Limitless Sword God Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: This Handsome and Talented Fellow (5/5) 

After a few days of trekking through rain and chilling winds, Su Yun finally arrived at the flourishing city south of the Mystical Mountain Range, Elemental Fire City.

The city belonged to Mountain River Country and was enormous. The city occupied a decent portion of the Mystical Mountain Range.

As the Mystical Mountain Range faced the sea to the south  this allowed the  Elemental Fire City to possess ample transportation methods. Everything was convenient. Furthermore, located in the center of the city was the world-famous Purple Star Academy. This caused Elemental Fire City to be always bustling with excitement and drew massive crowds of people.

As one gazed over the city, they would be able to see massive walls that were over four meters tall surrounding the city. The walls were covered with flickering water crystals that gave out a radiant glow. As light passed through the water crystals, the crystals seemed to have a multi-colored luster.

In the main gate, many people were entering and exiting. The atmosphere was very busy.

A person wearing blademaster cloths such as Su Yun was not suspicious, because of the special circumstances of the city, which resulted in many experts of spirit cultivation to come. Countless cultivators from around the continent lived in this city.

If one understood this aspect, then there must be thieves or people that will try to exploit when they have the opportunity.

Su Yun did not waste his time and directed his spirit stallion into the city.

Inside the city, nobody was allowed to ride a mount. Therefore, he sent his black spirit stallion to a stable and then quickly strode towards the Academy in the center of the city. On the way, he passed many establishments.

“Spirit Cultivation Inn.”

“Joyful Arrival Grocery Market.”

“Drunken Autumn Restaurant.”

“Dark Horse Casino.”


The streets were lined with a great deal of stores. In Elemental Fire City, gambling was not illegal and, therefore, there were casinos along the road. Of course, most of the people entering were not ordinary citizens, but students that were studying here.

With the academy in close proximity, the streets were filled with active scenes of innocent young faces. The youthful atmosphere was brimming in the streets. Countless young men and women walked past Su Yun like a stream of endless flow.

The academy was not like a sect, so the people that they recruited were entirely different from regular sects.

The academy still had formidable masters that oversaw it. There were countless teachers that were willing to give lessons and classes. Everything was necessary for studying cultivation, so much so that there were even specialists that were conducting research in divine skills and techniques.

There were many skills that even large sects did not have.

The Purple Star Academy recruitment conditions were not too harsh. As long as you met their requirement of talent, you would just have to pay a fee and you could attend some classes. The entire term was five years. Regardless of what level of cultivation, you would be allowed to graduate. Even if your cultivation stagnated.

Compared to the conditions of remaining in sects, the academy had countless other ways that allowed one to stay.

After Su Yun turned and walked in circles a few times, he finally arrived at the front door of the Purple Star Academy. He wanted to just quickly enter, but there were guards in front of the main door. They were currently inspecting the talismans that were hanging on the waists of the students that were entering and exiting from the Academy.

Seeing this scene, it was probably not possible to enter the academy without a talisman.

Su Yun pondered for a moment and turned his body around to go to a store near the academy to borrow a pencil. On a piece of paper, he wrote about the attack that would occur in the future, so that it would allow the dean of the academy to prepare for it as early as possible.

After he finished writing, he looked over the contents a bit. Ultimately, he did not fill in his name.


After finishing this task, Su Yun went back to the streets and looked around. He looked around and a large head fat man appeared within his sight.

Immediately, Su Yun walked over towards the gate.

“Greetings honorary student, please take a moment!” Su Yun shouted.

However, the fat man did not look back. Instead, he just kept walking with his slow moving body.

“This handsome and talented fellow, please wait a moment!” Su Yun said again.

The fat guy’s ears twitched and quickly turned his head. He looked around as his eyes fell on Su Yun who quickly walked towards him and shamelessly asked, “Did you call me?”

“Yes!” Su Yun said as his mouth twitched a bit from his false expression.

“Fellow cultivator truly possesses marvelous observations! An average person cannot discover my beauty, because they merely see my appearance. Fellow cultivator, you are not ordinary!” The fatty said with a serious expression.

“You are flattering me!”

“May I ask what might fellow cultivator need me for?”

“I have a letter that is bears great importance for the life and death of your academy. It is from a reliable source, but I am unable to enter the academy to deliver this letter to the dean. Even though I strongly desired to enter, the academy only allows students to enter the academy. Although there are countless students in the courtyard, I found you with a glance from the crowd. I can tell that you are an important person, so I ask you, handsome and talented fellow, to help me accomplish this task! I wish for you to accept and bear this heavy responsibility!” Su Yun held out the previously written letter to the fatty with a solemn expression.

As the fatty saw the letter, his face became serious. With a trembling hand, he took the letter and said with a stern expression, “I will definitely fulfill this task.”


Anyone could talk big in the city, but as for those that would follow someone’s boasting, those types of people were rare.

The fatty very carefully weaved through the inner courtyard and directly placed the letter on the dean’s desk.


He was trespassing into the dean’s office, which was a violation of the school’s rules. He would have been punished by the academy if this matter was spread.

Outside of the academy was Su Yun who was still wandering around to see if the dean received the letter.

After waiting outside of the academy for nearly a full day, within the academy, there was still not the slightest sign of movement. The guards were not increased and everything proceeded as normal.

Su Yun thought, maybe the dean just though the letter was a joke and did not care about it at all.

Although, for hundreds of years, Elemental Fire City had fair weather and peace. Was there any major turmoil? One didn’t even need to mention the Purple Star Academy.

“If I had known before I quickly wrote this letter, I would use the Mu Clan’s name. Then maybe, the people of the Purple Star Academy would take action.”

Su Yun could not help but sigh.

