Limitless Sword God Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Profound Spirit Essence Opened!

Su Yun looked startled, a look of astonishment plastered on his face, but quickly, the shock disappeared as a look of steadiness quickly replaced it.

Onlookers were secretly astonished: Why does he not fear anything?

He raised his black sword, aimed at one of the hundred thousands of blood red souls and attacked.

Not holding back anything, the Pure Divine Spirit Qi attacked like a shooting star.

The blood red souls that were near to Su Yun started to bite on him, tearing apart the flesh on his shoulder and leg. But he did not change his move, he beared the bitings of the souls and advanced.

The edge of the sword approached nearer and nearer!


The blood red soul which had been locked down was struck by the sword, piercing through it completely. The Pure Divine Spirit Qi exploded within and tore it into a million pieces.

As the blood red soul was being torn apart, the surrounding blood red souls also burst into red fog, disappearing into thin air.


The Blood Soul was shocked! Was it that easy to break my technique? How was that possible?

“Hundred Thousand Blood Demon technique! You are part of the Blood Demon Heaven Dao!”

Still holding tightly to the Death Sword, Su Yun glared at the Blood Soul and said.

“Who are you? How do you know about the Hundred Thousands Blood Demon technique?” The Blood Soul quivered as he asked: “You’re obviously a demon, why do you want to help the human! You’re a demon! You have everything about the Demon Clan at your fingertips! Why do you help these people? Why! You demon!”

“I am not a demon…”

Su Yun murmured.

But in fact, his soul was already infected with demon Qi, and would never be purified.

The hundred thousand blood demon technique was the highest technique in the Blood Demon Heaven Dao. Su Yun, who entered the Demon Sect, had once carried out a mission to protect a strong Blood Demon Heaven Dao cultivator. He had used three of his lower demon souls in exchange for this technique. The cultivator then sucked in these three souls and was comfortably executed by the demon.

Although he knew the Hundred Thousand Blood Demon Technique, Su Yun did not have sufficient Demonic Qi, and could not cultivate it. To know the methods, but not allowed to utilise it, was truly regretful. When the Blood Soul utilised this skill, Su Yun relaxingly dispelled it as he knew the spell inside out.

“Despicable! I don’t care if you’re a human or demon, since you have chosen your side to be against the Blood Demon Heaven Dao, then you shall die!”

The Blood Soul was enraged. His body emitted a blood Qi, and dashed towards Su Yun.

Su Yun stayed calm. Even when a flying sword landed near his feet, he casually retreated and dodged it. At the same time, the two flying swords by his side flew towards the Blood Soul.

Each of the hundred swords started to fly, pulling the sky and the ground. This made people looked up in awe, and it was an unforgettable feeling.

Su Yun maneuvered the flying swords back and forth across the plaza in the air. Then, the flying swords separated and attacked crazily at the Blood Soul. Rays of brilliant lights scrapped through the sky.

The Blood Soul then turned himself into several pieces in a split second, dispersing into all directions to resist this attack by the blood sword.







The sounds was never ending as the Flying Swords continuously clashed onto the blood shield.

The flying swords were fast, but the blood shield’s frame could block even faster, and even with a hundred flying swords, they were unable to cut the Blood Soul even half an inch.

“Hahaha… Your ability only amounts to this much?”

Seeing that Su Yun was powerless, the Blood Soul laughed heartily, pleased with himself. Suddenly, the cloak behind him flew up by itself, a ray of blood light flew out, shooting towards the sky.

A blood eye appeared in the sky and stared directly at Su Yun. In a blink of an eye, the blood eye shot out a ray of blood light with a profound deathly Qi towards Su Yun.

Su Yun escaped quickly. The blood ray landed on the ground instead and exploded, creating a pit of black hole.

This scene shocked everyone.





The Blood Eye attacked ferociously, with an increasing speed, the entire plaza was scattered and smashed, many demonic Qi Cultivators and students were affected.

“At this rate, we definitely can’t hold on! Young rascal, let me lend you a helping hand!”

The Sword Elder shouted.

“No, senior, you are a soul. You have already used your soul power several times, and your soul will only get thinner and thinner!! Let me handle this person, please don’t interfere!”

Su Yun said quickly. With his icy cold eyes, he looked over at the demonic Qi Cultivators and charged towards them.


The evil charm of the Death Sword followed the movements of the arm and pierced through a demonic Qi Cultivator’s body.

The Death Qi was released and immediately, the life of the demonic Qi Cultivator was drawn and converted into the Pure Divine Spirit Qi to nourish Su Yun’s shriveled body.

The Demonic Qi Cultivator then died.

Su Yun moved again, and attacked on another Demonic Qi Cultivator.

Then, the third Demonic Qi Cultivator.

The fourth Demonic Qi Cultivator…

The Demonic Qi Cultivators were turned into a dried up corpse one by one, and a huge Pure Divine Spirit Qi complemented Su Yun’s body.


The Blood Soul frowned as he studied the situation. Intertwining his fingers, he controlled the Blood Eye in the sky and elicited a stronger attack on Su Yun.

Su Yun seemed to have absorbed sufficient Pure Divine Spirit Qi. He fended off the flying sword and maneuvered another hundred swords towards the Blood Soul.

“Heh, you’re still unwilling to give up?”

The Blood Soul shouted in a low voice: “Everyone here retreat. Do not let this man absorb Profound Spirit Qi anymore. I want to see how much Qi he has before I kill him!”

“Yes, Master!”

The Demonic cultivators and demons all retreated one after another, disappearing inside the blood mist, not letting Su Yun kill anymore, to absorb their life energy and transform into Profound Spirit Qi.

