was six times that of ordinary individuals!

Six times? What was that? Using the simplest line of thought to explain this would be that if Su Yun was to train for a single day, it was equivalent to ordinary people training for six days!

Even the so called geniuses were likely not this frightening.

The training in the outer sect was both quiet and lonely. Xinyue and Xingyang successfully entered the inner sect with the ‘Blood Dew Jade Crystals.’ They enjoyed the treatment given to them by the inner sect and obtained better training conditions. After a period of adaption, the two of them left the inner sect and came to Su Yun’s place to visit him.

The clothing on the two of them had slightly changed. At the very least, the clothes on their bodies were all new. Their complexion was also glossy and sleek, like the luster of gems. Their eyes were filled with vigour. Their beautiful hair were jet black. Evidently, these were the results from taking high quality medicinal pellets.

The two of them brought with them many goods and spirit coins to gift to Su Yun. However, they were all declined by him.

The three of them sat inside his worn out house.

Su Xinyue boiled the spirit tea that she brought as a gift to Su Yun and poured a cup for him.

“Big brother Su Yun, these are the spirit leaves of the inner sect. Drinking the tea created from these tea leaves would help increase one’s spirit energy. Drinking the tea for three days would open a Spirit Essence. This tea could at the very most open up to five Spirit Essences. It is extremely beneficial. In the future, you must remember to drink this tea often!”

Said Su Xinyue as she poured the tea.

“Let’s talk about this matter later.” Su Yun smiled. He then asked. “Oh, that’s right. Did the two of you do what I asked and inquired about the guests the Main Family have received?”

“Regarding that…”

Su Xinyue and Su Xingyang glanced at each other. Su Xinyue then shook her head. “There is no one who has come to visit the inner sect or the Main Family in this period of time, they have not received any guests!”

“Is that so?”

Su Yun lowered his head and started pondering.

“Oh, that’s right! Big brother, I’ve heard that the patriarch’s third son has been bothering big sister Qing Er constantly. This has caused big sister Qing Er to be extremely distressed!”

At this moment, Su Xinyue suddenly said.

“Patriarch’s third son?”

Su Yun frowned. “Who?”

“It’s young master Su Huoyu! Big brother, could it be that you’ve never heard of him?”

Su Xingyang blurted out.

“Su Huoyu?”

Su Yun had a slight impression of this man in his memories.

It was said that this Su Huoyu was an extremely sharp and crafty yet also extremely timid person. He does not possess a very handsome appearance and thus women does not think highly of him. However, he had relied on his status as the son of the patriarch and toyed with many girls. His martial prowess was also not high or strong. He was merely clever in trivial matters.

“Ever since Su Mosha died of a bizarre death, that guy has started bothering big sis Qing Er. Big brother Yun, I’ve heard that this guy is close to that Su Guimu. Neither one of them are good people, so you must tell big sis Qing Er to be more careful!”

Said Su Xinyue.

“That’s right, that’s right. Big brother Yun, when big sis Qing Er comes here, you must definitely tell her to be on guard!” Su Xingyang echoed what his sister said.

“Qing Er? Shouldn’t she be in the Main Family? Although Su Mosha  died, it would still not be that easy for her to come to the outer sect!”

“Ay, now that you mentioned it, I remembered that it seemed like big sis Qing Er had left the Su Family yesterday!” Su Xinyue suddenly said.

“Left the Su Family? Where to?”

“Not sure. I think it might be because of a mission given to her by the patriarch?”


“I have heard, from a maid that has returned to the inner sect from the Main Family to visit her relatives, that it seemed that big sis Qing Er seems to be going to represent the Su Family in going to the Purple Star Academy for a martial prowess learning exchange!” Said Su Xinyue.

“Purple Star Academy?” Su Yu lowered his head and started to ponder. Suddenly, major information concerning the Purple Star Academy flashed past his mind.

That was the largest misfortune that have fell upon the Purple Star Academy in its five hundred years of history.

Because of how big the scene had become, this information had spread wide and far. Thus, Su Yun had also heard about this. He even remembered that it seemed to have occurred in the middle of October.

“Oh, that’s right, what date is today?”

Su Yun asked without thinking much about it.

“Today? It’s the 1001 Year of the Stellar Calendar, October thirteenth. Big brother Su Yun, is something wrong?”