To be honest, whether it was Elemental Fire City or Purple Star Academy, he did not really care about their existence. He was worried about Qing Er’s safety.

He wanted to persuade Qing Er to leave the Su Family, but, since this time she went on behalf of the Su Family, there would be serious repercussions if she just left.

Therefore, this was the only sure way to prevent this possible outcome from happening.

After thinking about it for awhile longer, Su Yun immediately began to scout out students of the Purple Star Academy to obtain more information.

Three days later!

Just as calculated, he was just in time for Mu Feng’s arrival.

After Mu Feng arrived, he went straight towards the discussion hall. He had no time to search for Su Yun, besides….Mu Feng came here to accomplish his warnings, but Su Yun was still afraid that there would be no result.

Still, Su Yun decided to make some preparations. If he decided to take her away, he would have to create a riot. Qing Er would have to quickly flee, then the Su Family would have no one to blame.

After he finished this train of thought, Su Yun immediately headed straight towards Elemental Fire City’s marketplace.

He did not have much money on him, so Su Yun could only buy some ingredients and utilizing his Spring Crystal Furnace to refine several materials so that he could make some special cultivation pills that were from Blossom Heart Valley.

Students of the academy had a lot of money and the demand for cultivation medicine was very high. Several cultivation pills could easily be exchanged for two thousand spirit coins.

Wielding his spirit coins, he went to Elemental Fire City’s Heaven Star Auction House.

After approximately half an hour, Su Yun came out of the auction house with a bunch of beasts organs and blood.

As a result, he had to select a location that was not too far away from the discussion halls.

Therefore, he could still sneak into the Purple Star Academy.

There were many visitors for Purple Star Academy. Many types of people came here to study. Some of the students that were not from well off families would still be able to rent rooms outside of the academy. Nonetheless, one could pay a little cash to obtain a spirit band that would allow them to temporarily visit the Academy. Of course, the time was limited and the students that were inspecting the students at the gate would make sure with force if the individuals did not leave. Nonetheless, anyone could obtain the bands, as long as they left on time, it was simple. If someone went overtime, there would be a notification, which charged the culprit for trying to steal the property. The academy’s public security system would take care of the situation and would relay all the necessary information to Elemental Fire City, which would also send out patrols.

Because of this, no one would dare hold out the rented spirit bands for extended periods of time.

After spending one hundred spirit coins, Su Yun rented a spirit band. There was a four hour time frame. With his spirit band, he waltzed into the Purple Star Academy.

In the massive academy, one could see a lot of bright dresses, which were worn by beautiful female students.

The air was filled with a mysterious spiritual atmosphere, which Su Yun could not find the origin. Nonetheless, it was not thin, but very rich and deep.

Equipped with a black blademaster’s clothe and an iron mask, Su Yun did seem very conspicuous, but he did not attract much attention. After all, there were many mysterious individuals that resided within the academy.

Although many of the areas of Purple Star Academy were accessible, there were still areas that were not always open for the students.

For example, Elite Martial Grounds, which was an elite practice area that many students of the academy were waiting to reopen so they could practice there.

Like the advanced research discussion center, both places were temporarily closed. Not to mention the students, most of the professors were not allowed to enter.

Su Yun went around in circles for awhile before finding a pavilion within the inner garden. After becoming disoriented from academy, he walked up front towards a group of female students that were adorned with pure white academy uniforms to ask for directions.

“May I please inquire of senior sister disciple, in which direction is the Practice Grounds?”

With Su Yun’s tall stature, coupled with vast amount of time cultivating and practicing, eating nutritious foods, he had a very toned body. His skin was the color of wheat and his eyes exhibited a bright and piercing gaze. Although his mask covered half of his face, but it was evident that he was handsome. Equipped with his blademaster clothes, he was very suave looking.

Several of the females’ eyes shined as a blush appeared on their cheeks, making them seem very shy. Two of the courageous female students began to chuckle at once at the situation. Among the group, one female pointed in the right direction without the slightest hesitation.

Su Yun quickly said thank you and quickly went in that direction.

“Hey, who is this man? Is it a new student? How do I not recognize this handsome and talented fellow!”

“Dumb girl, shouldn’t you know not to take a fancy on just anyone?”

“But….but there….”

There were a few minor condemning comments, which were soon followed by light bursts of laughter.

In such a prominent academy, it was indeed emphasized that the strongest, following survival of the fittest, would succeed.

However, all of this was temporary.

A sect’s ruthlessness, was usually adequate for confronting crises. As for the peaceful days of the academy, when a crisis does break out, they would simply be unable to put up any type of resistance.

As he approached the Practice Grounds, there were already a lot of people with an ugly look on their faces. After all, the Practice Grounds were already sealed off, which prevented any member of the academy from entering.

But Su Yun’s objective was not the Practice Grounds.

He walked a few strides around the plaza and verified the location for his preparations—–the small forest right beside the Practice Grounds.


Just as he entered the woods, he felt that something was wrong.

The woods were extremely quiet. There was not another person in sight, but Su Yun felt that something was lurking in the shadows and monitoring him.


He was lost in thought as he carefully walked through the woods. Nonetheless, he remained vigilant.

So this was it.

Not a moment later.

It was the eve of the beginning of the Martial Arts Exchange. There were representatives that came from every place on the continent. They all congregated into this city. Across the grounds of the woods were arrays that would warn people of danger.

Su Yun was just afraid that the peaceful days would lead to few experts remaining at Purple Star Academy.

No wonder the dean of the academy was indifferent when he saw the contents of the letter. Even if the dean believed the contents of the letter, he already believed that he had done everything he could.

Although this was true, Su Yun was still very concerned.

Even if the array worked, it was clearly not enough.

Su Yun stopped his thoughts and went back to his work. He had to make some more preparations.