Limitless Sword God Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – A Fraud (Part IV)


Kacha kacha kacha…

As the amount of ‘Pure Divine Spirit Qi’ being emitted from Su Yun’s body grew more and more numerous, the iron sword also started to vibrate with a higher and higher frequency. The sound from the hundreds of iron swords ramming into each other was incomparably ear-piercing. Among the crowd of people that were fiercely fighting, several people have already discovered the peculiarity coming from here.

Using one’s qi to govern one’s sword, this was the most basic ability of the ‘Limitless Sword Arts.’ However, to govern a single sword was nothing amazing. The only reason why the ‘Limitless Sword Arts’ were a powerful technique was because it was capable of governing hundreds of millions of swords to achieve an endless amount of power.

Controlling a single sword and controlling multiple swords was intrinsically different. Those who manipulated multiple swords at once must learn how to separate their Pure Divine qi and evenly distribute them to connect with the flying swords.

Although Su Yun possessed the assistance from the various different materials, and has increased his martial prowess by a lot, he was still very far from mastering the number one sword technique. It was still impossible for him to handle that many swords at the same time. After all, the amount of spirit qi required to govern them was truly too enormous. If he were to forcibly try to do that, then it would only cause his qi channels to rupture, and his martial prowess to decline.

Although this was how it was said to be if the weight of the swords being used were extremely light, like that of the ordinary iron swords, then it would be extremely different. When not using martial abilities, the aura consumption would decrease by a countless amount. It was completely possible for the qi channels to support it.

These hundred swords were all ordinary swords of substandard quality. Although they appeared to be very sharp from the exterior, they were nevertheless substandard products. It was extremely easy to make these swords fly through the use of Pure Divine qi. There was no need to use a lot of Pure Divine qi at all.

Su Yun was extremely concentrated. He was spreading his Pure Divine qi all around him and then covering the iron swords with them. His mental state was at a brace. He bit down on his teeth tightly. A large amount of sweat were coming out from his face.


Those iron swords finally started to ascend. While trembling, they floated in the air and started to surround Su Yun.

Very good!

Su Yun was overjoyed. At this moment, he did not have the slightest intention to save up on using his Pure Divine qi. Thus, he opened all of his Spirit Essences. The amount of Pure Divine qi flowing through his qi Channels were like surging waves.

In the end, the amount of Pure Divine qi that was released reached a quantity enough to stabilize all of the iron swords.

The iron swords stopped moving. They merely continued to float surrounding Su Yun. Under the shine of the sunlight, each and every sword was flickering. It was an extremely shocking scene.

However, this was merely impressive looking. It possessed no actual substance to it. Su Yun’s martial prowess was very low-grade. Among people of the same rank as him, Su Yun’s profound spirit qi could be considered as extremely dense. However, in terms of controlling a hundred flying swords, his Spirit Lord Qi was still extremely lacking.

Although these swords could fly, they are incapable of killing. It was extremely hard for Su Yun to make these swords fly a bit faster.

However, even though this was the case, it was already sufficient!

Su Yun took a deep breath. He once again took out the ‘Limitless Sword Arts’ and called out the Sword Elder within it. He had the Sword Elder increase the qi of the Limitless Sword Arts to the max. After that, he placed the Limitless Sword Arts on his chest to hide his own qi. Then, with the hundred swords flying around him and an majestic aura, he jumped down toward the hill.

The bandits that were still fiercing battling with one another, upon seeing the grand appearance of Su Yun, were all stunned shock.

A hundred swords flying around him. Who among them have seen such sort of skill?

“What the hell is this??”

“Those swords are… really… really flying in the air? Is it a governing technique?”

“Governing technique? In order to govern that many weapons, how dense must one’s Profound Spiritual qi be?”

All the bandits were endlessly frightened. Even those bodyguards were dumbstruck.

“Outrageous bandits, you all actually dared to do such a thing in broad daylight. Quickly get out of here. Otherwise, if I am to get my hands dirty, then you all shall be annihilated completely without even the slightest bit remainding!”

After he said those words, Su Yun waved his hand. The swords floating around him have immediately flew toward the sky. They continued to spin unceasingly. The edge of the swords were creating a trembling noise. The crackling sound was echoing unceasingly. The scene was extremely majestic.

“What sort of technique is this?”

Beside the carriage pulled by the Purple Horned Beast, a youth with a pale complexion, and wearing a purple gown, walked out. Upon seeing this scene, the youth was stunned.

“Young master! It seems that… it seems that this almighty person have come to help us!”

