Limitless Sword God Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – The Damned Sword

The guards of the Elemental Fire City merely chased for a short period of time for appearance’s sake before stopping their chase.

The iron masked man, that is, Su Yun, immediately changed his clothes and appearance after he cast off his chasers, then returned back to the Elemental Fire City.

It must be said that his actions this time around were too sudden. He had neglected a lot of details.

If he were to kill Su Huoyu under the guise of robbery, not only would he be able to lessen a threat for Su Qing Er and allow her to not be tangled by Su Huoyu anymore, it would also allow her to not be in the this gathering for the academic exchange.

If Su Huoyu died, the Su Family would definitely have to investigate this matter. In that case, how would they possibly have the mood to participate in some academic exchange?

Although Su Qing Er would receive punishment because of this, but the main responsibility for Su Huoyu does not lie in her hands. Thus, the death of Su Huoyu would be able to easily allow her to escape from all that was about to occur.

Toward this final close relation of his, Su Yun was willing to give his all to protect her.


He had neglected a single point: Su Huoyu is the son of the Su Family’s patriarch. Although he was only the third son, he still obtained countless treasures from his father. Furthermore, the other members of the Su Family, in order to obtain favor from the patriarch, have also given Su Huoyu treasures from time to time.

How could the treasures bestowed by the patriarch possibly be inferior in quality? Although Su Yun had caught him unprepared, in the time of a life and death crisis, Su Huoyu managed to use those treasures to save his life!

Using the seventy thousand Spiritual Coins that he had scammed from Su Huoyu, Su Yun went to the Heavenly Sun Auction House and purchased a lot of first-rate drugs and medicines. He then returned back to the tavern and took medicines to heal his injuries.

Su Huoyu’s treasures were truly too astonishing. Even though he had dodged in time, he was still damaged and received some qi injuries. Luckily, they were nothing significant and likely wouldn’t hinder his future learning of martial arts.

Although he didn’t manage to kill Su Huoyu, =Su Yun didn’t feel that it was unfortunate. After all, he will still have more chances to kill him.

After spending an entire night on recovering and harmonizing his qi, Su Yun had finally recovered.

As there wasn’t much time, there wasn’t much of a point using this time to cultivate.

After pondering for a long time, Su Yun took out the sword sheath.

Having obtained Hu Qianmei’s talent and absorbed a large amount of ‘Three Elemental Vital Energy,’ his martial prowess had increased greatly. With his current strength, he should be able to handle a second sword now.

As Su Yun was pondering, he activated the sword arts.

The slender and thin black sword sheath did not appear dazzling at all. However, during the moment of its activation, the entire sword sheath started to emit various black lights. The dense Void Fragmentary Aura drifted through the entire guest room.

With the sword sheath at the limit, a door appeared above it. After entering this door, one would be able to enter the world within the Limitless Sword Sheath.

When the sword sheath was activated, the Sword Elder was immediately woken up. “Brat, you’ve prepared to obtain another sword?”

“Senior, with my current martial prowess of level four Spirit Intermediate Disciple, I believe it shouldn’t be to hard to obtain the second sword, right?”

“Right, although it isn’t hard…” The Sword Elder pondered for a moment before saying. “Mn, you can go. I’ll go with you so that you don’t do anything reckless. While this Limitless Sword Sheath is the grave of swords, it is also the grave of men. If you were to get killed by the swords in here, there wouldn’t be anything strange about it at all!”

“In that case, I shall bother Senior to guide me!!” Su Yun nodded.

After he finished saying those words, he stepped through the gate.


Hus surroundings started to twist. The light started to change. A line of sight appeared. It was like a light being lit within the darkness.

After his line of sight returned to normal, the Greater Dao of the Divine Swords once again appeared before Su Yun’s eyes. In the distance, the palace that buried the Origin Sword was faintly discernible, like an underground palace of ghouls.

Su Yun was still standing where he was before, the location where he obtained the Engraved Dragon Sword. No change had occurred in this place.

“Only after removing that Origin Sword within the palace would you be capable of going to other places to obtain swords.”

The Sword Elder spoke. His voice was dull. “Brat, you can go and get another one. Last time I have already told you that this one here is much weaker than the Engraved Dragon Sword that you held in your hand. With your current strength, subduing it should be extremely easy… Of course, you can also chose to obtain other swords that are even more powerful. Everything is depending on your own decision!”

Right after the Sword Elder’s said his words, Su Yun suddenly extended his hand and proceeded to grab the cyan colored sword that was thrust into the ground beside him.


