Limitless Sword God Chapter 96

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What’s wrong with you?

It had become a routine these few days when he woke up.

When it was close to evening, Long Xian Li would appear in the small hut without a sound and discuss with Su Yun about pills and the reasoning in medicine. Of course, as a cultivator, Su Yun would also ask about things regarding Profound Spirit Qi, but Long Xian Li had no answers to those questions.

In his previous life, Su Yun could not cultivate because of his gift. But he learnt something from the Evil Religious Sect: The Profound Divine cultivation usually depended on oneself to figure out. Though there was help from the Everlasting Stone, he had no guidance. With the guidance from Long Xian Li, he was enlightened (TN:sudden flash of insight and all is clear).

There was something unclear between the two of them.

When midnight struck, Long Xian Li would also leave without a sound.

Su Yun knew that she probably went on investigating Limitless Sword God.

Even though he had tried testing her the other day, and was sure Long Xian Li had no doubts about him, he was still worried.

And that was because of Qing Er.

When he appeared as Limitless Sword God to save Qing Er at Purple Star Academy, there was a crowd. And though it was chaotic and many might have not seen that scene clearly, the Su Family who were saved saw it clearly. But Qing Er only cared about him when she was in Su Family. if Long Xian Li attacked Qing Er, she might be suspicious again.

Nevermind, as long as he did not admit that he was Limitless Sword God, hiding the Everlasting Stone and Heavenly Crystal properly should do.

Su Yun sighed as he thought.

Although Long Xian Li could guide him in cultivating Profound Spirit Qi, there were many things he could not do when she was around. Afterall, he was Limitless. If he let the cat out of the bag, then things might take a turn.

But Long Xian Li seemed to be interested in the pills, so it was not convenient to banish her. With regards to power, she could easily strangle him with one hand, and, even if he used the Heavenly Crystal, it would be hard to defeat her.

Everyday, when he cultivated, he used it with the pill, and his cultivation level increased enormously. To breakthrough into the realm of the sixth rank was unusually easy.

The sun was setting.

Ka cha.

A gentle sound rang in the hut.

The spirit pen in Su Yun’s hand started to fly.

“What are you doing?”

Long Xian Li turned with her beautiful eyes and stared curiously at the paper on the table.

“Writing a list of ingredients.”

Lifting his head, Su Yun tapped the spirit pen on his chin and thought for awhile and started to write on the paper.


He threw the spirit pen aside and picked up the spirit paper to look at.

“The list of ingredients?”

Long Xian Li extended her gentle and soft hands and stated blandly: “Is this regarding the ingredients? Let me see!”

“You won’t understand!”

“Is there anything in this world I don’t understand?” Long Xian Li groaned.

Su Yun glanced at her with his doubtful eyes and passed the list over.

Long Xian Li grabbed the list lightly and swung it slightly before putting them in front of her eyes. In a split second, her beautiful eyebrows tensed up.

After a while, Long Xian Li opened her mouth and asked grudgingly: “What’s all these?”


Su Yun laughed: “I intend to cultivate a pill you’ve never seen nor heard before. But as of now, I’m still lacking in ingredients. These are the ones the Su Family does not have and I have to get out of the town to buy!”

“Then, why are you still standing here?” Long Xian Li did not understand.

“Because cultivating a pill requires a lot of preparation. I don’t have the time to leave the Su Family so I need you to help me!”

After hearing it, Long Xian Li’s fair face turned dull: “How dare you send me on an errand!?”

While both Su Yun and Long Xian Li had spent the past few days discussing about pills and cultivation, the relationship between them was unique. But this would not change anything, Long Xian Li was ultimately the third elder of the Immortal Sword Sect and her status was noble. It was something Su Yun could not match to.

“Oh? You’re still keeping your status as the third elder of the Immortal Sword Sect over here?” Su Yun asked.

Long Xian Li promptly kept her silence, but she then kept her angry face away and stayed silent, only to moan coldly before she turned and left.

She left early today. It could be because she was offended by Su Yun, but he did not care about it. What he wanted to do, he would do it.

Peaceful days like these continued for awhile.

In the next few days, Long Xian Li did not drop by. It did make Su Yun feel a tad lonelier. Xin Yu and Xing Yang were both stationed within the house, so, when things got busy, there was no one he could talk to.

But, this silence was broken quickly. News that caused chaos traveled to Su Yun’s ears.

Qing Er and Bai Yan Shan had set out to spar on the seventh month.

Seven months later, the Southern Continents and all other regions would hold a massive meeting. This meeting happened triennially. All the sects would gather to form this massive meeting.

Qing Er had strongly asked to spar with Bai Yan Shan, but was rejected by her. Qing Er did not give up. Instead, she forced her way through to make Bai Yan Shan give in, but alas, she was stopped by the patriarch of the Su Family, Su Li Xiong. Because of this, Qing Er was grounded.

As the news spread, doubt grew in Su Yun’s heart. Qing Er was always careful. Why was she so reckless this time round? He was worried something might happen, so he did not think so much and rushed towards the patriarch of the Su Family.

The patriarch was no stranger to Su Yun. After contacting Xin Yue and Xing Yang, they both planned for him to slowly and carefully enter the premises.

Remaining still in this small premise.

Two ladies with sabers stood right in front of the door of the small premise.

In the night, Su Yun glanced over at the slaves guarding the small premise at the door. He considered his surroundings and noticed the defense for this small premise was not strict, and so, he climbed the wall and went straight over.

Qing Er’s disposition was gentle and calm. For Su Yun, she would listen to the patriarch. Su Li Xiong would not reckon Qing Er would escape from the prison and so he did not set up a strict power to oversee her.

