Limitless Sword God Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – My Supply of Goods Is Extremely Abundant, I Have Everything That You Need

The person who arrived had a slender, pitch-black sword sheath on his back and wore a completely black clothes. He wore a cracked iron mask on his face and had black hair that ran down to his shoulder. His exposed chin was sharp, like a blade, and his eyes were bright and full of expression. This man was emitting an extremely handsome appearance.

“What a young Prohibited Drug Master!”

“Didn’t they say that all the Prohibited Drug Masters are wretched old men?”

Said Su Xiaofeng in a low voice.

“Who the fuck cares. The Prohibited Drug Masters are people that could only be come across by happenchance and not sought after. Generally, even if we want to purchase prohibited drugs, we won’t be able to find a Prohibited Drug Master to purchase from. We most definitely cannot let this opportunity slip by. You two, did you bring enough money? Later, we’re going to purchase as much as we can afford!”

Said Su Huoyu after he spit a mouthful of saliva on the ground.

“Boss, we got this!”

“Hehe, I truly want to see the appearance of that bitch Su Qing Er would be after we used all of the prohibited drugs on her!”

“We’ll definitely see it. Later on, your boss here would be taking the first token. If I have leftovers, I’ll reward them to you two!”

Upon hearing this, the two of them were overjoyed. They immediately said. “Thank you boss, thank you boss!”

Su Huoyu nodded. He then walked toward that man. When he arrived before the man, he immediately got into the main subject. He opened his mouth and shouted. “Hey, you’re a Prohibited Drug Master, right? What kind of drugs do you have?”

“All Nourishing Decoction, Golden Forever Erect Pellet, Night With Ten Women Decoction, Dragon’s Vitality Tiger’s Fierceness Ointment, Moisten Beautiful Women Powder… my supply of goods is extremely adequate. I have everything that you need, as long as you have enough of the things that I wanted on you!”

Said the man with the cracked mask in a low voice.

Upon hearing that, Su Huoyu’s eyes started to shine. His overjoyed expression was completely visible on his face. He said, repeatedly. “Good! Good!! I’m taking all of those! I’m taking them all! Money is no issue! I’m taking them all!!”


The cracked masked man nodded. “Money first, goods afterwards!”

“Xiaofeng, money!”

Su Huoyu shouted straightforwardly.

“Got it!”

Su Xiaofeng laughed with a hehe sound and ran over to hand the money.

The iron masked man frowned in his heart. However, he did not say a word.

A Spirit Check with a value of seventy thousand Spirit Coins was handed over.

Without batting an eyelid, the iron masked man received the Spirit Check.

“Great master, what about the goods?”

Su Huoyu have grew a bit impatient.

“Getting it now!”

As the iron masked man said that in a low voice, his hand slowly moved into his storage ring.

Su Huoyu and the other two were anxiously watching Su Yun’s hand. All them of them were extremely impatient and filled with thirst.

Suddenly, Su Huoyu seemed to have noticed something. He raised his head and asked Su Yun in confusion. “Now that I think about it, how did you notice that I needed these drugs?”

After he said those words, Su Xiaofeng and Su Liuhe were both startled. Alerted, their gazes became fixed upon Su Yun.

However, at the next moment, the hand that was inside the storage ring suddenly moved. It moved toward the sword sheath behind him. A dazzling sword with an enormous was taken out. With a speed as fast as lightning, it was slashed toward Su Xiaofend and Su Liuhe’s heads.


The two of them were unable to guard in time. Their profound spirit qi was unable to react in time to even be used. In an instant, their throats were slashed. The two of them directly fell to the ground and died.

Blood dyed the ground red.

Su Huoyu was stunned.

“Great master, you…”

Yet, at this moment, that great master wearing a cracked iron mask started to rush toward Su Huoyu with his bloodied sword.

His murderous aura burst out in an instant. Like a dam being opened, that murderous aura started to pour down in torrents!


Su Huoyu was scared witless. In a panic, he started to move backwards, then started to frantically run.


At this moment, a sharp sword flew over. It directly slashed past Su Huoyu’s shoulder and knocked him over to the ground.

In immense pain, Su Huoyu fell to the ground. He promptly got back on his feet. However, the pain from his shoulder was so extreme  that he started to gnash down on his teeth.

“Who exactly are you?”

Su Huoyu endured the sharp pain and shouted in a loud voice.

“A robber!”

Said the iron masked man indifferently.

