Limitless Sword God Chapter 89

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The Power of the Hundred Swords


A sinister word appeared on the black sword in a blood red colour.

The sword trembled while everyone stood in shock.

Like a stormy sea, its intention to kill engulfed everything in all four directions. The temperature in the plaza dropped tremendously. Even Madame Headmaster, who was preparing to attack the Blood Soul Master, stopped to look over.

“This… what is this weapon?”

The commander of the demonic clan quivered uncontrollably. With his sunset-like eyes filled with surprise, he looked over at the sword.

The two demons stopped in their tracks as well, hesitating.

Granted that their powers were not considered strong, but they were smart enough to know that this sword held extraordinary powers.


Their hesitation did not stop Su Yun.

At this moment, the sword and the person feared nothing at all.

Ka Cha.

He rushed towards the two demons and raised the black sword.

The blood red word ‘Kill’ written on the black sword was ominous and magnificent at the same time. The sword whistled, just like how waves collided with one another.

“How reckless! Do you think owning a pretty good weapon means you can resist us? Our cultivation realms are so different, you will never be able to fill up this gap between us!!!”

The commander roared.

In the next second, Su Yun dashed across.

Unknowingly, his speed seemed to increase by a fold and, like a tornado, he got near to a monster and pierced the Death Sword through him.


The demon was not in time to dodge and was stabbed. Only, a weird sound emerged.

The people fixed their gaze and looked…

The death sword did not pierce through the thick skin of the demon…

Many seen it and was shocked. The sword had such great powers, could it be that it just was a reputation but had no substance?

The commander laughed: “Hahahaha, now that we know this sword is worthless! This is unimpressive! Hahaha…”

His piercing laughter sounded throughout.

But, the Death Sword was obviously agitated. At once, the Death Sword emitted a great amount of Death Qi, the kind that could wither all flowers and plants at once, and cause the bluestone to overgrow. It reached out towards the monster as though it had many hands.

Straightaway, the demon shriveled at a rapid speed. His flesh was drying up, and his sockets turned hollow. The skin dried and, within a few breaths, he turned into a shriveled corpse.


This abnormal scene was not inferior to the Thousand Fox Charm’s red sword, which had the ability to feed on the energy of corpses.

The commander stopped his laughter and was stunned by this odd phenomenon.

“Demon!! Evil!! This is the sword of demons and evil!! It can actually feed off the enemy’s energy and turned it into its own gain!! This is the sword of demon and evil!!”

The Sword Elder yelled: “How can the ancestors keep such a sword!! Impossible!! The ancestors would not do such a thing!!”

Su Yun did not understand why Sword Elder was so agitated, but at the moment, he felt relaxed.

When the Death Sword emitted the Death Qi, it was as though it used up a big portion of its Pure Divine Spirit Qi. In fact, it was feeding off the enemy’s blood and flesh, and so, the Pure Divine Spirit Qi was filled up and moisturized. Everyone would be infatuated by such feelings.

The commander’s hair stood as he saw such a strange sword.

Su Yun was not polite at all. He turned his body immediately and charged towards the other demon.

“This is too evil! It actually made use of the sword holder’s Pure Divine Spirit Qi to turn it into Death Qi then, it would feed on the life of the enemy and turned it into the sword holder’s Pure Divine Spirit Qi. Utilizing this method, there will be no chance of death! The sword holder will have an unlimited Pure Divine Spirit Qi, but in the long run, Su Yun’s body will not be able to handle the evil energy and break down!”

Even though the Death Sword was known for its iniquitous disposition, but no one expected it to be so demonic.

“Even if I can’t take it, I have to bear with it. This is my only chance, and also, the only time it will trust in me. Just let me go wild this time round to kill incessantly!”

Su Yun muttered and another Death Qi was released, drawing life from the demon’s body, and advanced towards the commander.

The life was drawn from and turned into Pure Divine Spirit Qi to fill up Su Yun’s body. Whatever Su Yun’s had ever felt before, all his pain, fatigue, and helplessness, was being swept away as his shriveled body was being filled with such intense power.

It was as though Su Yun’s will to fight was ignited. The Death sword trembled vigorously and, with intention to scare others, it pierced towards the commander.


The commander stood still and stared at the incoming black sword.

“Looking at its power, this sword probably holds a purple rank in the heavenly weapon. Though it is powerful, but to me, it is just a toy. Hey, ant, do you think you can rely on this sword to kill me? You’re too naive!! I’ll give you a taste of true ultimate power!!”

With that, the commander extended one of his finger and clamped the the edge of the Death Sword with ultimate precision.

The Death Qi rippled!

But the commander was someone that was well known for his power. With such great demonic Qi gushing over like the rushing waters, it blocked off the Death Qi to prevent it from taking its effect on the commander’s body.

Whilst the Death Sword was powerful, the commander was not weak either. With Su Yun’s cultivation so low, the viciousness in the Death Sword might not be released.

The Death Sword was being suppressed. With all his might, Su Yun tried to push the sword forward.

But the commander’s shriveled fingers were like steel, clamping steadily on the edge of the sword. It was hard to move an inch.


The commander lifted his leg. At the sole of his feet were five bony spikes and these were the commander’s toe nails.

They were encircled by the demonic Qi, and it attacked Su Yun’s abdomen.

So vicious!

Su Yun loosened his grip on the Death Sword and retreated to dodge this attack.