Although his hand grabbed the sword’s hilt, he did not manage to pull it up.


Su Yun frowned. He immediately exerted all of his strength.

The sword started to slightly tremble. The sword blade in the jade ground also started to slightly move upward.

“This sword’s test seemed to be relatively easy. All you need to use is some strength, as well as perseverance.”

The Sword Elder said.

Hearing this, Su Yun increased his qi, causing his strength to increase. The cyan colored sword was soon to be pulled out. Only the tip of the sword remained in the jade ground.


Right when the tip of the sword left the jade ground and was completely pulled out, a cold ray of light swept past the sword blade. The sword energy started the sweep through the air. A murderous aura suddenly started to surge.

Su Yun’s heart tightened. He was unable to react. All he felt was that the sword hilt in his hand was violently vibrating. After that, the cyan sword broke away from Su Yun’s hand and flew into the air. It circled through the air and then, with the edge of the blade pointing toward Su Yun, it ruthlessly came slashing toward him.


Su Yun was startled. He moved his hand toward the sword sheath and took out the Engraved Dragon Sword. Using that, he blocked the incoming cyan sword.


After the first sword clash, Su Yun’s body was violently trembling.

Although that sword appeared to be extremely lightweight, it contained within it the power of ten thousand catties. Its power burst forth like a flood. The Engraved Dragon Sword was giving off a sensation that felt like it was about to be hacked in half by it.

“There’s two more sword strikes!”

At this moment, the voice of the Sword Elder sounded in Su Yun’s mind.

“Two sword strikes?” Su Yun was slightly startled. “Senior, perhaps you know about this sword?”


The cyan sword made a circle and hacked down toward Su Yun once more.

Su Yun’s eyes were opened wide. He didn’t dare to neglect in the slightest. He held up his sword to once again resist the incoming sword.


As the sword slashed down, Su Yun’s knees felt weak. He almost kneeled down to the ground. His entire body’s bones felt as if he they were about to be split apart by the strength of the rumbling strength of the cyan sword. He clenched his teeth and, with two frantically trembling arms, held up the Engraved Dragon Sword to resist the bombardment of the cyan sword. Sweat started flowing down his cheeks. It appeared that he was going to be unable to resist it anymore, at any moment.

“Not bad, not bad!” The Sword Elder said in laughter. “Only the final sword strike remains.”


Once again, the sword came cutting down!

Su Yun’s eyes were wide open as he stared at that descending sword. He finally roared lowly. He burst forth his energy and slashed his Engraved Dragon Sword toward the incoming cyan sword.

However, unexpectedly…

Although the Engraved Dragon Sword was slashed horizontally, it did not come into contact with anything!

Su Yun was startled. He carefully looked up. What he saw was that the cyan sword did not slash its third sword strike toward Su Yun. Instead, it started to wobble in the air before falling down and landing directly in front of him.

“Senior… this…what is going on?” Su Yun was dumbstruck. “Didn’t you said there’s three sword strikes?”

“That’s right!” The Sword Elder laughed. “However, you managed to smoothly pass the third sword strike!”


“If you didn’t give your all to take the third sword strike but instead tried to deal with it by dodging or using other methods, then you would definitely be defeated by the third sword strike! The first two sword strikes tested your body. As for the third strike, it tested your will. The reason why I said that this sword is relatively easy to subdue was because I believed that these tests were not difficult at all for you.”

“If the third sword strike were to directly slash down, then I reckon I would not be able to resist it anymore!!”

With sweat all over, Su Yun sat onto the ground and started to gasp for air.

“Hahaha, brat, perhaps you don’t know this but the profoundness of this sword lies precisely in its power!! The person who crafted this sword had crafted it through three sections. The first section is roughly the sword hilt. The second section is the two inch piece behind the sword blade. As for the third section, it is all the remaining portions of the sword. This sword possesses a Sword Core that is capable of producing Profound Spirit Qi by itself. This Profound Spirit Qi would naturally fill the three sections of the swords. When you emit a sword strike with this sword, you will consume the amount of Profound Spirit Qi within a section. For this sword, you are at the very most capable of using it three times. After bursting forth the Profound Spirit Qi within it three times, it would become no different than ordinary iron swords!”

Never had Su Yun ever heard of such strange sword before. Confused, he said. “Three-sectioned sword? Profound Spirit Qi? Senior! The Profound Spirit Qi stored within this sword… what’s so mystical about it?”

