Limitless Sword God Chapter 88

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Unleashing the Sword!

Half of the disciples who attended the conference had lost their lives at the hands of the demons. Many elders and their representatives were also badly injured.

And the main character of this incident was Mu Feng, the one the Demonic Qi Cultivators came specifically for, was left all alone in this world. There were no survivors of the Mu Clan left, as they had all fought and sacrificed their lives for Mu Feng.

At that moment, everyone gathered up as they were already surrounded by the demons.

When the ambush happened, the majority of the people in the academy either fled, or were killed off by the demons. The people on the plaza had no reinforcements. On top of that, Zhou Zi Bu became a spy and manipulated the academy’s power. In essence, the people in the academy were forced to a corner.

A few of the elders held up and were still able to support Madame Headmaster because they had sat right in the front.

She had wanted to use her spirit Qi to heal her wounds but, as soons as she moved, she immediately vomited three mouthfuls of blood continuously. With a pale and white complexion, her gaze turned dull, as though she was losing her life Qi and was nearing death.

The Blood Soul Master’s side did fare any better. In the midst of the demons, they gasped for air as though they were about to die from suffocation.

“Madame Headmaster is a scholar, she is very knowledgeable about the Profound Spirit Qi, and has a high level of cultivation! It was obvious Zhou Zi Bu had planned this all along in the dark, yet she could fight till now, brilliant! She is brilliant!”

The Blood Soul Master stated. Though his words were filled with awe, his tone was arrogant.

No matter how powerful you were, didn’t you die in my hands?

“A strong build with a thick aura of Profound Spirit Qi and a sturdy spirit will be able to increase the powers of us, demons! The target is Mu Feng, but if we can destroy all of you, and draw your bodies, then the demons will be able to break through and become stronger! In the near future, it will be easy for us to destroy all those Demon Blood sect worms, which is also one of the reason why I will attack you!”

The Blood Soul Master laughed sinisterly: “Now, which one of you will be willing to submit to me? I promise, when I suck your flesh and soul, I will let you die peacefully!”

“What a despicable demon, how can he still stand there and torture the hearts of people?”

Madame Headmaster supported her body and stood up. With a resolute face: “If you want to kill, so be it. If you don’t then get out now! Why are you wasting your time here saying things that aren’t important? We will never bow to you!”

“Yes! We will never bow to such despicable demons like you! Worst come to worst, this battle will come to an end!”

An elder from the Purple Star Academy stood up and yelled. With his raging eyes, people who knew him were well aware that half of his students died in the hands of the demons.

Seeing how determined Madame Headmaster was, several other representatives also shouted out.

“If you want to kill, then come straight at us! Why are you still talking so much? Don’t tell me you’re starting to be scared of us yeah?”

“Come on! At worst, we’d all be dead, what’s there to fear?”


Even when they were at wit’s ends, they yelled continuously without any fear.

Being able to fight till the last moment, how many would fear death?

The Blood Soul Master frowned, as he never thought these guys would not be afraid of death!


Right at that moment, the demons at the side let out an alarming roar.

The Blood Soul Master turned curiously towards the plaza and saw a man drenched in fresh blood. He was carrying a bloodsword and a blood red sheath as he ran over.


The Blood Soul Master laughed: “Didn’t you run away? Why are you back again?”

Su Yun was shocked, but he did not say a word. He looked around for an escape road.

It was obvious that Madame Headmaster could not hold on any longer. This bunch of demons were well prepared, and, in addition to that, they had Zhou Zi Bu working as a spy to help them. This attack was so sudden that Madame Headmaster and her people were caught unprepared, but it seemed like going against her still resulted in the crushing of some demon practitioners.

Scanning around, there was no escape road. The commander of the demon clan was catching up. If he did not come up with a plan soon enough, he might die here.

In daze, he noticed an alley suddenly.

The alley could lead to the Blood Dye Array.

He could not care less. Madame Headmaster might not be able to hold on any longer. What was more important at that point was to keep his life safe.

The moment he was about to make a move, two demons ran out of the alley.

Shocked, Su Yun retreated quickly.

Su Yun did not have much strength left, how could the Blood Soul Master not see through this? The aura of this person was not strong, and his cultivation was considered low, so he would not last long.

“The people outside should be attacking soon, but we still have enough time to enjoy a feast!”

Waving both hands like sticks, the Blood Soul screeched in laughter and shouted: “ Okay! My slaves, let’s begin feasting now!”

With that, the bloody aura around the Blood Soul Master grew and his eyes was becoming increasingly filled with evil.

He looked at Madame Headmaster greedily as he licked his dried lips. In his eyes, there was only hunger.

It was not just him, the demons around him started to drool  and stared at the group of people impatiently.

A shiver went down Su Yun’s spine, the two demons that ran out from the alley was glaring ferociously at him.

“Rascal, you’ve got nowhere to else to go eh?”

Su Yun did not give up. The sword elder inside could only sigh.

“These two monsters ain’t scary. What’s scary is the commander that is chasing us. The plaza is filled with Demonic Qi Cultivator’s demons, and the red fog array has yet to subside, there is no way I can escape.”

Tightening his fists, Su Yun was filled with hatred and discontent.

He never even thought he would land himself in such a plight.

He must not die. He had yet to finish the plan he started, so he could not die here.

Su Yun stared at the small alley with determination as though his heart was filled with ice.

If he rushed into the small alley, there might be a chance of survival!!

“Kid, in this situation, you only have one way to save yourself, but you’ll have to use its help!”

The Sword Elder suddenly said.

Hearing that, Su Yun became calmer and asked: “What method could that be? Please enlighten me!”

“On your back!” The Sword Elder merely said this two words.


