Limitless Sword God Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – Prohibited Drug Master

With Devil Dragon Bones as the foundation of the formation array, it released the dark devil energy of the Devil Dragon Beast. The eyeballs of the Three Eyed Beast became the essence of the formation array. The foundation of the formation array served as the lead and the essence of the formation array served as the core. Su Yun used the Black Moon Beast’s blood to draw the canvas of the formation array. When drawing the formation array, if it was drawn more carefully, as it would allow the line tracing step later to be a bit easier.

There are a lot of mystical techniques in Su Yun’s mind. As for the ones that were the simplest, yet most powerful, they are the large quantity of Devil Arrays that he learned from the Devil Sect. In order to construct a Devil Array, one required materials that contained devil attribute and devil energy. However, in the markets, materials being sold would usually contain only a small amount of devil energy and are classified as low-end devil materials. That was because those that possessed a large and strong amount of devil energy more easily influenced one’s mind and were classified as ‘Prohibited Materials.’ Because of that, the high-end devil materials were incapable of being circulated in the market. Thus, the amount of things one could buy had become limited. Of course, the black market was an exception.

This time around, there wasn’t a need for Su Yun to set up a very powerful Devil Array because he only planned to bring people out. Su Yun did not have the intention to settle the coming upheaval. Also, unlike the time when he fought against the Gu Xie Xin School, it was much less difficult.

Thus, he merely need to set up a relatively common Devil Array from the Devil Sect, the ‘Blood Dye Array.’

The location where he selected to set up the array was some distance away from the Academy Plaza. Su Yun had also surveyed the surroundings. He discovered that, other than the occasional students that passed by here, there are no other people that would come by.

When the students saw Su Yun setting up a formation array here, they had merely thought that he was a student from the Formation Array Department practicing over here and did not bother to ask him anything.

After six hours, the sun had gradually set. The sky had become dusky. Only then did Su Yun stand up with sweat all over his head.

The large formation array only lacked the final material in order to activate it. What Su Yun must do right now was to conceal the formation array, then wait for the arrival of that day.

Su Yun obtained a sailcloth and used it to cover up the formation array. He then placed a couple stones on top of it to keep it down.

The basic quality of the students of the Purple Star Academy were all pretty good. When they saw a sailcloth and rocks over a place, they knew that it was an unfinished formation array. In normal circumstances, they would not lift up the sailcloth and mess with the formation array.

With everything in place, Su Yun left the academy and returned the academy plate.

The next step was to wait.

Su Yun took a breath of air. He slowly wandered the city center and walked toward the tavern.

He didn’t know if Qing Er and them had arrived yet. After calculating the time, he figured that they should’ve arrived at Elemental Fire City by now.

As he was pondering in his heart, he suddenly discovered a couple familiar silhouettes before him.

A group of men and women wearing gorgeous clothes were walking together. They were walking toward Su Yun.

These men and women were talking and laughing, chatting with each other about something. On both sides of the men and women were guards with uniform armor and cyan colored jeweled blades. There were a total of four individuals, and on all four of their waists was a jade colored title plate carved a single word.


They were from the Su Family!

Truly speaking of the devil.

Su Yun quietly looked to the group of people that were walking toward him.

They were all individuals from the Inner Sect and the Main House. A couple people from the Inner Sect were gathered around a white skinned, thin, and frail looking young master, laughing as they talked. However, this young master did not pay any attention to them at all. He was continuously trying to talk to the snow-white colored blademaster clothed girl who held an embroidered sword.

The girl was exceptionally beautiful. Although she wasn’t wearing make-up, she was still naturally beautiful. Her facial features were incomparably exquisite. Especially her pair of bright, beautiful, and sharp eyes. They were extremely spirited, like the stars. They had a sort of ability to cause one to deeply sink into them, and it was hard to free oneself.

The passersby were all casting sidelong glances.

No matter how hard the white skinned and thin young master tried to fawn upon the girl, she continued to ignore him and walked on, minding her own business.

Su Yun stood where he was and did not move.

As they approached, he managed to hear what the white skinned, thin and frail young master had been saying incessantly.

“Qing Er, it truly is not what you thought it to be. That store is definitely a scam. This is unrelated to me!”

“That’s right. Miss Qing Er, it is definitely because that shopkeeper saw that Miss Qing Er was beautiful like a goddess that he placed drugs in your drink!”