Hearing this, the Sword Elder raised his voice and said. “Could you perhaps not have sensed it yourself earlier?”

“Are you saying… it’s the power of this sword?”

“That’s right! The Profound Spirit Qi emitted by this sword’s Sword Core possessed the attribute of ‘True Dipper Qi’ and is extremely powerful. Those three sword strikes of its is capable of destroying metals and breaking apart stones effortlessly!”

Hearing this, Su Yun felt happy in his heart. He hurriedly pulled out the cyan sword before him. When doing that, he saw that there were two words carved to the hilt of the cyan sword, ‘Thousand Deep.’

“Thousand Deep Sword? Good name! Based on its qi, I reckon that it’s at the very least a High Level Cyan Quality treasure!”

Su Yun started to fondly admire this sword. Although it appeared to be extremely light and easy to use, it was abnormally heavy. It could only dispatch forth three sword strikes in battle but, if one were to use it well, wouldn’t it meant that it would be able to give forth to an unimagined effect?

“Brat, you’ve obtained the Thousand Deep, are you planning to continue to obtain more swords? Thousand Deep has only consumed a little bit of your physical strength, no? There shouldn’t be a problem for you to obtain another, simpler sword!”

At this moment, the Sword Elder asked.

“If I can obtain more Divine Swords to assist myself, then that’ll be the best!”

Su Yun’s eyes started to sway. His started to sweep his eyes all over.

Suddenly, a unique shaped sword appeared in his line of sight.

This sword was located within a meter of him. The sword was located at the right side of the sword path, in between two other swords.

This sword was entirely black and incomparably slender. Its width was approximately two inches and its length was about two feet. From a glance, it appeared extremely mediocre.

The reason why this sword captured Su Yun’s gaze was because this sword contained a sword sheath!

The Sword Elder seemed to have noticed Su Yun’s gaze. He emit forth a bit of spirit energy to sense. Confused, he said. “Eh? This sword unexpectedly doesn’t emit a lot of sword aura. It seems… like it is a very weak sword. So strange, I’ve never seen this sword before…”

“It’s very weak?” Su Yun nodded and said. “In that case, let’s go and get it!”

“En, try it out!”

Su Yun did not hesitate. He immediately extended his hand, grabbed that sword, and pulled!


The cry of the sword echoed. The black sword with its sheath was directly pulled out by Su Yun.

There was not the slightest amount of obstruction!!

“This easy?”

Both Su Yun and the Sword Elder were startled.

However, with the precedent of the Engraved Dragon Sword, the two of them knew that it would not be this easy. Although it might be easy to pull out the sword, it does not meant that the sword’s test would be easy.

Su Yun did not dare to relax in the slightest. He stared at that black sword in his hand and held it firmly in fear of it flying out of his hand and slashing toward him.


After waiting for an entire incense worth of time, there was no movement in the sword at all!

The sword did not emit any spiritual attack. It also did not flew out of his hand toward the sky to come back to attack him.

Just like that, the sword remained in Su Yun’s hand without doing anything.

“What…what’s going on? Could it be that this sword doesn’t require any subduing?” Su Yun asked in astonishment.

“I’m not sure.”

The Sword Elder was also confused.

“Was there such a sword that could be obtained so easily, and without subduing, in the sword sheath?”

“I am truly ashamed now that we mentioned it. I did not manage to subdue many swords from the sword sheath. Many of them were only swords that I have heard about!”

The Sword Elder sighed and said.

“Perhaps there really is such a sword!”

Su Yun took a breath and felt extremely good. In an instant, he obtained two more swords. This was also a form of increase in his strength.

In this world, one’s treasures were equal to strength.

After placing away the Thousand Deep Sword, Su Yun’s gaze was cast toward that black sword. However, he did not see a name carved into the black sword.

Could it be on the sword blade, and the sheath had covered it?

Su Yun suspected that might be the case. He immediately grabbed the sheath and pulled the sword out.


The pitch black sword blade was unsheathed.

Right at the time when the sword blade was unsheathed, an enormous blood red word entered into Su Yun’s field of view.


Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz…

In the blink of an eye, half of the swords on the sword path suddenly started to violently tremble. Sword cries echoed through the skies.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

They soared into the skies by themselves and started to circle the sky. After flying halfway into the sky, they converged together into a powerful current. The sword aura filled the air and covered the skies.

After they gathered, all the Divine Swords started rushing toward Su Yun.

It was like a legendary dragon charging wildly…