Limitless Sword God Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

The circumstances right then and there were chaotic. They needed to make a decision.

With her head down, Qing Er talked to Su Huyu with an indifferent tone: “Young master, Zhou Zi Bu ganged up with the Demonic Qi Cultivators and has the entire Purple Star Academy locked down.  No outsiders would know what exactly is happening here, but the Purple Star Academy ultimately sits in the center of Elemental Fire City, I believe that the news will travel fast. Similarly, we will have people coming to our rescue soon. What we need now is not to break out, but to collaborate with Madam Purple Star and the others to resist the Demonic Qi Cultivators! If we break out now, I’m afraid that the Su Family will suffer big losses. Even if we do manage to break out, the other representatives might revile on us! This will bring down the Su Family’s name!”

“What shortsighted opinions you have!”

Su Huoyu yelled: “If we do not run now, then how long do we have to wait till another opportunity arises? The enemy’s target is Mu Feng, not us, do you understand?”

“But… young master Huoyu, just look around us. We are surrounded by the blood fog, it puts our vision to a disadvantage. In addition, this blood fog is not an ordinary fog, it reeks of an evil spirit. I’m afraid the blood fog is a terrifying weapon from the Demonic Qi Cultivators, we should not take this lightly as it is difficult to get out of it!”

Once Su Huoyu heard that, his stubbornness gave way as he felt that what Qing Er said was sensible.

However, born as the Patriarch’s son, he was potentially the next master of the Su Family. No matter how logical Qing Er was, he would refute her. He did not want to be constantly stepped over by Qing Er’s talent. He had the urge to dominate Qing Er, to own her, and to become her true owner.

“Furthermore, although Mu Feng is the target for the Demonic Qi Cultivators, the Mu clan is the aristocratic clan of Soul Stones. With such powerful skills, Mu Feng might be the next nominee for the Mu clan. And since the guards protecting Mu Feng all possess remarkable powers, adding on Mu Feng himself possessing many Soul Stone Spirit Tools, there’s no worries!”

Qing Er carefully studied the pros and cons, and informed Su Huoyu.

But the more Su Huoyu listened, the angrier he got, and the more frustrated he got.

“Qing Er, although you are the representative of the Su Family , do not forget your identity. I am the Su Family patriarch’s son, so I am the leader here! Don’t think you have the authority over me! If I say leave, then we shall leave, understand?”

Su Huoyu’s voice was as cold as ice, and it rang through with determination.

Qing Er understood, bit her teeth, and did not refute.

“If you want to stay, then you shall stay. Let me see who will be the one to die! Let’s go! Let’s go! We will break out!”

Su Huoyu waved as he bellowed.

“Yes, young master!”

The Su Family people shouted.

“Su Qing Er, I will make you think differently of me!”

Su Huoyu glimpsed at Qing Er as he pulled out a weapon similar to a greatsword and ran towards the exit.

Qing Er hesitated.  In the end, she clenched her teeth, and followed through.

“If I stay behind and Su Huoyu dies here, if the patriarch finds out, he would be furious. In addition, he would definitely blame me for it, and maybe the young master will be blamed for it!” Sigh, “Nevermind, I only hope Su Huoyu’s judgement is correct!”

Qing Er sighed again and murmured.

The Su Family ’s people were the first to break away from the people at the academy. Others looked upon them and started spewing vicious words.

“Su Family! At this point in time, you refuse to cooperate with us, and yet, you dare to run away?”

“You think you can break out of this siege with your own powers? Zhou Zi Bu is a slave for the Demonic Qi Cultivators and they probably set traps all around the Purple Star Academy and you are just seeking your own death!”

“Su Family’s people are afraid of death, they are a disgrace. Everyone should stay away from that clan from today onwards!”

The representatives roared so loud, it pierced through everyone’s ears.

Without any question, the Su Family had become the talk of the town during this difficult time, even the connections the Su Family once had all went down the drain, simply because of the one decision Su Huoyu made.

Qing Er knitted her brows. Not making a sound, she followed all twenty of the Su Family ’s people, running out of the plaza.

Nearing the fences, the blood fog got thicker, everything seemed blurry. Other than the red fog, they could not see anything, not even if they were stepping on a piece of white jade, everything seemed gloomy.


Out of the blue, a weird sound rang, and a huge amount of dark red fresh blood flowed through from the front.

“Ah! ! ! ! !”

The first few Su Family people, who were soaked in the fresh blood, were screaming when their legs came in contact with the fresh blood. Their legs immediately dissolved, and each of them fell deeper and deeper into the blood. After making a few sounds, they were completely dissolved by the blood.

Seemed like it was not blood, but made up of a lava like, sulfuric acid.

Su Huoyu was frightened, his face turned white, and beads of sweat dripped down profusely. Petrified, he quickly called out to retreat.

“Step back, everybody! Quick! Be careful of the blood! Retreat!”

Qing Er hurriedly yelled.

All of the Su Family’s members stepped back one by one.

Crash, Crash, Crash, Crash, Crash, Crash.

The floor started to shake vigorously, just as an explosion  headed in their direction.

Qing Er’s face went pale. As she looked to it, she saw a gigantic shadow surface from the blood fog.


The shadow materialized from the blood fog. At first glance, it was three metres tall with a boar for its head and the body of a human. It was a demonic pig guard!. This demonic pig guard had no fur on its body, it’s eyes were green, and was draped with heavy, metal chains. In its hands was a gigantic, meteor shaped, hammer-like weapon. As the blood mist cleared, it lifted its hammer and smashed it towards the front most Su Family family member.

