Limitless Sword God Chapter 91

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Sou Sou Sou Sou…

Ancient Colour Sword, Stone Heart Sword, Inexhaustible Sword, Heaven Spirits Sword, Soul Leaf Sword, Intangible Invisible Sword… the hundred mythical swords pulled out of the Blood Soul Master’s lifeless body and independently flew out, toward the Everlasting Sword Sheath.

Shua shua shua shua shua…

The hundred swords flew back into the sheath.

Everything was silent.

What sorcery?

Madame Purple Star, who was heavily injured, slowly supported herself strongly with care, opening her old eyes and watching the scene unfold.

She majored in Spirit Cultivation for so many years, and was thorough with the studies of magic treasures, yet she had never seen such a weird scene ever before.

What was this mysterious technique?

Or was it a magic treasure?

Who was this person?

What was in the sword sheath?

How… did he manage to rely only on a fourth stage of spirit intermediate realm and managed to kill a spirit soul realm cultivator?

Since this power was the highest one could attain, how did he manage such a skill?

Her curiosity grew crazily, but she could never understand…

“Madame Purple Star… This… Just what is this… this technique?”

The teacher beside her swallowed his saliva, asked in astonishment.

“I…I do not know..”

Madame Purple Star shook her head, bitterly replied: “Even I do not know who is this person… looks like it… my knowledge is still too shallow!”

“He is called Limitless Sword God!”

Just then, a weak voice sounded from behind.

Everybody looked over to see that the man who was drenched in blood was no other than Mu Feng, who was injured pretty badly.

Mu Feng stood up with much difficulty. Pressing onto the fresh wound on his abdomen, he stared at the disfigured man who had just crawled up.

“He is called Limitless Sword God….He saved me before.”

“But… His body is so rich in Devil Qi! He is man from the Devil race!! He is definitely someone who came from the Demonic Continent!”

Wu Kong, who was standing aside shouted.


Mu Feng yelled and kept a straight face. He gazed at Wu Kong: “I don’t care if he is a demon or not. He saved my life once and killed the Blood Soul Master. To avenge the Mu Clan who died protecting me, he saved all of us!! So what if he is a demon? He is still Mu Feng’s benefactor!!”

Wu Kong’s lower lip stammered, and he was at a loss for words.

Madame Purple Star did not speak. He was not someone they were willing to be grateful to, and it was the truth that he was somehow related to the Demons, but it was something that can never be let go, even after a hundred years.

The disfigured man who donned on a blademaster clothe and carried a sword sheath on his back stood up, slowly.

He limped and his body swayed, as though he was a drunkard.

The disfigured man looked extremely pale.

He strived towards the place where the Blood Soul Master had died and walked towards the black sword. Each step was heavier than the previous step as if each step was taking up his life.

Finally, he arrived in front of the corpse of the Blood Soul Master. This process seemed to take a century.

He reached out his hand and grabbed for the Death Sword.

His five fingers trembled as he moved. Finally, he held onto the the sword hilt. With one breath, a strong aura slipped out of the hilt of the black sword and extended to all parts of his body…

The Death Sword had suck the life out of the Blood sword. At this moment, he bestowed him the power again.

The sword elder sensed it and suddenly realized it.

No wonder this rascal dared to open the Spirit Essence and the Qi channels to push his Profound Spirit Qi to its limits. The Death Sword had made used of the Death Qi to draw out life and turned it into Profound Spirit Qi to nourish his body once again. Because of this, he was so daring.

This little rascal had greater vision than me, and that was impressive. He was courageous and was strategic.

The Sword Elder felt inferior.

Holding on to the Death Sword, it bestowed him the Profound Spirit Qi. Su Yun’s body was replenished and he had some life in his face again.

Not saying a word, he took a deep breath in and placed the Death sword back into the sword sheath behind his back. He then looked over at Madame Headmaster, Mu Feng and the others before he left.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

At this moment, a series of explosion sounded through

In the midst of the blood fog, flesh and blood were flying everywhere. Innumerable of demons and demonic Qi Cultivators were burnt. Intense fighting and screams were heard.

“Everybody, go to the plaza! Rescue Madame Headmaster! Quick!”

“Kill all these despicable Demonic Qi Cultivators!”

“Kill them all!”

The shoutings were endless, while turmoiled profound spirit Qi flew towards them continuously.

Su Yun’s face changed color, yet he just stood there, quietly watching the scene unfold.

The blood fog started to dispersed, and one by one, shadows started running over.

There were shadows coming from all directions. On each face was filled with anger and hatred.

This was the hatred towards the demons.

“Young rascal, be careful!”

The Sword Elder muttered.

Su Yun nodded and reached out for his back.

There was no escape route.

But when the time comes, Su Yun would not mind using his last breath to fight his way out.

He did not care if the person was upright or evil, as long as it posed a threat to him, then they were all evil to him.

“What a thick Demonic Qi aura!! There is one more Demonic Qi Cultivator!!”

Right at this moment, a vigorous young lad found Su Yun and shouted out loud.

“Kill!! Kill this Demonic Qi Cultivator, kill them all!”

“Let these bastards return back to their Demonic Continent!!”

They shouted in unison continuously.

Tightening his grip around his sword, Su Yun was prepared to attack.

But a faint and determined voice rang through.

“Stop! Do not hurt the Limitless Sword God!!”

Though the voice was weak, but the person obviously was using all his energy to voice out.

Everybody looked toward and was shocked to see the person who said this was the Madame Headmaster.

