Limitless Sword God Chapter 87

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Chapter 87


With a sudden attack, Su Yun’s massive and ferocious sword slashed over towards the elder. There was no time for the old demon to defend.

The sword chopped its way through the elder’s frail shoulder, and on the sword emitted ‘True Divine Spirit Qi’, blowing up the elderly who fell backwards to the demons.

A riot broke out amongst the demons. One by one, they threw their stares over and, without saying a word, dashed over.

There was a gap in between the defense line!

“Let’s go!”

Su Yun spoke.

Qing Er’s pupil dilated and looked at the disfigured blood swordsman in amusement, as if wanting to say something. But every time the words were almost spilling out, she could not say anything.

Eventually, she just gritted her teeth and brought her people away as well.

The elderly flew with the attack of the sword, but it was nothing much. The strength of the sword was not fake but, though he looked frail, Qing Er could not determine his cultivation. According to the thick aura he was emitting, Profound Spirit Qi, she knew the elderly’s cultivation was not simple.

What cultivation rank did Su Yun hold?

The fourth stage of spirit intermediate realm!

Even if he used the [Limitless Sword Arts] to control a hundred swords, or the Blood Dye Array to increase his spirit qi’s power, and so what is he had the divine sword in Limitless Sword sheath to amplify his power… how much could he amplify his strength?

Maybe, if he met up with the fifth or sixth rank of the Profound Spirit Cultivators, he could easily defeat them.

But if there was a cultivator that possessed fifth or sixth stage of spirit core realm… then it was a given that he could not claim victory. Even if the Su Family’s talent, Qing Er, was used for the fight, there was not a chance for them to win!

It was impossible to rely on magical weapons and Profound techniques to make up for their deficiency in cultivation.

The demons flooded in like water. Su Yun ordered the four blood swords over while the people retreated quickly, scanning around to see if there was a place to hide.

“Little rascal, to have the audacity to resist so many demons! Are you looking for death? Quickly run already!”

The sword elder felt the surrounding dense Demonic Qi, flew out and shouted.

“Not yet!”

With a fixed expression, he stared ahead.

After chopping down the commander of the demons, these demons scrambled over. The gap had yet to be loosened, and so the people who came along with Qing Er had went over to attack furiously, which was near to the walls of the Purple Star Academy.


The energy barrier surrounding Purple Star Academy suffered several blows. When the time was right, all that was required was to tear down the walls and the people could enter from the outside.

The rest was dependent on Qing Er.

Su Yun sighed in relief and pierced his last four blood swords into the demonic Qi cultivators.

Pu chi!

The four blood swords disintegrated in rays of blood-like light, piercing through the chest of the Demonic Qi Cultivator.

But, in the next second, a huge hammer chopped from the side and crushed the four blood swords into small pieces.

The hundred swords he had prepared for this had all been destroyed.

Su Yun’s eyes opened wide as he looked at the demon who destroyed the blood swords in shock.

It was another demon pig guard.

“Though I don’t know who you are, since you hurt the commander, you should be dead! Everyone, tear him into pieces!”

The demon pig guard waved his huge axe and yelled.

Su Yun turned green after hearing what he said and retreated quickly.

The heavenly crystal was still recovering, and could not be used. To come face to face with so many demons was practically to stand at  death’s door.

“Bring this rascal to me! All of you, go to the region to defend, don’t let out a gap. If we can’t even contain the few that managed to escape, once the people outside attack, we all have to die!”

Instantly, the Demon elder stood and patted on the shoulder that was slashed by Su Yun and howled.

“Yes, esteemed commander!”

The demonic Qi Cultivators did not dare to disobey the elderly’s commands, and so they shouted in respect, followed by heavy footsteps as they marched towards the walls behind Purple Star Academy. Using their Demonic Qi, they maintained the demonic array.

Once the demonic array was formed, the gap was sealed. Nobody could enter or leave Purple Star Academy.

At least Qing Er and the Su Family had left.

Su Yun sighed. Without any hesitation, he turned and ran away.

But how could the Demon elder let him off the hook so easily?


A ray of black Qi came over, striking Su Yun’s back. He stumbled for a few steps, before rolling onto the floor, spitting out a mouthful of blood. His power depleted tremendously.

“Your power is so weak yet you have the guts to challenge me. You have no idea what death tastes like. Wait till I eat your flesh, suck your blood, and draw out your soul, then you’ll understand what’s powerful. And you’ll see what kind of people you should never, ever mess with!”

The demon elder clenched his fit and walked over to him. Red specks of light flickered in his sunset hued eyes, blood vessels start to bulge around his eyes, and his teeth came loose and started to change into razor sharp fangs…

He extended his hand and pierced right through Su Yun’s heart, wanting to dig out his viscera to devour.

This elderly must had evolved from the lowest level of corpse-eating demon.

Once again, Su Yun kept a calm expression and threw ‘Thousand Deep’ sword towards the demon elder..

But just as the sword flew out…

Ba ta!

