Limitless Sword God Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 Limitless Sword Lord

Outside the Purple Star Academy, high ranking generals of the Elemental Fire City led their army and marched crazily into Purple Star Academy, ready for assault.

Many of the city’s knights and patriots also joined in to help Elemental Fire City’s army.

The evil demon that suddenly appeared in the Purple Star Academy and City Lord Zhou Zi Bu secretly collaborating with the evil demons. This information bombarded and shook the whole of Mystical Mountain Range.

There were many evil demons and, with the aid of Zhou Zi Bu, they managed to create a massive energy barrier and demonic array. With the expert demon cultivators maintaining it, it would not be easy to break through.

Only, the longer they dragged the attack, the higher the number of courageous knights and warriors who stepped forward to join in the resistance would be. This caused the demon’s defenses to be strained.

“Persevere! Once master has obtained the soul of the descendant with the Soul Stone technique, then we can torture him for his knowledge with regards to it! With the Soul Stone technique, we can defeat the demon blood sect! With their defeat, we can claim that we have control over the entire South border!”

A slender man held onto a blood red staff, with a skull necklace hanging around his neck. He was an old man with bright red skin. He scanned as he yelled this to every demon who stood defending outside Purple Star Academy.

“Yes! Master!”

The demonic qi cultivators replied respectfully in a low, hoarse voice.

Although the demonic qi cultivators were getting torn into a million pieces by several experts each second, the demonic qi cultivators did not make a move. Whether they had red or green eyes, they did not fear pain or injuries, they did not even fear death!

Each and every part of them seemed to function like a robot.

With their wild hearts, all they could do is slaughter.


This moment, a roar thundered. Following that, a cow-like devilish monster with no skin dashed onto the scene.

The devilish monster spread open its mouth,  revealing its sinister steel-like teeth, and out came a blood red tongue which wrapped onto a crystal and handed it over to the Demonic cultivator old man.

The old man took the crystal and smashed it onto the floor.

“Rescue forces!”

The broken crystal showed these two words.

When the old demonic cultivator saw this, his expression stiffened and shouted in dismay: “Master, they have met with some trouble, General Jie Xue, you better send some help down!”

“Yes. Sergeant!”

A man two meters in height, donning a blood red armor quickly came over and muttered a few words.

This general had a fearsome build; His left arm was as thick and coarse as an elephant’s leg. His whole body stained with a scarlet red colour and he had his hair tied into two plaits, half of his face was hollow with no skin nor flesh, all that was left was a blood red skull, and his eyes were filled with rage. His right arm was covered with a blade embellished with a shark’s tooth, his presence was overbearing.

A series of demonic qi cultivators, donned in dull coloured armour, with an evil stench, followed and proceeded towards the academy plaza.

On the way, there were numerous bodies of dead students. A few of the corpse eating devils gathered around the corpses and started feeding on them.

General Jie Xue saw them and immediately rushed ahead to kick a corpse-eating demon straight in the head, causing it to burst.

“Go and kill the people! All you starving dogs, feeding on corpses and refusing to help out, I will report to master, and have your corpse-eating demons cult go to hell!”

General Jie Xue roared through like a beast’s snarl.

The corpse-eating demons were frightened and, like startled birds, (TN: an idiom to describe birds startled by the sound of bowshot) ran in all four directions. No one dared to chew on another corpse.

General Jie Xue scoffed, then walked forward.

On the road, the demons that saw the impeccable general, all gave way and avoided his path, as though l he was like a plague to them.

Bloop, Bloop, Bloop, Bloop…

The bubbles popped from the grass on the road side, and a pool of red blood appeared.

“Blood Dye Array?”

General Jie Xue was stunned, shocked to see this array as he saw the pool of red blood, only to see a man behind a blood red, metal mask, and clothed in a blood red blademaster robe emerging from the blood array.

At the same time, the hundred swords also appeared, surrounding him. It was a terrifying scene.

The thick stench of blood filled the air, and a cold, murderous demonic Qi rippled out.

But emerging from the blood red pool were sinister, bloody hands, trying to pull this man down. After which, he laid motionlessly on the pool of red blood, not moving an inch.

The hundred swords were soaked in blood, and everything seemed red.

“Who is this person?”

Seeing him emit an evil aura, General Jie Xue did not order for an attack. Instead, he questioned in a low voice.

Since he had demonic Qi, he was most likely a demonic Qi cultivator.

“Don’t know.”

The demonic Qi cultivators who were standing on one side all shook their head expressionlessly.

General Jie Xue groaned softly, and walked towards the pool of red blood.

But the man who was lying on the floor had a sword on his back, and hung around his shoulder was a sword sheath. From the way he dressed, it did not seem like he was a Demonic Qi Cultivator, but he was covered in blood and was reeking of an evil aura, while this array he had set was the Demonic Continent’s most common Blood Dye Array. If he was not a demon, then could it be he is human?

But General Jie Xue was curious, these blood dydword was very peculiar.

What were these swords for?

Also… Why did the stench of blood reek heavier and richer than the normal Blood Dye Array?

General Jie Xue did not know, but, as a leader of a small group of demonic Qi Cultivators, he had to be clear of this man’s identity.