The commander of ‘Elemental Fire City’ stood up and rushed forward to pay his respects to Madame Headmaster: “Academy master, this person reeks of Demonic Qi Cultivator. It’s for sure he is a Demonic Qi Cultivator, why can’t we hurt him?”

“He killed the Blood Soul Master, and saved all our lives! He is no ordinary Demonic Qi Cultivator!”

Madame Headmaster pressed onto the wound on her chest and said weakly.


Nobody understood and their faces were filled with surprise.

“This man saved Madame Headmaster and the others?”

“He killed the Demonic Qi Cultivators?”

“Who is the Blood Soul Master?”

A disorderly sound rang.

It was obvious though, Su Yun was not willing to stay any longer.

He took a few steps back and pulled out ‘Thousand Deep’ from the sword sheath and threw it into the air. Then he leaped onto the sword and flew away.

“He’s going to run!”

“We can’t just let him go!!”

Another yelled.

“Don’t you dare make a move. If anyone hurts him, then you are going against the Mu Clan!”

Seeing there were some who did not heed the advice, Mu Feng panicked and yelled in anger.

The Limitless Sword Lord had saved him several times, so how could he let others hurt him? Whether he was a human or demon, it did not matter. In Mu Feng’s heart, he was one that bestowed him with two lives. He was Mu Feng’s benefactor.

Who was Mu Feng? What was the Mu Clan’s standing? As long as the people had some sort of spirit cultivation in Mystical Mountain Range, they all knew about him and the Mu Clan. When Mu Feng shouted, it startled many of them and, at the same time, it also stopped the people who were killing the demons to retrieve awards. Nobody dared to make any trouble. They all looked upon Su Yun as he left the place.

The city’s commander of defense saw and was confused.  There were many people acting weirdly just for the sake of that demon Qi Cultivator, whom everybody just stared with their eyes open as he flew away.

Very soon, the man disappeared.

“May I ask Madame Headmaster, do you know this man?”

Promptly, a yound lady donning a white blademaster outfit walked out from the crowd.

The young lady looked pale with one hand holding onto a sword and her shoulder armour still on, she was stained with Demonic blood.

Behind her, were the people of Su Family who were also injured.

Qing Er.

Madame Headmaster had some impression of this young lady.

“It was also the first time they had met earlier!”

Madame Headmaster swallowed the recovering wound bead passed down for the side and asked.

“Did you just call him… Senior Limitless Sword God?”


Without waiting for Madame Headmaster to say anything, Mu Feng started blabbering: “When I was rushing to Purple Star Academy  earlier on, I ran into some thieves. This man appeared out of nowhere to help me out. If this person did not help me, I, Mu Feng would have died. This man is Limitless Sword Lord. Though he has an aura of Demonic Qi, he has a chivalrous heart!”

“Limitless Sword God?”

Qing Er murmured these words, but her heart was empty.

Why did this man save me? Unless… He really had a chivalrous heart?

What happened in the the Purple Star Academy travelled across the entire Mystical Mountain Range, and also the surrounding regions.

The reputation of Limitless Sword God also started to spread.

As he was injured, and had an aura of Demonic Qi, his identity was not revealed.

No one knew where he came from, who his master was, and nobody knew what his surname was, or where he was located as of now.

People only remembered that pair of blood red eyes, the injured man, and that odd black sword… the sword that startled the world.

Was he an upright person? Or was he evil? Was he human? Or was he a demon? Nobody could give a clear explanation.

But following the rumours, a new champion had emerged.

Senior Limitless Sword God. This name was known in several regions.

The commotion at Purple Star Academy attracted the attention of many powers, sects, and clans. People started investigating the places where there was a possibility that Demonic Qi Cultivators would appear, and there were others who started investigating who the Blood Soul Master was, and how he managed to enter the Sky Martial Continent.

Though there were times the demons would harass the Sky Martial Continent, attacks like the Blood Soul Master’s, who brought an entire army to attack, were very rare.

When this happened, representatives were sent from each region and clans to investigate. Because Su Huoyu died in this, Qing Er dared not delay any longer. She swallowed the Pearl bead pill the Limitless Sword God gave her.

The bead entered her abdomen and, as though she had been drugged by the demonic poison, she could not get up. The disease attacked her lungs and internal organs. She was then sent to the Su Family to recuperate.

Seeing this, the patriarch of the Su Family, Su Wei Li, did not blame Qing Er. Besides, this was nothing anybody could stop from happening. The other representatives were also injured badly. It was not just Qing Er.

And at this moment, within the Immortal Sword Sect.

In the heaven’s palace, a magic Qi floated.

A lady, whose skin was as fair as snow, and eyebrows that looked like mountains from afar, stood in front of a circle mirror.

The circle mirror was flickering with different images, but very quickly, these images disappeared.

The young lady seemed calm, but there was something weird in a her eyes.


A shadow flew out into the palace.

The young lady inclined and walked towards the person to pay her respects.

“Xian Li pay her respects to Grand Elder!”

Her voice was gentle and graceful as though the summer’s wind.

“Please rise, Xian Li!”

She was a middled aged woman. Taking a good look at Xian Li, she nodded: “Now, Limitless Sword God is known, and he even used the Heavenly Crystal to kill the Blood Soul Master! He has become the hero in everybody’s heart! I’m afraid everyone is leaning towards him now!”

“But evil will forever be evil. This man is cunning and despicable. His methods are vicious. He massacred the whole Gu Xie Sect, stole my Heavenly Crystal and my Everlasting Stone. He is guilty as charged! It is a must to bring them back the Immortal Sword Sect!!” Long Xian Li muttered: “I will act upon it now, and move towards Elemental Fire City to find out the whereabouts of Limitless Sword God and capture him!”