A wrinkled hand lightly pinched the edge of the Thousand Deep sword, stopping it in its tracks. The demonic Qi exploded. The demonic Qi and the Pure Divine Spirit Qi had disappeared into thin air.

Su Yun’s stared blankly.

“What a powerful cultivator! His power is so much higher than you, Su Yun! What audacity you have, to challenge such a powerful cultivator?”

The anxious sword elder anxiously articulated.

“To save my family, what do I dare not do?”

Su Yun replied.

“Aye, never mind! I’ll help you this time round!”

The sword elder sighed. As he was about to strike to eradicate the commander of the demons…

“Not needed!”

Su Yun expressed anxiously. Twisting his wrist, the Thousand Deep emitted a strong ‘True Divine Spirit Qi’.

Unable to defend in time, the ferocious True Divine Spirit Qi blew him away.

Su Yun crawled up as quickly as he could, and sprinted while holding  onto his chest.

“The three strokes of Thousand Deep’s True Divine Spirit Qi gets stronger with each stroke, hence it could force the bastard to retreat. However, this is only temporary! Once the three strokes are used, it will become an ordinary sword, what else do you have to go up against him?”

“For as long as we can hold on, we will hold on! Qing Er and the Su clan have left Purple Star Academy, so the people outside can arrive anytime. By that time, the demon army will be be utterly defeated, then I will survive! All we have to do now is delay!”

Su Yun panted and said.

“Survive?” The sword elder shook his head: “Have you forgotten how you looked like now? Not a human nor a demon, and you reek of demonic Qi. How will you explain that to them? How will the people attacking from outside believe you are a human? How can they not kill you? I think it’s better you think of a way out of this place!”

Su Yun took a deep breath and expressed: “To remove the Blood Dye Array is no difficult task, so senior doesn’t have to worry about this. What’s important now is….”


Su Yun had yet to complete his sentence when he was attacked from behind again. He fell forward and knocked into a few big trees before landing on the ground.

He screamed in pain before shouting: “The most important thing now is to…eradicate this old bastard…”


The sword elder nodded and replied.


The commander of the demons jumped up suddenly and turned into a herd of black clouds, covering Su Yun.

Everything that the black clouds covered, be it stone, grass, fake mountains, or even bodies, all dissolved into pieces.

Seeing the black cloud charging over, Su Yun’s heart dropped. He flipped, and dodged the black clouds, landing on the area where all the trees had dissolved into small pieces.

He sprinted as the black clouds chased behind him.

“Almost! Little rascal, you can reach the academy’s plaza soon! Once you join hands with them, you can also survive! After all, you saved Qing Er, so they will not see you as a Demonic Qi Cultivator!!”

As Su Yun was nearing the academy’s plaza, and the sword elder stated elatedly.

With the injuries on his body, Su Yun tolerated the pain without making a sound. He swallowed the blood that was in his throat and moved forward.

The elderly knew that he could not catch up and so he turned back into his original form and chased. When he came near to Su Yun, he threw a fist out.

With the intention to kill.

But as though as Su Yun had eyes grown on the back of his head, he turned just at the moment the wrinkled, yet vicious fist was speeding through and hacked downwards.

Thousand Deep’s third sword!

A resounding sound rang through!

The rays of the Thousand Deep Sword were set free.

Like fireworks, it was only beautiful for a split second.

A burst of energy as heavy as hundred thousands kilograms took the form of Qi emerged from the sword, and landed ruthlessly on the demon elder’s palm. The Qi absorbed into this skin and to other parts of the body and was charging around violently.

The demon elder knew there was something odd about Su Yun’s sword, but he never thought that each sword was more powerful than the previous one. He took note of it and waited for the sword to come closer to turn into a defense position where his demonic Qi exploded from this fists and very quickly, lined up to form a line of defense.

But the situation remained the same…


The demon elder took a blow and flew back, knocking into a pillar at the side. This attack was abnormally vicious, and his Demonic Qi was turning in turmoil. He vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. At the same time, the pillar collapsed, burying him beneath the rubble!

Su Yun was delighted!

“Quick, let’s go!”

The Sword Elder cheered.

Su Yun nodded, who in the right mind would hesitate? He turned around and ran for his life.

Nearing the academy’s plaza, they saw endless number of the corpse of the demons, yet saw very few demons. The demons must have been sent to the plaza to help out.

I’m unsure of what the situation was like at the plaza, but hopefully it will be better at Madame Headmaster’s side.

Su Yun thought.

In his memory, this crisis was enormous for Purple Star Academy, but not many knew the specific details, thinking there was a higher up trying to cover up the truth and it would be hard to dig it out.

But there was one thing everyone knew, the Purple Star Academy would not decline just from this.

No matter how bad the situation was, no matter how many students or representatives died.

Hua la!

The entrance was turned into a blood river. Su Yun crossed over it and entered the plaza.

The moment he stepped into the plaza, a vigorous wind hit on his face.

Stunned, he looked up and was shocked to see what stood in front of him.…