“Fortunately, Miss Qing Er is perceptive and did not drink it; otherwise the consequences would’ve been extremely grave!”

“Young Master Huoyu, we cannot let this matter by just like this. You ought to immediately report this to the city master of the Elemental Fire City and have him investigate this matter to attain justice for Miss Qing Er.”

“That’s right! We must attain justice for Miss Qing Er!”

Those young men and women beside Su Huoyu were all voicing their opinions.

Although he did not hear much, Su Yun already manage to have a general idea of what happened.

Earlier, Su Qing Er was dining with the people from the Su Family in a restaurant. The result was that the perceptive Su Qing Er discovered that her drink had been drugged. She immediately left the place.

The shopkeeper drugged the drink because of fancying Su Qing Er’s charm?

Who would possibly trust such a low level and childish speculation?

In fact, everyone knew who it was that drugged the drink. However, all these Su clansmen were on Su Huoyu’s side, and tried to give excuses for him. Su Huoyu, as the son of the Su Family’s Patriarch, possessed a very high status. If one managed to get in a relationship with him, then it would be a lot easier for them to do anything in the Su Family.

Su Qing Er knew this very well. However, she did not expose him. She knew that it was no use even if she speaks the truth of the matter.

With her head lowered, Su Qing Er continued to walk. However, a trace of coldness was in her eyes.

She had been enduring the entire time. She had also been on guard the entire time. However, she didn’t know how much longer days like these would continue for.


Su Qing Er’s sharp senses felt an astonishing gaze that had been fixed upon her the entire time.

She hastily leaned her head to the side. She saw that in the dark corner of the road was a man wearing a pitch-black blademaster clothes and a cracked iron mask. This man was quietly looking at her.

Who is he? Why does he felt this familiar?

Su Qing Er was confused.

“Qing Er, what’s wrong?” Su Huoyu beside her asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing, Young Master Huoyu.”

Su Qing Er said indifferently with her head lowered.

Su Huoyu was completely confused. He looked toward the location where Su Qing Er looked to earlier. He too saw that iron masked man. Immediately, his complexion sunk. He humped and said. “What sort of bullshit are you? Restrain your fucking eyes. If you dare to look over here again, this Young Master will  definitely dig those eyeballs out!”

The iron masked man did not say a word. He merely slowly retreated into the darkness.

“Cheh! That bastard actually left just like this!”

Su Huoyu smiled disdainfully.

The people beside him started to laugh out loud.

“Young Master Huoyu truly possessed an unrivaled grandeur. With a casual shout, you’ve made that man yield and leave shamefully. Amazing! Amazing!”

“It’s merely so-so!”

Su Huoyu was enjoying the flattery. He replied complacently.

This group of people slowly strolled toward the Purple Star Academy. Earlier today, they had already arrived at the banquet prepared by the Purple Star Academy. However, Su Huoyu insisted on going outside to dine. Su Qing Er felt suspicious of his action and thus had an idea of what he was planning.

The Elemental Fire City  was bustling with an exceptional amount of noise and activity during the evening. The majority of the students of the Purple Star Academy would come out to stroll the night market after training for an entire day.

Some of them were merely strolling for fun and searching for an attractive member of the opposite sex. As for some of the others, they had come out to purchase the necessary medicines, drugs, pellets and materials for tomorrow.

It was an unending flow of people coming and going.

Su Yun quietly hid himself in the corner as he watched Su Huoyu and them walking toward the direction of the Purple Star Academy. His gaze was ice-cold.

After he lowered his head and pondered for a moment, he took out a pen and wrote a couple words. He then proceeded to walk toward that Su Huoyu.

“Eh? It’s you again?”

Seeing Su Yun walking toward him, Su Huoyu was slightly startled.

“Quickly scram! Do not block our Young Master’s path!”

The other people shouted at him. Each and every one of them possessed an expression of loathe and disgust.

However, Su Yun did not comply. Instead, he directly walked past Su Huoyu and quickly placed the slip of paper he had wrote on earlier into Su Huoyu’s hand.

“Read it by yourself!”

A hoarse and low voice landed in Su Huoyu’s ears.

Su Huoyu was startled. He turned around to look but discovered that the man earlier had already disappeared.

“What a strange man!”

No one noticed that Su Yun had slipped the slip of paper into Su Huoyu’s hand and even whispered to his ear. Seeing that Su Yun had left suddenly, they were all confused.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?”