The member who saw it could not avoid, and raised his Tiger Blade in an attempt to block the strike.


The gigantic hammer smashed onto the Tiger Blade.


The Tiger Blade shattered into pieces, and the hammer continued to smash in the brains of the Su Family family member. The brain exploded, just as a watermelon would. The heavy aura of the evil spirits eroded his body, and quickly disseminated it into pieces. It was a horrifying scene!

Hiss! ! !

Su Huoyu’s body temperature sharply fell (TN: literal translation is to be drenched in cold air), while the others were scared stiff, watching in dismay as the entire scene unfolded.

They were definitely not a match!

“The lousiest Demonic Qi Cultivators and demons are already at least fifth rank and above of the Spirit Core Disciple stage. Most of us are only at the second or third rank of Spirit Core Disciple stage. With such a disparity in strength, we can never be a match to them!”

Qing Er gritted her teeth and said: “Young master Huoyu, we need to retreat now, regroup with the others, and wait for a rescue!”

“Regroup? We do not have any way out anymore, didn’t you hear what they said earlier? If we go back now, where do we put our faces(TN: too embarrassed)?” Su Huoyu clenched his teeth: “Furthermore, they will be dead sooner or later, so why do we have to go back and die with them?”

“But…young master!”


At this time, the demonic boar guard’s hammer smashed right through, and struck two of the Su Family ’s members.

Seeing the disciples of the Su Family drop dead one by one right in front of her, Qing Er’s heart wrenched.

Truthfully, Qing Er loved the Su Family deep inside her heart. They fostered and took care of the lord and lady, and reared the young master. No matter how the Su Family will treat her, no matter what the Su Family will become now or in the future, Qing Er can never erase the strong emotions she has for the Su Family .

“Hahahaha, fresh human meat! Fresh human meat!”

And in this time, a screech pierced through the blood fog, many strong but skinny shadows were headed in their direction.

Looking far, all of them were as skinny as sticks, and their fangs gave them away as corpse-devouring demons.

They ran like mad dogs, and as if their legs were not running fast enough, they placed their hands on the floor and galloped in this direction. Counting them, there were at least thirty of them!

Su Huoyu was stunned as he saw them.

“Back off! Quickly retreat!”

Qing Er yelled!

Which of the Su Family disciples dared to doubt her? They hurriedly retreated without pondering.

“Huoyu, bring out the treasure the patriarch bestowed on you! Use it as soon as possible!”

Qing Er shouted again.

But Su Huoyu did not make a move.

“Young master Huoyu!”

“Regarding that…” Su Huoyu’s face was unsightly, he then said: “There is not a treasure anymore.”

Qing Er stood in shock, and remembered something: “Don’t tell me…yesterday you.”

“I had a bet with the Xiao family and some other young master representatives…” Su Huoyu admitted, as he continually took a few steps back, and said to Qing Er: “Qing Er, since you are so powerful and knowledgeable, for the time being, you shall defend for me! I can’t die. If I die, all of you can’t escape without a charge!”


“Hold on!”

Su Huoyu yelled. He could care less about the lives of these Su Family members, and fled towards the academy plaza once again.

“Young master!”

“Young master Huoyu!” Qing Er grit her teeth and held on tightly to her embroidered sword: “If I don’t make it out alive, I beg of you, young masters, treat young master Su Yun well, and I shall die with no regrets.”

“That useless young master of yours, I will arrange somebody to award him with hundred thousands of spirit coins, however, what you must do now is to fend off these rascals!”

Su Huoyu limped as he ran, and shouted, without even looking at Qing Er. She was unsure if he would keep to his words.

But after pondering on what Huoyu said, Qing Er was relieved.

She closed her eyes, and held her embroidered sword even tighter.

The Demonic Qi Cultivators had approached from all directions. Su Family’s Qing Er shivered at the sight of their horrifying faces.

“Don’t be afraid, follow me and kill them!”

Qing Er grit her teeth, as she raised her embroidered sword and started the strokes of the Profound Spirit Qi that attributes particularly to the ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’. Like a poisonous snake about to attack, she pounced on the nearest corpse-eating demon.

The corpse-eating demon held the lowest level of cultivation of the Demonic Qi Cultivators, especially the ones with red eyes. Being starved, they attacked without any consideration for defense, unable to avoid Qing Er’s stroke. ‘Ka cha’, it got sliced into pieces as the Swift Wind Spirit Qi bestowed upon the sword acted like a razor sharp blade, slicing the demon into a million pieces.

The Su Family ’s reputation for talents were not falsified. As Qing Er waved her sword, she managed to behead a few of the corpse-eating demons. The other disciples of the Su Family  saw what happened and their morale took a great leap. They fought forward and all the corpse-eating demons that rushed forward died under their swords like cannon fodder.

“Damn it!”

The demonic pig guard howled. Unknowingly, he pulled out a blood stained horn and blew it.

Wu! ! ! !

The majestic sound of the horn boomed.

Qing Er, who stood closest to the proximity of the horn, did not manage to resist and got covered by the roaring sound of the horn. At this moment, everybody’s bloodstream started to boil rapidly, which appeared as though it was tossed during a storm in the sea and raging waves. It was a tumultuous situation.

Many of the less powerful Su Family’s disciples bled to death, their bodies looked as though they were going to explode. Not to mention them, even Qing Er looked like she was being tortured as her face went red and she clenched her teeth tightly. Her strength decreased tremendously.

“This is a chance!”

The demonic pig seized the opportunity. It threw away the horn in its hand and let out a shout. His massive hammer aimed straight for Qing Er….