“Who are you?”

General Jie Xue raged in a low voice.

But the man did not move, and was still lying motionlessly in the pool of red blood as the blood hands that were covering the body had eased their way back into the pool of red blood.

Roar! ! ! !

The General Jie Xue let out a roar so terrifyingly loud and piercing that it seemed as though he wanted to shake the man awake and use his authority to challenge the man.


Even with the roar, the man was still lying there with his eyes closed, as if he was dead.

“Then, I’ll treat you like how a corpse should be treated! ! ! !”

General Jie Xue seemed frustrated and, with a thunderous roar, he raised his right arm with the gigantic blade embellished with a shark tooth, and charged towards the man in the middle of the pool of red blood.

Just he said those words, the man whose eyes was closed, opened. One of his eyes was covered by the metal mask, and a streak of red blood vessel like, grain appeared. The pupil of his eyes dilated, and shimmered under the red light. Accompanying him was a mixture of undescribable aura. And suddenly, a wind storm appeared, and flushed through the Blood Dye Array.

General Jie Xue noticed this and was alarmed. But since he possessed a great disposition of evilness, he was merely surprised, and had no fear.

There were few things that could create fear in a demon!

In a second, a thing that could make a demon scream in fear appeared.

Those pair of eyes!

General Jie Xue made eye contact with the pair of scarlet red eyes!

To possess such eyes, you must be cultivating in the Demonic ways for at least three thousand years! Attaining that, it meant you have cultivated the disposition of the evilness and embedded it onto your bones!

General Jie Xue had been practicing the demonic ways for a hundred and thirty years, but he had never seen anything like this terrifying disposition of evil.

He shivered.

The resolve to attack this man was quickly diminished, as General Jie Xue’s strength left, never to come back.

Weng Weng Weng Weng…

At this point in time, the hundred swords surrounding Blood Dye Array started to shudder. One by one, the swords started to fly out, and, with the human as their core, they quickly enveloped an area. As the swords gathered, and overlayed, it formed a huge blood ball.

The Demonic Qi Cultivators were stunned as they looked over with their pair of blood red eyes.

And then.


The hundred swords split abruptly, still with a human as their core, floated right above the vicinity.

As for General Jie Xue, who was preparing to kill him, he had now been dissolved into a massive blood skeleton as all his flesh had been sliced off, and left aside, piling up like a mountain.

The man in red stood up with difficulties.

The devilish aura grew stronger in those pair of eyes.

“To reincarnate in this life, I have suffered much and have been through many life-threatening situations. I do all this for the sake of protecting my family.”

“Father and mother had gone to leave me, don’t tell me Qing Er is also leaving me alone?”

“No… at the very least, Qing Er has to live…”

Su Yun said as he panted.

He sensed that his head was heating up rapidly, and the blood in his body was boiling madly.


Shocked and awoken, Su Yun remembered how he used a demonic Qi Cultivator’s body during the exchange of the Demon Blood….

That body was a rare chance that he used, which could match his own blood.

Probably, the blood in the disposition of evil had permeated through the soul. But even so, this, anyway, at least… it was good this way.

Su Yun sighed, and walked towards the student’s plaza.

The hundred swords floated in the air like feathers. They followed Su Yun in his tracks.

With the Blood Dye Array activating, it could possibly change a person’s Profound Spirit Qi and convert it into a demonic Qi. Although the difference in strength was not much, it would still be able to let a Spirit Cultivator use Demonic Qi.

The demonic Qi was possessed solely by the demonic qi cultivators. Anybody who had the Profound Spirit Qi would not be able to use it. Different from the swordsman’s ‘Swift Wind Spirit Qi’, which solely derives its power from its explosiveness, what Demonic Qi emphasizes was control and depth.

In the world of cultivation, usually, when a human and demon fought, the demon would claim victory using Demonic Qi, as Demonic Qi could easily help attain a person’s potential and allow them to perform better than usual.

This was similar to an explosion!

The reason why the humans feared the demons was because they are crazy, did not die, needed not rest, and reeked of slaughter, wars, and death. They are insane.

This, is what humans were incapable of.

And now, Demonic Qi exists in these ordinary swords, giving them a devilish nature as a head start. They would be more than willing to be controlled by Su Yun, and more than willing to kill.

This was why Su Yun asked Su Xing Yue and Su Xing Yang for the hundred swords.

To make use of the Blood Dye Array such that the swords would possess the “Demonic Qi” was easy, and, in that way, the swords would also be easy to control.

Once the Blood Dye Array had bestowed himself and the swords with “Demonic Qi”, they would form an invisible chain to aid in the control. It would be easier to control these swords as compared to the ones previously used at the borders of Mystical Mountain Range to fend off thieves.

This time, a hundred swords flew in unity again.

But this time, it was no longer used to scare people.

This time, they were used to kill.

Maybe they were not unparalleled but, for handling the current situation, they were enough.

The blood swords spun around Su Yun like a tornado, spinning so vigorously that the surrounding Demonic Qi cultivators dared not walk up front to confront this astonishing man. All of them retreated, and no one dared to stop him as he slowly stepped forward.