Confused, Su Yun turned and as if he thought of something, his face brightened up,

“Senior, do you mean… the death sword?”

“The Blood Soul Master has a high level of cultivation, but when he fought with Madame Headmaster, he used up a huge portion of his energy. You can use this death sword to exterminate him!”

“But it is impossible to pull out the death sword. What’s all the meaning in saying these?”

Su Yun gritted his teeth.

“If you can’t pull it out, it’s because it isn’t content with you! Since it isn’t content with you, you can try and persuade it, and ask of it to help you temporarily!”

The Sword Elder muttered.

“Convince it? Is it that simple?”

“It all depends on one’s action, this is the only way to save yourself. If heaven isn’t able to move it promptly, what else do you have in mind?”

The Sword Elder sighed again: “Though I still have some strength, but that wouldn’t be enough to resist the Blood Soul Master. The only thing that can save you right now is the death sword, and that solely depends on you.”

Su Yun fell silent after hearing his piece.

Immediately, a fierce determination plastered over his face.

What other ideas did he have at that moment?

No, as such, there was only one way to try.

He reached out for the death sword behind his back and held on to the sword sheath.


The sword did not move an inch no matter how hard he tried to pull it out of the sheath.

In anger, Su Yun lashed out: “I know my powers are weak, but I need your help right now! Quick, come out of the sheath and help me!!”

Su Yun mustered all his strength and tried again after his pleading, but the death sword stayed completely still in the sheath.

“Fuck your mother! Are you coming out or not?”

Su Yun could not help but cursed.

“Rascal, um… don’t curse! Beware, it might get angry. Besides… it does not have a mother for you to fuck.”




Right then, a wu rang through. The two monsters that emerged from the small alley rushed over, clapping their four claws towards his brain.

Su Yun did a flip and parried the attack.

As he got up, he placed the Thousand Deep Sword back into the sword sheath and clasped his hand on the shaft of the sword, pulling with all his might.

“You better fucking get out!! Come out!”

Su Yun pulled with his might but the death sword would not budge.


The demon claws attacked once again.

The colour on Su Yun’s face drained, but he still managed to avoid the attack.


The humongous claws crashed onto the floor and in that split second, the ground exploded. The demonic Qi surged, splashing in all directions.

Swiftly, Su Yun pulled out Thousand Deep and sliced one of the demons. But when the sword sliced through, it merely caused a superficial wound on it.

The three swords strike had been used and the sword itself had no energy anymore. It was equivalent to an ordinary sword, with no powers at all.

Bug eyed, Su Yun picked himself up and ran.

“Little rascal!!!!!”

A snarl rang throughout the plaza.

Su Yun lifted his gaze to look and saw that the demon who was sliced by the Thousand Deep was chasing after him again.

His face twisted and eyes raging in fire. It could be seen that he could not wait to gnaw Su Yun’s bones, chew his flesh off, and skin him…

The commander of the demonic clan.

Su Yun’s heart trembled.

If the death sword still did not help, it was a definite he would lose his life!

Su Yun clenched his teeth and his heart sunk. A horrible scene was painted in his head.

The rain at night was heavy, and the grave that sat at the peak of the mountain looked so lonely.

It was that hopeless and despaired eyes.

It was the face that spoke the exhaustion from hoping…

If I die, nothing would be changed, everything would return back to how it was.

God has given me one chance.. Am I to waste it like this?

“Death Sword!”

He shouted with his hoarse voice.

“Is your existence merely for a massacre?”

The words fell as though the rocks were rubbing against one another, causing friction that pierced the ears of others, but each word tug the strings of one’s heart.

“The existence of the sword is not merely just for massacring, but it is for protection.”

“A sword is between the heavens and earth. The true purpose of its existence is definitely not for the sake of being created as a tool of death.”

“I, Su Yun, have made several mistakes, and lost loved ones. When I awoke, I regretted everything. I can turn myself into a demon to protect the ones I have lost, I can do anything for the things I care about. I can also forsake my state of mind, abandon my soul, and used the dirtiest method to handle this situation. Maybe I am a despicable person, maybe what I’m doing is not noble. But I don’t care because I have a clear conscience in all the things I’ve done. As long as the people that I care about are living well. That is the only thing that I want.”

“What about you? Do you only admit to the powerful ones? Do you only care about the existence of power?”

“Do you think that the only people that can realize your potential are the ones with the greatest power? Do you think the weaklings ain’t good enough for you?”

“If that’s the case, then you are so wrong!”

“I, Su Yun, will admit that I’m weak. I only possess the fourth stage spirit intermediate realm, but so what? Will I always remain at the fourth stage spirit intermediate realm? Will I always be the weakling? No, maybe in the next second, I can be a powerful one.”

“Now, I need your help, not your empathy!”

“This is not a request, but an order!”

“Whether or not you will unsheath, and if you’d help or not, I will attack. Though I have no way out, I’m not afraid of battle, even if the opponent is a hundred times stronger than me!”

“I’m not afraid!”

“And you… are you afraid?”

Su Yun muttered, but he did not pull the sword this time round. He stared at the commander of the demon clan and the other two monsters who were running towards him…

He stored up all his True Divine Spirit Qi, and held it in his hands. He had decided.

There was no second thoughts!

Even if he was unarmed, he would fight with all his life.


He was unwilling to die!

His soul was unwilling to give up!

Keng Qiang. (TN: A deep and ringing sound came out)

At that moment, a ray of black light shone from the black sword sheath. A long black sword flew out and circled in the air, and stabbed steadily into the ground, right in front of Su Yun.

Chi! ! ! !

A shrilling sound rang in all four directions! ! ! !

The Death Sword!