“Rob- robber? Are you telling me… that you’ve done all this to rob my money?”

“What else did you think it was for?”

Said the iron masked man. He was about to rush over to kill Su Huoyu again.

Had it not been a robbery, Su Huoyu would definitely let his imagination run wild.

Seeing this, Su Huoyu’s face once again grew extremely alarmed and frightened. However, at this moment, being scared does would not help him at all. At this moment, risking his life on the final bit of hope, he took out the Life Saving Treasure that his father had given him from the storage ring in his hand and threw it toward Su Yun.

A pearl the size of an eyeball was thrown over by Su Huoyu toward the iron masked man.

The pearl was pitch-black in color. However, as it flew toward Su Yun, it was flickering with a strange green light. Flickering in the night, it appeared to be an eyeball of a demon beast.

The iron masked man was startled. He immediately dodged the incoming pearl.

The pearl landed on the ground…


Succession explosion sound was heard. The explosions have completely engulfed the iron masked man.

The aura of destruction filled through the air. The rocks in the surroundings were all crushed to powder. The weeds were completely dried up.

Seeing this, Su Huoyu displayed an overjoyed expression. He immediately started to run toward the center of the explosions.

However, he saw that a figure had rushed out from the center of the explosion and was dashing toward him.

Although he had escaped the explosion, it was evident that this man had also experienced injuries. His movement was already not as smooth and fluent as before.

Seeing that the treasures were capable of saving his life, how could Su Huoyu possibly have any more hesitation? He immediately put his hand back into the storage ring.

A scroll appeared.

However, this scroll was not an offensive weapon. Instead, it was a scroll that would allow a person to quickly recover their profound spirit qi in a short period of time.

He clenched his teeth and pinched apart the scroll. He then turned around and started fleeing.

He pulled out a slender weapon similar to a katana and, channeling the spiritual qi through his body, he turned around and started fighting the incoming iron masked man while still quickly running away.

However, because he was in too much of a panic, his attack ended up always in a twist or at a weird angle. None of those attacks were capable of doing much damage.

The iron masked man was not lacking either. He once again threw his sword. Like a flash, that sword flew toward Su Huoyu.

Su Huoyu’s eyes were filled with fear. He hastily dodged the incoming sword. However, his dodge was a bit too late.


Su Huoyu’s leg received the sword. Blood sprayed from his leg. Staggering, he fell to the ground. He was no longer able to run to escape anymore.

Seeing this, the iron masked man quickly rushed over. He held up the Engraved Dragon Sword in his hand and directly pierced it toward Su Huoyu’s heart.

His movement was rapid. It was extremely fierce and decisive. There was not the slightest amount of wavering within his movements. There was no intention of torment behind his strike. It was so much that he did not even say a single word.

He only had a single purpose!

Killing his opponent!


Right at the instant, while the spear like streak of the sword was thrust toward Su Huoyu, a white light was suddenly ]emitted from Su Huoyu’s entire body. After that, he instantly disappeared.

“Void Fragmentary Teleportation Technique?”

The iron masked man was startled.

This was an extremely high level life saving profound technique!

It was simply impossible for Su Huoyu to know this profound technique. Furthermore, for him to use this technique so quickly, it was most likely that he had used a scroll that contained the Void Fragmentary Teleportation Technique!

How could ordinary people possibly possess such a treasure?

As expected of the Su Family patriarch’s son. Not only does he possess a lot of treasures, each and every one of those treasures were exceptional.

The iron masked man stared at the Su Huoyu, who had already been sent out ]a distance of a hundred meters away by the Void Fragmentary Teleportation Technique. He humphed in his heart and then once again brandish the sharp sword in his hand. Emitting an astonishing aura, he once again charged toward Su Huoyu.

The sharp sword flew through the air. Being covered with the sharp aura, it was ferocious like a dragon crossing through the ocean. The sand and stones on the ground were all blown away by the aura contained within the sword. It was like a soaring horizontal flaming arrow…

Su Huoyu’s leg was injured, and he was no longer able to run anymore. Seeing the incoming sword, he was already so deeply scared that he had turned completely pale and his trousers steaming and moist.

He does not have any other method to resist anymore!

Right at this moment!


A roaring noise burst forth from the Elemental Fire City.

Then, an extremely frightening and suffocating oppressing aura violently storm over to this location. It smashed into that rapidly flying sword.


The flying sword emitted an extremely crisp sound. Its aura was washed away. The sword rotated a couple times in the air and then landed on the ground with a wobble.