The servant that had already pissed his pants ran over and said to his young master with an endless amount of happiness.

“That’s truly great! Truly great!’ That purple gowned young master was overjoyed.

The bandits, although they were scared so bad that their legs were trembling, their leader did not display the slightest bit of fright. He stared at Su Yun and said disdainfully. “He’s a fraud! If he truly was an almighty person, how would he possibly bother to talk superfluous words with us? If you truly have the ability, then come and fight me for three hundred bouts! If you do not have the ability, then scram quickly. Otherwise, your daddy here would not mind bringing back another head to my headquarters to make tea with!”

“Oh? A fraud, you say?”

Su Yun did not get angry. He extended his hand to the sword sheath behind him and took out a sword.

Engraved Dragon Blade!

The slender sword with a large engraving of a dragon was being shined under the light and radiating a golden shine. The large dragon engraved onto the sword’s body seemed to be vivid and realistic. It was as if it was about to escape from the sword.

The bandit boss was slightly startled. The hundred swords that were flying in the sky possessed a world of difference from the Divine Sword that was just taken out by Su Yun.

Before he could think much about anything, a thunder like roar echoed beside his ears.


The bandit boss jumped up in fright. At this moment, he saw that his surrounding have instantly turned dark. It seemed that he have been pulled into a sort of space. An enormous dragon was hovering before him. That endless grandeur aura, that oppression from the supreme power, it was like a mountain was crushing down on him.

The bandit boss was unable to refrain himself from shivering anymore.

The various bandit lackies, upon seeing their boss displaying a deeply frightened expression and pale complexion, all became scared witless.


A cold shout echoed.

The bandits were unable to resist any longer. They all turned around and started fleeing. Their frightened screams, as they fled, were sounding in the air nonstop.

Su Yun’s complexion was pale. He used the Engraved Dragon Blade to control the bandit boss. Merely, that bandit boss’ cultivation level was too high. It was likely that the Engraved Dragon Blade’s mind attack would not be able to hold him down for long.

Seeing that the other bandits have fled, Su Yun did not dare to hesitate anymore. He shouted to the bodyguards that were daydreaming over there. “Get him! Kill him!”

“Quickly, do it!”

The purple gowned young master on the carriage also hurriedly shouted at his guards.

All the bodyguards were immediately woken up. They promptly leapt over and thrusted all sorts of weapons and used all sorts of profound skills at that burly man with a very condensed spiritual qi.


At this moment, the void space created by the Engraved Dragon Blade was jolted and shattered by the bandit boss. He had already sensed that this was nothing more than a mind attack that would at most frighten him and not harm him. Immediately, he became furiously angry and struggled himself free from the binding.

“Motherfucker! This bastard is practically a fraud. He has no real skill at all. Brothers, do no fear, follow me and kill this fucker!”

The bandit boss shouted loudly.

However, after his voice landed, there was not a single voice to be heard from his surroundings.

The bandit boss hastily looked to his surroundings. He was shocked to see that there was not a single one of his men in the surrounding anymore. Instead, those bodyguards were swarming toward him to kill him.

What’s going on?

The bandit boss was completely astonished.

However, before he could think much about it, this group of people have already arrived at him. The bandit boss had no other choice but to brandish his blade to face the incoming swarm of bodyguards.

Although his martial prowess was very strong, there are also many experts within the bodyguards. On top of that, this purple gowned young master was extremely wealthy and possessed many peculiar treasures. After being besieged by everyone, the bandit boss eventually met his end regrettably.

A fraud was indeed a fraud. However, ordinary bandits simply cannot tell whether a person was a fraud at all. On top of that, the mind attack from the Engraved Dragon Blade had caught the bandit boss unprepared. As the bandits saw that their boss was at a loss, how would they possibly not shake in fear? How would they possibly still dare to stay here? Thus, they all escaped without a trace.

“Although this man has died, that group of bandits still survived! We shall promptly leave! It would be bad if that group of bandits were to come back! When we returned to our Mu Family, I will definitely have my father dispatch experts to exterminate these bandits!”

The purple gowned young master held onto his aching heart and said.

“Yes, young master!”

The surrounding bodyguards all shouted.

Su Yun retrieved the iron swords into his spatial storage ring.

Although the scene from earlier appeared to be very amazing, but it could only scare people. However, even though this was the case, he had still exhausted a lot of Pure Divine qi. His condition cannot be considered as being good.