But at that moment Su Yun no longer needed to change the Qi, with the hundred swords shuttering in the sky, approaching to kill the Blood Soul.

But during his movement, the blood shield was equally fast in moving.

As the second in command of the Blood Demon Heaven Dao, the skills of the Blood Soul were not odd, and the treasures on his body were considered surly and abnormal. Even if he had fought with Madame Headmaster, and had to face with the Death Sword and Su Yun, he still did not waiver.

With no accidents occurring, all the hundred swords were blocked as per the previous bout, ‘ping ling pang lang’, the sounds were incessant.

Su Yun took a breath in and stepped on his flying sword underneath his feet and flew over.

“Hahaha! Okay, since you’re so eager to die, then I shan’t play with you any longer! Die then!”

The Blood Soul Master raged and raised both his palms to incite the blood fog. Very quickly, the blood fog turned into a mouth as big as a great white shark and swallowed Su Yun.

But at that very moment.

Another change occurred!.

Seeing Su Yun leaping suddenly, jumping off his flying sword, at the same time flinging out the death sword in his hands, aimed at the Blood Soul.

The Blood Soul was slightly startled, seeing that Su Yun’s hand movement quickly change, one after another different mysterious hand gestures forming with his hands, and in an instant, all of the absorbed Profound Spirit Qi spurted out from Su Yun’s body like a fountain, seeping out of his skin, all being released out!

“The Spirit Essence opened! The Qi channels opened? Young rascal, what are you doing??”

The Sword Elder called out.

“To stake all on one throw!.”

Su Yun grit his teeth and muttered: “If this continues, I will die for sure. I can only stake it all in this one throw now!”

“To stake all in one throw?”

The Sword Elder was surprised and shouted quickly: “But you opened the Spirit Essence and the Qi channels, so you’ll put everyone here in danger! You will get heavily injured as well! Previously, you used the Blood Dye Array to increase your true power, to increase the demonic Qi around your body, and everybody treated you as a demon, and the demons saw you as their own. If you open the Spirit Essence and the Qi channels, you will use all of your Pure Divine Spirit Qi, and there will be none left in your body. You won’t be able to create any Pure Divine Spirit Qi within a day!.  As such, you will never walk out of Elemental Fire City! These people will never let you off!”

“If I don’t do this, I will die at the hands of the Blood Soul Master sooner or later. From this point, isn’t the ending all the same?”

Su Yun’s complexion was increasingly pale, and the voice that came out of his mouth was increasingly weaker.

Only to see the blood red color sword sheath suddenly tremble open, in addition the blood dyed hair, floating without wind, all these were due to the Profound spirit Qi releasing from the body.

They quickly turned into Pure Divine Spirit Qi and rushed toward the Blood Soul’s hundred swords, forming an interconnected chain.


The Blood Soul was slightly startled, feeling that something was amiss.

It was just in that instant.

Hua la!.

All of the swords flying towards the blood soul suddenly burst forth sword shadows, resulting in all the swords seemingly splitting into two. One shadow sword, one real sword!.

Heaven Splitting Sword Technique!.

That was a total of two hundred Divine Swords!.

How much Pure Divine Spirit Qi was used since they used on two hundred Divine Swords?.

In a split second, Su Yun had no Qi left. He fell heavily to the ground and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. He was already losing all his energy.

At the same time, all the two hundred mystical swords, when the real sword clashed onto the blood shield, the shadow sword followed through and completely smashed through the blood shield towards the Blood Soul.


The Blood Soul Master widened his eyes and hurriedly defended. But it was too late, the change was too sudden. The swords split to surround him for an attack. This sudden change left him defenseless!

Puchi Puchi Puchi.

The Qi Swords multiplied, the Blood Soul Master trembled frantically as his skin and flesh were pierced through in a moment.

But, his cloak finally showed its use. The Qi swords could only sliced superficially and not deeply. It was not enough to injury the viscera.

“Don’t even think of killing me with that!.”

The Blood Soul clenched his teeth and glared at the motionless Su Yun. with his face twisted he shouted.

Just as he finished his sentence, a black sword suddenly pierced through his chest, ‘pu chi’.

Similarly, with the cloak acting as his line of defense, the sword did not manage to pierce deeply. But… the deathy Qi was emitted strongly from the sword as though like a mouth of a ghost, it engulfed the Blood Soul Master.

The Blood Soul Master’s face was deathly pale with not a bit of blood anymore, as his whole being was stuck in astonishment.


The Death Qi inside the Blood Soul Master was intruded. His blood and muscles started to atrophy, while the bones started to shake. As though time was slipping by very quickly, his life also disappeared quickly.

The Blood Soul Master hurriedly resisted this Deathly Qi by inciting his inner Demonic Qi, but just as he incited the Demonic Qi,  the demonic Qi which was holding up the blood shield was taken away. The blood shield disappeared and the hundred swords pierced right at him.

Puchi puchi puchi.

The hundred swords pierced through the Blood Soul Master, making him a honeycomb, as the figure in the swords shivered, with both eyes pierced by the swords. Every inch of the body had a sword in it, resembling a hedgehog, looking alarmingly sinister and making people who saw the scene tremble in fear.

The death sword took the chance to draw the huge amount of life. Within seconds, the life in the Blood Soul Master was completely drawn out and his Qi dissipated rapidly. He died right away.


The Blood Soul Master’s body scattered and smashed as his body fell on the floor, making a depressing sound.

The plaza fell silent. Madame Headmaster, Mu Feng, Mu Kong, and the others stared speechlessly.