Seeing this, the iron masked man’s expression had grown cold. He immediately looked over.

He saw that a large amount of guards had rushed out from the entrance of the Elemental Fire City. A bearded, middle aged man wearing a magnificent jade colored and embroidered gown was currently flying toward here.

An expert!

The iron masked man’s heart tightened. He immediately started up his Pure Divine Spirit Qi and regained his Engraved Dragon Sword that had fallen to the ground. He then rapidly withdrew and started running toward the rear.

“Zhu Ran! Lead the squadron to chase after him!”

The bearded man shouted loudly.

“Yes! City Lord!”

The guard’s captain Zhu Ran answered. He then started to chase after the iron masked man.

As for the bearded city lord, Zhou Zibu, he started to quickly walk toward Su Huoyu. Seeing Su Huoyu, who was still trembling on the ground with wet trousers, the city lord’s brows were condensed together into a line.

“Stabilize his condition first!”

Zhou Zibu shouted.


A guard rushed over to treat Su Huoyu’s wounds.

Corrals of dense and cold water attribute profound spirit qi started to drift above the wounds. The wounds immediately stopped bleeding. Su Huoyu’s distorted face finally started to ease up.

“Thank you, Your Lordship City Governor, for saving me!” Su Huoyu took in a breath of air and then said weakly.

Zhou Zibu nodded. He glanced at the title plate on Su Huoyu’s waist and then said. “Are you from the Su Family of the Entwining Secrets District?”

“My father is the Su Family’s patriarch, Su Lixiong!” Su Huoyu immedaitely said.

Hearing this, Zhou Zibu started to frown. “Never had I expected that it is the young master of the Su Family!”

“Your Lordship, please capture that man who have injured me. I will definitely hack him into pieces!” Holding his crotch, Su Huoyu said while gnashing his teeth.

“I, the City Lord, was night patrolling the Elemental Fire City and just so happened to face the south gate and heard numerous explosions coming from the south gate. I then arrived over to the gates and the guards beside me told me that you’re from the Su Family. I then immediately proceeded to lend a hand and saved your life. Merely, I do not know what sort of relationship you have with that man. Why does he want to kill you? And why are the two of you gathered outside of the city at night?”

“This… about this…” Su Huoyu was immediately unable to respond.
How could he possibly tell him that he had come to purchase prohibited drugs from that man?

The reason why prohibited drugs were known as prohibited drugs was because they were expressly stipulated by the continent to be forbidden and prohibited. If one was to be in contact with this sort of things, he or she would likely be punished. Each location possessed their own specific rules for punishments. Even the Su Family was of no exception.

Furthermore, purchasing prohibited drugs was also an extremely face-losing matter.

“This… I…I was merely strolling outside the city with my two companions. I then ran across that man. The result… the result was that the man suddenly attacked us in surprise. He planned to kill us to steal our belongings… Mn, that’s exactly what happened!”

Su Huoyu’s gaze was drifting all over the place.

Zhou Zibu stared at Su Huoyu. For a long time, he did not say anything.

Su Huoyu’s face started sweating. However, he didn’t dare to look at Zhou Zibu.

After some time, the guards discovered the dead Su Xiaofeng and Su Liuhe’s corposes.

Zhou Zibu waved his hand and told his men to take care of this matter and see Su Huoyu back into the city for treatment of his injuries.

After he declared to strengthen the guards within the city, he returned to the Elemental Fire City.

“Ah, Your Lordship, are…are you not going to order the arrest of that masked scoundrel?”

Seeing how nimble Zhou Zibu was walking, Su Huoyu was unwilling to give up. He opened his mouth and asked.

“There is a need for investigation for this matter. I will dispatch my men to take care of it. Young Master Su, you should set your mind at ease and heal your injuries first. Wasn’t the Purple Star Academy’s academic exchange gathering going to start tomorrow? As the crooks are mixed with the honest folks in the Elemental Fire City, for the past few days, many murders and brawls have occurred! If we were to order for an arrest for every single one of them, how could the power of the city guards within the Elemental Fire City be enough?”

After he finished saying that, Zhou Zibu proceeded to walk away and did not bother with Su Huoyu anymore.

Hearing what he had said, Su Huoyu felt extremely angry in his heart. However, he didn’t dare to say anything. He only began to wish that Zhu Ran who had gone to capture the iron masked man would be able to smoothly capture him so that he could pay that iron masked man back for his resentments!