That purple gowned young master jumped down from his carriage. Without bothering to take the support from his servant, he quickly walked over to Su Yun.

When he arrived before Su Yun, he did a respectful and earnest salute with his hands clasped.

“Benefactor, the assistance from you is something that this Mu Feng cannot repay! Benefactor, please receive a bow from this Mu Feng!”

After he said that, that purple gowned young master called Mu Feng bowed deeply.

Su Yun promptly helped Mu Feng up. He displayed an embarrassed smile. “I merely saw injustice on the road and decided to help. Moreover, I did not help much. What I displayed earlier was merely a scare tactic. If we were to truly fight, I am definitely no match against that bandit boss.”

“Benefactor, you are being too modest. If it wasn’t for your timely appearance, if you didn’t scare those bandits away with your might, would the situation truly be able to be turned in our favor?”

Mu Feng said. “Benefactor, please leave behind your name so this Mu Feng could repay you in the future!”

“I am called Limitless Sword God.” Su Yun did not say his true name.

“Limitless Sword God?”

Mu Feng murmured once. Then, seeing that his benefactor wore a cracked iron mask, he nodded and said. “This Mu Feng is from the Mu Clan Manor of Mystical Mountain Range. My father is Mu Tianhao. For benefactor to be wearing a mask, there must be a reason for benefactor to not want to show his true appearance. In that case, Mu Feng will present to benefactor you an item that I carries along with me. In the future, if benefactor were to be in any trouble, you can come to the Mu Clan Manor to find me. Although this Mu Feng is weak, he would definitely give his all to assist you, benefactor!”

After he finished saying that, Mu Feng presented the dragon jade ornament on his waist to Su Yun.

“Mu Clan?”

Su Yun was shocked. Never had he ever expected that this youngster that he saved was actually from the Soul Stone Family, the Mu Clan of the Mystical Mountain Range, the strongest and oldest among the Three Great Districts composing the Great Cyan District, Entwining Secrets District and Mystical Mountain Range.

Within the Three Great Districts, the Mu Clan was definitely an existence that was not inferior to the Su Family. Not only was the Mu Clan a Soul Stone Family with nearly a thousand years of history, it also possessed a very close relationship with the Mountain River Country outside of the Great Cyan District. The Mu Clan’s bloodlines was extremely complicated. In all major sects and schools, there are descendents of the Mu Clan. The Mu Clan could be said to be a family that even the Immortal Sword Sect would not dare to casually provoke.

If this was the case, then this business was a success! In the future, when Su Yun brights Qing’er to leave the Su Family, he might be able to obtain asylum in the Mu Clan.

Although it was not hard to bring Qing Er and leave the Su Family, one’s eyesight cannot be too narrow and shallow.

Qing Er, as the prop to connect the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect through marriage, as the sacrificial victim to the great sect family, her existence was extremely important. Thus, if Qing Er was to leave, then Su Yun would encounter not only the Su Family, he would also encounter the extremely powerful and giant-like existence known as the Profound Sky Sect.

The combined force of the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect was more than enough to rule over all Three Great Districts. Even the Mu Clan might not dare to contend against them.

Having thought to this point, Su Yu removed  his shocked expression and exposed a slight smile. “So you’re actually a young master from the Mu Clan. I am truly blind. Pleased to meet you!”

“Benefactor is being too modest! May I ask where benefactor is going to?”

Su Yun hesitated for a moment. He then said. “Purple Star Academy!”

“What coincidence! I am also headed for the Purple Star Academy for the learning exchange. If benefactor doesn’t mind, would you like to go there together with me?”

Said Mu Feng with a smile.

Su Yun took a glance at the carriage pulled by the Purple Horned Beast. He then looked to the bodyguard and the dead Single Horned Bull. He took a breath and said. “There’s no need. I have an urgent matter. If I were to go together with you, I’m afraid that I would be delayed. Thus, I shall be leaving first!”

“Since that is the case, then Mu Feng will also not force benefactor to stay. Benefactor, let’s meet again in the Purple Star Academy!”


After he finished saying those words, Su Yun mounted his spirit stallion and proceeded to rush toward the Purple Star Academy.

Mu Feng quietly stood in front of the Purple Horned Beast and looked to the figure in the distant.

“Young master, who is that person? That profound skill that he displayed earlier, it was truly strange!” His servant had walked over and asked carefully.

“I don’t know.” Wu Feng shook his head. “However, wouldn’t it be great if I were to befriend him? Quickly, tidy up and we shall proceed onward!”

“Yes, young master!”