The commander missed, but between his fingers, he was still clamping on to the black sword. He then laughed again: “Such an ignorant ant, did I scare you so much that you have abandon your sword? Hahaha… just like trash!”


Su Yun murmured, and stared at the Death Sword.

A sonorous sound was heard.

Promptly, the Death Sword shone a ray of black light, followed by a thick black Qi that overflowed the sword sheath like a dragon. Very quickly, it coiled itself around the sword…


The sword let out a cry which rang so loud it was as though the vessels were launched in the sky and the magnificent weapons were triggered. The suppression, violence, and the desire to wreak havoc were all untamable. It flowed in all directions.

Stunned, the commander looked around. With a suspicious green eye, he looked at the sword sheath behind Su Yun’s back.

This unsettling sound seemed to come from the sword sheath.


The cries from the sword were getting louder and louder!!

The force was astonishing.

As though the Blood Soul had sensed something, he yelled: “Hou Yue, get away quickly!”

“What?” The commander asked.

Swish swish swish swish….

At the speed of light, the sword sheath opened and released a multi-coloured heaven swords to wreak havoc. All of them were rushing towards the commander.

A tinted and brightly coloured Ancient Colour Sword…

As heavy as the mountains, the Stone Heart Sword…

A boundless sword intentions, the Inexhaustible Sword…

A majestic Heaven Spirits Sword…

A calm and quiet, Soul Leaf Sword…

And the intangible Invisible Sword…

These swords flew out with each of its intention, engulfing the entire place like a stormy.

A sword like a dragon, and with a hundred swords, it was inexhaustible.

At this moment, no one could stand an advantage, no one was able to match up with such powers!

Instantly! There was only one thing in the commander’s vision.


Swish swish swish swish….

They rushed towards him like heavenly dragons. In a split second, they pierced through the commander’s body. Circling in the air, the swords pierced again and again in a crazy manner. The commander’s body was minced alive!

A pool of fresh blood and minced flesh, even the bones were chopped into pieces.

And all this happened in a split second.

Madame Headmaster was shocked.

Mu Feng was stunned.

Even the untamable Blood Soul Master was stupefied.

No one had ever seen such an odd sword technique. In terms of techniques, this sword by itself was definitely superior to any techniques of the Immortal Sword Sect.

It possessed extreme viciousness. With the inexhaustible hundred swords, it connects the heaven and earth like a hundred lightnings.

Panting, Su Yun held on tightly to the Death Sword in his right hand, with the edge of the sword supporting on the ground, it was as though he had lost all his energy and was sweating profusely.

The hundred swords cried animously above his head, and each sword was drenched in fresh blood. They were all cruel and violent, not  a single one of them had calmed down.

Each and every sword had the word ‘Death’.

This was the mark that the Death Sword left when it conquered them.

“What a ferocious sword!!”

The Blood Soul Master was dumbfounded. He looked at Su Yun and under his cloak, his eyes was filled with greed and desire.

“It’s such a waste that a person like you, with such low power, is using this formidable sword!! Why don’t you let me take it instead!!”

With that, the Blood Soul Master rushed towards Su Yun.

Madame Headmaster had lost her will to fight, and had resigned her fate to anyone who wanted to kill, but it was different for Su Yun.

In addition to that, this odd sword actually made Su Yun stronger than several of the other sword masters. This was enough to show that this sword was extraordinary. Everyone would desire to own this sword, especially the demons.


Su Yun moaned and holding on this fatigued body, he pounced onto the Blood Soul Master.

“Looking for death!”

Without avoiding nor retreating, Su Yun barged forward. The Blood Soul Master raged and with both fists, he pushed a bundle of blood fog at Su Yun.

The hundred swords flew once again, arranging themselves right in front ot Su Yun, forming a line of defense.

Clank! !  !

The blood fog dispersed the moment it touches the swords.

Su Yun felt a strong and thick energy in his body, and his blood was boiling as it his blood vessels were about to burst towards the blood fog.

At the back of his throat, he felt that he was about to vomit out blood.

Restraining himself, he stared at the Blood Soul Master with his red eyes. In the air, the Death Sword struck.

The hundred heaven swords separated and flew up high. Upon landing on the ground, the swords arranged themselves nicely,

A shrilling sound resounded through.

“Blood Demon Shield!”

The Blood Soul Master yelled, and used his hands to resist it.


His hands were spewing fresh blood, and immediately, there was a blood shield forming on his brain as thick as 3 inches, congealing like ice.

Dang dang dang dang…

The hundred swords crashed against it, forming large amount of spirit Qi ripples. The blood walls shook but was hardly breached.

Su Yun glared and tightened his grip on the Death Sword. Once again, he steered the hundred heaven swords in the air, splitting them into two groups, and attacked the Blood Soul from both sides.

The Blood Soul smirked: “You think I am at wits ends after fighting with Madame Headmaster? Hmm, you have guessed right, but your own powers are too weak! The sword is formidable… but the person holding onto the sword is not! I do not fear you!”

He waved both his hands and suddenly, the blood shield broke into two pieces, and flew to his left and right sides.

Clank clank clank clank….

The hundred swords were once again blocked.

Su Yun turned solemned and his face tightened.

This Blood Soul Master was definitely a tough match!!

“The next move is mine then!”

With a roar, the Blood Soul opened his move and spitted out regiments of blood pillars!!

Swoosh! ! ! !

The blood pillars flew out from the mouth and dispersed, turning into innumerable blood red souls. The souls screamed in pain as they surrounded Su Yun….