Su Yun entered the small premise very carefully and went into the house.

Ka cha.

The door opened lightly.


A voice sounded through, and together a sonorous sound rang, the treasure sword was pulled out of its sheath, shining in the dark.

“Qing Er, it’s me!”

Su Yun went in straight away and whispered.

In this dark house, Qing Er donned in a blademaster outfit, with one hand holding onto the treasure sword. She was shocked when she saw Su Yun entering: “Young… young master, you… why are you here?”

“I heard you are being punished by the patriarch and are put behind bars, so I came here immediately!”

Su Yun explained.

Qing Er heard his explanation and felt a tinge of warmth in her heart.

Ever since the incident where the young master was beaten up by the people inside, he had changed unknowingly. He no longer caused any trouble, and he knew how to care about others.

Did old master and madam’s soul have some effect on it?

Deep in her thoughts, Qing Er smiled: “Young master, I’m fine.”

Seeing a young lady so delicate and safe and sound, Su Yun finally could let go off the burden in his heart.

“Qing Er, you’ve always been calm. Why are you so reckless this time round to agitate Bai Yan Shan? What’s this for?”

Su Yun asked.

Qing Er sighed: “Young master, Qing Er was forced!”

“Being forced? Why do you say that?”

“Bai Yan Shan came to the Su Family as a representative of the Immortal Sword Sect with the intention to investigate Limitless Sword God. They heard that the Limitless Sword God had once saved the people of Su Family and thought the Limitless Sword God had something to do with Su Family! Therefore, there was a dispute. Even if Bai Yan Shan did not open her mouth, the people of Immortal Sword Sect would interrogate me relentlessly about Limitless Sword God. In addition to that, they will spy on me. Hence, I challenged Bai Shan Yan to spite the patriarch so he’ll ground me. This way, things will be a lot more peaceful!”

“That is all?” Su Yun asked again.

Qing Er shook her head: “Yes, young master. Qing Er dares not hide anything from you. It’s one thing to achieve peacefulness but, on the other hand, the Limitless Sword God did save my life once. Qing Er would never betray him, even if Bai Shan Yan cancelled the wedding she had with young master, it will be a humiliation to you, young master. It’ll be difficult for young master to return to the Su Family. If she doesn’t want to accept the fight, that’s fine too. But, if Bai Shan Yan accepted the invitation to fight with me, then Qing Er will definitely return the justice to young master!”

After hearing this, Su Yun was filled with gratitude.

Speaking of intentions, he was no match for Qing Er. This fight, whether it would happen or not, she was hoping for either.

“But… Bai Yan Shan rejected my invitation to spar!” Qing Er sighed again and said: “This girl is proud and arrogant. She never asks about people who had a lower power than her. To confront me and spar is something she can never understand. I’m afraid she only sees me as someone who does not qualify to fight with her.”

It seemed as though Qing Er wanted to stand up for Su Yun badly and not ask for peacefulness.

Su Yun chuckled nonchalantly: “Don’t care about her. It’s her issue that she’s proud. But you have to be on your toes when you’re here with the patriarch. Pay attention to the things you’re doing daily, and plan each step and move. Always be careful!”

Qing Er heard and was shocked: “Young…young master, aren’t these the words I told you…?”

“Ah…ah, is it? I must have heard it so many times.” Su Yun laughed embarrassedly. Previously, Su Yun would cause all sorts of troubles in the house, and Qing Er would always say the same thing to him.

Qing Er did not say anything but she studied Su Yun carefully with her bright eyes. After a long time, she then sighed: “Young master, I don’t know why, but Qing Er feels that you’re no longer the young master I know…did something… did something happen?”

Su Yun was surprised at how intuitive Qing Er was. Ever since he woke up, he never went back to who he was before. How could she sensed this? But if he explained the reincarnation and time travel, she might not be able to accept the fact and would be confused. It was better to wait till she had escaped the Su Family before he told her everything.

“Qing Er, I will say something I will do in the future. I will take you away from the Su Family!”

Su Yun sighed and said.

“Leave the Su Family?”

Qing Er shook her head: “Young master, why are you thinking like this? Let’s not talk about why we’re leaving the Su Family, but about the power the Su Family holds, and the influence the Su Family can bring. These are things we could never imagine. If we leave right now, we will be killed and there will be no chance of surviving.”

Su Yun remained silent but he let out an assuring smile: “As long as you’re safe, I’ll settle everything else.”

With that, Su Yun stood up and left the small premise.

Looking at young master’s shadow leaving the compound, Qing Er trembled in shock: “What is wrong with Young Master?”


When he arrived home, it was already midnight. There was something bothering Su Yun’s heart and so, he did not rest. He then immediately sat with his knees bent to cultivate.

Long Xian Li most probably would not drop by in the middle of the night, so he could use this time to cultivate Limitless Sword Art.

A swift flying sword crashed chaotically in the air, the sharp Qi was like knives slicing everything it touches.

The sky started to paint with white colours. Su Yun then left the back of the mountains panting heavily,

When he returned to the small hut, he sat down to nurse himself. But in an instant, a sound ‘luo deng’ landed and a series of footsteps rang by his ear side.

Su Yun opened his eyes and looked over to see Long Xian Li breathing lightly she was sweating slightly and she just stood beside him.

A gush of aroma rushed into his nose, it was a scent so intoxicating.

“What is up with you?” Seeing Long Xian Li, Su Yun chuckled: “Fairy, your cultivation is so high, how is it that you seemed to just finished a fight? Have you lost your energy?”

Long Xian Li kept her silence and sighed lightly. She glanced over at him and brought out a pile of ingredient from her spatial ring on her jaded fingers and laid it across the table.

Su Yun looked over and was stunned.