“What was that guy trying to do?”

The people beside Su Huoyu asked.

“I don’t know.”

Su Huoyu had an expression of doubt. He cast a glance to the slip of paper in his hand. He managed to faintly see several words. Immediately after, he hastily pinched the slip of paper tightly.

Su Qing Er took a glance at Su Huoyu out of confusion. She did not say anything, but continued to walk toward the Purple Star Academy.

After walking some time, everyone started to chat and laugh again. No one noticed that Su Huoyu was secretly opening the lump of paper in his hand. He carefully looked to the words written on it.

Seeing the words, Su Huoyu was startled. After he rolled his eyes, he stopped moving.

Everyone was startled. They all looked to him.

“That… Everyone, you all can return to the academy first. I suddenly recalled that I still have an old friend in this Elemental Fire City that I have forgotten to visit. You all can return first, I’ll be returning a bit later!”

“Friend?” Su Qing Er slightly frowned. “Why is it that we haven’t heard Young Master Huoyu mention this before?”

“I’d forgotten!”

Said Su Huoyu with a loud laughter.

Su Qing Er lowered her head and pondered for a moment. A bit of alertness flashed through her eyes. She no longer asked. She merely nodded and then continued to walk toward the Purple Star Academy.

“Liuhe, Xiaofeng, you two can follow me!”

“Oh, yes Young Master!”

Thus, this little group of people were separated into two groups. One group proceeded toward the Purple Star Academy, whereas the other group proceeded toward the outskirts of the Elemental Fire City.

Night descended. There was no light outside of the city. It was a pitch-black darkness and appeared to be very eccentric and weird.

The amount of people leaving the city at night was very few. The two people, Su Liuhe and Su Xiaofeng, who followed Su Huoyu, started to feel a bit cower.

“Young master, how come your friend is living outside the city?”

Su Xiaofeng who dressed elegantly and without much clothes was shivering while holding his body.

“You piece of rubbish; your spiritual cultivation is so low. You can’t even withstand the most basic wind chill?”

Su Huoyu scolded.

“Boss, you don’t know about it. It was reported that there would be ‘Heart Chilling Wind’ tonight. They’re wind blowing over from the Heart Chilling Mountain Range. It was simply impossible for one to withstand them with merely Profound Spirit Qi!”

Su Xiaofeng complained.

Su Huoyu shook his head. He did not understand it at all.

However, he also felt a bit cold.

“This should be the place.”

Su Huoyu stopped before a small piece of vacant land before the Elemental Fire City.

Su Xiaofeng and Su Liuhe were both confused.

“Young Master, why did we come here?”

“Please don’t tell us that your friend is here?”

“Hahahaha, what sort of damned friend are you talking about?! Your daddy has no friend here!”

Su Huoyu started laughing out loud.


“Look at this!”

Su Huoyu took out the slip of paper that he had previously crushed into a lump. He opened the paper.

Su Xiaofeng and Su Liuhe opened their eyes wide and, with the help of the dim light, managed to clearly see the words written on the paper.

“Prohibited Drug Master… if you require Prohibited Drugs, then please wait for me at a location a mile away to the southern gate of the Elemental Fire City. Being late is unacceptable.”

“Pro…Prohibited Drug Master?”

The two of them were completely startled.

“Could it be…”

“That’s certainly it! We are in luck! Who would’ve expected that we actually managed to encounter a Prohibited Drug Master that covertly sells Prohibited Drugs.”

Su Huoyu’s eyes were a bit hazy. “That damned bitch Su Qing Er possesses a high level of martial prowess. She is capable of sniffing out ordinary aphrodisiac right away. Only Prohibited Drugs would be able to enter her mouth without her knowing! Heh, that bitch is fond of acting noble and virtuous? Later on, after your daddy here purchased the Prohibited Drugs, I’ll have her drink it down tonight; then, I can play her however I like to tonight! Let’s see how that bitch will act noble and virtuous again!”

“Hehe, so this was what Young Master had in his mind!”

“Boss is truly brilliant!”

His two lackies were laughing. They were both looking forward to Su Huoyu obtaining Su Qing Er, and perhaps being able to obtain his leftovers.


At this moment, a light footstep sound was heard. Then, a figure walked out from the shadows to the side.

Su Huoyu looked over. Immediately, his eyes shined. “Hey! He’s here!”